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Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Countdown

Guess who comes a-knockin' on your door...

Halloween... the reboot

Scared yet?

* * *


  1. Is this where I say Scooby Doo?

  2. Replies
    1. I took a look in the mirror and wanted to escape.

  3. I'll take the shoe, but only if it's blue.

  4. What trick is this Blue booeeeeeeeee

    Oh dear it's a full moon tomorrow night...
    you are giving me quite the fright...
    I will not be able to sleep tight
    may need to turn on a night light
    or I might scream into the night
    Blue couldn't you be my knight

    I'd take the shoe but it might have poo
    so tell me what would be the trick
    then I'll make my pick...

    1. Just give me my shoe
      And Blue Shoe won't bother you
      No poo
      No friggin' kangaroo
      This is the real deal
      How does it make you feel
      When the moon is cold
      And lessons untold
      Are about to unfold
      Will Blue Shoe
      Become a handsome Goo
      When you give him.... that blue suede shoe?

    2. hmm - If I give you the blue suede shoe
      will you turn into Prince Charming
      how does it make me feel
      when the moon is cold
      makes me sad, need a warm star to hold
      wish i may, wish i might
      not have a Halloween fright...

    3. Charming I will try to be
      Wearing two shoes at my sea
      A blue suede shoe at last
      Won't that be a blast?
      When the moon is cold
      (Or so I'm told)
      Blueshoe is cold too
      Aimlessly wandering... making a path
      Wondering why he sucks at math
      Why he sucks at smiling too
      Why he is Blue
      Looking for his magic shoe
      A warm star would be great
      And it's not too late

    4. Blue, remove the mask
      let me see your eyes I would ask
      for the eyes are the mirror of the soul
      and your heart is what makes you whole

    5. Removing my mask
      Is too tricky a task
      What will the world think
      When I'm on the brink
      Ready to sink?

  5. I guess we need to poison the candy and chocolate!

    1. haha - Dez..that is just plain evil...but, if someone comes to my door like that I am not opening it...sorry no one home...

    2. There's no time to poison anything when The Blue Shoe comes a-knockin'....

    3. Those movies always scared me...
      no kidding...

    4. we shall pepper the chocolate with some fish oil so that Jason Blue would poop himself in his pants!

    5. Scared me and scarred me for life. I went to Evil Dead on my first date. What does that tell you about my taste in women? Good thing I finally saw the light. Jason Blue can smell fish oil a mile away.

    6. I don't know those movies stick with me long after they are over
      I have enough paranormal in my real life...don't need more strife...

    7. Stick is the right word, True... Yikes there's this scene in Halloween that makes me sick to my stomach...

    8. wait, so ya watch horrors but you ain't watching zombies? THE WALKING DEAD episode was sooo good last night!

    9. I avoid zombies like the plague.

    10. well, duh, everybody should avoid zombies unless you wanna become one too!

    11. Let me restate that: I avoid zombie movies like the plague. :p

    12. which is why I will have to save your blue bum and balls :) when the apocalypse comes, because you won't know a first thing about surviving zombies!

    13. You will be a hero! Thanks for looking after me.

    14. we will need zombie food to distract them... any vicious or annoying neighbours?

    15. Have a Happy Halloween and be never know what is out there..

    16. .. your hundredth again :)

    17. You too, True.

      Thank you very mucho, Dezzzzmeister :)

  6. Scared of you?
    A pffft comes due
    You see those toes?
    I can cause woes
    Just say, "No deal"
    And crush them with my heel
    The cat then wins the day
    Scaring Blue Jason Wannabe away

    1. So scared you would hide behind a mutt
      He will sit down making you kiss a butt :p
      Those toes would scare off fetishists, I hope
      The kind that likes to rub hem with soap
      The Cat will win the day
      But I'll be back to play

    2. Th cat would win
      Do all in
      Have fun too
      Whether zombie feet or blue
      But then a fetish may be had
      You may have worse thing to worry about at your pad

    3. You may have a point
      Bigger problems at my joint
      Neighbors fighting and making up too
      Not far from my shoe
      Maybe I'll ask Blue Shoe to knock on their door
      And use them to swipe the floor

    4. Swipe away
      Just make hay
      Run to Bora Bora
      So you don't get thrown in the slammer and become a whora

    5. Thanks for the tip
      I will jump ship

    6. Hot there
      Bring sunscreen to spare

  7. I like the shoe. That foot is scary, though. Trick or shoe? Definitely shoe.

  8. I have a cute pair of blue shoes in my closet. I'll give you a shoe. I'm generous that way. Ask Daphne and Shaggy and whatever the rest of them are named.


  9. Beware of camp crystal blue

  10. I'll laugh and laugh if you come to my door dressed like that. I think I offended quite a few haunted house workers with all my giggling at them this year. The older I get, the cheezier those places are, so I laugh. I guess that's not the reaction they are looking for.

