"Not reading a newspaper and you are uninformed. Reading a newspaper and you are misinformed."
"Though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make him run."
Will you ever reach Bora?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Who We Are

By Blue and Truedessa

What is it that makes life bearable for you, Miss Blue?
Is it the unexpectedness of inner growth, your strategy to cope
With all things blue when staring at the end of your rope?
Or is your glass half full reflecting your true you?

What do you see when you close your eyes to sleep?
Do you see all your hopes and dreams in the night?
Longing for your deepest desires does your soul weep?
Do the blues gently fade under the coverings of starlight?
Reaching for that dream, realizing no mountain is too steep..
knowing in your heart that destiny will eventually take flight...
treasuring all the special moments knowing they are yours to keep

Miss Blue, I close my eyes and keep my fingers crossed 
In hopes I might not once again be lost 
Forever scared to not wake up again when chasing dreams 
That can't be found for they are hiding ─ so it seems 
Do you feel blessed knowing there's a light? 
Do you hold on to treasures seen by those who dare to fight, 
Who know that there is more than meets the eye tonight? 

I am a believer in dreams Blue Guy they help me cope
through every dark tunnel I am reminded there is light
opening my eyes to an ever changing kaleidoscope
Do you remember your dreams and hold them tight?
Did you know sometimes things turn out the way you hope?

What is it that makes life bearable for you, Miss Blue? 
Is it hope? Is it dreaming when you're wrongfully enthused? 
Are we playing wondrous parts, we take and laugh when we're amused, 
Misstating our true selves until we close our eyes, or do you wake 
To find that life's all but asleep and waiting, making you yearn? 
Can you be summed up in one life: True Wanderings ─ such a colorful style? 
O to hear your laughter makes another night much worth my while 
So here I go, I plunge into the wonders of the dark, and maybe never to return. 

Knowing there is light gives me courage to face each day
Traveling dream ways discovering hidden keys to life
Playing wondrous parts, a star that lights the milky way
Does your heart yearn to be free cutting away daily strife?
Hiding behind the veils of night, do you love, laugh and play?
Do you dream to awaken your soul to feel the beat of life?
O' to gaze upon your face all I need do is close my eyes
for there you will be waiting no disguise under a silvery sky
Would we be remembered for our extra-ordinary shade of blue?

* * *

Thank you, Truedessa, for wanting to write this poem with me.


  1. So the color of the day
    Here at your bay
    I guess is green, right?
    A ninja turtle wannabe at your site?
    No, wait, it is red?
    A bullseye in bed
    Whatever that means
    White sure cleans
    The walls will be bland
    But sparkle across the land
    Much like the milky way
    Look, I made it work, okay!
    We each have to cope
    At the end of our rope
    Need to find another damn rope
    Or curse out the pope
    Or rather his boss
    Can't gather moss
    Sitting there growing wide
    Needing a wheelbarrow for a ride
    That would sure suck
    Of course you could be in luck
    If you are the pusher of the thing
    Big muscles, cha ching
    Star in an ad for underwear
    Let them all stare
    Bring home the dough
    Then green would show
    Or yellow if gold
    But that would have to be sold
    Such a pain in the ass
    That is there too in mass
    The glass can be half of whatever
    Just be clever
    Fill the damn thing
    Or smash it and listen to it ring
    Can you tell I'm bored at work?
    Commenting is a perk
    The cat can talk to himself
    Beats a Gerber elf
    Unless I need to fix a shoe
    Wait? Isn't this all about blue?
    I have a blue bath mat
    How about that?
    That enough blue?
    Otherwise I give a whoopdi friggin doo
    No time for such things
    Just grumble at my wings
    Then off I go
    To and fro
    Fast or slow
    Friend or foe
    And get things done
    Life sucks a ton
    But what the hell
    Only here for a spell
    Orange is where I reside
    Oompa Loompa's have such pride
    What will I say now?
    Godzilla is large, wow!

