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Friday, January 31, 2014

Blogger Board Archive

Well, Truedessa . . .  here it is again. 

You all know me to be a serious, down-to-earth kind of guy who isn't one to play games. Well, maybe you were wrong. I present to you... Blogger Board in two easy steps.

Step 1: Notice the wonderful drawing that I made of the Green Pickster. Isn't that impressive? I used an actual pencil.

Step 2: 

Step 3: Click!

* * *


  1. HAH!!!

    I LOVE your game board!!!

    I will come and get you... and we will go to Jule's place... those drinks look good!!!!

    It's good to see you my friend...


    1. The drinks look good but Jules looks even better. (As if you didn't know, you handsome pirate!)

  2. Here it is again the making of a great game..thanks for sharing the you know I still have it on my blog site..

    1. I know, and I love you for it! You should see my other outlines. The HAR drawing was the toughest one of all, considering I refuse to use anything but old school paint without layers. You look great as a pirate. Could you say HAR once again for me?:)

    2. HAR, HAR, HAR...You always made me feel special

  3. I like the...Wait a second. Why am I the dreaded "move backwards" square? If anything, I thought of myself as the super-permissive "hey, man, move wherever you want" hippie type of square. Eh, screw it. Also, should I be depressed that your pencil drawing is better than my pencil-ink-scan-color drawings?
    Does this mean you're feeling better? I hope so.

    1. No need to be depressed. Just be impressed.
      I'm feeling much better, but neurosarcoidosis is a tough one to beat.


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