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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Take My Advice when the End Is Near

When you're a little blue man, falling asleep is like dying. I don't remember dreams, you see. So it's like every night I crawl on top of good ole Soft Miss Comfy Couch, close my eyes entirely unbeknownst to me ─ it's some shameless conspiracy between my body and the other world ─ and the next thing I know… they're open again. Like snapping my fingers. SNAP! Only to find six or seven hours have passed. Those six or seven hours could've easily been six or seven centuries, except I'm no vampire. Nor is my non-humping neighbor. He tells me he's dying for real.

I can be very brave when other people are dying. I give them sound advice on how to keep fighting and feel like such a fraud. Yes, be strong. You can do it. Yes, you can. Of course you can. No, not like the government haha. They're always full of shit. I'm not.

Yeah right.

So a couple of days ago I decided to buy Angie Dear some ice-cream. That's code for 'I want some ice cream, care to join me, honey? Where's your money?' A fraud, that's right. Hey, you're very perceptive today. Now, stop interrupting my flow. Did you know Elvis sang a song about money in the mid-fifties I think it was? Money honey! Ooh Ooh Ooh Money honey! If you want to get along with me! Great song. So I opened our front door, stepped outside and bumped into our non-humping neighbor. He lives next door to our hump-happy neighbor, that idiot who keeps humping and pumping for hours on a daily basis like each push brings him closer to shove, and then what? So basically our local humpster is sandwiched by the two of us. Not something you should remind me of, baby. So I said, "Howdy, neighbor… how's life?" And he said, "Not so good. I'm dying."

That stopped me right in my tracks and I knew instantly there would be no ice cream for me that day. No Beaver Vanilla, no Stracciatella… which is pretty much like American chocolate chip ice cream or Beaver Vanilla plus fake chocolate. No, Sir. No beaver glands for me. Not when someone is dying. Good thing you're not afraid of dying, dear reader of mine (or so I am told), but my 68-year-old neighbor sure is terrified and, to add insult to injury, so is his severely disabled wife. She can't walk and she can't talk. He looks after her 24/7 and now he is dying. "I've got lung cancer." Just like that. When his wife saw me and Angie, she couldn't stop crying. I can't even imagine what those folks must be going through. I really can't.


My neighbor told me he had no choice but to put his wife in a nursing home. As in "today, right now". He'd just packed some of her stuff, and as tears were rolling down his cheeks he told me he didn't know how to get her heavy bags and suitcases to the nursing home. He isn't a strong man, you see. Plus he is poor as a result of all the medical bills so he can't afford a car or even a cab ride for that matter. Yes, I helped him out. I've got a car and tons of advice. I put my hand on his shoulder like all of a sudden he had miraculously turned into my new best friend and I told him not to give up. Be strong. Life is a bitch but death is twice the bitch life is so hang in there buddy and listen to the docs except when they tell you there's no hope left there's always hope left have faith fight damn it you fight you hear me my cousin survived cancer why shouldn't you? "Well, because that's what the doctor told me." Ah.

So, tell me… How often are you full of shit?

* * *


  1. Fraud--




    Too hard--


    Lately, I feel like I have been a total "beyotch".

    I totally understand how u feel in this blog.

    I do not know what I would have done without u Blue.

    U have helped me so much lately.

    1. You would've just found a way, is what you would've done, Miss Stormy "Gumshoe" Marples. You're smart.

  2. Lately this had been a recurring dream.

    Me and ProfessorAlex in military helicopter. They r rescuing us from something.

    And as we take off, I look over behind sunglasses. Glasses that no one can see my eyes aka my soul. And everyone that has hurt me is looking at us taking off. And I pull ProfessorAlex close and in my mind say goodbye to those people.

    I think I know what it means.

    1. I think I do too. It reminds me a bit of my blue rocket.

    2. Tell me about ur blue rocket. I do not know this story.

      My particular dream is ongoing. Subconscious thinking I know of what is bothering me.

      Because this helicopter does not lift straight in the air when taking off.

