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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The World Is Oz

Every once in a blue moon a person whispers something profound to me that goes straight into my long term memory. What's that? Well, for example, a couple of weeks ago someone wise said, "Blue, there's a time for work and a time for play." Somehow those words smiled at me, knocked down the front door of my blue brain and unpacked. No rent, no how-are-you-today? Just unpacked. That line gave new meaning to the words work and play. Now given my line of work, I didn't think that were possible. But I was wrong.

Today I feel blue, and when a blueman says he feels blue, something's amiss like a white man saying he feels white. I'm not in the mood to blame Angie's cake today. I'm not in the mood to crack a joke at my own expense. I'm not in the mood to forget about taking the world seriously. Something's amiss and it might just be me. There's a time for work and a time for play….. Ain't that the truth.

Let's start with play. Most of you know me as someone who is playful, a virtual someone somewhere on this Earth who doesn't even have to try to be funny. Blue cakes haha. But the truth is, being funny is hard work when you use it as a shield to hide your tears. When your inner-voice keeps telling you that ultimately nothing really matters, you might as well try and have a bit of fun while the meter's running. But knowing — or believing — that nothing really matters makes it hard to have fun. Ah….. a dilemma. The way I see it there's too much hardship in the world to take anything or anyone seriously. I have to joke about it. There's too much wheeling and dealing and fuck you I'm taking this from you because I've decided I'm entitled to whatever you think you own. I'm taking your seat. I'm taking your right to live. Without my jokes, I wouldn't be able to move. For I'm not blind to the world, you see. I wish I were. I'm not blind to all the things Michael Jackson could've sung about and make 50% of the population puke in the process. (No, not me.)

Now here's the problem. As a university teacher, an educator, a trainer, a professor, it is my job to instill a thing or two in my students' long term memory, and those things had better be useful and serious. Students needs serious things, you see. Beer and serious stuff. Knowledge. Information. They are brainwashed into believing they have to take the world seriously. They think they know what a politician's priority list looks like and expect to find their own names at the very top of it. I don't. They take themselves seriously. I don't. A career! A career! Being outstanding is key! I don't think that's necessarily true. I can barely restrain myself from telling them to take a good look in the mirror and laugh so hard they'd end up thinking life's but a joke. I know that wouldn't be fair so I never do. I'm a professional. I need to remember there's a time for work and a time for play. But not a day goes by when I'm not fighting the need to either cry or laugh out loud. Bring the curtain down. Everything is not what it seems. The world is Oz. The world is Oz.

Strangely enough, I'm very good at what I do, but somehow I wouldn't be able to do it without the never ending urge to play and relativize. In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play. I don't remember who said that, and I'm not in the mood to consult Ms. Mighty Fine Google. I think it was Nietzsche. Don't you just hate it when people quote smart folks to sound impressive?

I work to play 
I play to work 

Do those words mean anything to you?

"Where's the Wizard?"

* * *


  1. The wizard is just playing dead
    He pretended off with his head
    Yeah the world is crap
    Everywhere across the map
    You can stick your fluoride head in the sand
    And pretend all is grand
    But it is still there
    Even if one pretends not to be aware
    Working 60 hours a week
    Just so you can pretend things aren't bleak
    Or something of the like
    With fun taking a hike
    Can go pound sand
    Clear across the land
    Work and work and work some more
    Then oopsy, dead at your shore
    Point in all of that was?
    Just so your ego could get a little buzz?
    Woweee, that was something to see
    An ego and death
    But you worked to your last breath
    That is what counts
    And the money pile amounts
    But oopsy you're still dead
    The money goes to someone elses bed
    Stick it to work I say
    Go to get my pay
    Do the effort it takes to get done
    And pfffft to all the other garbage under the sun
    I don't want to be a boss
    For people's head up my ass is my only loss
    And having 50 things by my name
    So I can make a great claim
    ceo this or tfb that
    Stick it up ones arse says the cat
    Or just go piss up a rope
    And be sure to bring soap

