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Friday, March 15, 2019

Is it Spring yet?

I know now what it's like to hibernate. Tell me, is spring afoot or do we need to be a bit more patient? Here I am, asleep on my couch dreaming about the birds singing, "Blue, how are you? Wake up, you lazy goo." Goo? That's one bird I'm going to snack on. Goo... And that ain't singing either! (Pardon my grammar, Mr. Silver Fox. Sorry, Janie.)


I don't know what's wrong with me, but I do know I feel empty inside to the point of being one hundred percent unable to do anything creative. No drawings. No jokes. No poems either. My guess is...

I need spring.
I need sunshine.
"Ice-cream?" Yes, please.

A tad of sweltering heat would do just fine, too. "90 degrees?" I don't see why not. And a new car. I definitely need a new car. Another one at least, before it breaks down one last time and I crash into some unsuspecting, innocent tree. Like Rev. Graham Hess's wife in Signs. I've had this piece of junk since 2003, for crying out loud. But here's a belated new year's resolution you didn't see coming: it's going to be "Sayonara, freaking hump-happy neighbors!" by the end of this year.

That's something to look forward to, all right. Yes, sir. Just when I was getting used to the moaning and screaming and groaning, here I am asleep on my coach dreaming about spring and dreaming about selling my house. But I'm going to. You bet I'm going to. Yes, Ma'am. 


Now, all I'll need to do is wake up when the birds start singing, and draw up a plan that actually works. It'll be a beautiful plan. A Blue Guy Plan. I'll probably call it The Great Escape Part 2. I'm sure Steve McQueen won't mind too much.


Do you have any belated new year's resolutions that you're going to attain, no matter what?

* * *

If you've seen this pic before, it's because nothing ever changes. It's a metaphor.