    1. Cat, we need to talk
      Let's take a walk
      The world sucks but you need to unsuck it
      That's a new word so muck it
      Godzilla is large but so is your angry twin
      Hating his job wants to throw it in a bin
      It's time for a reboot - one that'll work
      A new boss, one that isn't a jerk
      Reboot those co-workers too
      Well, the ones you'd like to stuff with a shoe
      Oompa Loopa style throw them in a hole with the rotten eggs
      Don't listen when one stabs you in the back then begs
      To leave him be
      Too much blue at your sea
      Another rope would be fine
      Just don't get hanged like a swine
      Maybe you need some wine
      Blue wine tastes great
      When it's not too late
      To change your plan
      When the shit hits the fan
      Yeah I said shit, so what if I did
      Don't like it? Buy yourself a lid
      A blue bath mat… does it complain
      About how life suck a ton in vain?
      Does it hate the Docs, the IRS too?
      One bill following another one at your shoe?
      The glass can be half of whatever
      But giving up…. Never.

    2. A walk you say
      That involves leaving my bay
      No way
      Is what I say
      I'll sit and stew
      For a few
      Reboot the job you say
      That may be at play
      One day
      should I be able to work more at my bay
      Until then
      Stuck at the den
      Life can suck
      But what the duck

    3. Maybe they should hit the road
      Looking like a toad
      One day be your own boss n' stuff
      Making a million if that's enough
      Reboot their collective butt
      Or hide them in a hut with a mutt

    4. Be nice to do
      But so far such a thing just gives me a big screw you

    5. Change tack
      Show them your back
      Slip them some crack
      Like a snack
      How come there's no gold
      When your talents unfold
      That's cold
      Be bold
      Easier said than done
      You need some fun
      Check out some bun
      Make them run
      Enjoy the sun
      Make a plan
      If you can

    6. Plans arise
      But are as useful as flies
      Rob a bank
      With a big tank

    7. Let's rob it with Hank
      The rhyming Tank
      Wait... that would be you
      Rhyming at you shoe
      Plans are like dreams
      Never coming true so it seems
      Maybe one day they will
      And then you can pay your bill

  2. What a wonderful poem. I smiled reading that. It's nice to have dreams.

    1. Take away our dreams and you'd take away our hopes.

  3. That's a beautiful poem. I felt touched by it, and not in a naughty way.


    1. I'm not sure if I should cheer or be disappointed....

  4. Nicely done my friend. Ditto to what Janie said lol. As for your old comment on my post... I will be 42 in a few months and I have decided I am not old at all and so I am not. When the kids tease me about being old I just tell them I am wise not old and there is a difference. :)

    1. Thanks but we wrote it together. Truedessa and I are a team.... a Dream Team, alright. So what you're saying is the world is full of it, ignore the hype and be not old. I could do that, especially since I'm young at heart. Of course there is a difference. They're just too um... unwise to know.

  5. A collaboration with Trudessa, and it's rocking awesome! :)

    1. I gave her my car keys, my house, gardener and my soul... and then she said, "Okay, let's do it.Why not?" No?

  6. I liked the lines in italics... those had some special magic, Blue....

    1. You did? They did? Are you... pulling... my... leg?

      This is my favorite Truedessa line: "Do the blues gently fade under the coverings of starlight?" Such beauty!

    2. I thought starlight doesn't really bring you respite, Blue....

    3. How are Angie and Mongo this week?

    4. Angie's tired 24/7 on pain killers and Mongo is fast asleep on my favorite couch.

  7. To sleep, perchance to Dream!

    Every time I close my eyes to go to sleep, I think of my family and all of the hopes I have for them. It's usually very comforting, unless I'm feeling anxious about something. Then all of my thoughts are riddled with worry over silly things, which often leads to nights of restlessness and confusing dreams. So...I guess my nightly musings are highly dependent on what I'm feeling at the time. Being human can be so exhausting sometimes...

    1. To die, to sleep;
      To sleep, perchance to dream...

      Well, well.... Candice knows her Shakespeare... I'm impressed. A straight A for you, young lady. Again. Now, why does Hamlet say this and how are his words related to our poem?

