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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Help! I'm Not on Facebook… Shoot Me

Are you a Facebook fetishist? I bet you are. Face…book. Say it. Does it make you sweat? Does it sound sexy? Maybe I have to try and accept that Facebook is like death. It's inevitable. You can fight it but in the end you've got no choice but succumb to its power. BAMMMM - you're a Facebookee. Well, my name is Grumpy and I haven't been Facebooked yet. (I'm sticking out my tongue.) 

My wife's on Facebook. Her brother's future wife's on Facebook. He hasn't met her yet but this much we know. Ask Adam - it's all statistical. She must be on Facebook. But here's my problem: none of them understand why I keep resisting the force. It's not like my saber isn't very impressive. And my rocket is big, sure, but unless I'm on Facebook, no one's gonna know.

I mean, look at me. I've got 71 followers of which only twenty or so I feel I've got the right to call my friends. Twenty. That's like…. nothing in Faceland. And that includes my sweet cousin Az, who is biased - statistically speaking. But if I were on Facebook, yes…… IF I were on Facebook…. Let me relish that thought. IF I WERE... dear Lord and Sweet Heaven above I bet my handsome blue buttocks on a platter I'd be swamped in virtual friends.You know, the real deal. Jennifer included! Let me ask you: who doesn't want friends? Friends make life bearable. Friends are real. Friends define your worth. So I'm worth shit.

I guess the real question is...why are you reading this? Interested in nonfacebook curiosities, are you? Don't you know I have twenty friends and 71 followers? Some of them aren't even certified Facebook Friends because, like me, they call Facebook 'Blogger Light'. Think about it. Numbers matter. Are you sure you want to be associated with an anti-social rocket builder like myself with a follow button that's there because it's aesthetically pleasing?

Someone wise and colorful told me that eventually everything and everyone is reduced to nothing. I'm not so sure about Facebook, though. It might be that our need to connect and PR our lives is eternal. What do you think?

Of course this rant will be continued. HERE.

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  1. there is no difference between followers here and friends there, Blue, in both ways maybe a 10% of them are true and that's if you're lucky. I have more than 200 friends there, but maybe only ten of them really hit LIKES and comment there :)

    1. I know that, Dezzy. My point is just that this world seems to be more and more about numbers and likes versus thumbs down than about, you know, anything substantial. People who know about my blog often advise me to plug it on Facebook. Now, unless you're into blogging because you're trying to make a living, I don't see the point of wanting more followers / /friends for the sake of just "having" them.

    2. 'tis because today's world is totally alienated and even LIKES on Facebook bring a sense of happiness or social fulfilment even if it usually a fake fulfilment.
      But Facebook helps other people see what you are doing in your private life and it brings people closer. When I post a cake I baked there someone always invites himself/herself for a snack etc. It gives you new opportunities in life.

    3. I know that, Dezz. If it brings true happiness, I'm all for it. Now, where's my cake? Oh I have to wait until tomorrow, eh?

    4. I haven't baked a cake.... I don't fancy celebrating being as old as the cosmos is ......

    5. I didn't know the cosmos was that old... :p

    6. it's as old as ABBA is, Blue :) Me was born when they fell apart.... was it the sign of apocalypse? :)

    7. Wait just one minute....... Are you telling me you're from 1982? Are you telling me you're younger than Angie Dearest? Are you telling me you're young?

  2. I fell prey to a "friends" request for me to join Facebook...
    I did so VERY reluctantly in January...
    I have a few "friends"...but...for the life of me Blue...I DON"T GET FACEBOOK!!!
    Can't figure any of it out...some people don't respond to my "friend requests"...
    Does that mean they don't "like" me??
    AND....these people are related to me....GAWD!!!
    SO...I have end my affair with FACEBOOK...
    That soon as I get the nerve to....I mean...GOSH...if they don't like me now...whatever will they think of me after????
    But...seriously....I WANT OUT!!!
    I love love love blogging...BOO to Facebook!!!
    AND that is that...
    Thank you Blue for helping me make my decision...
    Anyone agree????
    Enjoy your evening Blue...
    Linda :o)

    1. I must have been one of the first people on this planet to try out FB and then destroy my account within a day. That was years ago. I didn't like what it looked like or its limitations and I knew I would have to quit my day-time job if I were to ever be a serious Facebook player. THUMB UP or THUMB DOWN.... like the Romans. No thank you. "Here's a picture of me trying out my new Flushmaster 2000"... No thank you. So I can relate, Linda. I'm just surprised to find there are still people who want out.

      Thanks for stopping by. May you find the strength to pull that plug. :)

  3. I think Facebook is on its downfall. There doesn't seem to be as many people on it as there once was and ads are becoming more and more prevalent. I think people are getting burnt out on it too. Basically what I'm saying is that you're not missing out on anything.

