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Saturday, January 19, 2019

How to Become a Better Person?

I have been struggling with this question for a while. How come? Well, a person much wiser than myself said something the other day that struck a chord with me, and now I'm wondering if perhaps I should change my ways. I may need your advice on this one.

Some of you may remember that I'm surrounded by neighbors who couldn't care less about the people living next door. This would be all fine and dandy with me if it wasn't for the absurd level of noise they insist on making that renders any of my attempts to regain my strength useless, and having to listen to their boom-box reggaeton meets Chicago house music with a vengeance 24/7 is frustrating to say the least. I have tried to enter into a conversation with them, but it's pointless. 
"How do you know that noise was me?" (innocent face with a hint of a smirk)  
"Well, my wall was moving, you know."

Pointless. I've got neighbors who make it virtually impossible to enjoy your downtime and recharge your batteries after a day in the office. They don't have a job, so what happens is they wake up late and start making a lot of noise when I get home in the afternoon or evening. I can't sleep because of their parties in the middle of the night, and when it's time for me to wake up and go to work all bleary-eyed, they go to bed and sleep all day. Lots of peace and quiet when they're asleep, I'm sure.

Now, my way has always been to respect whoever treats me with respect and to fight those who disrespect me or try to bully me. I don't usually turn the other cheek. But what I tend to do is I go overboard in the way I fight back. There's something about disrespectful behavior that pains me more than anything else, and after a couple of days I want to destroy them medieval style.

Enter the wise person who said, "Talk, don't fight. Fighting is not the way. You'd only make things worse. Be the better person."

What would you do? Should I be the better person? What does that even mean? The way I see it, they can go to hell.