    1. Woweee you just wrote an entire post
      The # 1 rhyming cat from coast to coast
      Tell me, how does one pretend that all is grand
      When you know for a fact you're not in Lalaland?
      'Cause, Oz, the bills are piling high soooo high
      A few more days and they'll've reached the sky
      Sixty hours a week is much more work than play
      No time to even blink or say hey or ole
      Your rhyme came from the heart
      I so appreciate it I wouldn't know where to start
      But this much I know:
      Society is but a show
      Some folks look like shit, others glow,
      Some want to stay, others wish to go
      #Stay, go, go stay#
      Now who sang that song at some distant bay?
      It wasn't Oz, it wasn't Oz-ZY
      I'm pretty sure it wasn't me
      Jimmy Durante couldn't decide
      Sometimes I too feel I should hide
      The world not seeming bona fide
      "He worked so hard he died a happy man!"
      I'm not really sure I can (Yes, I can?)
      But kick that ole blue bucket I will
      Work can be like an Ozzy suicide pill
      Or make you feel like you're the king
      Keep going until you've got no ding-a-ling
      No wizard's song to sing
      Just Toto in a sling
      More money in the bank
      Than water when that ship sank
      Stick it to work you say
      Go to get your pay to stay
      And eat and drink
      Trying hard not to sink
      50 things by your name
      If they're books there's no shame
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mr. Cat
      Pissing up a rope… how does one do that?

    2. Very carefully i suppose
      Or they won't smell like a rose
      As they strike their rope pose
      And piss on their toes
      Or worse
      Either way they'd curse
      50 books by ones name
      Would be a good claim
      Almost there at my sea
      Too bad still broke as can be lol

    3. Are you broke?
      Do you need a smoke?
      Do you want to choke?
      Feeling like a joke?
      Not a bloke?
      Peeing when you croak?
      Avoiding a stroke?
      Like a lot of folk?
      Well, write fifty more
      At your kitty shore
      You never know
      What will happen at your door
      Who knows you might strike gold
      As in riches untold
      Never say never
      When you're clever
      Day and night
      Never giving up the fight
      It'll be alright?
      (Well, according to Oz)

    4. haha Oz can stuff it
      Just a bit
      50 more I could write
      In a night
      Easy as can be
      But have to get them done at my sea
      And when one is broke
      Only in rain the ideas can soak
      But no stroke
      Hand enough health Sh** for one bloke

    5. In a night....
      Is that right?
      Do you get any sleep
      Writing stuff so deep:
      "Only in rain the ideas can soak"
      Ain't that the truth, dear kitty bloke
      That's a word the English use
      I'm not sure it's one I would choose
      Hey, no stroke at your bay
      That wouldn't be okay.

    6. No need for sleep
      As in the ideas creep
      One by one
      With my run

    7. No creepy thoughts I hope
      Making you grope and mope
      Don't turn into a blue kitty
      Fashionable, yeah, but kinda sh.... um gritty
      When you want to spin a funny rhyme
      Up a tree you climb time after time
      One by one with your run
      It does sounds like a lot of fun
      No need for sleep you say?
      Well, it's the opposite at my bay
      As I sleep 14 hours a day
      Just to feel okay
      Play that violin for me
      At the blue guy's place to be
      And say, "Woweee!"

  2. "As a university teacher, an educator, a trainer, a professor, it is my job to instill a thing or two in my students' long term memory, and those things had better be useful and serious." It's refreshing to see that you realize why you're really there. Too many just go through the motions.

    1. Teachers who go through the motions make me sick. You may want to take that literally. I'm not kidding either.

      Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Silver Fox.

  3. The world is so serious that we all need to take time off and just play. Yes. If we lose our sense of play we can drown in the seriousness of it all.

    1. It's the only way for me. I do tend to go overboard as a result but I'd rather go overboard laughing than crying if you know what I mean.

  4. University? What do you teach at the University, Randy?

    You know what they usually say - those who make you laugh most are usually the saddest deep within, those who give and help the most usually have the least to give, those who kiss and hug you most usually need a kiss or a hug most, those who are always there for you usually want someone too.... etc but most people do not notice these little things.....

    1. Shocking as it may be.... I'm a linguist / English teacher, loved by many, hated by a happy few. Yep, I know what they say. I also know what you're saying, Dezz. Most people don't matter. You really should read The Little Prince.

    2. Pffttt.... I know you is an English lg teacher, but what exactly is it that you teach - grammar, linguistics, phonetics, literature.... Which course?
      I taught English as foreign language to adults back in the old days....

    3. Ah... a list... Let's see.... sociolinguistics, sociohistorical linguistics, pronunciation courses, academic writing for PhD students, Cambridge exam preparation, IELTS, English for law students, English for teachers....

    4. That explains your goodly grammar

    5. But not my terribly typing...

  5. I understand completely.


  6. 'Somehow those words smiled at me, knocked down the front door of my blue brain and unpacked. No rent, no how-are-you-today? Just unpacked.'

    May I say, Blue, that you have a very good way with words.

