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Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Attention Span of an Ant

When you start complaining about the younger generations, you'll be pleased to know you're pretty much lost. It's a tell-tale sign that you're out of touch with the here and now; with all things important and spectacular; you're getting old as you sink in the mud on your way to oblivion. Or so they say. 

Well, they say a lot. Maybe it's time for them to start listening. Did you know that an entire generation is addicted to themselves? The ME-ME Generation. The first thing they hear themselves think when they wake up is, Where's my phone? Do I have any new messages? I bet they love themselves so much that when the time has come again to touch their favorite organ, they think about themselves and no one else.

Yesterday I was at our local movie theater trying to watch Crimson Peak. I say trying, because sitting in front of me was this young lady who kept checking her Facebook messages. Every ten minutes. I know this because I timed her. It also didn't take a rocket scientist to determine she couldn't help herself even if she wanted to — she was drugged by Apple, the unhealthy fruit. Her messages were clearly much more important than our collective wish to watch the movie without some annoying bright light switching on and off all the time. She couldn't care less about our sighs. 'Bright light! Bright light!' I know, we are so intolerant. Let's all do it: switch it on, switch it off. Be modern and flexible in one fell swoop.

The ME-ME Generation is like a worldwide virus that even preys on Daddies and Mommas, for it's not only young people who need their quick fix of ME-Time but also adults who seem obsessed with themselves to the point that they can't even concentrate at work. They need to check their messages. It's essential. They're like people who smoke and need ten breaks, only much, much worse. Multitasking my shoe. They are weak, is what they are. 'I want a phone. I want an iPad.' Who in their right mind gives their three-year-old a $600 iPad? Well, parents who need a nanny because they want to devote all of their precious time to their beloved piece of technology.

How did this happen? When did people become this self-centered? And how did they manage to sneak up on me? Was I looking the other way? Why does it sometimes feel like I'm an extra in The Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

Because I am?

Through the years I've seen my hard-working students transform into twenty-year-old princes and princesses with the attention span of an ant. Spoiled brats who stop reading out loud after three sentences and ask me (as if tormented and poised to give me two thumbs down on Facebook), 'Do I need to read on?' The quick and easy bite. 'Yes, you need to read on. Why, are you bored?' 'No, I was just wondering if I had to read the entire paragraph.' A freaking paragraph. I guess they think it's hard work. Why do I need to read something that's clearly out there waiting for me in hyperspace at the press of a button? Why would I take it all in and — heaven forbid — reflect on it in great detail without the assistance of Wikipedia? I know, it's borderline criminal.

Information fast food is all the rage. Tweets. You name it. Oh I used to tell my students that I'd rather they wrote a lot about a little than a little about a lot, and that particular preference of mine would always make perfect sense to them. Those days are long gone. Who needs indepth discussions when there's so little time and so many mental snacks?


* * *


  1. Phone use in theaters is primo tacky! It's nice to be connected; but it's sublime to have time without interruptions.

  2. Last year I went on a cruise. The thought of being stuck on a huge ship with little to do, on the big blue wobbly, cut off from civilization because the cost of being connected was extraordinary... awesome. As I sat in my sun pod on deck, drinking my cocktail, I watched my fellow passengers. Most of them had their phones... say what?????????? It boggled my mind. So few of them could go without. Of all ages. They are soooo missing out.

    1. Missing out a ton, Lynda. Some people go to a concert and see the entire thing through a six inch screen.

    2. After traveling all day today and watching people in airports, I've seen the same thing as Lynda - everyone on a device. I saw that everywhere I went this past week as well. People who don't look up to see the world. Wall-E wasn't far off.
      Not sure what generation kicked off the ME generation. Generation Y?

    3. I don't get it either, Lynda. Maybe that's a good thing.

      That's exactly what I mean, Alex.... Wall-E wasn't kidding. Everyone on a device. Why don't they have that thing implanted and get it over with? There's so much world to see... through a screen.

  3. What do you mean when did it all happen? With the freakin' 90's of course with the fall of the family and ethical values from the 80s. Everybody raised after that isn't really raised and well mannered. These brats have no culture nor values.