    1. Really? So it's not like death after all? Ads... I understand that free stuff doesn't exist and that ads are unavoidable, but they have the same effect on me as ants in my pants... I'd have to say maybe in a different life.

  4. I agree about numbers. I find that I read and comment on the same blogs every day and I don't even know who the other followers are.
    I still have a FB account but I never go there. I've completely lost interest.
    Blog reading is a learning experience for me. Posts take me to many countries, offer me a political view or give me a good laugh that makes my day. But tweets are only for the birds.

    1. That's how I see it too, Manzanita. It's a learning experience, quite an unexpected one too. Tweets are only for birds... I nearly fell off my chair haha :)

  5. Numbers help many a head swell
    But Facebook can go to hell
    Nothing but one big advertisement place
    As everything and greed they embrace
    I have numbers up the wazoo
    But talk to very few
    I use them to look good
    So I can make some dough sometimes in my hood
    Other than that
    Pfffffft says the cat
    Facebook can fry
    Twitter can die
    Pinterest can choke
    Google + can have a stroke
    All a bunch of crap
    Blow them off the map

    1. Making dough is good in your neighborhood
      That I dig and you really should
      But heads that swell make me yell hell
      I don't need what they're trying to sell
      Ads everywhere you look
      Making you feel like a crook
      Your numbers make me feel tiny
      FB I'd like to kick their behinie
      That's a new word a bit absurd
      And I'm sure your pfffffft they've heard
      Real clear I know I did today
      Use them get some cash to play
      Write a new book about a new shoe
      Google+, Pinterest… boo hoo hoo
      Click on a link and there it is again
      Not a post but Google plus and then
      I lose interest it's such a mess
      All a bunch of crap most definitely yes:
      Get them out of my sight
      Blow them off the map maybe tonight?

    2. I'd be glad if they all went away
      As they have too much crap on display
      Ads everywhere for this and that
      Stalking you out at your mat
      As they give ads for your searches
      Whether you search behinie or bird perches

    3. Lots of folks out there searching for behinie
      I imagine tons of ads make The Cat a bit whiny
      Followed um I mean stalked at you mat all day
      When you want to go out and play
      They say stay right at your bay
      And when you say nay and call them crap
      They send more crap like a virtual slap
      Now I know I have to stay away
      From FB today

  6. Blue,

    I am a rare breed I've never had a FB account..decided some time ago I didn't want to play that game and I'm glad I stuck to my feelings. It always rang a big NO in my head, heart and soul. Blogging I enjoy as there are so many interesting things to read. While I only have about 53 followers that is ok with me. I still enjoy the people who visit and I always reply back on their site and comment on my own site when someone leaves me a message.

    Why am I reading this because I care about you Blue..have since we first met in the blog land..I did write you a sonnet after all..hope you are feeling much better and you and Angie are happy..:)

    Take care sweet blue...

    1. Truedessa Dear, shame on you for not following the herd
      Showing off numbers as shallow as a mindless nerd
      Stick to your feelings it's key in my blue book
      Read along and be yourself - it's a great look
      I know you care and you're for real
      That's all I'm asking for - the real deal
      Even when we're using different voices
      In the end we're real and sharing our choices
      I know you wrote a sonnet you for me
      That's enough for me to know and see
      Who you are today tomorrow too
      We're doing OK and that's really true

      Enjoy the weekend
      It's Friday
      Does that make you smile?

  7. Facebook. Do not get me started. I do not have it and I don't want it. In my opinion, Facebook does not keep us in touch with others but out of touch. We no longer call people or send them letters in the mail but instead write a few sentences on their "wall". It is a sad state that we are in.

    1. Just purge. That's what we're here for. :) FB keeps us out of touch, alright. It's easier than picking up the phone. Letters in the mail.... It doesn't happen very often that I get to read a real letter or email, Birdie. I suppose we need to tear down that wall too. It has nothing to do with communication.

  8. I've had a FB since about 2005 but it was really used until maybe 2007-2008. It's amazing to see how much the place grew from that time. Almost every I know from younger to older people have their own.

    But I don't care much about friend numbers on there though there are many that do. Since I'm not much of a social person I don't do much on there except read stuff on it.

    1. It pretty much replaces heaven. Or so I'm told, Adam. We're too young to go there, right?

  9. I don't understand it, except for anonymous stalking purposes.

    1. I knew it could have a meaningful purpose. Anonymous stalking purposes.... I love that.

    2. many people using beach photos on their profiles makes the stalking process that much more spicy :) Blue, just imagine, that girl from your gym might have a scantily clad pic there :)

    3. What girl? What gym? What gym? What picture? See, now I want to be a Facebookee too. I once posted a beach photo.... um...

    4. yes, in speedos... we remember.... you should repost it sometime :)

    5. You mean...BECAUSE IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY? Everybody:

      TO YOU
      TO YOU

    6. why thank you, kind sir Randy Mandy sir....