      It tilts and when I think back to what's bothering me the tilt is different based on if it a very bad situation or somewhat just trying situation.

      The worse it is the more tilt there is. It's weird. But always regardless I remain seated (seatbelted in) and Professor is being held tight and looking out at the people with me.

      The picture is always so clear in my mind as I am observing the whole situation. Not from the seat but like an outsider watching. But I know what is going on

      Things have been better today. I think that the severity of the situation was recognized plus there was the possibility of me having to take action outside and also that I might leave.

    3. Have u ever heard the "donkey" story. I will find it and post it on my blog. My dad sent it to me a long time ago. It gives a different perspective on when people throw "poo poo" at you. What u can do with that "poo poo" to make it work for you. I will try and post that today.

    4. The blue rocket... Oh nothing special THERE. It's just that every now and then I just want to leave, is all. Just me pressing that button and lift off. When I was a teenager I wrote a poem about God looking at our planet from a distance, shaking his head in disbelief and leaving. You know, sometimes you just want to distance yourself from whatever it is that's hurting you. I'm glad to hear things have been better today.

      No, I can't say I remember anyone ever telling me the donkey story. But I do love a different perspective.

    5. The donkey story is on my blog for u. I love that story. My dad sent it to me many years ago during a rough time.

    6. I read it. It's a great story that went straight into my long term memory. Thanks.

  3. I am always full of shit. Eating all the time means I'm also always pooping.

    It's a hard life.

  4. This may be a "glass half-full" thing, but I see sleeping as time traveling rather than "momentary death."
    That's rough for your neighbor. How does one even react to that? Give him a hug? And his poor wife. At the very least, in the end, they can say they found and knew love.

    1. Time traveling... really? And where does a green pickle like yourself go too when you close your eyes and press that time traveling button that says 88 miles per hour? Yes, it's as rough as things can get. I need to count my blessings.

  5. Now that deeply sad :( Tell him to try some alternative cancer medicines and treatments.... so many people have beaten it without going to chemo and that stuff :(

    Poop is always up to our necks, Blue, we're so sad......

    1. Will do, Dezz. It's just that there's very little hope for the guy.

      Up to our necks, so we'd better learn how to surf that shit.

    2. tell him to start drinking B17 in huge doses, it is one of the most powerful of the secret medicines against cancer, most alternative doctors believe that cancer is actually a lack of vitamin B17 not a disease and it is hidden in USA because their pharmaceutical industry would fall if everybody knew this

    3. yes, many people have totally erased cancer cells from their body with a high intake of vitamin B17 also known as laetrile. It is mostly found in the apricot pits.
      High intake of ginger also helps in different stages of cancer. But ginger mixed with honey taken a few times a day helps in pretty much anything....

    4. I love ginger, Dezz. What constitutes a high intake?

    5. two fresh ginger roots finely grated and mixed with 1kg jar of honey. You keep it in the fridge and eat about 4 tbsp a day. Some people put lemon in it too.....

  6. Right now I have to go shit
    So I'm sure full of it lol
    Doctors are more full of shit than anyone
    At least 99% of the idiots under the sun
    I've known of a few who they said were toast
    6 years later still alive at their coast
    You just have to be willing to tell them where to go
    And make life changes at your show
    Poor guy though
    But doctors pffft what do they know

    1. Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go
      At your kitty cat dumping show
      Make sure there's enough litter
      In that box when you make that glitter
      Don't try it though - it might be bitter
      Oh some docs so are good some terrible at best
      And they're everywhere, east and west
      Going to the Doc is like Russian roulette
      You never know what type of luck you're gonna get
      "Life is like a box of chocolate," or so Mr Gump
      Some taste like your humpty dump
      Others like blue cherries so sweet
      It's a matter of luck who you're gonna meet
      Some Docs admit they know shit
      Others tell you there's no hope and that's it
      Poor guy alright
      Scared to sleep at night
      Scared of losing the fight
      Of his life in the middle of the night
      What can you do at your shoe
      When you're in a sinking canoe
      Well, talk to others, make changes at your show
      You said it, Cat, but many don't know.

