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Monday, April 21, 2014

Oh Happy Happy Day (and a Second Chance Day Too)

Dear Mr. President, sir.

Do you remember me? You once stole my tickets to Bora and made me look like a fool among my thumbs up (now thumbs down) non-facebook buddies by secretly yet blatantly running off to my favorite islands with the Queen Mother after I and said purdy people had won the Blogging Makes The World A better Place Award that came with sadly missed said tickets. I'm still shocked to find that you should have found it suiting to pull such a nasty trick on us good folk. Unfortunately dark forces then forced me forcibly to delete my previous pearl of a blog and all the evidence with it that I had gathered against you and your childish Bora jealousy, so now it's your word against mine on this Happy Post Easter Sunday Monday. I'm sure you don't remember. A true politician needs to have a selective memory of events — I appreciate that. But you may want to check your hidden agenda or consult your overpaid consultants between now and the next full moon. By the way, were you aware that the word agenda is a noun which, though formally a plural of agendum, is now commonly used as a singular? Of course you do. You are eloquent and I still want those Bora tickets back. But that's not why I have decided to send you this heartfelt letter by Blue Bird, the only reliable pigeon to date.

Sir, I'm offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity to make it up to us financially less fortunate blogger friends. A second chance if you will which, if your Greatness is smart and you want our vote on this Happy Post Easter Sunday Monday, you should grab with both hands and cherish it like a teeny tiny little butterfly that is flapping its teeny tiny wings in the little cave you've created by delicately placing your hands on top of each other, creating a space. Please don't squash us. Give us some space. Which is why I'm writing this Blue Bird delivered letter to you. Here's the deal. It has come to my attention that we're currently swamped by a plethora of special days. There's Mother's Day (my favorite), there's National Boss's Day (not my favorite), there's Hello-Neighbor-How-Are-You-Today Day, there's Administrative Professionals Day (which we normal people call Secretaries Day), there's World Sparrow Day, Let's Fire All Politicians Day (no?), World Migratory Bird Day (yes), Pi Day (not Pie Day), International Whores' Day and even International Talk Like a Pirate Day (no joke, Harrrr).

Now, what we need is Bloggers Day, and I mean a real holiday as in Today Is A Day Off Day And I'm Still Getting My Money Day. I reckon it's the least you can do for us little people of the Land of All Things Blogger, you big Gulliver. Better make it global too. I'm sure you've got a few pennies left after cruising the planet on Nuclear Security Day, yes, that very important world summit aimed at preventing nuclear terrorism around the globe during which nothing was achieved, but the cake was good. Well, think about what I said. This is Second Chance Day for you sir. Don't waste it.


P.S. Why would you want to go to Bora with the Queen Mother?

* * *