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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

There's a Traitor Among us

Red alert! There is a traitor among us and his name is Pat in the Hatt! Extra, extra! Read all about it! 

I need to sit down. Not because I tired of all this hammering I've been doing but because I'm so disappointed in someone who I thought was a friend. I need a drink, too. Sigh. Here I am, trying to get all of us to Bora Beach — I've been trying to win the lottery so we can go to the mother of all beaches, heck I even sent the President himself a letter telling him in great detail how much we've been making this world a better place — and what did I just read? What did I just read? Well, take a wild guess. WHAT DID I JUST READ?! The Cat has gone to Bora Bora and didn't even bother telling us what he was up to. He sent me the following message (you may want to sit down now):

Pffft the cat went with Pat 
All others can scat 
He is owned by me 
No sharing you see 
Have to find your own way 
As at Bora Bora we stay 

"All others can scat".... He wrote, "All others can scat". That would be us. That would be you and me. We... can scat. I thought we were blogger friends. I thought we connected. I thought he liked us. Heck, I thought he was broke. And now it turns out Mister Furry Head is Where We Should Be Too. Basking in the Bora sun, is what he's been doing.

Plus he broke Truedessa's heart, which in my book stands for unforgivable. This is how she took the news:

The cat went and told us to scat 
he took off with his friend Pat 
Oh me, oh my what are we to do 
the cat has made me sad and blue

Say it ain't so.

Two kitty posts in a row... What's happening to this blog?

* * *


  1. Pat wouldn't do that! Not to Truedessa. Say it's not so.

    1. Well, just read his comment in my previous post. It is a fact. Let me guess... you need a drink?

  2. Eh. Be happy for a friend that he is able to experience paradise even while you are not. It is not traitorous, it's aspirational. Also, maybe it's not true, poetry is lies. (Sure, sometimes they are lies that tell the truth, but it's like, hey, Maya Angelou, you don't really know why the caged bird sings, do you? Yeah, that's what I thought.)

    1. I knew you would say that. I bet you're right there with him. Eh. :p

    2. Yeah, Don't worry, be happy! Not sappy or yappy!

    3. Easier said than done... when your NOT on Bora.

    4. maybe, this will bring a smile...Don't Worry Be Happy!

  3. Hahahaha

    You know what I think (and clearly that matters), let's go somewhere else WAY cooler than Bora Bora. Somewhere that cats are NOT allowed. Somewhere that has pina coladas also, of course!!

    1. Is the drool apparent? Where do we go where do we go?

    2. Pffft enjoy yourselves anywhere
      I have a whole island as my lair

    3. Just one? So you have Bora but not Bora Bora?

    4. It's too exciting to post on here. We will have to plan our non-evil plan in private and then send everyone but the cat a PRIVATE invitation!!!!

  4. Where is this Bora Bora exactly? Do they listen to Arash's Boro Boro there? I shake my spying bum everytime I hear that one....

    1. Good question. The last time I checked it was... HERE.

    2. it is on Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy

    3. Did it get disemboweled like Pluto?

    4. Adam, you know it!

      You should know. You're there.

    5. Still here, poor Pluto is toast. Now I have to go join the babes for a roast

    6. It never occurred to you I like babes too?
      Did you really think I only care about finding my shoe?

    7. Babes everywhere
      Need to get out of your lair

  5. My dear blue, could it be true?
    on to Bora Bora they flew...

    The cat did in fact say all of that
    it is true, he said he took only Pat
    that cat sometimes can be a brat
    I guess I cannot hold that against Pat
    he had the opportunity so took it stat
    he left us behind, with a tip of his hat

    I hear Hawaii is rather nice
    we can go there for half the price
    they will greet us with a tropical drink
    as the sun turns our cheeks rose pink

    Or perhaps, we could fly to the Florida Keys
    swaying in a hammock in a gentle breeze
    spread a blanket under some palm trees
    I'll bring the flowers, you bring the Chablis

    haha the nerve of Pat and his rhyming cat
    when he gets back we are having a chat

    1. Great reply to the cat saying "Scat"

    2. Pffft the nerve of that cat
      He'll do what he pleases at his mat
      No nerves involved at my sea
      We'll go where we want to be
      A big litter box for me
      And some sun and sand for Pat under a tree
      Hawaii may be better though
      It is cheaper and better food don't you know

    3. Yes it's true: it's a fact
      If it is not, my brain's been hacked...

      Of course that's what he said
      Or else I may drop dead
      A brat he is, and then some
      Probably drinking Bora rum
      He left us like it was a good thing
      Now he is counting his CATching CATching

      Hawaii might be fun
      When you fed up with the chicken run
      But we need to think bigger than that
      And follow in the footsteps of that traitorous kitty cat

      The Floria Keys sounds like a plan
      Swaying in a hammock like my uncle Dan
      Palm trees aplenty that much I know
      You bring the flowers to our private little show

      Pat and his rhyming cat are such a funny pair
      Meanwhile I'm sitting here in my not so Bora chair

    4. I can ship you a chair
      There at your lair
      It will cost you a pretty penny though
      Make sure it is pretty or it is a no go

  6. lmao you thought wrong. The cat pretends to get along, then away he will go with Pat in tow. Here we sit on the beach with no one else in reach. Well maybe a bora bora babe or two. Do they have a few? Why am I asking you? You are stuck at your humper zoo, Here we are basking in the sun. It sure is fun. Broke? Pffffft to that. The lottery was won by the cat. We can stay in bora bora forever. We ran away with the money and will return never. Enjoy your 80 hours a week. It is time the cat and Pat go skinny dipping with those babes in a creek. Psst Cassie is here too. We'd never leave her at our zoo. So one female came along. Two cat posts in a row isn't wrong.