    2. That is very true
      The russian roulette remark at your zoo
      They can shoot you in the ass
      With some drug that comes to pass
      Could be grand, could be great
      Or within minutes death could be your fate
      Or kidney failure followed by death
      Or the runs and lose of breath
      Or numbness and tingling
      Or forgetting things while mingling
      Or clogging up your behind
      Or making you go blind

    3. Don't say blind
      I'd rather kiss my behind
      Don't say death
      Unless you're out of breath
      Hey sometimes my zoo's got a clue
      As to what's the right thing to do
      Kidney failure boo hoo hoo
      Say it ain't true
      Better shoot them in the butt
      Let them get stuck in a rutt
      Or play that Russian game
      If they know where to aim.

    4. The russian game
      Would be far less tame
      Maybe less time
      If in one's prime
      But only one side effect to that
      One's brains going splat

    5. Splat we know is never good
      It never sounds the way it should
      No, just kidding but many meds suck
      Like all you need is luck
      That can't be right
      Scratching and itching all night
      "Oh it's a side-effect, is all"
      Well, am I having a ball!

    6. Well if you eat cashews that aren't cooked right
      You'll be scratching and itching all night
      Itchy arse crack actually too
      Yep, sadly been there at my zoo lol
      As for meds they can stick them up their arse
      But when you need them they are sparse
      Dicks won't give any abx to me
      Oh no, you are normal is their damn spree
      So away I go
      Getting IV's stuck in me at my show
      And what comes out
      Nasty is all I can spout

    7. I almost missed out on your comment, Pat
      Too busy eating cashews out of my blue hat
      Stick them up their butts again, you say?
      Not the nuts but the meds day by day?
      Dicks too at your shoe
      Useless and expensive too
      IV's I know them all too well
      I call them toys from hell
      Making me yell

  7. I sleep differently from you. I wake up every couple of hours and recall most of my dreams. I'd prefer the six or seven hour thing you have!

    1. It must be great to remember your dreams. Today I slept 12 hours... I'm just so tired.

  8. I sleep about 16 hours a day and I'm not sure how often I awaken. When I lived in Maryland, I had a neighbor who was dying from cancer. He sat out on his back patio nearly every day. He lived for several years while he was dying, but he just sat.


    1. That's a lot. Let me guess... you still feel tired after sleeping 16 hours? He just sat.... That's sad, Janie. What a way to go.

    2. I think he was pretty content. He sat out there with a gun and shot at crows. Sometimes Faulkner and I went over to talk to him for a bit. He didn't seem very interested in conversation. I have been tired all my life. I become more tired every single day.

    3. He shot at crows... I wonder what he was trying to say... So we're both tired. As a result of my best friend in life, Mr. Sarcoidosis, I'm so tired that even waking up is quite a challenge. It makes me sick. Well, I am sick (in many ways, some would say) but still IT MAKES ME SICK. I need some milk.

  9. I think we're all pretty similar if truth be told. We lie through our teeth to comfort those in need. We lie through our teeth to get what we want too.

    My heart breaks for your neighbour and his wife. There are so many in that very same situation that it makes me feel positively guilty that I am alive and well.

    I need 8hrs sleep (at least). I do dream - a lot. More often than not I don't remember them, which is a shame. I also have nightmares. Terrible nightmares.

    1. Never feel guilty that you're alive and well. We want to be alive and well. The only good thing about not remembering your dreams is that you don't remember your nightmares either. See, now my glass is half full.

    2. Oh, but the nightmares I do remember ... for some strange reason. Always the same old things.

      I'm very sorry to hear your wife may have Fibromyalgia.

      Take good care of each other.

    3. Having nightmares must be terrible.

      Thanks, Wendy. Will do.

  10. Full of shit? That is your question?
    I need at least 7 to 8 hours too sleep.
    And wake up early in the morning
    Sometimes I have good dreams others not
    But many times I feel tired when I wake up... doctor...
    Sorry grumpy!
    Many times I dont seevyou blue.
    Love your draw!