      Just kidding. This is a blog, not a classroom. Blue, pay attention!

      Being human can be very exhausting. Good thing many humans are not so human (watch the news!) otherwise the species might not be able to survive. See, that's what I call a glass that's half full in a blue and sarcastic kind of way. Confusing dreams... I would settle for just a dream - any dream that I'll be abe to remember in the early morning.

  8. I wish my teachers let me have a co-author when we had to write poems

    they didn't even take my suggestion of no poems seriously.

    1. I know what you mean, Adam. However, in this case I'm the student and Truedessa is the teacher...

      Students should ALWAYS be taken seriously.

  9. I had a beautiful dream last night and it made me feel happy all day. I smile every time I think of my dream from last night. Blissful!
    I can't say enough good things about my insanity.

    1. I agree, so tell me more. I'm so jealous. I never remember my dreams...

  10. Blue,

    It was a pleasure to collaborate with you as it was spontaneous..just two souls thinking about life and dreams. Remember my friend to always keep your dreams
    alive as they give you hope when it's difficult to cope.

    Love the artwork ~ dreams are what keeps us all connected in the journey of life. Ah, to slumber away as I gently sway in Bora Bora Bay..would certainly make my day..Oh, and I do enjoy some fancy umbrella drinks..haha..

    Thank you ..may we always travel the road of a dreamer

    1. Should I ever remember a dream, I will cherish it forever. Yes, it was kinda tricky to put you in that hammock, but I had this picture in my mind and I tend to be very determined. So, there you are. Plus a fancy umbrella drink, alright.

      This has been a day to remember...

    2. Yes, a day to remember in the book of life..why can't you remember
      your dreams they are right there waiting for you to discover and to
      remember...they are locked in your heart..find the key Blue..

    3. I don't know why. You could say I dream of dreaming... The Cat would say, "Maybe you snore too much."

    4. You snore to much and scare the dreams away at your bay

    5. So you had to spell it out for me...
      Here at my blue man sea ;)

    6. And spell I did
      Don't flip your lid lol

    7. I flipped my lid
      You bet I did
      Like a little kid
      On a plane to Madrid

    8. Did you have to pee too?
      Or was it number 2?

    9. It was number 3... a special combination
      That's what you get when you lack cultivation

  11. Blue seems to be the color of the day

  12. That was wonderful. And I love the picture.
    Sweet dreams......

    1. Thank you, Sandra. Truedessa in a hammock on Bora Bora... Such a sight for sore eyes.

      Still looking for a key to unlock my dreams.

  13. That's a beautiful poem. I like the quiet tone and the magical imagery.

    1. Thank you, Lynda. I'm glad you like it.

    2. Hugs....

      I thought you might've needed one.

    3. And you were right, as always. It's Friday... You know what that means :)

  14. Wonderful! Just wonderful! I can't rhyme to save my life, and you two put together such a beautiful piece. I am in awe and jealous all at once. Very well done!

    1. Thanks, Theresa. I didn't expect people to like it that much.... us being us...

    2. Thank you Theresa for your lovely comment.

  15. I am seriously EXHAUSTED at this moment. 1:00 a.m. my time. And since I do not do anything half-ass I will read this possibly Wednesdsy evening as Tuesday will be equally as busy. Quickly in response to ur comment on my blog. Will read the Prince. I will have to get from library Wednesdsy evening. And I agree with everything u said. I guess my expectations of people r great. But I believe in loyalty and sincerity. And unfortunately, some have left me desiring better relationships. Nite nite. Will read ur and Truedessa's poem when I have time to really read it and comment.

    1. To do or to not do anything half-ass.... that's the question many people already know the answer to but are afraid to admit it if you know what I mean. Half-ass...what a funny word. It reminds me of people I wish I didn't know. Anyway, try not to get exhausted to often. I don't have to tell you that. This poem will be here on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Foreverday.... Say hi to my furry friend and colleague, will ya?:)

  16. A tag-team poem?
    This is the first I've known 'em.
    The rhymes you throw 'em.

    That's the best I can offer. I really liked the line "Is it dreaming when you're wrongfully enthused?" It was a great idea to do the joint poem. Your styles are very distinct yet they meshed. Well done, the both of you.

