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Sunday, February 22, 2015

If You Were a . . . Word

If you were a word, what kind of word would you be? 
Would you rhyme with bay or sea or you like me? 
Would your sound be cherished by the dozen, millions even, billions too? 
Don't go telling me the word you are is grumpykangarooshoe 
I hear you'd be a secret word to crack those hidden doors, 
That your secrecy be treasured on the beautiful Bora shores 
Would you be an old word or really hip and new? 
Would a pompous dictionary page just block your luscious inner view? 
Would you inspire empty hearts or trigger nasty thoughts? 
Would you be a color that like libtards can't be bought? 
Would your roots have linguists travel round the whole wide friggin' world 
Tracing down your beauty like a sail that's still unfurled, 
Where nations now unseen embraced you in their neighborhood 
Or would you hurt the masses, crush their soul and then feel good?

Would the PC folks still want to see you go? 
Would I type you in the darkness while I'm putting on a show?
Would that googly frugally Google hate your pretty buttucks too?
Would you make me jump your bones, you know, like horny rabbits do? 
Would you be yelled or whispered in my hairy big blue ear, 
As sensual as a magic trick to admire a sagging rear?
Oh... would you make me drool? 
Would you be loved by plenty plus some daft and average fool? 
A spin doctor's tool, a politician's wet dream, 
Would you bend the truth like butter and cream? 
Would your syllables just not be what they seem? 
Would you make a speech sound fine, an essay shine like Jimmy Choo's?
Would you be the one thing missing from authentic urban blues? 
Would verisimilitude be what you're all about? 
Would you be an interlude, an attitude, or maybe just a shout? 

If you were a word, would you make me smile? 
Would admiring you forever take a loving little while? 
Would you be the moon? 
Would you be some undiscovered star? 
"When will then be now?" and someone would say, "Soon"? 
Would your tune be recognized and admired from afar? 
Hello word! How are you today? 
Would you be even heard?

* * *


  1. Don't think I'd want to be someone's wet dream. I'll stick with Ninja.

  2. Replies
    1. Second to none. Good morning, Truedessa. How has life been treating you?

    2. Today, is my day so fitting I would be #2 on 2/ thoughts on words...I'll give it a go, I know it is rough, but words none the less..

      Your words mix with mine
      In a world with no time
      beautiful poetry, like a fine wine

      You can smell the rich aroma
      taste the sweetness, on thy lips
      worlds of untold bliss waiting, waiting

      Words that linger in my mind, with
      each moment of passing time
      waiting for the next rhyme

      I will have to ponder on what one word I would be and get back to you..I so enjoy your posts always something to ponder.

    3. Twenty-two and number two
      Well, how about that and how do you do
      Take your time
      There's no need to rush
      And when you come back
      Go make me blush
      Words linger in your mind like you in mine
      How about that bubbly bottle of wine?
      I'll be waiting, always waiting just for you
      to tell me which word would ring true

  3. Wouldn't want to be a shoe
    They can step in poo
    A wet dream you say?
    Pfft rather clean a litterbox at my bay
    So no sticky stuff or scat
    Have you got the cat?
    That is why I'm snip snip
    After such a vet trip
    Bay, sea, you
    Works for my zoo
    Also Bush #5
    You can survive
    But a word that if five by five
    Or maybe ten by ten
    Can it be in pencil, not pen?
    Can I change my mind?
    Must it be one of a kind?
    can't I be a frog
    Sitting like a bump on a log?
    Maybe a turtle
    Or something cool like Squirtle
    Yep, just went Pokemon on you
    Hey, the rhyme came due
    Are you going to catch them all?
    Rob Peter to pay Paul?
    Why not rob Paul to pay Peter?
    Peter is a pumpkin eater.
    Too many words for you?
    Do you think I'm through?
    Well I may be
    But no word came to me
    At least no good one
    Can't a be a rabbit that can run?
    I would have lucky feet
    And leave an easter treat
    But don't eat it
    Not one bit
    A word you beg?
    Go lay in egg?
    Whoopdi friggin doo?
    Can i have more than two?
    No more than one?
    You are just no fun
    Words are needed
    One can't be seeded
    I'd rather be a few
    Have to cover Pat too
    And Cassie as well
    Drazin might think it swell
    See, so now I need four
    Words to take the tour
    Wait, Drazin is a mook
    So four could be a fluke
    We will go with three
    And you know what they will be?
    I bet you can guess
    Come now, confess?
    I'm through with your cockamamie words
    And shoes filled with turds
    Hey, cockamamie is a good one
    Could bring a wet dream run
    So we will go with my three
    And now it's enough out of me
    Or is it?
    Have you said shit?
    Telling me to shut up?
    I'm more annoying than a pup
    Oh yes, three words you need
    They will now take seed
    With one simple pass
    They are Little Rhyming Ass