  10. I have a Facebook account, but it's very much against my will. I see myself as a Facebook abuse victim.

    1. There's nothing you do against your will. Are you pulling my blye leg?

      P.S. I called you an Ape that can talk like a true politician.... I hope that doesn't make you see yourself as an abuse victim. Just so you know, I'd vote for you ;)

  11. I have two Facebook accounts - yes, I know it's not right but meh, what are they going to do? Cancel it? Um, okay. I'll live.

    On my real account, I have maybe eighty or one hundred people. I stay in touch with half of them. They are family. And friends I've made because of the military. So, that one is the real me. When I get a request on that account for a friend, I only accept it if I know who it is. On my blogger fake book, it's a free for all. But, it turns out that most people on there are there to promote their books or push some kind of agenda. I'm guilty of it too from time to time.

    Alex said something at my blog today that I really liked. He said he follows people rather than blogs. That makes sense to me. If I connect with a person, I follow them. I comment even if they don't comment back. I hate playing the numbers game. It's why I didn't do the A-Z Challenge the first time around. I wanted "true" followers. Not those who follow just to get a follow back. Not sure if all of this makes sense but it does in my head. A scary place indeed.

    Resist the urge Blue!!

    1. Good morning elsie. How are you today? How come you're not my FB friend? No thumbs up for me? Ah you use it to stay in touch... that's to be admired, really. But family and real friends are important. I get that, I really do. Blogger Fake Book? Would you say that's a Freudian slip or do you really call it by that wonderful name?

      That's one to remember: following people (or Cats!) rather than blog. I like that. What you're saying makes perfect sense. I'll try to be strong. :)

      Enjoy the weekend. Just a few more hours to go....

    2. Hahaha - nope it wasn't a slip. I have a Facebook page under my blogger name. I call it my fake book account because it's not under my real name. My real name is my real name Facebook. Wait. What? It's all quite confusing.

    3. I thought I needed some brain training. Now I know for sure, Ms. X.

  12. Its not the numbers that matter, Grumpy, its the quality. Most of these people with a gazillion contacts are just data collecting junkies. Nobody has the time or charm to have that many bloody friends. It's all farcical and a load of bollocks...why do you keep making me swear. I used to be such a nice girl in the world. Anyway, if you do ever jump across to the faceless world, I know Az and I would be your bestest ever virtuals!

    1. Hello Juliette. Of course to you it's not the numbers that matter. That's why you're wonderful and real. I do make you swear, don't I? Do you reckon I've got a special gift? Buy when you swear it's like pure poetry, so don't PC yourself okay? You two have always been my bestest ever virtuals. I know you just wanted to hear me say it again.

    2. Say it again. Thrice is nice :)

  13. I am on Facebook, but I enjoy blogger more (even though I "know" more actual people on FB)... well, maybe that is why I enjoy blogger more. Didn't put that together until right now. ha!

    The thing I like about FB is the reconnecting with old friends. Of course, that euphoria is usually short-lived. You might email a few times and then... well, you're caught up. It's over. I like a few games, though I have to careful. They are a time suck. What I don't like is how it all reminds of junior high school and how it all feels like a popularity contest. So, I emotionally distance myself from FB. I am not convinced it's all that healthy. So, if you want to say "No," stick with that impulse.

    1. Yes, it all feels like a popularity contest. In the end there's only one winner. The one cashing in on our addiction. So tell me, because you've gotme curious... what would be another reason you like blogging more? I said blogging not Blogger ;)

  14. I'm on Facebook. I seldom look at it. When I leave a comment on someone's wall or send a message, it's usually ignored, adding to my insecurity.


    1. You.. LaJanie... ignored? How rude! I will not ignore you. Feeling better now? ;)

    2. No, not particularly. My antidepressant is running out and I can't get a refill.

    3. Why would anybody say no to you?

  15. My husband uses a fake name, has 8 friends (real ones) on FB, and never gives his FB account to anyone. It's almost comical. He did put his first selfie on there a few weeks back... a pic of him and the kids at Disney on Ice. THAT made me laugh. :)

    1. So it's like a private thing he's got going there? Good for him. That's not Facebook. That's Friendsbook. Eight to be precise. I applaud him. Now show us that picture...

  16. M question is how do you find things to rant about? I am a facebook mommy. I am not planning to wait for 20 years to embarrass them. I starts this when they are young. And to me many friends and relatives whom I had lost touch with, connected back with facebook. And when your closed ones are spread across continents - facebook gives a virtual close feeling.

    And to prove you and your post wrong, I followed you again with another id. You have no 71 but 72 followers. How are you going to get around this blue guy?

