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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Love Yourself But Don't Jump Your Own Bones?

When it comes to self-love, that all important instinct by which actions are directed to the promotion of your own welfare, some of us may be falling a little bit short. While it is arguably (and probably for practical reasons, too) ill-advised to jump your own bones, an extra dose of humble self-appreciation before Santa goes all Scooby Doo and ho ho ho on you again probably won't hurt you one bit. So what are you waiting for? 

'Ah! (throwing furniture) But here is where the problem lies, Doctor Blue: the difference between knowing and doing is as big a gap as the valley that lies between your own handsome blue buttocks, and I for one would say that that is quite a sizable gap.' I hear you, Pickleope, and thank you for cracking that joke, pun intended haha, but sometimes you shouldn't think so much. We people, some green, some blue, have a tendency to dwell on our own shortcomings, pondering the bleak landscape we dare call our future, and all we're gaining from that hard work is sweaty armpits and a lethal dose of despondency.

'Waiting is for those who have time
or think they do.' — Dr. Blue

But don't jump just yet.

The keyword, dear readers, is baby steps. You see, the point is... we need to love ourselves to the best of our abilities, even if that means taking baby steps for a long, long time. You can do it. Take a good look in the mirror, and don't you ever listen to folks who say you are a dreamer or who think you're worth two quarters but not a buck. Don't listen when they say, 'Some things just can't be done. Keep dreaming, baby.' Ignore those so-called friends who want to cramp your style. Don't invite them to your next party. Don't invite them, period. Even if you think that means they won't love you anymore. Focus on your goals. With each goal that you achieve, you will love yourself a little bit more. Baby steps. Focus. My Granny used to say, 'No can do means you're dead.'

'Baby steps are progress too.'— Dr. Blue

'But... but... (big fat tears running down his cheeky cheeks) it would take like forever to lose the excess pounds I've been carrying around since the year dot. You're full of shit. Eat my shorts!' No, it wouldn't, Dezzmeister, plus you're not a whale and I'm not hungry. Thanks for the offer. You just need to act right now, today, and I don't mean that in a Hollywood kinda way haha. Act... get it? Change tack. Remember, we all look the same when we're butt-naked anyway. Well, technically. And while I may have the body of a professional athlete and you don't, that doesn't mean you're unworthy of my love. None of us are losers, you see. That's just a label we allow others to put on our precious little soul. We allow them. DON'T allow them. Baby steps. Start by ignoring their superior butts. They think their poo don't stink. It does. They think they're the rulers of the universe. They're not. They are deluded, believe me. They, too, are as mortal as the next man or woman. It just hasn't sunk in yet. It will eventually, but when it does, their time will have run out. Don't let that happen to you. Say, 'I love my butt.'

'Their label is NOT you. Don't give
them that power.' — Dr. Blue

'But... but... ( what if you've been trying so hard to get your book published and they just don't like your stuff? I feel so rejected.' Ah, there you are, Wendy from Down Under. Good to hear from you. Listen, you've written an entire book. Chapter and verse. That's an impressive achievement in my book, pun intended haha. It is something I could never ever do. Why do you think I write poems about being a house or being a shoe or being a word or being a car or a fruit or a toy or a song or... well, you get the picture. Don't you dare connect your self-worth to other people's appreciation of your ideas. Or to quote someone really smart: 'Sometimes rejections just mean that they're not the right publisher for you, not that your book isn't good.' Spoken like a true Yoda. Wendy, I know you know intellectually that being rejected by publishers shouldn't matter, but the trick is to feel it too. Try to see the bigger picture. What is more important to you: the opinion of a committee or sharing your book with the entire world, including me? Talk to my friends JulesLynda and Alex. I'm sure they've got some sound advice for you. Here is mine: change tack, for what doesn't work today is unlikely to work in the future. But no matter what... never give up. Here's another quote for you: CLICK!

'If they reject you, they may have 
a poor taste in humans.' — Dr. Blue

Well, I'm afraid that's all for today, folks. The Doctor needs some rest. Yes, you may have guessed it, it's couch time (for the Missus still hates my charming snore). Have a great weekend.

Dr. Blue

(And I'll raise you... a Scooby Doo)

* * *

The Reboot.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh, and I am a dreamer and that is what people say...maybe, I shouldn't dream you can see I am turning that shade of blue...going back to bed..."I need to get my head out of the clouds" I guess they call that reality :-(

    2. She is indeed a dreamer! And a big fan of Dr. Blue.
      Love others as you love yourself. That means you have to care about yourself, value yourself, and understand all children of God are precious, yourself included. That doesn't happen overnight though. As you said, baby steps.

