"Though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make him run."
Blue, resist the urge to use facebook. You can do it. Good luck.
Cats and dogs can be friends. So can cowboys and indians. So can we.
Will you ever reach Bora?

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Gun That Didn't Want to Be a Gun

There once was a gun that wanted to have some fun 
Not shooting people and stuff ─ I mean... enough is enough
No, he wanted to be a boy or even a toy
"Just don't let me cause any more harm" (Wasn't that gun a charm?)
"I'd even settle for being like you... Handsome and blue"
Now, I wouldn't know about that, but why not be a cat
And have some fun flipping the bird at your mat
(Of course the PC Brigade would make you do that)
Or be like Lynda and create something in 3D?
Like a 3D Duck or a real life Dezzy?
Or be like Linda at her beachy place to be?
No guns to guarantee her daily tea
Isn't blogging much more rewarding than shooting a kid?
Why not buy a camera and shoot... like Juliette did?
Or be a cook and bake a cake with Gloria Dear?
(Just don't be a cook like me causing heaploads of fear)
I hear being a gun is kinda hard work
Shooting innocent folks and sometimes the occasional jerk
Wouldn't you want to relax on our little Bora Beach?
Be like Truedessa, a pirate, or like me, a somewhat Grumpy Teach
Nothing's out of reach when you're not a gun
You could save a kitty on the run or have a beautiful son
Hey, ditch those bullets and shoot kindness instead
And I don't mean "shoot" kindness like now it's all dead
Listen to Wendy: she'd read a book about a bear, not one about a gun
'Cause she knows how to care and to make that sun run.

* * *

Well, Wendy, I guess you were my Down Under Muse today...


  1. No gun wants to be a gun or even a son-of-a-gun. I'm shooting some joy straight at you.


    1. Thanks, Janie. Always wanted a private stash of j.o.y.

  2. Wouldn't the world be a lovely place if gun was only a toy and not a war boy?
    PS that must be a German gun wearing white socks on flip flops :)

    1. I hear ya, Dazzling Dezzmeister. What do you know about German guns that I don't know? I just thought... guns don't have style ;)

    2. lol, trust Dezzy, I mean, Mr Style, to notice the socks with flip flops. ;)

    3. I always notice the beavers too..... they're the biggest mystery in the Blueworld....

    4. Haha you know I was just kidding, Lynda. Socks with flip flops... that's a definite no-go area. The beavers.... ah.... well, let's just say that my beavers are like your penguins :p

    5. international rodents of mystery? :)

    6. Of course. Plus they love vanilla.

  3. Sail off with the Cat and Trudessa and you might need to stay a gun to survive...

    1. Good point. I can tell you've been on Pat's ship before. But how do you explain THIS?

  4. Glad to be your muse from Down Under, Blue!

    As for the bear, he doesn't want to get it in the rear. So he's off to the spot where there is no shot.

    1. Ah you're a poet and you can show it! I'm with the bear. Don't get near my rear for fun with a gun.

  5. Oh, it a pirate's life for me
    sailing the big blue sea
    we would welcome you aboard
    but, you might want to bring a sword
    Oh that hammock looks divine
    but, can I have a glass of wine
    reminds me of my song "Residue"
    do you remember that one Blue

    drifting away in a setting sun

    shot me in the heart with a 45
    bang, bang
    bang, bang
    an outlaw on the run
    hot velvet gun..
    residue on your hands

    something new for you blue:

    shooting words of love straight from the heart
    dying in the arms of love we gently fall apart
    exploring the dark chambers of our minds
    letting light shine, we pull open the blinds
    finding hope in a new day, through the haze
    seeing your smile through the sapphire blaze

    1. 'Sword and board' I would
      When Captain Cat's in my neighborhood
      Sticking his sword in my shoe
      "Now, you've got none, Scooby Doo!"
      That hammock looks fine, as does yours
      Many encores at our shores
      Does The Cat still walk on all fours?
      Does he own his own stores?
      Oh I remember that song alright
      Used to hear it in the middle of the night:
      Bang! Bang! Ready for another fight?
      Bang! Bang! Can't even see the light?
      Yes, I can, but things don't look right
      Bang! Bang! And it would just never stop
      Time for me to island hop
      Where that ship you're sailing, dear?
      Ditch that Cat and come near
      Have no fear
      Can you steer?
      Two outlaws on the run
      Heading for the Bora sun
      Or maybe the Bahamas or Robinson's spot
      Where enough means a lot
      And a lot is what we got
      I love that sapphire blaze
      Even if I see the world through a never ending heat haze.