    1. Yeah that's my question, Gloria Dear. I know, it must be shocking to you.

      Oh Gloria, you're not the only one telling me that. It's just that I have 8 deadlines to meet, so I'm working day and night. I'm writing 8 courses that need to be finished real soon. :(

    2. You are working so much for this you are tired!
      How is Angie?

    3. What? What's with Angie? :(

    4. Fibromyalgia.... or so it seems. The evidence isn't conclusive yet.

    5. I know is really pain hope not poor dear:)

    6. oh, nooo, Blue! Poor Angie! I had to explore more on the illness ... it seems it is a painful one..... Do they know the source? Is it psychological connected with depression or something?

    7. So we're a match made in heaven: Mr. Sarcoidisis meets Miss F. They're still looking into it. I've got no idea except that we know for a fact her mom has it. Now, where's my milk?

    8. can she work and live normally with it? I hope she doesn't have a very serious level of it :(
      How are your meds working out? Are you any better?
      I hate my heart pills, most of them have stupid side effects.

      PS is that Mongo flying in the top left corner of your artwork?

    9. Nope, she can't work that much. Four hours max and then it's off to her bed or my favorite couch (unless it's taken already.... yes, by me). Heart pills... how terrible. But at least you've got pills, right. It's just that every pill's got a side-effect.

      Yes, that would be Mongo the Batman Wannabe.

    10. Fibromyalgia is just a made up word by doctors when they have no idea what is wrong, the pain is real and such but they sing their same old song. That's what they tried to tell me I had, but pfffft to that at my pad. Lyme Disease and or parasites is what Fibro usually is, just have to do some digging and it can be fixed, the pain nixed.

    11. I know. They have no idea. It's the same with sarcoidosis, except sarco is easily recognized. As for a cure... "No, sir, we just don't know..."

      Lyme Disease or parasites.... I wonder what will happen next. Sigh. I'd rather be a poet.

    12. Well both lyme disease and parasites can be killed, but both hang on for a while. Iv's of peroxide really really kill the suckers.

    13. Thanks, Pat. I'll tell Angie to have them look into it.

  11. Remember you ask a cake for your birthday so you have to visit the Cook sometimes, only I say...

    1. Aha a blue cake! I would love to have some blue cake right now. Will it be sweet like me?

    2. Ihope you like dear,ihave the recipe:)

    3. You bet I do.
      If I don't, I'll eat your shoe!

    4. Ha! You are crazy I know lol

    5. and you are young lol
      Believe me!:)

    6. Sarcoidosis makes you feel so much older :(

      Thanks, Dear. You're so sweet.

    7. Always sweet, never sour
      Not for a day, not even for an hour :)

  12. I sleep very badly. For some odd reason I've had nightmares every single night since I was a child. I used to have Night terrors where I would wake up screaming, punching ect. Thankfully I don't do that anymore and the nightmares don't really bother me anymore. I just see them as my own nightly horror movie..just for me.

    I feel so bad for your neighbor. It's hard to know what to do in a situation like that. My husband has AIDS and he's been so sick at times that i thought I was going to lose him. We've been dealing with his illness for 21 years now and hopefully I'll have him around for a good long time, but one can never tell what's going to happen.

    1. That sucks big time. I'm sorry to hear that, Mary. It must be hard. I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to have had to fight for 21 years.

      Your own nightly horror movie.... say it ain't so.

  13. Mary Im really sorry yours husband has AIDS is really difficult for you both.
    And I hope he feel better for a long time how now.

  14. :(. Sorry to hear that Angie is ill. I hear that is very painful. Will keep both of y'all and ur neighbor in prayers and thoughts.

  15. So I just picked up a new expression of sympathy in the face of tragedy from Pickleope, and now you are posting about impending death and sadness. The massive bouncy-house of tragedy boings on. I am very sorry to hear about your neighbors' plight.

    I think most people say unfounded things to others in tough spots, secure in their own position. But as I get reminded, no one has a perfect life - everyone has their own, different challenges to face. (Some people just get hit harder than others.)