    But onto a more serious matter ... where is the wizard, indeed? Sometimes I feel that written on my tombstone will read: 'Here lies someone who was going to be happy tomorrow.'

    And I have to agree with Dezzy, that it's those who make us laugh most are usually the saddest deep within. In my case, I'm not a joke cracker, but I do drift through life with a bubbly positive attitude on the outside ... but on the inside? Another thing entirely...

    Take care of 'you' Blue. I know exactly how you feel.

    1. Thank you,Wendy. Yes, where's the wizard? Where's the one who knows all the answers? Where's the one who may turn out to be a figment of the imagination or, worse, a machination? I wouldn't know.

      'Here lies someone who was going to be happy tomorrow.' I know what you mean. Do I... What's the use of seizing the day when all it does is cease? But what's the use of giving up when there's still hope? I am a joke cracker and I'm the grumpiest person Angie Dear has ever lived with. I'm like one of those DVD collection boxes.... two for the price of one. It's my version of yin and yang.

    2. When you say: 'What's the use of seizing the day when all it does is cease?' And, 'what's the use of giving up when there's still hope?" I couldn't agree more. Much like - what came first? The chicken or the egg? Perhaps it's best not to dwell on it (easily said than done, I know). It's enough to do our heads in.

      My only hope, is that there is a reason for all of this ...

    3. That's my hope too. I mean, we still haven't lost the ablity to be pleasantly surprised, now have we?

  7. Hey Blue,
    I like your blue moon, Did you see the moon last night it was glorious? You know you have to have balance in life One needs to laugh it is good for your health both spiritually and physically. So many have forgotten how to laugh. We must keep our inner child alive or we lose a part of ourselves. I adore the blue rose in the flowering pot. You do remember that is my favorite flower??? The blue rose is resides somewhere over the rainbow or beneath a waterfall or maybe just maybe, it resides in your heart.

    1. There she is. I was wondering where you were and starting to feel ignored or, at best, forgotten in the process. That's bluespeak for I missed you. There, I said it. How's that for direct? Of course I remember that's your favorite flower? How could I ever forget. When I turn 44 come June 14, I'll still remember. Some things are meant to be remembered. That said, I once read an article about the benefits of laughing. So cracking your face was not on the list. When I laugh, I laugh like it were the last opportunity for me to laugh. When I cry, I cry on the inside. What can I say, I'm a man. A blueman. And you're Bluedessa, then decided to call yourself Truedessa. You didn't think I didn't know, did yah? (A lot of dids in that line. Don't you love it?) Where does your blue rose reside? Is your inner child holding it?

    2. Hey Blue,

      You missed me? You always know where I am but, you didn't answer my mail. So it made me blue. Some things are indeed meant to be remembered as they are tattooed in one's heart & soul with special ink.. Did you know we all have those special words and moments that we will never forget. I like to laugh and have fun but, mostly I am a weeping willow so I cry a steady stream sometimes it is what I do and who I am. I am sure the blue guy has to keep his tears inside..but, you can cry if you want I won't tell anyone I saw you cry. I've always been "Blue" a special kind of blue and who would have known you knew. My blue rose resides in the land of my dreams it is always there perhaps, my inner child found it in the land of nod..

    3. Of course I did. I'm so absent-minded I don't even remember I still need to answer your email. Please jog my memory.

      I'm one of those strange creatures that never cry. I never do, except occasionally at funerals. People call me insensitive.... I feel so misunderstood. I suppose my brand of sadness is better knows as anger or grumpiness so I don't cry. I don't know why that is, really. It may be a character flaw. (Yep, another one.) I still love your blue rose. You may have noticed I borrowed it to say goodbye to.... myself.

    4. I noticed and I refuse to acknowledge the message of saying good bye to one's self as there is an afterlife and that is where one's soul, you live on in another world. You may say goodbye to this phase of the journey. But, yes the Blue Rose is so appropriate as it is a special one of a kind rose. What better choice could there be as you are "truly" one of a kind. You know that my dear "Blue"

    5. Good thing we live in a world where we've got the right to refuse to acknowledge the message of saying good bye to one's self. I refuse to say goodbye to this world. I love it too much. But I'm afraid that's where the blue buck stops, so to speak. Thank you for calling me truly one of a kind. Wouldn't you say everyone on this planet is truly one of a kind? Just asking....

    6. Everyone is one of a kind unless you're a twin but, then again you would still be an individual with your own thoughts and spirit. Perhaps, I just meant you were one of a kind to me specifically..take care of yourself blue...hope Angie treats you real well..think I may take a break for a the blues are rolling in..