    1. A tag-team poem?
      This is the first I've known 'em.
      The rhymes you throw 'em.

      You sound like a 1980's rapper and I'm the clapper (and I don't mean the tongue). Great stuff. Have you ever been wrongfully enthused? No? Would it scare you if I told you it's my favorite blue line too? ;)

      Thanks Pick.

  17. If I didn't dream then I'd rot in my own juices like a piece of picked fruit.

    A beautiful collaboration, Randy. I wish we could sit down a t a cafe one day and talk the afternoon away :)

    1. I think I just had a poemgasm.... If I didn't dream then I'd rot in my own juices like a piece of picked fruit. That's by far the most beautiful sentence I've read in my entire life. The imagery is so vivid even if it's about the end of beauty as we know it (Hey! That's a compliment!).

      Thanks, Jules. Well, it's good to have something to wish for. So what would you be drinking?

    2. I'd start with coffee and move swiftly to margaritas. Anyway, I saw a little poem on the internet the other day and I saved it for you...yes, YOU-


      She had blue skin,
      And so did he.
      He kept it hid,
      And so did she.
      They searched for blue
      Their whole life through
      Then passed right by -
      And never knew.

    3. Thanks for the poem, Jules. Would you believe me if I told you I'd seen it before? I think I have... Maybe it was a dream.

  18. I love blue! I love Randy mr blue.I love bluberries and of course I love Truedessa:)
    A lovely blue post Grumpy

    1. A lot of love in your comment. I love it. It was very nice of her to say yes when I asked her if she would like to write a poem with me. I mean... she's a true poet, I'm not ... and still she said yes. Well, we just did it. There was no plan. It just sort of happened and I love her for it.

      Thanks, Gloria. Six more days.....

    2. All my love is real ! Always find Truedessa lovely and sometimes she stopping by in my blog:)
      I love my lovely Randy (grumpy)
      And love bluberries lol
      And a question for you :
      What happens June 9th???

    3. And how is Angie grumpy?
      How she feel?

    4. Your birthday.... no? Angie's got a lot of pain but this has been an OK day relatively speaking. Thanks for asking and for your love.

    5. Gloria,

      Thank you for the lovely comment..and I do enjoy visiting your blog as it is full of such yummy treats to eat..

    6. Thanks Truedesssa I love your poems!

    7. Thanks Truedessa I love yours too!

  19. The color blue is cold. It works well with nature but in a room with blue walls, it makes me want to turn up the heat. As I look around my house, there is not one thing that is blue. Just a thought.
    But I am usually marching one step out of sync with the world because the color blue is a shrine to most and a beacon that lights the way home. You and Truedessa blend thoughts well and the end result comes out as one. Happy thoughts to you both.

    1. You're so right. There's no such thing as Warm Bora Bora Blue, though I have to say when I step into a room the place tends to heat up a bit ;) Let's see... I've got a painting of two gorgeous women wearing blue dresses.... I've got a posh baby blue lamp shade... other than that everything else is red or black or white. What does that mean?

      I like the way you march out of sync with the world. It's the only way to be a person. Your own person.

      Happy thoughts coming your way :)

    2. Rooms heat mean as in blood starts to boil? That is a very heavy responsibility.
      You do have some blue plus the red and white......perhaps it indicates a patriot in waiting or in training or you have already achieved Head Honcho status. Who knows what lurks in rooms where there is blue.
      As for marching out of sync, I think you do the same. Maybe we are doing the "goose step" when it should be the two-step. Haha
      More happy thoughts

    3. I hope no one's blood starts to boil when I enter the room. But I do hope I make their heart skip a beat ;) No I haven't achieved Head Honcho status yet. I'm told blue folks like myself are not cut out for that kinda thing. Strange, huh? Sometimes I march out of synch even when I'm trying hard to blend in. Sometimes. The goose step or the quickstep…. That must be it. Hey, so what? I think we look pretty good doing the goose step.