  6. Have gun will travel
    Fun none so trivial
    Thoughts for the deprived
    Whose life may not jive
    Having no gun is risky
    But it is not a pity
    Only open to abuse
    If not overly used
    Not having one
    Under the sun
    Is also no defence
    From the fiend
    Who may annoy
    Not from a cowboy
    But rather a crook
    With the bad look

    Just hoping life
    is good to self
    in concrete jungle
    for smooth survival


    1. There he is... our main man Hank
      Also known as The Poetry Tank
      Stopping by talking about defense
      Like in that movie, no not The Sixth Sense
      I mean the one with Michael D
      Falling down at his sea eventually
      "How did I become the bad guy?"
      He wants to know before saying goodbye
      When the system thrives on our fear
      There's always a crook coming near
      Take that from a cowboy-used-to-be
      Hoping life is good to you and me.

  7. A gun on the run
    Looking for fun in the sun
    A cat would just use the litter
    Might make real boys bitter
    But a gun on the run
    Beats all bar none
    As then it isn't loaded to kill
    Just off for a thrill

    1. My gun shoots a drink
      Or a terrible stink
      To scare them crooks
      Hiding in their secret nooks
      My cowboy grammar makes them cry
      And that stinky gun makes them high
      And fly saying goodbye
      How about a lounger at the beach
      When on the run for a Teach

    2. Quite the talented gun
      Coming out at the high noon sun
      And scaring the crooks away
      Use it on reboots at your bay

    3. Use it on reboots haha I just might
      Then I, for a change, will be busy all night
      I should vent my love for reboots too
      And copycat you

    4. Copycat away
      As they all need to be thrown in the bay

    5. Gremlins... Terminator too
      So much work for me and my shoe

  8. Socks and slip-on shoes are never a good combo. I keep telling my daughter that, but she 'ain't' buyin' it. :)

    1. I know what you mean. Unless you have a white-socks-slip-on-shoes fetish... Your daughter ain't buying it. Is that a fact?

  9. Lady Paranoia befriended Mr. Gun. They fell in love with each other and now they have too many guns...
    Let's shoot kindness instead!

  10. According to your art
    There is one questionable part
    If I follow general anatomy
    I think I see
    Where the gun doth pee
    If it is a he
    His tremendous wee wee
    Is staring at me.
    Remember, whenever you grab a gun
    The gun is having a lot of fun.
    Stroke the handle gently
    And it will give you plenty (of bullets, I think it ejaculates bullets).

    1. Finally somone who noticed. I can always count on you to point out that which is hidden underneath...

  11. A tad off-topic, but after the story broke of the Arizona instructor who was killed after a 9 year old girl lost control of the uzi he was teaching her to fire.

    I live in a stupid region of the country, and saw a lot of comments online on local news outlets that some people thought that the weapon was too powerful, but it's okay for given children something less powerful.

    Most people wouldn't let a 9yr old pour their own milk, and yet they trust them with a deadly weapon? Guns aren't toys, and South Carolina wonders why they often rank near last in education.

    1. My point exactly... Don't stare at the titty but get yourself an uzi (or something less powerful). So, what do you mean "off-topic"?

  12. Great sentiment. I'm all for shooting with a camera.

  13. The smoking gun
    Under the sun
    Dreaming of grass skirts
    And boys can be flirts
    A hot sun sizzles
    While a cool drink fizzles
    Close the curtain today
    A new tomorrow will have it's way

    1. Good evening, Manzanita. How are you today? I'd love a cool drink right now. What are you having?

  14. Replies
    1. Don't mean to boast
      From coast to coast
      Have some toast
      With a Holy Ghost

    2. can a ghost being so holy you see through it?
      That would be weird by a bit

    3. Still awake too or is it early at your shoe?
      Counting see-through holy ghosts and grumpies too

    4. Not that late at my zoo
      So easy to be awake with a shoe

    5. Or a sock
      Sniff sniff.... or you in shock? ;)

  15. This is very sweet, but I must say that a self-aware gun with dreams sounds like the making of a dystopian future sci-fi flick.