    7. I'm not a fan of the blues rolling in... again. I've not been feeling too well these past few days. My eyes are playing tricks on me again.

  8. Short comment u know why. Ur words/thoughts mean the world to me. Funny and/ serious. U and Memphis Steve r the only ones whom do not seem to mind my long comments. There is a reason I carry a teddy bear around with me always. Must always remember to be a child at heart. Being a loving and sincere man is the best man to be. True self usually comes thru. No? The blue moon in the sky the best. Luv it. Bad storm coming thru right now. Take care my friend.

    1. Yes, I know why, Miss Stormy "Gumshoe" Marples. I remember. I just hope you're not in a lot of pain. Funny and serious you say…. I guess I'm like a switch: funny, serious, funny, serious. Alive, dead, alive? Who knows. Who could mind a long comment? How do you know if someone does not feel honored when you just devoted quite a bit of your time reading their post and writing a comment? Maybe some people don't like serious comments too much. It happens. True self come thru when you least expect it, yes. Believe me, I'd never be the one to cast the first stone in that respect… Sometimes your true self needs to be protected.

    2. Hahaha--

      "How do u know if someone does not feel honored when you just devoted quite a bit of your time reading their post and writing a comment?"

      Because they tell u. And then they tell make comments that u are crazy. And then one (meaning me) decides that they never appreciated ur comments and u finally stop leaving comments and exit out the door of their life. And u finally stop caring because they never cared in the first place.

      Well, I am healing very well. Not quite up to par in the typing area but I will be there in a week or so. However, my foot healed nicely. The Professor is quite happy as he gets to go on his walks again like we did. I was on pins and needles while others walked him. He is quite a tricky little fella. He learned to get away from people whom tried to trap him and tie him up.

      How are u feeling today? A little bit less blue today I hope. I was getting cabin fever. Stitches out Wednesday. Hooray hooray hooray. All went well quite truthfully. But there is no time to whine and cry about stuff. Just get it done and on with life.

    3. I'd say given the evidence... the conclusion you're drawing is quite valid. Who would've guessed long comments are not appeciated? Good to hear you're healing well.

      I'm feeling a bit better but still not too good. It's my eye-sight and my lungs... I'm just so tired, is all.

      Good luck tomorrow. Goodbye stitches. May we never see you again.

  9. "Don't you just hate it when people quote smart folks to sound impressive?"

    You know I often get tired of seeing Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes from a lot of people.

    Obviously nobody is sure where the The Wizard is, ever since James Franco talked to that young lady.

    1. I know. But it's still better than Blueman quotes. I blame Franco too.

  10. Ha. I love those people. Because when you answer them back, they get all confused.

    1. That sounds familiar. Very familiar. I wonder if you could confuse me too.

  11. Life can be challenging. I hope your evening is filled with moonlight and your tomorrow filled with sunlight.

    1. That's so kind of you to say that, Sandra. Thank you.

  12. "Find a way to make a living doing what you love and you'll never work a day in your life!" That's the best advice I can think of for work and play. Inspiring young people is a HUGE privilege. My 6th grade teacher had a few weird things she'd always stay that stuck with me. If a kid said, "But I thought--" she'd reply with, "That's what you get for thinking when you're not used to it." I know you're teaching a much older group--but that's just one example I can recall of a teacher who left a lasting impression by saying something interesting. (Although that probably would be called verbal abuse today!)

    1. I used to teach kids too. I'm sure they still remember me for making them cram so much and now they're all millionaires and I'm not. ;) Thanks for the advice, Stephanie. I think you're right. As for verbal abuse... when my students say, "I've been think...." and I need a gurney, that's when the term verbal abuse springs to mind. People are so sensitive these days it makes me sick. I refuse to walk on egg shells or pretend I'm politically correct. Do you know what I mean?

  13. I agree that there is a time for work, and a time for play, but I also believe that it is absolutely VITAL to look for and find the humor in everyday life. Always, even in the "time to work" moments.

    Find a way to laugh at a stressful situation. If the situation defies comedy, then find something else to make yourself laugh. I hate watching TV dramas, because they're too...well...dramatic. I watch comedies of just about all shapes and sizes. I don't want to watch a show that mimics the harsh realities of life. Give me reruns of The Office, Scrubs, Frasier and the like, because while they do present everyday life, and pretty accurately too, they do it in a way that points out everything that makes life funny.