    3. She's the one and only True Blue, Alex. She loves that Bora hammock...

      Let me add something to your words of wisdom: Love yourself like you love others. :))

    4. Hi True. Is that what people say?

    5. Don't tell him, Cat
      He doesn't know that

    6. Hi Blue,

      That is what they say...a dreamer with her head in the clouds living in some other world...

      How about a song?

  2. So the D. is in
    With his little spin
    Lefty and Righty get some love
    What? No one looks from around of above
    I'm worth a buck you say
    That would be a loonie at my bay
    It would sure work for me
    Loonie as can be at my sea
    If you give me a buck or two
    I'll be toonie too
    Loonie and toonie
    Time I end this cartoony?
    Nope, not yet
    Rambling is not met
    all look the same naked you say
    Err umm okay
    Are you barking up the wrong tree?
    Not sure why that came to me
    But at least it beats lifting your leg on a tree
    Can humans do that and still pee?
    A purely medical question it is
    Maybe a pop pop fizz fizz
    Would that be a relief
    From all the grief?
    And yeah pffft to waiting
    That crap gets hating
    Let's wait for a magic day
    Pffft once more at my bay
    A baby step or two is better to do
    Flush the waiting down the loo

    1. The Doc is in
      At his bin
      Ready to begin
      Just took a very long nap
      Dreaming about Bora babes on my lap
      Um... Angie's watching me
      In the place to be
      So let's talk about your worth
      As the rhyming waves you surf
      You're worth a buck or two
      At your Kitty Cat Shoe?
      Loonie you say
      At the Kitty Bay?
      Barking up the wrong tree...
      Who.... me?
      Never... maybe Scooby Doowee
      At your flee sea
      Yikes... don't lift that leg
      Unless you're laying an Easter egg
      Didn't think so
      At my show
      Ho ho ho
      I couldn't wait
      Will Santa take the bait?
      A ticket to Bora would be fun
      Unless you gotta run
      I'd rather fly
      I might give it a try
      No magic day?
      But... it's Saturday.
      Such a fun day!

    2. Fly would be easy
      Running isn't pleasy
      Santa may not help
      Ignoring any Bora yelp
      Maybe as a consolation prize
      You'll fly the Tahiti skies
      Rather lay a golden egg at my sea
      Than to go on an Easter spree

    3. Do you reckon Santa is a fake
      Like a fake snowflake on a break?
      Not a fox
      In a box
      Or a fly
      On a pie

    4. Could very well be
      Fake on a present spree
      Maybe an elf on a shelf
      Given by a shelf of an elf
      Could that work?
      Might be a perk

    5. Or an elf in a box
      Wearing red socks

    6. Why not Blue?
      Would he mock you

    7. That son of a Santa gun
      Likes to have him some fun
      Mocking me like I'm some fool
      Like Bora Bora would make me drool
      And then poof no ticket near my tree
      No Bora Beach for me
      In the place to be

    8. Maybe you'll get a win
      A lottery ticket at your bin
      You'll win the grand prize
      Only to find out it was all a disguise
      the ticket was fake
      Then you'll drown santa in a lake

    9. Wouldn't be the first time, you know
      At the Blue guy show

    10. haha been tricked before?
      That was rude at your shore

  3. So basically what you are saying is that you love your butt... What else is new? :) And who said me was a whale? Did you think me was a whale.. what? What scandal is this?

  4. Nah, I think I'll stay a dreamer, in mY little world, I like it here *smiles*

    1. Good for you. Have a great weekend.

    2. I'm with Shadow . . . but don't tell anyone . . lol

    3. (Unable to speak on account of sealed lips.)

  5. Dr. Blue ~ I'm definitely on the threshold of discovery & recovery.

    Here is what my daily gratitude card stated: "Today, I will do my best and start appreciating how far I've come."

    > >..."We people, some green, some blue, have a tendency to dwell on our own shortcomings, pondering the bleak landscape we dare call our future, and all we're gaining from that hard work is sweaty armpits and a lethal dose of despondency."

    I read, "lethal dose of despondency, " and thought, "yep, that's the path I run to. Time to stop that!

    Such an uplifting post. I'm smiling on a rainy Saturday. Another weekend without yard work, but hey, there's so much fun left to do on the inside!