    1. And try walking down a footpath... no one moves or even attempts to move just slightly to let an on coming person by. Not even people walking side-by-side. They just expect the oncoming person to go walk on the road or the lawn or into the bushes or something. Sheesh.

    2. I know. You know. They know but don't give a rat's butt. They only care about their own butt.

    3. we need bum spanking brigades, Blue! They would go around town spanking ill behaving kids and teens .... and shaving their heads if they're doing the Bieber style :)

    4. Would you be in charge of the bum spanking brigade? Bieber? How dare you defile - nay, besmirch - my blog with that name???

    5. hey, Blue, who's that guy on your left you went to see the movie with? :)

      Did you see he whose-name-we-wont-mention-here-anymore-since-it-is defiling showed his lil' nilly willy at the beach last week? Such lovely comedy it was....

    6. His.... willy? Yikes. Were you impressed?

    7. Mildly yes... I did look at it twice... or maybe thrice.....

  4. A sad realization
    Of the young persons
    Glued to the screen
    What were they missing!

    Good relationships
    Interactions seemed hardships
    To them they were not
    Discussions were rot

    Out of style
    They got riled
    Walking minions
    Gadgets as companions


    1. Hank! There you are, always near, never far.
      Yes, but you should see the look on their face when one day they themselves are out of style... Will it be a shock?
      Will they jump off a rock?
      Will they need an app to save their butt?

  5. Drivescme crazy with how attached some people are to their phone. We own the phone, the phone should not own us, sadly some think differently.


    1. Well put, Betty. Hey, it's Sunday....
      Such a fun day :)

  6. Yep, pathetic as can be
    With all the me me me
    That can stick their phone up their rear
    And then shove that to their ear
    Maybe then they'd get it
    And realize they too have smelly shit
    All the me me me crap is everywhere
    I see them with much to spare
    Adults have it too
    With robo babysitter in view
    And it makes them dumber as well
    Which isn't hard to tell
    Can't read a paragraph or two
    Wowee, that is such hard work to come due
    Your tongue may fall out
    At least then they'd have something actual to talk about
    Get a cell phone jammer in your classroom
    That will make them all feel like its world ending doom
    That's what I would have if I ever was in front of a crowd
    Jam the idiots and watch as they get lost in a grey shroud

    1. Pathetic is the new cool
      As a new gadget makes them drool
      Appelism the hottest religion
      Full of shit like a pigeon
      Sure tools are great
      But they can wait
      The world's here, not on a screen
      If you know what I mean
      Will they need an app beyond the grave?
      Who turned them into a slave?
      They can stick it deep and try again
      Let it vibrate too like Uncle Ben
      They'll get it when the clock strike twelve
      When it's time to put them on a shelve
      Me Me makes me sick
      They can go sit on a stick
      A USB-stick some would say
      Need a babysitter to play?
      How about a terminator
      Or an iVibrator?
      That's kinda rude in Texas you know
      You may have read about it at your show
      A jammer.... that would be fun
      I might need more than just one
      Hey, Cat.... it's Sunday
      Such a fun day!

    2. haha guns and dildos are had
      I guess some think both rad
      They can't take it to the grave
      With the me me me path they pave
      But they hoard the crap
      As away they flap
      About me me me
      A usb stick where none can see
      A slave they are
      To the big guys near and far
      Apple laughs to the bank
      While they get their toy and struggle to fill their gas tank

    3. Many think guns are okay
      Just don't carry a dildo at your bay
      That's like the PC brigade through the looking glass
      I could say something about gas....

    4. Yeah, so stupid indeed
      Oh no, a dildo at ones feed
      What is that going to do?
      Where as a gun could kill you
      Old west mentality at play
      Stuck decades ago at their bay

    5. Threatened by a dildo or a gun
      Which one would be fun?
      Yikes and then some
      (I could use the word um... bummmmm)

    6. Maybe a dildo shot from a gun
      That would clench up each bun

    7. Be a ride
      As in it will glide

  7. I've held out and not bought a smartphone. It was so incredibly freeing when I spent a week on vacation away from the screen. Harder to do at home, esp. when using Internet to pay bills, etc.