  20. Blue I am in hell on Earth right now.

    I am not joking.

    Professor is my strength and my love.

    Prayers for me please. Seriously prayers please.

  21. Makes me wish my dreams made sense. Instead of me falling all the time and running after nothing.

    1. You need to get rid of the blues, is what that is, Damian. You're always too hard on yourself.

  22. No not feeling better but

    I have loads of friends uplifting me in prayer.

    1. We r seriously failing our youth.

      A young lady could not count out 69 cents. I gave her 15 minutes to figure it out on her own. I dressed my baked potato. Came back to register. Still had not figured it out. I dressed my hamburger. Still she could not figure it out. I did not get mad but asked her do u want me to help u. Oh my this is really sad.

    2. That's good to hear. Friends will do that for you. 69 cents... difficult to figure out.... That's a serious problem in anyone's book. Really sad, yeah.

    3. I was not worried about my 69 cents but it did concern me that here was a young woman struggling with counting out change. That's why I waited so long and offered her help.

      Things are getting better and better. The prayers are working.

    4. I know. Not being able to count out change is depressing. Good to hear things are getting better.

  23. That is very ethereal, like it.

    1. That's good to hear. Thanks you for reading it.

  24. Wonderful poem, Blue. You truly do have a way with words.

    1. Hi Wendy! How is everything, you know, down under? ;) Wait, I'm starting to sound like Gary n' Stuff. Where's my pill? Ah.... that's so much better. How's life in Crikey Land been treating you of late?

      When you say "you", you mean "you two", right? For Truedessa is a vocabulary goddess while I'm just a blue guy who likes a bit of milk. Okay, maybe I know a word or two....

      Three? Crikey!

    2. Oops. Yes, I did indeed mean 'you two.' My apologies.

      Keep taking those pills or you'll end up like our mutual friend, Gary! Crikey ... down under!

    3. I was only kidding at my sea
      The blue man place to be
      You is plural too
      Like me and you
      Gary is a bit hairy
      And kinda flairy
      Saying, "Crikey Wendy!"
      How trendy

    4. Gary is a bit hairy and kinda flairy! Love it :)

    5. He's one of the good guys. I hope he's doing better now.

  25. Great to be in collaboration
    None other than Truedessa
    Great posting in its traction
    May end up in Bora Bora
    Blue is always an attraction
    Peaceful and color of love
    Makes for lots of elation
    In any given moves


    1. Hank the Rhyming Tank! There he is.
      Yep, Truedessa is great.
      Unlike me, never late.
      Bora Bora is my dream alright
      Wish I could dream about it at night
      If I do, I don't remember
      What did I dream in June, September?
      Thanks for stopping by, Mr. One
      Hank the Rhyming Tank... always fun

    2. Thanks for dropping by at words,words,words, Blue
      Whiff of freshness extended
      Enjoy the weekend too
      We deserve what we had intended


  26. Nice collaboration!
    Better than a discombobulation...

    1. Exactly. David, I tried to comment on one of your posts but it didn't work. I don't have Google+. Help.

    2. I use Disqus on my blog page. All you need is an email address to sign in. You could sign in as a guest and just make one up if that is to your liking.

  27. Blue the poet! Wow!
    Can u write more of this please?

    1. No, I'm not a poet. Truedessa is a poet. I just pour my thoughts from the container that is my mind to another... yes, a poem. That doesn't mean I don't like the compliment ;)

  28. A collaboration with fascination, elaboration and contemplation. Dreams can be real. See what you feel. Sometimes sleep is the only freedom that I know. Then again, I go with the positive flow.

    1. Hi Gary my main man n' stuff without fluff.... Yes, this was a collaboration to remember. It just happened.

      Sometimes sleep is the only freedom you know. That can't be good but then again it could be worse. Go with the positive flow. Stay away from grumpy blue men like me and you'll do just fine. When I'm tired I lie down on my couch and then all of a sudden I wake up again thinking,

    2. Grumpy Blue
      That aint true
      For what I see
      You will agree
      Is a Mr. Blue
      With a heart so true.....