    1. A smile from you will soften Blue Shoe
      He'll transform into Grumpy Blue

  11. We probably won't have any trick or treaters this year, living in a gated community :(


  12. Depends. Have you had a pedicure recently? ;)

  13. Feet can be quite scary so i think I will take trick

  14. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear
    It's now again that time of year
    When doors are knocked and kids all wait
    For treats or tricks or "sod off mate!"

    I've not yet seen a face that's Blue
    So this year I'm expecting YOU
    I'll get some blueberries for you ready
    With the compliments of Eddie . . . . lol

    1. Oh my...
      A 'Sod off mate!' would not be fly
      It could make a blue guy cry
      Of course it won't for Shoe is strong
      Good thing he's not wearing a halloween thong!
      Hi Eddie in the place to be
      I'll raise you a Scooby Doooweeee!

    2. I think I'd give you a new shoe
      Or maybe two to hide that blue
      Can't have you there with two cold feet
      Standing there ~ they need more heat
      Without a shoe you may just bruise it
      And how the hell that shoe did lose it?
      And that iron mask does not fool me
      Beneath your features I can see
      With that spiky hair sticking out
      with half a chin and two ears about.
      That cutlas looks quite a threat
      But it's made of paper I would bet.
      But there is a question that does arise
      What is that red around your eyes?

    3. Ahh! I've just been reading that
      one your sidebar about our friend Pat Hatt
      Wrote a book about a naughty kangaroo
      who stole a shoe from a chap who was blue
      And now I know that chap was you
      No wonder your foot is blue and you cried, "Boo Hoo!" .

    4. Ah Eddie's seen the light
      Such delight!
      As Pat stole my looks
      (Click HERE
      Oh dear)
      And put them in one of his books
      My Ted Baker suit and tie as well
      He put a kangaroo in the mix so it would sell
      Making me yell
      A paper machete you say?
      Nothing scary at your bay?
      Hmmmm well, my eyes are red
      Just like you said...
      Could it be because I cried
      All friggin' night
      Trying to find my blue suede shoe
      So I would be complete too?
      Boo hoo hoooooo!

    5. lol stole you say?
      Bah, borrowed at my bay
      Ted Baker and all
      As a shoe comes for a call
      Or would that be kangaroo?
      All because Blue couldn't hold his poo

    6. Well Blue you know what to do
      In future you have to hold your poo
      otherwise you'll end up in another story
      that Pat may write, and it might be gory . . . . lol

    7. You borrowed my Ted Baker too?
      No wonder I'm blue at my shoe

      Yes, Eddie.... I know now what to do
      His next story may even be true

    8. lol the following is based on a true story
      Warning folks it may be gory
      Blue with one shoe
      Versus the evil humpers at his zoo

    9. Yep it's a fact, much to my dismay
      Wish I could throw they out today
      In a box, not in a moat
      No boat
      Just a goat

    10. Throw them out
      With a shout
      Need as can be
      Then They'll freeze above the knee

  15. It was (and probably still is, don't know) weird how parents let their kids dress up like serial killers for Halloween. When I was 8 or 9 my parents let me dress up as Freddy Kruger. Sure, I didn't know the context, but still, letting your kid dress up like a child molesting burn victim dream murderer seems like bad parenting.

    1. It kinda makes the global santa conspiracy less offensive...

  16. When in the sky the moon is peep'n
    Blue one-shoe will come a-creep'n
    He stalks us in the name of silence
    Leaves behind a bloody violence
    Guard dogs hide, cats climb a tree
    Gentle folk can't hold their pee
    Ole step and a half without a shoe
    I'll meet him head on and just say "Boo"

  17. You may get laughed out of the block in that

  18. Trick or shoe
    As long as its blue
    It'll pass the test
    To be blessed
    By whomsoever
    Of whatever gender
    The idea is in part
    To play it with a heart
    To go along
    With a song


    1. Blue it needs to be
      In the place to be
      But suede as well
      Or Blue Shoe might yell
      Not to mention raise hell ;)

  19. Shoe please. That's a very creative look crossed between Friday 13th and of course, Halloween. No, Im not scared because I can see behind the mask:)

  20. I think if a one-shoed goblin knocked on my door and said "Trick or shoe," I might just think that kid had already had a little too much of something ...

  21. How scary you look Blue ~ I will take the shoe ~ Enjoy your weekend ~

  22. Missing shoe, blue
    How do you do
    You shoe is fun
    Thought tough to run
    Halloween has been
    Time zones create that seen
    Hope you had a fun one
    And then some

    Gary, Gary, quite contrary...

    1. Gary! Good to hear from you
      How's your shoe?
      Is it blue?
      Was it nabbed by some kangaroo?
      Or was it Scooby Doo?

  23. Even with red eyes you're still not scary :P

    You'll never guess where I went to this Halloween ;)

    1. The desert? What do you mean I'm not scary? I'm not? Shocking!

  24. Replies
    1. Look who is back! Happy belated Halloween. May we still look pretty without a mask on :)


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