    I feel like I'm rambling here, so I'll just wrap this up by saying that I definitely see where you're coming from, and to tell you to keep laughing. It's good for you!

    1. The only thing that defies humor in my book is a dying relative or friend, or when they're in pain. Even then I'll try to put a smile on their face. It must be an undiagnosed character flaw. I don't know why anyone would be interested in a show that - as you so elequently put it - mimics the harsh realities of life. But he's dyng! Yep, but he's also an actor.

      I like it when you ramble. Keep doing it.

  14. Humor is what keeps us going in these times

    1. Yes, say something funny ... !

    2. We might as well wait until ducks know how to spell, Wendy.

  15. The beauty of a small child is their sweet innocence.
    The beauty of a teen is their ability to dream.
    And the beauty of a college student is their ability to see themselves making their dreams come true, and making a difference somewhere along the way. And sometimes they do.
    You're playing a role in the latter that might plant seeds you'll never even know, so you're making a valid difference too, and I think it's wonderful.

    As for the blues, I hope they take a hike soon, who needs 'em anyway. :)

    1. I am aware of that and it's what keeps me going, Rosey. Thanks for your kindwords. As for the blues... It's in my DNA. I need a reboot.

  16. ah deardear my dearest Grumpy!:) Here you are again THINKING!
    I love your draws and always make me laugh Love your humor sense and maybe you don´t believe because you love teasing me ha!
    Im sure dear grupy you are an amazing teacher and lovely man!!

    1. Hi Gloria, I'm afraid I can't help it. Me... teasing you? Never! Un beso ;) Enjoy the weekend, dear.

    2. Psst I answer your comment...silly grumpy:)

    3. Silly? I'm a very serious professor. Didn't you know? The nutty professor.

  17. Hated by a happy few?! Tell us more!

    1. Not today I'm not. To be continued.... eventually.

  18. Without play it doesn't make much sense to work.

    All work and no play, makes Mary very grumpy indeed.

  19. The Nutty Professor--one of my fav movies.

    Thinking of u today.

    Seems u r a wee bluer today. :(

    Able to get out today. Ate Chinese food for lunch plus delicious hot tea.

    Bought fabric to see Professor some bow ties and ties. He must dress the part. No?

    Picked up loads of library books at library. No dead body in the parking lot this visit. Ha!!! It just kills me where these bodies show up in my life.

    Bought fresh fruit, veggies and milk in glass bottles from the veggie mart.

    And then picked up the Professor a cheeseburger from the burger joint.

    Took him to visit his friends at my vet. Today was his first visit. Want him to feel good about the vet.

    Now, the weather is rainy but we r in for evening with candles burning and a good mystery to read into the night.

    The Professor has full belly and is taking a nappie poo beside me on sofa. He is snuggled up with his teddy bear.

    Hope u get to feeling better.

    1. Ah you're back. Yes, I've been a darker shade of blue these past few days, but the sun is shining in my neck of the wood, so I'm not complaining. On the contrary. Yes, a professor should always dress the part, especially when his name is Alex. My cat Mongo doesn't have any friends at the vet. He hates the vet, too It must be the smell of the place and the tension coming from some of the other animals. Mongo is very sensitive. Sweet professor Alex.... snuggled up with his teddy bear. #Oh let me be.... your teddy bear... I just wanna be your teddy bear# Mr. Presley got away with singing a song about a teddy bear. I'd say that tells you how talented the guy was.

  20. Charlie Chaplin is that you?

    Do you know that there's a hint of sadness in your "wide-eyed-blue-faced" avatar? I noticed that since the first time...

    1. I know. I see it every time I look in the mirror. It's because I love this world so much. Just not what people have been doing to it, is all.

  21. As someone that has battled depression my whole life I really get this. (Yes, my whole life. I remember being depressed when I was 3, but I digress.) I have been to support groups to help me journey through the abyss and one thing always happens. Everyone always thinks I am hilarious. Why? Because I also try to cover up that which hurts so much that some days it hurts to take a breath. But the other reason? Humour does get me through. Let's face it, the world is on tilt and it is fucking scary. If I dwell on it I am going to have to find a large bottle of pills to let me go to sleep forever and ever. But I don't want to! There is so much beauty that is also makes it difficult to take a breath. My 2 year old niece was here last week wearing leg warmers on her arms! My son is graduating next month! My daughter was chosen to dance in a Highland Dance team! I love my husband! My dad, brother, sister and brother-in-law and nieces and so amazing! My garden is blooming!
    There is so much beauty to cover the awful.