    3. Gary
      Never scary
      A tad hairy
      And flair-yyyyy
      I agree
      That you are free
      When asleep-yyyy
      Enjoy the day
      A bit of sun on its way
      What d'you say?
      Gary is the man n' stuff
      One smile is never enough....

  29. How is you and Angie dear Grumpy ?
    She is still working or not?

    Grumpy...only two days ...haha My birth is before yours!!
    I will make a post today that is ready but what would be lovely to Monday.
    BTW you beat me with blueberries the kids want something with nutella
    Anyway any thing is good for me:)

    1. I forget to say you Virtual cakes are free lol
      so dont worry haha

    2. Angie isn't doing too well. Thanks for asking, Gloria Dear. Two more days... so June 8. How come I thought your birthday was June 9? I must be getting old and useless.... 44 in June 14... How depressing.

      Nutella... that nutty stuff? I love it. I can tell your kids have great taste.

      I'm glad to hear your virtual cakes are free because I spent about $1,000 on car repairs.

    3. Is 9 silly and you know:))
      Monday,monday and Im not sure what make!

    4. I love this song Mamas and the papas!

    5. Nine I know at your show
      Will you glow, don't you know?
      Feeling young
      Singing that song?
      Mamas and papas too
      Happy birthday to you!

      One... two.... three.... four....



    6. haha Love this pink cake and the dog is a little Grumpy didn't??
      haha love this Randy and make me laugh!! thanks!

    7. Yes, he's grumpy, alright. Glad you like it, Dear.

  30. Professor is safe now and very much loved. He belongs in my life and I belong in his. We went to National Cemetery to visit my grandfather's grave. I do not know why but I became overwhelmed with emotion as I saw those white tombs. And I wept.

    It is very hot and humid today. We r experiencing severe thunderstorms starting this evening into Sunday.

    1. You wept because white tombs show you life without the sugar coating.

  31. Wow that is something I will remember. How very poetic too. Going to library to get Little Prince Sunday and finally sit for a minute and read y'all's poem.


    1. May we expect a review of our poem? No sugar coating, please. :)

      The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.... hopefully with the original illustrations.... You will love the book. It's so profound.

      P.S. Here's The Little Prince: CLICK.

  32. When have I never given a comment. Thank u for letting me rant and rave about my hell on Earth. It helped immensely

  33. Hooray--I got the book from the library. And also, a pscy book on it as well "The Little Prince A Reverie of Substance by James E. Higgins. I am going to read y'all's poem tonight and start on this book.

    It is very very very very hot here. Last night was gonna take a dip in the pool after dark. I burn like red lobsters. If not careful usually get sun poison. One time I stayed out at the pool from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. It was not a pretty sight. I had to stay in bed for days and boy did my skin feel tight and taunt. My mother and sister had to take care of me. Never again. Never. My dad was always careful back in the day with letting me lay out. I was so lily white. But I do enjoy our pool. It is quite lovely. I had hope of the Professor joining me but he "does not like the water" Anywho--I feel like I am back to normal. Some decisions will be made Tuesday about a few things that have come out. The dumbasses. They pushed me too far this last go around. So--but it was meant to be for the good for the next go around.

    Take care. I hope u and Angie are feeling a wee bit better. Y'all are in my prayers and thoughts.

    1. It was 86 over here but I bet it was even hotter across the bay. A Reverie of Substance... My, that sure is a testimony to what you said a while ago: "I don't do anything half ass". I'm impressed. Hey, a pool makes me drool... Just not from 8 in the early morning till 6 P.M. I remember when I was in Mexico I'd fallen asleep on the beach... Dear Lord.... I was nearly hospitalized. I learned my leason that day, I tell ya.

      Anyhooters (yes, I said it).... good to hear you're pretty much back to normal. How the little Professor doing? Thanks for the prayers.

  34. "The world of grownups is one filled with explanations, not explorations, ponderings, or spiritual adventures.". That quote says a lot of what I believe.