    Right now my spine is out of alignment, and I actually HAVE a butt. I'm hoping to retain it once the chiropractor re-aligns me. (Smile).

    Love to you and me,


    1. Good to hear you were smiling. Are you in a lot of pain? Thanks for the love. Now, where are my M&M's?

    2. I'm not experiencing pain - instead I'm exhausted.

      M&M's - I may need a 'ship to' address (smile).

    3. You had me worried. You're exhausted... That makes two of us. Exhaustion is my middle name. You may remember.

      Yes, you may need a ship to address :))

    4. and what's your surname, Randy, don't remember you told us?

    5. So you iz Randy Blue Balls?

    6. where did it come from? :)

    7. Well, poopy poop, I'm again not your 100th!

    8. I noticed. It's shocking! What's happening, Dezzmeister?

    9. too much work that is what is happening! I'm on my eight book this year! No, ninth actually, but I don't count the one I translated in January because they never paid me :(

    10. You should've been on Bora right now.

  6. Well, well, well. What a lovely surprise. Move over Dr, Phil. It appears Dr, Blue is in the house with much sound advice.

    And you are right. Naturally. 'For what doesn't work today is unlikely to work in the future.' Yes, it is clearly time I change tack. Enough said ...

    You have positively made my day, Blue. And I thank you for thinking of me. I am truly touched. Don't go there Blue - or Dezzy, for that matter. Hahaha!

    I must remember this quote ~ “Don’t be discouraged. It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.” – Author Unknown. Very true.

    Thanks Blue xo

    1. Don't mention it, Wendy. It pleases me to hear you are positively touched. (Dezzzzz! Don't you dare!) You'll find a way to get your book published. Gary feels the same way too.

      Have a great weekend and don't be a stranger :)

    2. I'm not saying anything....

    3. Good. Best not to, Dezzy ...

    4. There. She said it! :p

      Wendy... did you see Manzanita's kind words?

  7. Hey Dr. Blue!

    Such acts of altruism from your good self. Links that makes one thinks, methinks.

    May I take the liberty of mentioning one particular link? "Yes, of course, Gary, you amazing dude!" Why, thank you, Dr. Blue. I've had the honour aka "honor" for your vast American audience, to have interacted with Wendy on many a pissed, sorry, past occasion. Wendy will know, will understand that her passion for the written word will be the ongoing driving force that sees her realise her writing dream. We are not defined by our mistakes. What we learn from our mistakes, defines us.

    A thoughtful post, my illustrious Blue friend. With that, I'm outta' do I get out of here?......YIKES! ;)


    1. Gary Gary never scary always flairy! Methinks you're onto something, you amazing dude. Wendy will realize her writing dream. There's no doubt about it. If we were defined by our mistakes, I'd be in serious trouble, I tell ya. Serious trouble indeed. (No comment, of course...YIKES) Not to mention a truckload of missed opportunities and then some... BUT... what we learn from our mistakes define us. So how come we (well, maybe not you) keep making the same mistakes?

    2. We can keep making the same mistakes until we work through those mistakes, eventually, I state, optimistically :)

    3. Your optimisms is rubbin' off on me, Sir.

  8. A wonderful post and one to ponder deeply on. Greetings to you blue one.

    1. Thank you. That means a lot coming from you :)

      Greetings to you positive one.

  9. Good advice . . . . I have a lovely butt and I am going to write a novel and I am going to discover the grand unification theory of physics . . . .and . . . and . . . :)

    Great post Dr Blue . .

    1. Thank you, Eddie. Ah you have been blessed with a lovely butt too. Well, good for you :)) Now, about that novel,.....

  10. We have to try. One foot in front of the other.

  11. When you talked about "loving yourself," I swear I thought you were talking about the need to masturbate.
    That quote attributed to me sounds like something I would say...except perhaps the "handsome buttocks," line. Not saying that you buttocks aren't handsome, but I haven't seen the cheeks in question in person. Butt I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and cosign on that quote anyway.

    1. The need to masturbate... now, why doesn't that surprise me one bit? "Attributed" to you? I heard you say it in my office. We really have to talk, Pick. I'll ask Eva to wchedule an appointment with you. How does tomorrow sound? :p

  12. It's always good to stay away from negative folks. No one has time for that!

    1. I'll second this, but I believe what Bijoux meant to say was this.

    2. Amen to that, Bijoux.

      You might be onto something, fellas.