    1. Amen to that. And may I say.... It's good to have you back.

  16. U r an example to me. A kind man. A patient man. A man that cares about his friends. A man that listens and responds.

    I read blue rocket. Once I told my dad I want to take the pups and just disappear. He said that would make us very sad to not know where u were.

    I say the same to u. I have become rather attached to ur friendship. And those 8 months u were away I missed u.

    Ur comments on my blogs. It is very hard to tell people we love them. I am sure ur love comes thru. Actions speak louder than works.

    The donkey story is a favorite of mine.

    1. Blue being an example... Some would say that's a scary thought. I guess I'm just not very good at taking a compliment, Miss Gumshoe Marples. Those eigjt months weren't fun... but #I'm still standing. Know that song?

    2. Yes I do know that song. I do not think u realize what an exceptional human being that u r. I mean u take time to answer every single comment and u read them. And u have not been mean in any comment. U would make a most wonderful counselor. I asked them to send me and my supervisor to counseling together. She refuses. She is so hard headed and cold but I know there is a heart underneath there somewhere. Some of my coworkers have been coming and whispering to make sureI am ok. My old lover who works up with me said u have not been eating lately. Did u eat today he asked? I said I do not feel like eating. This too shall pass. And hopefully I will be stronger and more loving in the end. It is so cut throat at times..

    3. When people stop eating is when your need to be woried, but I understand what you're saying. A good counselor... would it surprise you if I told you I once almost decided to become a psychologist? Good thing my then girlfriend said I needed to see one.... Looking back, I'd say she was right too. I'm to blue to be a psychologist. I wouldn't mind the salary though.... :)

  17. Darling Blue,

    Liked your latest entry. Ice cream has historically resolved many conflicts, and as for a good night's sleep, everything seems better the following morning, doesn't it?

    Hope you're not feeling so blue now, but more blue-tinged-with-happy-yellow.

    btw, I love the phrase "hump-happy neighbour"

    Fanny xx

    1. Darling Blue is surprised you didn't comment on his Beaver Vanilla... but you did notice the hump-happy neighbor.

      Ice cream, you scream... Yep, you're right. Where would we be without our fair share of that creamy stuff?

      I've not been feeling too well these past few weeks but I'm nowhere near rock bottom, so all is good.

  18. Everyone's dying from the time they were born. I feel it's just a matter of when they choose their time to leave. Some people get a real kick out of being here and choose to hang around longer and others..... not so much. What sparks their decision..... I haven't a clue but the older I get, I can kinda sense it when they want to leave and I just say "adios, be see'n ya."

    1. I hear ya, Manzanita. I sure get a kick out of being here. I hope that's something that won't ever change. But then again, it may also depend in part on what life has in store for you, wouldn't you say? No?

    2. Blue Man
      For most people, I think it boils down to good health. It appears one must be free of bodily pain to get "a kick" out of being here. I'm so glad you too get "that kick" because this can be a kickass life.

    3. So true. And as for good health.... I've been ill for three years now and somehow it seems like I've been ill forever, but that doesn't keep me from seizing each and every day.

  19. Sometimes we need to hear the bull*t and stardust. Who's to say it's bull*t and stardust anyway? One person's bull is another person's gold, something they need to hear just so they can put one foot in front of the other. And that's far better than icecream (unless we're talking Jaffa icecream... or Quay Lime).

    1. Well put, Lynda. The bullshit and the stardust. I couldn't agree more.

    2. Jaffa Icecream.... you see, Blue, this is why Lyndy and me love each other for years.....

  20. R u all right my blue friend? I feel that u r a wee bit bluer these last few days. In reference to ur comment on my blog I do cherish those moments of love with my friends. My hope is that u and I have another good 40 or so years to banter back and forth. Can u image us being 80 or so? I am sorry that u and Angie r experiencing painful health issues. Please know that u r in my thoughts. Off to Coffeehouse and there is a thunderstorm brewing here.

    1. Extremely tired on account of Mr Sarcoidosis. It tends to make me a darker shade of blue. Eighty? Sure I can. Do I like that picture? Not really.