    1. Holy cow
      What am I looking at right now
      A then foot rhyme from The Cat
      Spinning words on his mat
      A wet dream I said
      Just don't want them in my bed
      Or on my couch for that matter
      Politicians can go jump off a ladder
      Snip snip I hear you furry friend
      Bay, sea... am not twisted, round the bend
      It can be in pen
      Just mind the heard of dirty men
      You could be a frog or even two
      Looking for a froggity shoe
      A turtle cat, why not combine
      Sounds like the stuff of a great rhyme
      Pokemon shmokemon
      I'd rather be a fancy don
      Too many words for me, alright
      This rhyme you're spinning takes all night
      And all morning too
      Won't even mention that kangaroo shoe
      No one's stepping in poo
      Maybe Paul or Peter
      A brownish thing that's about a meter
      Three foot too
      Such a grumpy goo
      You could be a rabbit that can run
      Or do the rabbit bounce so much fun
      Keep that Easter treat
      Go kiss some lady feet
      Whoopdi friggin doo?
      And I raise you a Scooby Doooooo
      A word is all I need
      Are you a lone reed
      Or a furry chick
      A scary thought just like a um... flick
      Four words, oh my are you greedy
      Why not be a road runner and be speedy
      Shit I'd never say
      It's quit clean at my bay
      Thanks for showing your rhyming ass
      You know it got class

    2. A then foot rhyme?
      Damn, grammar mistakes are a crime
      Especially since you can't say shit
      Here at your rhyming pit
      I guess you just can't say it in the post
      As it gets below the comments at your coast
      A scooby dooo or a scrappy doo?
      There were a few other relatives too
      Some lady feet you say?
      Can I work my way up at my bay?
      Then can she work her way down?
      That sure won't frown
      Or do I have to stick to the feet?
      That won't be neat
      I'll go find some lady other parts
      Near the umm hearts
      People can have two right?
      Or is that a wrong fact flight
      Maybe fact man is in need
      Can Adam do that deed?
      Eddie might do it as he is nice and all
      Doing the RAK at his hall
      Pickelope does other shit
      Says that head is full of it
      Ghost Writer says three words
      Compared to R they are turds
      Rosie is too tame
      Unless she plays the paper game
      Then she'll bury you to death
      Paper cuts until you're out of breath
      She is such a mean lass
      Trust my little rhyming ass
      So i guess that leaves you
      To answer at your zoo
      Shouldn't that be the way?
      It is the place you stay.
      Unless you have a secret home
      Where only you roam
      Happy humpers not in sight
      Unless you like that fright
      do you protest too much?
      The cat smells more that a touch
      Hmmm maybe I caught you
      That's where you left your shoe?

    3. You have never heard of a then foot rhyme?
      Not even in the trees you often climb?
      It's another word for feet-related poetry from the past
      That sure as heck ain't gonna last
      When I spin my rhyme, poof it's all gone and more
      When I cross the water and knock on your door
      Hello, Cat, it's me
      In the place to be
      Have some toast
      From coast to coast
      Don't mean to boast
      A scrappy doo or some CGI poo
      Working its way down
      What, a lady too
      Trying to nab my other shoe?
      Adam knows whatever is a fact
      And if he doesn't, it's just an act
      Eddie is a good guy, helping people even cats
      Unless those cats are a bunch of theater rats
      No, not you, you're the Kitty Cat Kitten
      When you hear my voice you're always smitten
      But I won't spread the word here in my cave
      I've got so many a female slave
      Pickleope is the shit
      When you say asshole, he gives you um spit
      A vocabulist like no one else so true
      He can spin new phrases like I spin poo
      Holy Ghost knows it's a fact at his show
      Wish he would tell me how to grow some dough
      Like a then foot I mean ten foot tree
      Just for me for me for me
      Okay maybe a branch or two for you
      The point is what am I to do
      Bills are a-piling
      Don't make me go smiling
      There's no ghost that can change that goo
      Rosie is to tame
      Maybe it's just a game
      R and humpers are always the same
      No secret home, no left shoe either
      Another then ass rhyme... it's about a meter.