    3. That's EXACTLY what I meant to say!

  13. Why are we so complicated Dr Blue?
    I'm asking you?
    I don't know what to do?
    Love my butt?
    Tutt Tutt
    That I cannae do
    Dr Blue,
    But my guns aint bad,
    for a skinny chick that's rad
    But baby steps you said?
    In my head.
    I can try that too
    Scoberdy Do!!!!

    PS Wish my snorer would bugger off to the couch.................that's usually where I go when I cant sleep over the racket!!!!!!

    1. We aren't complicated, AlleyCat. We just like to think we are in the same way we preer to be perceived as.... being busy all the time. Ah your guns again. Well, I guess nobody is perfect after all haha. In your case... baby miles :)) So you have a snorer too and somehow you are the one who ends up on the couch.

    2. So. stop being busy & my brain will be less complicated??? Awesome!!! I think I'll take a nap at my desk right now then if I don't need to be busy......need to catch up on last nights lost sleep from snorzy mcsnore!!! :D :D :D

    3. That's right. :D

      McSnore? Hahaha I nearly fell off my chair, which is not a good thing when I'm eating chocolate. (yes, I'm eating chocolate.)

  14. Ah I used to like to hear my husband snoring. Makes me smile to think about it. :)

    And YES YES YES, writing a whole book is a HUGE accomplishment and one to be lauded on its own merit alone!! I think that's an amazing and awesome feat.

    Self-worth seems to take so long to cultivate in some people. We're all so wonderful and so amazing, yet we take so long to learn and appreciate that little gem of a fact. How can we be so smart and so sloooow to learn at the same time??? We'd sure have a lot more fun in life if we wised up earlier. I cannot even count the precious time I literally wasted, worrying about something negative that someone said (or I knew thought) about me, when I was younger. These days, I say phooey to 'em (and oh yeah, the criticizers still try to come to the party). It'd be nice though if you could voice your dreams without someone scoffing. Wishing the scoffers runny eggs for breakfast today (unless they like runny eggs, and then I'm wishing them hard boiled). nAnd I don't take it back (sticks tongue out and enjoys her bagel, with NO eggs (ick). :)

    Have a great day, Blue. :)

    1. 'It'd be nice though if you could voice your dreams without someone scoffing...' I agree, Rosey. Where would we be without our dreams?

  15. Sleeping Bluety - that was clever!

    When I was down in the dumps after Devin's disclosure, I wrote affirmation cards and read them to myself in the mirror. I looked like an insane woman but I had to retrain my brain: "Your are worthy" "You are beautiful" etc

  16. I needed that today, Blue and blue is how I feel. Thank you for putting me in the category “of sound advice” up there. I feel honoured.

    Thing is Blue, it’s about believing in yourself which is a very tricky thing to do and not sustainable. It’s very difficult to remain consistent in the art of self loving yet remarkably easy to do the self -loathing part. Is this experience? Culture? Fear? Judgement? Is it all of them? It also depends on your ‘mood de jour’ and if that is at the bottom of the casserole dish then it’s difficult to rise to the top and bubble with delicious aroma.
    Loving yourself doesn’t sit right does it? It feels somewhat egotistical and yet it is paramount to love thyself if we are to love others properly and without agenda.

    So, here’s my advice since you put me there with the wise owls:

    1: Give yourself a break. Stop being so hard on yourself.

    2: If you’re trying to achieve something (like the lady with a book) then make your own inroads, fly your own flag and talk yourself up treat. And yes you will feel incredibly narcissistic and yes some people will think you are but so what? No matter what you do there will always be haters. I’ve had a few and you know how nice I am!

    3: Don’t be afraid of people no matter what they do or your perception of their greatness. They are just people - never forget this. I have badgered my whole community about my novel even though I’m a nobody until I got heard. In doing so I have got on BBC Radio, a full spread and picture in the paper and a major book launch at the biggest bookstore in the UK. Keep pressing because failure cannot live with persistence.

    4: Remain humble and treat others like you want them to treat you. I think if you are reasonably sound and compassionate and do your best by people it helps in the art of loving yourself.

    Anyway, that’ll do for now - I’m just going to find a nice story for you…BRB.

    1. Pure poetry, Jules. Pure poetry, and needless to say I love every word of it. Thank you for that.

      Ah, yes, 'They are just people - never forget this.' I guess the older (um wiser) we get, the more we understand that this is as true as gold. Wait a minute... you had haters? You of all people? Blasphemy! Give me a list of names.

  17. I'm back!

    And your story for the day is this:

    An elderly Chinese man had two large pots, each hung on the ends of a pole which he carried across his neck.