  21. You are so human blue... the first class kind of human. A rare specie indeed.

    1. If I'm - I quote - "the first class of human", I'd say humanhood (yes, a new word) is in great trouble. ;) Thanks. You're being too kind.

  22. That is the hour
    When it does matter
    Extending advice
    Ever so wise
    What little comfort
    One does exert
    Heavenly to the neighbor
    At end of his tether
    Where there's life there's hope
    Strength received widens the scope!

    Thoughtful write Blue
    The usual you!


    1. Thank you Mr Hank
      Our very own rhyming tank
      The best is all we can do
      Or we might as well get flushed down a loo
      Not a pretty sight
      Day or night
      I'll try to walk a mile in your shoe :)

  23. My heart breaks for your neighbors. My dad passed from lung cancer. Such a nasty disease! I don't see the wife lasting much longer. Not only is she losing her love and her home, now she is forced to depend on strangers for her care. That is just so sad. You are a good neighbor to help them in their time of need, even though you are having your own issues to deal with.

    I try not to bullshit people. I like to have it handed to me straight, so I don't sugar coat things often. It might get me pegged as a bitch at times, but I can live with that.

    1. Your dad.... I'm so sorry, Theresa. It's a horrible disease. I think you're right about the wife. Being forced to depend on strangers.... what kind of life is that? When the quality of life is zero, most people would say it's time to go.

      Forthright Theresa.... I like that. But you're not a bitch even id you can be one (like the rest of us).... :)

      Have a wonderful weekend.

  24. Well, you are just a ray of fucking sunshine! To answer the question, I'm not capable of being even diplomatically dishonest, even though it would help me.

    You are a good friend to your neighbors.

    1. Mr. Blue Ray of Fucking Sunshine, mind you. I once nearly lost my job on account of being um... undiplomatic (to put it mildly). They expected me to sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", but I put my foot down and said, "You first!" ;)

  25. It's nice that you made the effort to assist. Many people wouldn't and little things make a big difference. With no one to help, life would have been even crappier at that moment. :(

    1. Hi Rosey. I'm often surprised by the things that people WON'T do. I don't know which is worse: the things that people do or the things that people won't do.....

  26. Everyone could benefit from counseling. And yes I can believe u would have been good counselor. Do not want to live to 80???

    1. Men in my family don't live to see 70... :( But there's always hope. If only determination were enough...

  27. I don't curse often in blogland but SHIT! That blows. I think you did what you had to. I would have cried with him.

    1. Say it again. It sure blows big time. Thanks for stopping by, Melynda.

  28. House of Peace.

    I took Professor for a walk by river.

    Many r drawn to the Professor. He is charming and cute.

    2 young women having Bible studying and playing guitar struck up conversation so I sat with them in grass and just listened to their life stories. One young woman said may I tell u something. I said sure. She said I have been watching u and Professor. She said u r a "house of peace.". I looked at her and thanked her and said I think I am a house of peace. It is thunderstorming now. We r in for the night. We will take what time we have left Blue and build a friendship.

    1. He's a babe magnet... I knew it. Professor Babe Magnet Alex and Miss Gumshoe Marples... a House of Peace. I like the sound of that. So you two have been watched...

    2. She was watching me while I was listening to the other young woman's story. No stalker here. Professor attracts all kind of people. Men, women, couples, children, old, young, etc.

      It took me two hours to walk the length of the river because everyone was stopping along the way to pet him. But u know I am happy about that I meet a lot of nice people that way.

      "House of Peace" I liked that too. At least, I'm working towards a "House of Peace" Last week was not pleasant at all. However, things got better. Certainly makes me change the way I behave towards people. Some walls need to be put up at work. I give too much. I care too much. I need to take that caring and giving to those whom actually appreciate the attention.

      The place is going downhill and in a big way. It's not personable anymore. U are a warm body and nothing more. One will kiss u on the cheek as they stab u in the back. U think I exagerrate. I do not. It's not the same anymore. There is a lot of trust issues. And it's no wonder as u watch how they treat people whom have been loyal then u know that they will do the same to u. So u start to distrust people's motives.