    Please watch for it because you might miss it.


    1. Hello Birdie,

      How are you today? Depressed at 3 doesn't sound like fun. Good thing you've found a way to cope with the pleasantries of life. I say that in a sarcastic way for in my book there more sadness than fun, though I'm considered a funny guy. Say something funny. Now combine it with something profound. You can't? Haha that's so funny. I hope you don't know what I mean. But I'm afraid you do, being thought of as - I quote - hilarious. Oh well, it's not the end of the world. I don't need pills except for my physical health, which is more than enough as it is. In fact I'm happy to be alive and I wouldn't want it any other way. No thoughts of jumping off a bridge. Quite the opposite. I have a loving wife, a couple of friends who mean the world to me, I'm surrounded by few but wonderful relatives and most of my students make me smile. Until they tell me I should travel by bus and say goodbye to my gas guzzling car named Elvis. One has to draw the line somewhere, right?

  22. Partners in Crime

    Luv it. Agatha Christie has a book titled Partners in Crime.

    The weather turned for the better after 10 a.m.

    Was 30 minutes late to church. They wanted to talk at a local Coffeeshop not the one I work at. We got carried away. However did make it for the sermon the most important part. Strange it made me think of u. Saying basically don't store up materialistic treasures on Earth. Went to Japanese Restaurant for lunch and visited with friends. It has been a nice day today.

    1. There's nothing like a partner in crime when you can do the time. Just don't be wearing them Gumshoes to sneak up on me and catch me red-handed. You know they're blue.

      Great weather here too.

      Sounds to me you had a great day... even if you were 30 minutes late ;) Believe me, God doesn't mind. So what did you have for lunch?

  23. Depression very serious. I worked in psyc hospital pharmacy for long time. Always amazing when we docs were able to get right med and dosage for our patients sometimes it took months to years but to see them feel joy and not depressed was a good feeling.

    1. People who are depressed in the Doc's opinion are rarely taken seiously. I don't know why that is. I've seen it happen all too often. I think it's a damn shame. Pardon my Greek.

  24. I guess I try to teach my kids the opposite. Not to take life too seriously. My oldest daughter suffers from a bit of depression, and getting her to lighten up is not always easy. I am not funny. At all. But I do like to laugh and have a good time, because I don't want to go to my grave worrying about anything. I wish there really was a wizard to take away the blues, but until then, I am determined I am going to make my own happiness. Now, to get my daughter to learn to do that too? That's the challenge.

    Hope you find your happiness soon, Blue.

    1. I'm inclined to do the same, but I'm afraid I'd get fired eventually. When I put on my happy shoes (not Pat's kangaroo shoes) and get on down the don't-take-life-too-serious road (sing along!), I know I'd get overboard. So it's something I reserve for my friends and relatives. Much to their distress. What do you mean you're not funny? Everyone is funny. I don't mean that in a funny way, of course. Well, having a good time is so much more important in my book than being funny (even if you are… I know you are…. No?). I love your determination. I think it's the only way. I have found my happiness. It's just that I don't want to let go, is all. Thanks, Theresa.

    2. Yes, having fun is more important than being funny. Like driving down the road singing Living on a Prayer at the top of my lungs while my kids cringe in horror. I don't care. I am having fun. I do suspect they are video taping me doing it though and posting those singing sessions online somewhere. I am a 34 year old woman and I will still wear my Little Mermaid shirt with pride. Why? Because it makes me happy. Do I get crazy eyes shot at me? Sure. I spent too much of my youth worrying about if people liked me, so I walked around timid and shy. Now I let my true colors fly, not caring if someone doesn't like it, and am the happiest I have ever been. Nobody wants to let go of that happiness, and if you don't have to, then don't :)

  25. Humour is essential to life and there's nothing wrong with a little shielding. Fully exposing ourselves means we either get arrested or knocked down. But of course, occasionally we get surprised and out of the darkness we see a glimmer. A smile, a friend's support, a quick hug. While the world is beautiful, people ultimately make it liveable and even--dare I say it--delightful. Just hang with the right people and be the best you can be.


    1. Thanks for the hugs, Lynda. I remember a time when it was impossible to hug me. I was so muscular back then, you know, you wouldn't have known whee to start. Now it's so much easier... sigh ;) That said, I love those glimmers you're talking about. May I add one to the list: you telling me what the project is about? No? Well, you know I'll never stop trying. Curiosity never killed a blue duck.

