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Sunday, August 20, 2017


Hello. My name is Blue and I'm a comicaholic. ("Hello, Blue.") When I was 12, my penchant for pictures and balloons didn't bother anyone. They all thought it was cute. Now that I'm 47, I'm confronted with faces of polite disbelief and the occasional head shake. That's before I tell them I love dragons, too. 

I'm supposed to be a serious college professor. I can be. But a person's life is not meant to be an enumeration of other people's wishes, predilections and judgments, now is it? And who says reading comics isn't serious business? It can be, and even if it wasn't, how come so many adults think fellow-adults, and college professors in particular, ought to spend their free time doing... college professor stuff. Get your mind IN the gutter for a second and imagine what that means. But I digress and use a cliché in the process. My colleagues would be so proud.

Have you ever attended a Friday afternoon cocktail party, holding a half-filled wine glass in one hand and bullshit in the other? I have. I would smile at a colleague, nod whenever she quoted one of the great ones, and laugh along with everyone else in the room when a pun or allusion was truly witty and insightful. Cocktail party 101: Join the herd and smile. Networking is the old us, people — get your foot in the door and smile your way up. And when someone asks you about your interests, tell them you play golf, even when you cannot afford a membership or would prefer to grab one of those shiny sticks and stick it where no dragon wants to light a fire lest an involuntary fart might cause the whole damn cave to explode. Pardon my Swedish and let's fast forward 'cause that was a long time ago.

Colleague: "And what is it you are interested in besides teaching, Professor Blue? Do you have any hobbies?"
Blue: "I collect comic strips."
Colleague: "You... collect... comic strips?"
Blue: "Yes, Ma'am. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the whole shebang... And I like dragons."

The truth is the new us, or it could be. What say you, fellow-bloggers?

Let's roar.

* * *