      It is different at the night job. They actually care for u. And u can talk to people. U can help one another. U can actually love one another. U might get upset occassionally but it will be all right because no one is out to get u. My preference nowadays is the night job. Much better than day job. Day job is a paycheck now. Nothing more. Nothing less.

      I am blessed to have the Professor. He has taught me many lessons in our short period of time together.

      I am scaling back on my blogging. Yes. I know. I've said it before but I'm serious this time. I'm not sure I look at blogging the ways others look at blogging. I see so many things that I do not like about blogging. The way u really can't get to know a person. It is the way people are having relationships today. Half-ass. No one puts work into relationships anymore (with the exception of u) U are a counselor on the side I do believe.

      Have a blessed day.

  29. I wish you were my neighbour Blue.....I need a shoulder to cry on....
    Sorry to hear Angie isn't' well....take care of her♥️
    Why are you still sleeping on the couch?

    When your # is is time to go....end of story.

    Linda :o)

    1. You need a shoulder to cry on... What's wrong, Linda? Yes, Angie's not baking any cakes, that's for sure. Her blues are worse than mine. What a couple! Why am I still sleeping on the couch... Well, because of my illness I'm extremely tired 24/7 resulting in the worst snoring imaginable and then some. Or so I'm told. Well, actually, I know this to be true for when I snore I wake up saying, "What's that sound?!" And then I realize it's me... So, that's why.

      If you need a snore, come knockin' on my door :)

  30. I don't need a snore....I need a shoulder...
    If all you have to give out are snores....well...then....OK...I need a snore!
    Geesh...and I needy or what?

  31. I guess in a way we're all dying--we just don't know when. Lung cancer is a tough one. Often they don't catch it until it's too late and it spreads... I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbor. It really does sound like you're a great friend and neighbor. If I were handed a diagnosis like that, I could only hope to find someone with a positive outlook like yours.

  32. I'm a fiction writer, so I'm eternally full of shit. It's basically what I do for a living. But I suppose behind all those pages of shit there's some smattering of truth.

    I couldn't imagine what your neighbors are going through, and I really don't know what I'd do in that situation. We always assume that one of us are going to be strong enough to take care of the other. I'm talking about my wife and I, mind you, but I guess you could apply that to Brandon and me, too...

    1. I'd say more than just a smattering. Thanks, Bryan. Sometimes what we assume has little to do with reality. Then again, sometimes we are stronger than we'd ever imagined.

  33. Wow! I'm late to the party, here.

    You're not full of it, you're just a decent human being offering words of comfort and encouragement to someone who really needed it. And maybe, on some level, you were really hoping that the things you were saying were true, for your own sake as much as his. Perhaps if you say the words enough times they will become the truth.

    For myself, I always prefer to have hope. You did the right thing here. Don't feel like a hypocrite just because you're not sure if the things you were saying were true or not. That man clearly needed someone to put an arm around his shoulders and say something, anything, that he could cling to in his hour of greatest need. Way to be a good neighbor! That seems to be something that few people manage to do anymore.

    1. Thanks, Candice. But words seem so silly when giving a dying man advice on how to deal with his ordeal. You're right... but still..... it didn't feel right.

  34. WHERE ARE YOU??? I miss you and I keep checkin and you are not there. Ok was that dramatic enough or do I need to add more nonsense to that?? Get your butt back to writing. :)

    1. Hi Melynda, I've been working 80 hours a week trying to meet 8 deadlines :(

  35. As an ex ambulance man and a recent widower I can relate to all this.
    Life can be such a sod sometimes. The comments were equally as moving as the post. My sister and her hubby are going through this right now.
    As a species, us homo sapiens are real great when we are working properly.
    You have some pretty caring readers,
    Blue. . . . :)

    1. I may not be on Facebook and have a million friends, but I've been blessed with some pretty caring readers, alright.

      I'm sorry to hear about your loss and what your sister and her husband are going through. Our health is more important than all the diamonds we can carry.

      Thanks for stopping by.


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