    1. So the real question is... what's in it for me?

  16. Replies
    1. Happy Sunday yourself, Sandra! (Even if it's almost Monday...)

  17. A very beautiful way of putting it! Guns don't kill people--people kill people.

  18. There are so many wonderful choices to be anything other than a gun.

    Hugs to you, my Blue.

  19. Guns are only dangerous in the hands of the wrong people.

    1. True, and the question is... how do they end up in the hands of the wrong people?

    2. I didn't know that 8-year old kid who shot himself and the 9-year old who shot her instructor were wrong people? Don't call it as accident. When you give kid keys to car and she if looses control and kills people it is not accident - it is worst parenting and maybe new form of AIDS where instead of white blood cells we loose all our brain cells :)

    3. My point exactly. Good analogy too. Hey, you are being missed. (Of course by me!)

  20. Ha! Nice. Thanks for including me in the adventure!

  21. mmmmm, and here's me learning to use a gun at the moment. Guns are not scary, it's always the people who have them that control the outcome...

    1. I hear you but guns are very scary when someone is pointing one at you.I've been there. I've come to conclude that guns give us a false sense of safety because when everyone has a gun it's a matter of time before a situation escalates and people get shot. We are taught to be scared (by the government, by the news), is why we tell ourselves we have the right to protect ourselves. But that's just how I've come to see things. :)

  22. Hi dear! I missed you too grumpy!
    Sorry but had really a difficult time.
    Alwayx your draws make me smile !
    Are so good grumpy!
    I dont like ANY guns and I dont understand how parents wants her daugther learn to use a gun??why?
    Only 9 years and she live this!!
    I dont understand.
    Huggs and love to you grumpy!

    1. Hello Gorgeous! I'm sorry to hear you had a difficult time. Is there anything I can do for you? My father was a cowboy but I still don't understand his views. I would never let my daughter use a gun. Of course, I don't have a daughter. Or a son. I have a couch.

    2. I could die if I see the twins with a gun ! This type of things I never understand in US why they make that?
      Are only childs!
      And is not necessary be a parent dear grumpy to think that.Is only about sentido comun!!
      And sensibility:)
      I suffer a lot with Gaza Grumpy I know now stop but is ariund 10 years to make all is destroyed and all these lifes never come back.sorry.
      Hugs to angie!

    3. They'll never come back. The things that people as a species do, right? History should teach us something, but we never listen or are completely blind to it. There will never be peace on this planet as long as we want what someone else has and as long as we let ourselves be brainwashed into thinking the best way to defend ourselves is by owning a gun or two. I call it collective paranoia. I'd rather spend my life not fearing other people. The twins... never!

      Un beso, un abrazo y un blueberry cake! ;)

  23. Hi Blue.....
    No mention of me...
    Love the socks and sandals...
    Enjoy your week....
    Linda :o)

    1. You may want to read that text again ;)

    2. You...
      Mr Blue....
      Are a devil in disguise!
      I can't believe my eyes....
      That was not there the other day...
      How sweet of you to mention me at your bay....

      You are the sweetest Blue Grumpster that I know....

      Linda :o)

    3. Are you sure it wasn't there
      Don't you know I really care
      My friend Linda's here to stay
      Her own lines at my bay
      Hey... how are you.... today?

    4. Hi Blue......
      Felling great today...
      I just thought I would say!

  24. But what if he turned into a firework? He'd still go off with a bang.

    1. So true. Or bottle of Pepsi. All you need to do is shake it.

  25. There are lot of things a 9year old can't do. cars
    2. Stay home alone without adult
    3. Legally be employed and be asked to babysit alone
    4. Can't shop alone either online or instores
    5. Drink beer ?
    What can she do? Try a Uzi and kill himself in a trade fair or kill her instructor?

    Good old A-moron-ica!

    You and Pickleope get your mind out of $&#&#*. Guns don't kill people but pony tailed pink shorts wearing a pre-belieber can.

    1. Or watch a blue tit, but voilence is okay when it's "virtual"... Pickleope is a philosopher and has an eye for detail.

  26. Are you going to taunt us with Bora Bora again? Look, I'm available.

    1. You say it like I have a choice, couz. You know I don't when dreams don't come true. You're available... That's all I needed to hear.

  27. What a pretty great gun. Changing his purpose of life.

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    1. Hey this is an excellent comment! Very non-specific and not at all related to my post! You must be very creative! Thanks for spamming me and my family!