    1. Hahaha! You mean like that?
      I would be laughing too sitting on Bora with a rhyming cat
      I thought wrong... could this be true?
      So you don't really like the Bora view?
      Or the Bora babe or two
      I bet there are ten, so nothing's new
      Basking in the sun like one um... happy bunch
      Skinny dipping skipping lunch
      Cassie is there too, she sent me that pic
      As if to say, "Check out this trick."

    2. Cassie ratted us out
      Bah, I'll eat her trout
      She can lick herself clean
      While the ten or so we check out at the bora scene
      Basking away
      With some skinny dipping play

    3. Well, have fun
      Don't burn your bun haha

    4. Well a burn bun or two
      Means lots of fun came due

  7. What a precocious little brat. But at least you know where he at. Darn that cat!!!

    Love it. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh Blue:))

    1. I've been called worse, usually ends in a curse

    2. Precocious he sure is
      I guess he'd call it show bizzzz
      Hi Phil, how are you today?
      Good to hear you're here to stay :)

  8. Well fiddel-dee-dee and slap mah thigh
    Have we been duped by one wise guy?
    The cats and Pat joined the happy bunch
    We sit at home with the same old lunch
    Beautiful Babes in tight colorful sarongs
    Dance to the rhythum of tender love songs
    This could be serious, he may never return
    Let's hope he's squirming with his red hot sun burn

    1. No sunburn and no worms
      So don't have the squirms
      Enjoy your home
      While Sun and sand and babes here roam

    2. Well, fiddel-dee-dee and is my uncle Bob?
      Check out that Cat skinny dipping like a snob
      They won some cash and the lottery too
      Still couldn't be bother to invite us ormy shoe
      At least they're having fun
      Being on the run
      As the blue guy is chasing his kitty fur
      He'll pretend it's just a blur
      Ha! His red hot sun burn will be fine
      When the babes come a-running with some Bora wine

  9. You have had two cat post in a row, make it three and we could have the three little kittens...

    1. One, two, three, get a fourth and on you it may pee

    2. David, don't you be giving me any new ideas
      For the Cat will sure give me Bora Bora flees
      So what if that doesn't rhyme
      That bunch is having a wonderful time

  10. Did someone say Bora Bora? Man, why am I never invited to the party?

    1. YOU? YOU? What about me? Heck, you know I'd have taken you along for the ride, but that cat..... you know, that CAT... Oh now I've got a headache.

    2. Take some aspirin and start looking for flights.

    3. Why doesn't dough grow on trees?

    4. It grows on trees
      You just have to have trees that please

  11. If you've got the opportunity to go... and nothing holding you back, well I say have at it. Sorry you didn't get to go, but if I was the cat, I'd go too. I do feel bad for Trudessa... surely she should have gotten an invite, it being such a romantic spot and all.

    1. Yeah, you're right. It's strange he didnt at least invite Truedessa. I mean I snore plus I'm a guy, but Truedessa Dear...

  12. Bora Bora baby -
    I could be your lady.
    Stuff that silly cat
    In Bora's straw hat.

    Pat unkind to Trudy.
    Smack him with a bag of doody.
    Cat unkind to Blue.
    Smack him with a shoe, or two.

    Now off we go to Bora-Bora-Bora.
    To whore-a, um, maybe not.
    End of tale.
    That was swell.

    1. Unkind to Trudy? Say it ain't so. To whore-a, um, maybe not? End of tale? That's it?

      That was swell. Now, can I yell?

    2. Have something to nail,
      Worth a sweet yell?
      You soundproofed the place.
      Get a smile on that face.
      Try not to snor-a
      In dreams of Bora-Bora.

      Go adventuring with capers.
      Stop grading those damn papers!
      Pat and Cat can't match your feats.
      We'll go and have some treats.

    3. Pffft Pat and the cat have no need to match
      We already have a whole feat batch
      May even chew some toes
      Or show zombie feet to cause woes

    4. Zombie feet... and no shoe
      Could this be true?

  13. bloody can nae trust em!!! :-)

  14. You should never ever trust a cat. They will use you to clean their litter and then toss you aside when done.

    1. Thanks for the tip. Do tell me... how often have you been tossed aside by a kitten?

  15. I don't care about Pat in the Hatt. I have fanfuckingtastic sex with Willy Dunne Wooters every time I see him. Pfffft. Bora Bora. Sex with WDW!!!!


    1. Damn, Janie.

      Dixie, how about giving Janie the Fanfuckingtastic Comment Award?

  16. Of course the cat's a traitor. He poops in a box, what else can we expect? Besides, he's got so many published books, he's probably a millionaire by now!

    1. A Kitty Cat Millonaire... who poops in a box.... Oh my.

  17. Oh my This post is all about the cat and you, !
    Ah dear, I stopping by to say Hi!

    1. No, it's about the Cat! He went to Bora Bora without us!

    2. oh Let the cat enjoy lol
      the life is too short dear....

  18. Who knows, the cat might be having all sorts of adventures?

    1. I wonder if the results will be, quote, "glorious" too.

  19. We're left in the dust again.

  20. Pat's with the cat on a beach? How long to you think it's going to take for the cat to turn the beach into a litter box? I'll stay here, thanks!

    1. Hey, you're right! I told you you were pretty darn smart!

  21. Yeah but...there's NO WAY it's gonna be as much fun without us. Fact.


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