    2. You will know a little more soonish...maybe. If you're desperate to know, then send me a quick email :P

    3. I can wait, Lynda. :))) Yes, of course I'm very curious.

  26. Oh I do so love it when you philosophise, Nietzsche :) I hear ya blue, loud and clear. Tears of a clown and all that. I bet you're the best teach in town because of your valuable insight to the world around. The only thing that needs to be taken seriously are the tickets to Bora Bora. Let the play begin. (((((MASSIVE HUGS )))))

    1. And I love it when you love it, let's be honest. So I was waiting for you and there you are to put a smile on my clowny face. I'm not a bad teach, but it's hard to be the best teach when you don't take grammar seriously. You know, in the greater scheme of things.... But my grammar lessons are fun, which entitles me to some kind of award. I'm still waiting, though. As for those tickets.... who do I need to jump to get hold of those tickets to paradise? I love massive hugs. (Exactly how massive are we talking?) I just told Lynda there used to be a time when it was virtually impossible to hug me, being so dashingly muscular and all. Notice the used to part of my grammatical sentence.

    2. It was once impossible you said. Now it's virtually impossible which is quite correct since you are in a virtual blogosphere so that must mean I can actually virtually hug you. They are massive hugs that would reach right around the 'used to' and 'is now' because it's all part of the you.
      Besides, it is minds that make people dashing,not muscles.

      The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.

    3. You're so smart I can't stop listening to what you have to say, Jules. Thank you for your kind words. I've been struggling all my life to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. So far I've been doing just fine. Someone once said something about the needs of the one.... I couldn't agree more.

  27. You and I are on the same page lately. lol I do think you need a vacation my friend. I little Rand R does a body and mind good. I personally, this week anyway, would like to run like the wind and not come back for a minute. If only I could find a deserted island haha

    1. I know. The exact same page. The problem as I see it is not finding an island. It's a matter of finding the dough to go to the island of our choosing. Good thing money doesn't make us happy, right?

  28. Hey Blue!

    Of course you've been waiting for one of my highly collectable comments. Maybe next time, eh.

    Exceedingly good words, bordering on wise by your distinguished self. You know, Blue, beyond the blue is that other you. And that one has fun with the balance of being some kind of philosophical dude. I know we should never fit into some convenient box of correct thoughts. Life is for fun and then some.

    Personally, I believe in transparency, surreality and naked tap dancing. Okay, not exactly naked cause I'm wearing tap dancing shoes.

    A positive environment starts from within and transcends to the world beyond.

    And dude, I see a glowing review for you, this is most certainly true.

    Penny's fictional human,


    1. Hey Gary... Penny's non-hairy human! You bet I was waiting for another collectable collectible comment coming straight from the creative juices of your fictional mind - yes, sir! Good thing you're wearing tap dancing shoes or I might have wondered where those tapping sounds came from. Tap tap! tap tap! Hey, I wonder what naked Gary is UP to.... But you're wearing your shoes so all is good and non-suspiciously perfect with a twist. You betcha! Hey, a positive review.... wouldn't that be the pinnacle of cynical?

      Thanks, Gary.

      May our paths lead to a happy place. And I don't mean THIS PLACE.

    2. Gidday Wendy!

      You can have your tap dancing shoes back! Of course, wearing clothes is optional. CRIKEY!!!

    3. @Wendy - Is there another way?
      @Gary - Wendy sounds a bit confused about your version of down under. Crikey... There's that word again....

    4. Blue! Honestly ...
      Gary - I don't want the shoes back. You've stretched them now.


    5. Blue, Gidday, Crikey and welcome to a land down under.

      Wendy, you can give the shoes to Ronald McDonald. A clown down under!

    6. I thought I was nuts.... Now I just want those shoes and show off my little (I mean BIG) um.... dance.

    7. Mind your nuts down under.....

    8. Why do you think they call me the nutty professor?

    9. Because you look like a combination of Jerry Lewis and Eddie Murphy....

    10. Well, I do play the piano with my feet too, so you might be on to something. Now, where's that banana and that tail pipe?

    11. Dear god you two. I tune out for 5 minutes and you're carrying on without me. Now, where was I ... hmm, oh yes, shoes and naked men. Or should I have said, naked men wearing tap dancing shoes? Neither one sounds right.

      Men, I don't know ...

      Crikey ...

    12. Boys will be.... kids. We're an innocuous bunch. Plus we are excellent dancers.

  29. Well, here I come after a hiatus and find the world is blue. Da bee dee da bee da. I hope that you are feeling better. A lot of things in the world are pretty miserable, but there are some people that care and are pretty awesome. I keep trying to remind myself of the same! And please never stop playing.