    2. Wow, that was the greatest comment ever
      Oh so clever

    3. Hahaha! I must remember this for my spammers!
      You are hilarious Blue!

    4. Wow, I'm impressed by your grammar!
      Let's put spammers in the slammer!

      Hi Linda! Have you seen my flip-flops?

    5. But that's because your feet are prettier than most people's ;) Have you ever seen hammer toes? Dear Lord.... those people should stop hurting my eyes! :D

  29. Owning a gun takes loads (get it?) of responsibility. Locks and safes can only do so much.

  30. Hey Blue--

    Hope u are well. Guns. I think we should be able to have them but one must be responsible especially when it comes to them being accessible to kids. That was awful about the 9-year old girl and the gun and the death of that man. That was just crazy. She would have been to small to handle a gun. I don't know what people are thinking sometimes.

    We had a homicide/suicide yesterday. Man shot his estranged wife at her job (daycare center) then shot himself after barricading himself in his home. He came out on the porch and then shot himself. Now, we have two little girls with no parents. How horrible for them.

    As well, we had a doctor stabbed by his patient at one of the hospitals.

    And I saw where a 17-year old was killed in Mississippi with some fella she met online.

    Don't understand it at all. Not at all. The violence and total disregard for human life.

    Life is a precious gift. Time there is not a lot of it. And we should not waste our life on things that don't matter. Nor should anyone take someone's life.

    Busy busy busy busy--

    And I will be very busy for the next month as I am preparing for my roommate to move in.

    1. Kids don't make guns and there are irresponsible adults aplenty. Not to mention all the guns that are stolen and sold to teenager gang members. My Dad was a gun lover and believed he had the right to protect himself. I call it paranoia. You know what guns are? Big business.

      We are wasting our time trying to have more power than the next man or woman.

      Busy busy busy... I know what you mean.

      Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite.
      How my sweet little furry friend doing? Is he looking after you, Miss Marples?

    2. Blue--

      In my big city, crime is big time news. And they will hurt and kill u for any little thing. U better believe me when I say one must protect one's self as best u can. However, along with that comes responsibility of watching over ur firearm and keeping it out of children's reach. The good news is the Professor has no desire to shoot a gun. The other good news is that there are no children in my home. And the other good news is if some children aka should be in my home I didn't invite them there so they are up to no good.

      The Professor is doing very very very very well. He starts his training soon on 09/20. We miss Gizmo aka JacksonBrown like crazy but he is at his first mummie's home with a gal pal, Stella. Also, he has a backyard he can play in. And a lot more people who get to spend time with him all day long. So it is better for him that he be there now. Still looking for him a very good and loving furever home.

      The Professor and I are planning trips to New Orleans and Savannah, Georgia. Mummie has almost made some decisions about which cottage to rent.

      All is well.

      Just trying to get through this month and then everything will be smooth sailing.

    3. Dear Miss Marples I hear what you're saying, and from an individual's perspective I can see your point. But gun-related violence is a huge problem in the U.S. that tends to be made of secondary importance to the second amendment. The bigger picture is that violence begets violence. Period. Guns don't serve as a deterrent; they are not nuclear rockets that scare other people and prevents them from deploying them. Guns are different. Do me a favor and read the following report. Please don't sake your head before you've read the entire thing. Would you do that for me? Cultural brainwashing often gets in our way. I would be tempted to say it's almost like religion, but won't ;)

      Well, love hurts, but Gizmo is happy now with his new friend Stella. You and The Professor will do just find looking after each other. Hey... a trip is something to look forward to. Good to hear all is well. Thanks for the video too.

  31. Guns on Bora Bora Beach would make me nervous!

    1. Okay... so no guns invited. How about a party on Bora Bora Beach?

    2. what about big guns in speedos on the beach? How could anyone say no to that?

    3. Are you being rhetorical again? You naughty little devil! So now I'm wondering... where are my X-mas Speedos?

    4. do they have a festive bow over the Christmas candy cane? :)

  32. Or shoot beautiful lines like our fave teach Grumpy,
    Who knows how to stop our roads from being bumpy,
    With a kind word here and a tickle just there,
    all coming together, in poetic flair!

    You are my favourite genius. X

    1. Bumpy roads keep us wide awake
      Especially when there's a lot at stake
      Shoot, me Jules with your latest toy
      I'll me all sweet and coy ;)


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