    1. A week on vacation away from the screen... I wonder what's that like. Well, good for you at your shoe, and I'll raise you a Scooby Doo!

  8. That's obnoxious. There's ads before the movie that tell people to put and keep their cell phones away. You are free to politely tell the person with the glowing phone in the movie theater to "please put it away, you're being a dickhead."
    Don't you think that we've always been a me-me culture just with the advent of the internet and social media that we've learned to basically weaponize that self-centered tendency?

    1. I know. The ad started and she just ignored it. Maybe the screen was too small for her to notice. I go to the movies on a regular basis and this type of obnoxious behavior is getting worse and worse.

      I think we've always been a me-me creature but society did not always allow us to be this rude. New technology is just facilitating our inner need.

  9. Now the second question for today is: why on Earth did you go to watch a Del Torro movie? You know we don't do that monster who graphically kills children in his movies! Boo and hiss!

    1. The only one I saw before this one was Pan's Labyrinth, which I think is a fantastic work of art.

    2. well that is the ONE! He stabs a lil girl with a knife in it and sets a dangerous precedent which opened the gates of hell in Hollywood and now we have kids and babies and pregnant ladies butchered in every other series or movie in USA! I spit when I hear his name... spit spit spit...

    3. I think there's a difference between this movie and the copycats who take things out of context and turn killing kids into food for fans of exploitation movies. The story that this story tells isn't exploitative, Cat. It's not like The Mockingjay. It's more like kids in century old fairytales or literary stories like Beowulf or Hamlet.


      Don't run out of spit, Dezzman.

    4. Sorry, but fairy tales weren't directly and vividly graphic. Even if the bad witch tried to cook Hanzel and Gretel in her stew she didn't do it graphically.. in today's movies you would probably see her de-boning and slicing them first.... if Del Toro or Tarantino were directing... I spit on them... spit spit spit.....

  10. Tell the usher--if theaters still have them--that you can't enjoy the movie because of the telephones. If they don't have ushers, go to the person who makes the popcorn. Ask for the manager if you must. You don't have to put up with that crap. If no one will do anything, say you want your money back and then go to the movie when kids are in school or at home being horny with each other.


    1. Here's the catch, Janie: there's no usher but you are urged to send a text message in case there's a problem or impropriate behavior. In other words, I'd have to switch on my phone or step outside and try to find an usher wannabee. I always ask people to keep that light out of my face but this young lady was sitting too far away from me. I thought about shouting, 'SWITCH THAT FUCKING PHONE OFF!' again (wouldn't be the first time) but I decided for once to leave it up to the people sitting right behind her. Of course, those morons didn't say a word, which no doubt made the phone fetishist think it was acceptable behavior.

  11. Did you like the movie? The trailer looked a bit Jane Eyreish and maybe spooky dull. What was your take? My daughter usually wants to see a movie on Sunday and today is Sunday.
    There is so much irony in life. I remember when telephones were few and far between and most communication was in writing. When I was young, Bob and I
    sat at the same desk at study hall...different hours, of course. He started leaving me notes, rolled up and hidden in a crevice at the back of the desk. There was a definite youthful attraction between us but we only glanced at one another in the halls. Those notes of poetry and a yearning for love filled any lonely moments I may have had, with pure ecstasy. (No, not the drug. silly). Of course, nothing ever became of it. He was just my Troubadour.

    Then the phones came and soon people could write on their phones. Holy Moly.
    After all the thrills of hearing a voice, they now have a choice of talking or writing. Most kids seen to prefer writing so we've come full circle. I wonder what they write. Perhaps it's beautiful sonnets as Robert and Elizabeth wrote and I'm not leaving out Bob and Manzi.

    And perhaps I'm dreaming. Yes I am but thank you for leading my memory through a chain of beautiful events.

    1. It was dull, predictable and the CGI ghosts were incredibly unconvincing, but the movie itself was beautiful as was Mia Wasikowska, who carried the entire movie. I don't want to see it a second time, though, which is usually how I decide if I liked it or not.

      Yes, it's Sunday... Such a fun day.