    I have read the Little Prince and y'all's poem. And I have to say u have my mind swirling with thoughts.

    Blue is a peaceful color for me. A harmony among the other colors.

    I am identified by the color purple. It speaks volumes of who I am.

    I like to think of us all sitting in the Coffeehouse sharing our thoughts. That is the image in my mind when I read ur blog and the comments.

    U have me thinking a lot Blue.

    The rose. The taming. Ur poem. The dream. And although we all r thousand of miles apart I feel close to each of ur readers and urself.

    1. Time and space don't mean a whole lot when it comes to the sharing of thoughts. There's this translation by Richard Howard that I particularly love: "But my rose, all on her own, is more important than all of you together, since she's the one I've watered. Since she's the one I've put under glass... Since she's the one I listened to when she complained, or when she boasted, or even sometimes when she said nothing at all. Since she's my rose."

  35. I love this. A lot of great lines in here from both of you. You know, we can co-write a lot of things, but poetry is not one of them. So kudos to you both.

    I both love and hate having a dream so good I wish I could revisit it again in my sleep.

    1. Bryan and Brandon... How's life been treating you fellas? Thanks for the compliment but writing this poem together with Truedessa was tantamount to having a dreamlike conversation. It just happened. I wish everything in life were that easy and enjoyable. Getting her in a hammock was the real challenge...

  36. Grumpy if you want to see I made my brithday´s cake!!
    You are the next Grumpy!!

    1. I looks great :) Of course it does. I am next....

  37. Beautiful poem. Dreaming is an escape of sorts!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie. I wish I could remember mine....

  38. At first, life may not seem fair. But as time rolls by, I realize God was protecting my by preparing me for my next battle or for keeping someone out of my life that would have caused me anguish and frustration. I am in two particular situations. One I am learning lessons of how to deal with someone who does not know what they r doing and they r too prideful to ask for help which would so make everyone's world easier. The second one is God has kept someone out of my life. And I realize now that this person would never be good in my world. Their issues would affect my joyful serene lifestyle. And I do not think about them anymore nor do I desire them in my life. It is like two heavy stones have been lifted off of me cuz God has told me to walk away from both because their issues with life r not meant to be my life issues. I feel peace. I feel that blue color surrounding my life. I have joy.

    1. Sometime meeting a single person can gave a huge impact on your life, positive or negative. There are a few people in my life I wish I'd never met. Sigh. It's hard to walk away from those who hurt you. You have joy. That's wonderful. :)

  39. Grumpy is ok if I made your cake for 12 or 13 maybe ??. Because you know I have to make the Kids cake too but I think to post yours first and the kids the next week. They only wait I make not matter if I post lol
    This will be a really Birthday cake week:))
    How feel Angie I send her a kiss and hope feel better!

    1. Of course it's okay! Yes, it's a birthday week, alright. So funny. We're all getting old I mean... young. Angie's the same... tired... pain... but not giving up. Thanks for asking. I appreciate it.

      Hey, I need a kiss too! I've been ill since 2011 :)

    2. A lot of kisses to you Grumpy:)
      Today I will work in your cake...I have to find the recipe..
      But I know where is.
      The worst of fibroalgia is be tired all the time poor dear angie.
      I will tell you when I will be ready!
      Kisses too dear grumpy!

    3. Thank you, dear! Yes, poir Angie. Pain and tiredness... not a good combination. :(

  40. You're a poet and don't ... er, do know it!

  41. Huzzah for flowing and blending artistic talent and endeavors! You guys win.

    1. Thank you. I know you mean that in a non-sarcastic way ;)

  42. Blue,

    I had to come back and read this today as it was one of those warm moments in life. Maybe, someday we will actually fine our way to Bora Bay..I would gladly share an umbrella drink...

    1. Hey Blue, I wish I was in that hammock swaying to a gentle breeze...listening to the soundtrack of my heart...(sigh)

      If only....

  43. Sweet....I am constantly amazed at the magic of poetry bringing people together ~

    1. Poetry is what makes us human. Thanks for stopping by.


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