    1. Ah you're back too. Excellent. I am in serious need of non-serious art, so this is great timing. One day I will stop playing, but I won't be aware of it. But I hear yah and I'm glad you're back among the virtual living.

  30. There is time for work
    When one is expected to slog
    Work is a serious endeavor
    Affecting one like no other
    Within there is responsibility
    Deadlines,interpersonal abilities
    Judgement and formalities
    Without compromise but sincerity

    All others of flexibility
    Relaxation and mobility
    Comes within the realms
    dreams of movements
    and notions of play
    of relationships any day


    1. There he is! Hank The One and Only Poetry Tank! Yes, I'm no stranger to deadlines. As I type this, I'm aware I've got t least 8 to meet, and I'll meet them with a happy face. Dreams.... I'm afraid I've got many.

  31. Woke with yum yum ache. I think pain meds and antibiotics not good for tummy. And overdid walking cuz my foot is killing me. The Professor is way too full of energy at this hour almost 4 a.m.

    What do u mean doc does not take seriously regarding depression? Do they think one is just making up being blue?

    I heard "Boogie Shoes" the other day. So upbeat.

    I have gotten word I will now be responsible for my job and coworker's job that is leaving!!! Dang it does not pay to be too responsible.

    Gonna sit out on patio maybe that will help Professor's energy level go down and we can go back to sleep.

    Explain please about Doc.

    1. I was talking about Docs in general. I'm not depressed. I'm blue. That's a different brand of unhappy. What I meant was there's a difference between when someone says, "I'm so depressed!" (meaning they're down) or when the Doc tells you you're depressed. Being depressed is an illness that lots of people tend not to take seriously... until someone jumps from a bridge. Which I would never do. I love life too much.

      Yum yum ache. That doesn't sound too good. Not like "Boogie Shoes". (Did I make you smile?) It rarely pays to be too responsible. You already knew that, Miss Stormy "Gumshoe" Marples. Please say hi to the Professor. Tell him Blue is thinking of him, us being in the same line of work and all.

  32. Replies
    1. I know. Yum yum ache is when you're hungry like me. I'm going now!

  33. The only reason why I work is so that I can play. So until I can find a way to make my play earn money for me, it'll be an endless cycle.

  34. I do not try to be responsible. It clings to me like fog clings to the air.

    The Professor decided no sleep for him or I. Blah. He is chasing his tail down. Ah the simple things that bring us joy.

    I have met three new neighbors and two dogs. They r all sweet and delightful. I observe people. When walking the Professor this morning as sun was rising I saw new neighbor whom works for our local news station as reporter. Hidden in dark of her house drinking I assume coffee and watching the sun. I quickly liked away as not to disturb her moment. But I wonder what people rbthinking sometimes. Was she thinking about what the day would bring or just marveling in the beauty of the day.

    Root canal and stitches out tomorrow. Busy day.

    1. Root canal and stitches out tomorrow.... You're so brave. Just the thought of it makes me want to get on the Greyhound and never come back. Well, I may be exaggerating. But I will sure keep my fingers crossed for you.

      I always wonder what people are thinking, but I guess we all have similar thoughts at different moments.

  35. Hooray--everything is done for today. And now, I get to enjoy lunch and a walk with the Professor. The weather is lovely today. Sunny and slightly warm but not hot. Required one more week off. I actually enjoy my job(s).

    Root canal was a breeze after they give u shots u feel nothing. U just have to hold ur mouth open forever. I think that's the problem. That and the first shot up in the roof of ur mouth.

    Got another good book to read plus I am reading Tommy and Tuppence (five mysteries involving these couple) by Agatha Christie. I'm a bookaholic.

    I was not sad, hurt, angry, upset, mad, etc. but I just burst out crying for a wee bit. I guess something we have to go through those "blue" moments like u said. I was fine 30 minutes later. The Professor doesn't think I'm crazy just have my moments. And he just goes with the flow. That's what is so great about pets. They don't judge u.

    1. My car just broke down. Had to walk 10 miles... But I'm home now and I need a drink. No milk today...

    2. Oh my--

      Umm would that be a Whiskey.

      I think I will have a Whiskey and a cigar.

      I would have come and picked up.

      I bet ur dogs r tired in ur blue suede shoes.


    3. I need a new pair of blue suede shoes. yes, bourbon will do just fine. You can keep the cigar, though. My lungs aren't in top shape. Thanks for the virtual ride.


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