    4. It disappears when you spin?
      Do you commit a sin
      Does it go into the netherland
      Nether region would not be grand
      It's you?
      Grumpy goo?
      Not Angie here to rhyme?
      damn, that is a crime lol
      Have to make it even out
      Or my ocd will shout
      So take your other shoe
      And throw it in a zoo
      Throw it in a can
      Let it get a tan
      Then shoes you can ban
      Be a barefoot blue man
      Just don't have zombie feet
      That isn't neat
      Then you'd need a bucket
      Or to move to Nantucket
      That would cost
      Debt can get lost
      Throw it in the sea
      Run so they can't find thee
      A branch or two will do fine
      For this feline
      Rosey is tame?
      Geez, she fooled you with her game
      Beware the paper hoarder
      She'll take you down in short order
      No secret home at all
      Damn, maybe a space in the mall?
      Enjoy the then ass rhyming
      At least there is some good timing

    5. It may be me or maybe it's R
      It may be a chicken in black or Batman on a radar
      It may be Grumpy Shoe
      It may even be you
      Angie's too lazy to even try
      Don't tell her I said that or she'll cry
      Or kick me in the butt and say bye
      I can hear your OCD
      All the way across the sea
      A bet you have a san and more
      Did you buy it in some Bora store?
      A barefoot blue man
      Sounds like the tin without the can
      Unless of course it's all the rage
      Making me look like a sage
      No, not that green stuff
      I know you can't get enough
      Of my rhyme
      Is it worth a dime
      Does it make you wanna climb
      Or ski down from the top and smile?
      Does it take a while?
      Would you go faster with zombie feet
      Or when you're chased by a dog in heat?
      Rosey isn't tame you say?
      How come you know this at your bay?
      A paper hoarder... is that a fact
      Are you sure it's not some act
      To fool the cat and his human too
      Just to amuse the Grumpy Goo
      The Grumpy Shoe
      Scooby Dooooooooo (and Shaggy too)
      Now, what you're gonna do?

    6. I'll call ghostbusters at my sea
      That will put a stop to thee
      May even get old one eye too
      Then she can bam here head at her zoo
      Whoopsy, did I say that
      I'm sure a mean cat
      May be worth a nickel
      But I won't be fickle
      I'll give you a dime
      Whoops, stolen by a mime
      How about that?
      Such a wordless gnat
      Maybe a mime stole your shoe
      Whatever will you do?
      Zombie feet is nasty as can be
      A mutt will leave me be at my sea
      Just swat it in the face
      Such a thing they don't embrace
      Don't forget a scooby snack
      In those you should never lack

    7. Yes, you sure did say that
      And you said it in on Bora mat
      Hey, you're so mean
      A lean mean Kitty Machine
      A nickel or two
      To walk a mile in your shoe
      What, you'll give me a dime
      Do I need to dance or spin a rhyme?
      A mutt once bit me in the butt
      So I had him stuffed right here in my hutt
      Scooby Dooo you know it's true
      Likes to sniff my kangaroo shoe
      Boo hoo hooo
      Again, that's right
      He can go on all night
      A bit like the old neighbor and the new one too
      Now, what am I to do?

  4. I'd be "Unknown"

    (my comments seems so small after Pat's)

    1. Now you know it's never about size. Unknown looks good on you.

  5. First, I really enjoyed this strictly as a poem. You're very clever. Maybe that should be your new word: clever.

    Second, my thought was this: A person can't be summed up into just ONE word. Then, I realize it happens all of the time. In fact, headstones prove the point rather spectacularly.

    Third, I thought that I'd like to be a verb. But, I'm probably a noun. Or an adjective.

    So, did I make you smile? Grin? Think about smiling or grinning?

    1. Firstly, it's good to hear from you again. Not only because you yourself are very clever, but because I admire your candure.

      Secondly, you're right... why would you be a single word when all the words on this planet could do a poor job trying to capture the essence that is you.

      Thirdly, you did make me smile... and I guess grin too. Thank you for that.