    One of the pots had a crack in it while the other pot was perfect and always delivered a full portion of water. At the end of the long walk from the stream to the house, the cracked pot arrived only half full.

    For a full two years this went on daily, with the man bringing home only one and a half pots of water.

    Of course, the perfect pot was proud of its accomplishments. But the poor cracked pot was ashamed of its own imperfection, and miserable that it could only do half of what it had been made to do. After 2 years of what it perceived to be bitter failure, it spoke to the man one day by the stream. "I am ashamed of myself, because this crack in my side causes water to leak out all the way back to your house."

    The old man smiled, "Did you notice that there are flowers on your side of the path, but not on the other pot's side?" "That's because I have always known about your flaw, so I planted flower seeds on your side of the path, and every day while we walk back, you water them." "For two years I have been able to pick these beautiful flowers to decorate the table. Without you being just the way you are, there would not be this beauty to grace the house."

    Each of us has our own unique flaw. But it's the cracks and flaws we each have that make our lives together so very interesting and rewarding. You've just got to take each person for what they are and look for the good in them.

  18. Is that what you call a crack pot? OK - I'm going now...honest.

    1. I guess so. I hope that crack pot has a sense of humor, being really sentitive and all. Thanks, Jules.

  19. Dr Blue...I strongly agree with both of your main points here. Yes, you should love yourself even if it in baby steps. And, Dez is definately not a whale.

  20. I just gave some advice to me, about you, on my post that I haven't changed forever. So I'm taking my own advice and saying, "I was here, twice." That is to let you know I was here. Haha... belly laugh. But I said to myself....."Self, you should at least let him know you were here.... so I am and maybe I'll even write my comment. To heck with the grass."

    Wendy from Down Under is a very special person and I know she would write a very special book. I love that Kermit the Frog or whoever it is, doing a typing frenzy on her blog. I'd like to be Wendy's neighbor, that's how much I like her. Maybe yours too, now that you've soundproofed your bedroom.... I mean from the snooring, silly.
    My dear baby son (who is far older than you...ha) on my last birthday, put up a bird feeder right outside my kitchen window so I can watch the song birds as I type. The feeder is empty and the birds are annoyed with me so I'm off to refill and they can eat to their little hearts joy. We all love our heinies. :)

    1. I just told myself to enjoy your comments as if they were made of M&M's. I love each and every one of them. As if you didn't know. "I was here twice..." Haha!

      Wendy sure is a special person. I hope she's aware of our admiration ;) Oh I may have to continue my soundproofing escapade, Manzanita - or should I say, 'extravagance'? - now that my other neighbor has found herself a big hunk o' love. (Knock on wood, knock on wood, not not that kind of wood, silly.) My cats are looking at me thinking, 'How come you are eating and we're not?' (I love my chocolate!)

      Yes, we love our heinies.

  21. What about sex toys? Is that considered jumping your own bones?

  22. What an awesome reminder. And, I hate to admit it, when I first read the title I had the same juvenile thought as Picklelope. Whoops!

    1. Good to hear from you again. I wrote the title to entertain our naughty green friend. Whoops!

  23. Jason wants to know why I don't mind when the girls leave with their friends, then he leaves with his after I've been home alone all day. Well, it's simple. I enjoy my own company. Sure, I've got flaws like everyone else, but I don't dwell on them often. Someone will always be smarter, prettier, funnier, or whatever. I'm me and that's not changing. Take it or leave it, because at the end, I want to be content with the life I lived, not with what others thought about me.

    1. That's the spirit! You don't need Doctor Blue.
      I'm sure you can teach me a thing or two :)

    2. Blue Balls, did Sister Theresa just say her husband leaves her alone at nights? What scandal is this?

    3. Good question. Why don't you go and ask her (then tell me all about it)?

    4. I'm sure she will pop around here and tell us the details of this Hoosier scandal!

    5. Sometimes he goes to the football games with his cousins and uncle. Or, he'll go kayaking on the weekend or after work with co-workers. Adios, buddy! I say! Gives me more time to catch up on my shows or read a good book uninterrupted lol.

    6. Well, good for you. We all are entitled to our fair share of ME-time.

  24. Wait... you told me not to think too much. I can do that! But you also told me to look in the mirror... must I? I'd rather not crack another one...

    Love your take on rejection.

  25. What wonderful advice that really came from out of the Blue! I also enjoyed your creative version of Sleeping Bluety!



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