    1. Oh I was born grumpy so it's not a matter of finding things to rant about. They always find me. I usually hide, but to no avail. I know all about having a scattered family. You must be one of the good guys um... girls... um Mommies. Dear Lord, you followed me again? You keep following me with that whip of yours. Did you really think I wouldn't notice you hiding behind that tree? I don't know how I'm going to handle the more followers today than yesterday situation. Maybe I should rant about that. What do you recommend? I love a virtual close feeling. That should be the point, shouldn't it: it should be about feelings. And I'm not talking about boasting.

      End of today's sermon.

  17. To be a FaceBooker
    Was fun in the beginning
    One gets involved
    With family and friends
    But after sometime
    It gets boring
    For all the writings
    are petty and uninteresting
    Though am still keeping
    in touch just so being
    with some who care in giving
    some notable inklings!


    1. So am I to conclude today
      You'd like to keep things small at your bay?
      Just a few friends and relatives too
      Rather than ten thousand fans for you
      Putting stuff on your Wall of Hank
      You'd like to hide in a bank?
      No poetry there for milions to read?
      Not even one at top speed?

      Have fun today my new friend
      I LIKE you.... Thumbs up :)

  18. Facebook was a way for me to keep in touch with high school and college friends and family and a few people I wanted close. No work people. Facebook for me is my inspirational spot to. Blogging is just a way for me to offload. I only have four that look at that u, Memphis Steve, Cocaine Princess and my best friend. They both serve different purposes. I don't friend everybody. Consider urself special if I friend u.

    1. I hear you, Miss Stormy Marples. And how good it is to hear from you again. I hear you because to you it's about a happy few, not about a zillion friends of friends of friends who none of them are friends or even aquaintances :) Does Professor X have his own FB account. That would be a reason for me to ask if he would like to be my friend. I'm blue, you know. I could do with a real one. :))

    2. No, we will share our Facebook page.

      The little one gave me a scare on Friday. We went rose bush shopping at a plant nursery in Midtown Memphis and the traffic was heavy. I am trying to allow "Professor"Alex to be socialized in all settings. Well, one of the cart trolleys that people put their shrubs on scared the him badly and he backed out of his harness which means he was free to run into traffic. He is quick like that and sneaky too. My heart stopped and I don't know how I was ablet to do it but I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck before he bolted and pulled him to me. I do believe my heart stopped at that moment. I just held him close until we made it safely to the car. Will not be doing that again. Some noises startle him. I think we will do obdience training so that he will stay or come when I command it for his own safety. I thought I would cry.

      Such a beautiful Saturday. I am headed downtown on Main Street. will take the trolley and travel from one end to the next to the "Life is Good" Store. Professor"Alex" is snoozing.

      I don't do "quantity" for Facebook or blogging. It's "quality" for me all the way. I've never been one to follow the crowd. Seem to beat to my own drum.

      Have a blessed weekend.

    3. I know you beat to your own drum, Miss Stormy Marples. I knew it the moment we met.

      Professor Alex gave you quite a scare there after that trolley gave him quite a scare. I can only imagine what that split second must have been like. In fact, I know what it feels like for sometimes when we get visitors, they forget to close the door and my sweet cat Mongo suddenly feels the need to explore the world. Unfortunately there are lots of cars in our neighborhood, so the last time it happened, the poor thing gave me quite a scare too. They are precious. We don't want to lose them. Right now he's fast asleep on our couch, the one where I sleep at night. He tells me it's his couch and I'm allowed to use it at night. Sweet little creature. What would I do without him. When I'm ill, he's always there sitting right next to his friend Blue.

      It has been a beautiful day.

    4. Oh what a horrible feeling for u when Mongo gets out. I do not invite a whole lot of people over. My studio is my refuge so very very very very rarely will I let anyone come over. Usually meet up at places out in the city. So I am able to control whom comes and goes and whom is around "Professor"Alex. Had a wonderful weekend. Hope u and Angie and ur pet children did as well.

  19. To put a different spin on it entirely ... I'd rather be shot than be on Facebook!

    So, If my maths is correct, that makes two of us ... the only two 'sane' people on this planet :)

    New follower :)

    1. Well, well.... a new follower.... just to spite me eh? ;) Welcome in my blue cave where all in fun and ranting is free of charge. It feels good to have a -shoot-me-first buddy. I was feeling quite alone. Maybe that's because I'm not on Facebook. You tend to feel like a total outsider.

      Your math is correct. Choose a present.

  20. I am not biased ok, a little crazy, but not biased ;)
    I still think you should get your leather clad ass on FB, we'd have so much fun, the lot of us! :)

    1. Crazy..... you? Nope. Facebook? Nope plus one.

  21. Not on Facebook huh!

    It's kind of difficult not to be on Facebook when you are blogging - for a lot of reasons.

    1. No, it's not. Just look at me. I'm a pioneer!

    2. Ok! I'm giving you a thumbs up here Mr. Pioneer :)


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