  6. All those were most tempting . . . .
    but I am allowed just one word so it has to be . . .
    Irresistible . . . lol

    Just ask the girls . . . . haha

    1. Irresistible... Is that a fact? Let me look it up.... Where's that dictionary when you need it..... Ah..... irresistible..... It says: "Tempting like Eddie Bluelights". Well, how about that!

    2. LOL . .
      Believe that and you'll believe anything . . . but ask Linda all the same . . lol
      Great poem and love the poetry duel with Pat ~ looks like a tie so far . . .

    3. No need for me to ask Linda. I can read, you know haha! I guess it's time for me to visit Linda again... even if I know I'm no Eddie Bluelights.

    4. She's shivering in Florida right now . . . . such a shame it's a washout for her holiday . . . we should go and cheer here up . . . . :)

    5. Yeah, she must be really down basking in that east-coast sun.

    6. Weather has just got better . . . . . lol

    7. Hi Blue....
      Hi Eddie....
      Hi Dez...
      Hi Dixie....
      My word would be "delightful"....
      That's it...that's all...
      What do you think?

      I do appreciate that Eddie keeps you up to date on my Florida vacation...
      Another gloomy day here in the "sunny" south...
      Going out to eat....and drink..
      Linda :o)

    8. Yeah he does... As you know, there can only be one and it's not me haha

      Delightful.... excellent choice.

  7. Such a wonderful poem from you. I also enjoyed the banter between you and Pat.
    If I were a word today? Conflicted

    1. Conflicted can be depicted and then you will be amended and maybe commended

    2. You know, Blue. You want so much to be a part of, but your body says other things. Today, a battle is lost... but you know the sun is there, even when it's cloudy. I will be okay.

    3. I should've known. How stupid of me. My IQ used to ve 135. Now it's about 120 as a result of my own little burden. Not to mention that the world is a-trembling and I hear Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 24/7. Why don't we make a toast (I almost typed toad)... on us? Yes, we're allowed to be selfish.

    4. Champagne and frog legs! Yum. Here's to you, my sweet ~ x

    5. If I were a word today I would be... Better.
      Thank you for your kind thoughts, Blue. =)

    6. If I could make you better, you know I would. How about healthy?

    7. I'm thinking to take belly dancing. My new goal is to be erotica fodder,

  8. I suppose Fact Master is two words

  9. I far prefer being quirky
    In other's views.
    Being thought of as twerky
    Would be horrid news.

    1. Quirky is Latin for fine
      Like champagne is bubbly wine

  10. I always like your ''if you were'' poems, Randy Mandy! Of course, we already know that 'dezzling' is already a word... about to enter all dictionaries....

    1. About to... meaning not yet?
      Like I'm still waiting for my private blue man jet?
      The Dazzling Dezz is here to stay
      Hear the crowd go wild: "Olé!"

    2. 'selfie' bet 'dezzling' last year as the new word to enter Oxford dictionary.... we'll have to use it more ...

    3. why is you so sad in the new banner, Blue?

    4. I'm on a pier. I just missed the boat.

    5. to Bora? Noooooo! Can you jump and swim after it? :)
      How did your school start?

    6. I'm already into my third week and things have been going as planned, i.e. great beyond belief. Okay, maybe just as planned.

      I can swim for about five minutes and then I'll sink. Just like that. The docs still haven't figured out why that is.

    7. You did plan it masterfully :) Masterful control of students demands masterful mind and masterful scheming before the masterful plan starts masterfully rolling!

      'tis still better than my swimming proves, Blue. I'd sink the very second you throw me into the sea.... unless dolphins pick me up and carry me to safety.... or maybe my fellow walruses....

    8. I thought your sheer Dezziness would allow you to walk on water. No?

    9. Nope, water lurvs me and wants to swallow me big time :) Everybody wants to eat lil' Dezzy.....

  11. At the moment I am seventy-eight, because that's how many degrees it is. Later I will be another word.


  12. We like those words our birth-people gave us, even if they may not have the nicest definitions.


    Yep, I'm just a gangsta ass Bryan with a big ass Brandon.

    1. great reply - your given name at birth..

    2. Truedessa Dear is stealing my thunder: great reply - your given name at birth. Did you say... "big ass Brandon"?

    3. haha - Dear Blue I wouldn't steal your thunder..I'd be your lightning.

