Though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make him run.
Blue, resist the urge to use facebook. You can do it. Good luck.
Cats and dogs can be friends. So can cowboys and indians. So can we.
Why try to be the best when there's no hierarchy in heaven?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

If You Were a . . . Word

If you were a word, what kind of word would you be? 
Would you rhyme with bay or sea or you like me? 
Would your sound be cherished by the dozen, millions even, billions too? 
Don't go telling me the word you are is grumpykangarooshoe 
I hear you'd be a secret word to crack those hidden doors, 
That your secrecy be treasured on the beautiful Bora shores 
Would you be an old word or really hip and new? 
Would a pompous dictionary page just block your luscious inner view? 
Would you inspire empty hearts or trigger nasty thoughts? 
Would you be a color that like libtards can't be bought? 
Would your roots have linguists travel round the whole wide friggin' world 
Tracing down your beauty like a sail that's still unfurled, 
Where nations now unseen embraced you in their neighborhood 
Or would you hurt the masses, crush their soul and then feel good?

Would the PC folks still want to see you go? 
Would I type you in the darkness while I'm putting on a show?
Would that googly frugally Google hate your pretty buttucks too?
Would you make me jump your bones, you know, like horny rabbits do? 
Would you be yelled or whispered in my hairy big blue ear, 
As sensual as a magic trick to admire a sagging rear?
Oh... would you make me drool? 
Would you be loved by plenty plus some daft and average fool? 
A spin doctor's tool, a politician's wet dream, 
Would you bend the truth like butter and cream? 
Would your syllables just not be what they seem? 
Would you make a speech sound fine, an essay shine like Jimmy Choo's?
Would you be the one thing missing from authentic urban blues? 
Would verisimilitude be what you're all about? 
Would you be an interlude, an attitude, or maybe just a shout? 

If you were a word, would you make me smile? 
Would admiring you forever take a loving little while? 
Would you be the moon? 
Would you be some undiscovered star? 
"When will then be now?" and someone would say, "Soon"? 
Would your tune be recognized and admired from afar? 
Hello word! How are you today? 
Would you be even heard?

* * *