    4. If you guys are thunder and lightning then I think that makes us a sharknado.

    5. Did someone say electrifying check out the beginning :34 - 37..haha why do I find this amusing?

    6. I kniw this one by heart: 'cause the power you're supplyin'.... it's electrifyin'.... I was there when Grease premiered back in, what, '78 I think it was. Loved it then and still do. Even as a kid I dreamed of jumping her bones. Um...

    7. I knew you would know this you better shape up cause I need a man..

      You better shape up, you better understand
      To my heart I must be true
      Nothing left, nothing left for me to do

    8. ...who can keep you satisfied?


    9. Hahaha No, I was singing along: "who can keep you satisfied..." Everybody, sing along! Hahaha everybody hahahaha that's a good one. I'd love to have seen the look on your face. Shocking!

    10. haha - the look would have been shocking..I'm you Venus..I'm your fire

  13. I think "asshole" just about covers it. Or maybe "shithead"? I don't know, dude, it's Sunday, and your talk of "jumping bones" makes me really want to molest myself. I love vocabulary too much to just choose one.

    1. Don't tell me you've yet to molest yourself. You? I know you love vocabulary. Why do you think I'm putting you through this? How about: vocabulist?

  14. I'd be a stable word that's not going to land at either end of the spectrum, but will be utilized by everyone just the same. That being said, I laughed at Pickleope's words. Those are stable words that aren't going anywhere, but I don't want to be one of those. hahahahaha

    1. You don't want to be an asshole or a shithead? Good thinking, Rosey. You'll just have to excuse my friend Pickleope... He's been going through some rough times ever since he met me.

  15. ha. i think i might be rather obscure...only said when truly needed, though not understood by all...maybe beetejuice...ha....

  16. I would be a word hard to pronounce and a little mysterious.

    1. Yes, you hit the nail on the head with that one.

    2. Well, tell me more. Don't just torture me with your um.... enigmaticality.

  17. No time to Rhyme
    I think I'd just be a sign

  18. I like to think I would be a word like "chocolate". Sweet and loved by many. But I think some kind of profanity would probably be a better fit.

    1. Some kind of profanity would probably be a better fit... Tell me more.

    2. yes, tell us more, we're all ears....

    3. Let's just say, I've been called my fair share of impolite words ;)

    4. You have?You? Give me their names and addresses!

    5. Blue and the penguins will eradicate the nasty namegivers....

    6. We will crush them. We will annihilate and obliterate them. We will completely wipe their buttocks out.

    7. Be still my heart, having 2 lovely gentlemen defending my honor lol. No fuss, though boys. It's just some ugly comments from family members with even uglier attitudes. Like they say, you can't pick your family, but you can certainly stop speaking to them for years and years.

    8. I remember what you told me about your relatives some time ago. Okay, I won't crush them but I will send Dezzy instead to flip the bird, and I don't mean one of his penguins.

      Dezz... Theresa called me lovely.

    9. I ain't messin' with her relatives.... they might call me names... and I'm such a sensitive little coonrus.... but penguins might do the job....

    10. Any special penguins that you had in mind?

  19. I'd probably be some crazy messed up thing, like syphilis.

  20. *BAM* that was the sound of you giving the evil cat a run for his money! What fun poem to read. I'd hate to think what some people would sum me up with - I'd like to think "beachy" but it may just be "bitchy"….

    1. I like the sound of that! Look at him go! Did you hear he went to Bora without us? Bitchy... you? Nah!

  21. I'd probably be something abstract, like serenity or terror LOL

  22. Replies
    1. R is a man or a lady of so many words.... but notice the compliment of writing Post with the capital letter......

    2. R is a mystery. But, then again, so are you.

  23. With my luck, I'd probably be a word which everyone spells incorrectly and/or uses incorrectly.

    By the way, if you're interested, my latest post has information on how you can get a free Kindle download of a short comic book story I wrote. But you have to act before Monday, March 1st!

  24. I love this. And I think you know the answer!

  25. I was going to post a comment
    Of what word I would be.
    I was thinking I would be dulcet
    Sweet, soothing… totally me

    Then I read some comments
    While scanning down to the box
    And realized ya’ll were rhyming
    And I was at a loss!

    Since I am not a poet
    Nor a master of the word
    I choose to just be dulcet
    Sweet, soothing and not a turd.

    So now you know why I’m not a poet!

    1. Not a turd sounds perfect in my book, and you may not be a poet but I sure appreciate your comment.

      Have a great weekend.



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