      I loved receiving letters and writing long replies. There's something special about non-digital things, both in movies and real life. I need real books, not digital ones; I prefer letters to emails and real movies sets to digital nonsense. Never had my own female troubadour, though. That would've been great. Speaking of irony, when I broke up with my ex in the year dot, she wrote her first letter to me. I'm not sure if kids today write beautiful poems, though. They seem to be more interested in liking stuff. And if you're unlucky, they give you the thumb down - you know, like in Roman days, only now you get to live.

      Can I ask you something? Have people always been as egocentric as they are today or is it only because of technological advances that this ME-streak has become more visible?

    2. Scooby Blue
      Every week I have to spend some time in Bozeman. Sorry I missed your question and I don't know if you look at the pasty wasties.
      I kind of ignored your real question at first because I don't have a definite answer (who does?)
      You are sooooo correct in your analysis of young people today. Boring, robotic brats and I don't understand how they can even want to be around one another. I am far happier when my grandchildren go home and I don't have to feel their quiet disdain of a relic from some musty old museum.

      But I think they are the pawns and just turning out as was schedued. "Dumbing Down of America" was planned many years ago and began with the kids. Kids can't be very egocentric during a huge eonomic depression because they have absolutely nothing. Each succeeding generation wants something better for their children so parents go along with the trends and give their kids whatever they want. But, how can parents NOT? The only way they could achieve that is to move far off the grid. Get Rid....Move off the Grid.

  12. Was there a generation that never complained about the next one?

    1. Never. But that's not the issue here, is it? I guess no one likes change.

    2. the point is that the older generations complained just to complain while we really have serious reasons to do so! Blue, shall we send spanking brigades to Adam's door?

    3. we must conscript Daisy into our brigade and make her do it to Adam!

  13. I've been saying that for years. My daughter is 24 years old and my grandson is nearly 3 years old. She and her friends were talking about getting ther toddlers their own iPads and I was are you thinking. Have you seen what he does with his toys? Didn't he break 2 of your phones? Why in the world would you get a toddler an expensive piece of technology. They looked at me as if I had grown a second head and they all said, to keep them occupied. There's tv for that. Or maybe play with your kid? Hey there's a novel idea. Get off your damn phone, put the video game down and interact with your kid. Good grief.

    1. When I was a student in the 80s I had to work my ass off to be able to afford a $600 piece of technology. Todays kids and teens take so much for granted like it's their right to get such a thing. I blame their parents. That's where everything starts.

  14. This posts reminds of the time that the cat said I was near 30. Hmph!! I still can't get that out of my head. No one ever said that to me before. He scarred me, blue...scarred me!!

    1. I remember, Jax. If he had a dime to spare, you could sue him. But... well, you know...

    2. lmao well she is closer to 30 now
      Than when the cat gave his meow
      Day by day
      Going that way
      Scarred for life
      hahaha oh the strife

    3. That is quick as a flash
      She might think the Cat's got cash
      Paying his spies to spy on Jax
      Still some dough left after tax
      Haha if only that were true
      You could call me 50 and I'd sue... you :p
      Jax looks like she's only 23
      In the place to be

    4. I still get id-ed here at my sea
      And 30 as can be
      All could sue
      They'd get cat hair at my zoo
      Maybe a can of cat waste or two
      But not a drop of dough would come due

    5. 23, blue? You just made me swoon!! As for the cat, suing sounds like a GREAT option. Hmph

    6. Cat, you still get id-ed at your sea?
      In the place to be?
      Like Scooby Doweee?
      I see.
      So the bitches in the park
      Still think your Tiny Stark?
      Wait... I mean kitties in heat
      No mutts at your feet :p
      Dough isn't within reach
      Nor is Bora Beach
      Win the lottery... that would be fun
      As you tan that kitty bun in the Bora sun
      Jax and me would come too
      So I can go and dig up that blue suede shoe!

    7. Jax would have to be thirty to join
      If not, she gets no coin
      Poor her with no bark
      Hey, I'll go with Tony Stark
      Or Tiny you say?
      We are snip snip at our bay

    8. So she's gotta wait?
      That she will hate :))
      Snip snip sounds like ouch to me
      In the place to be

    9. Ouch it can be
      But live happily
      No sex to come due
      Much easier at our zoo

  15. Hi Blue,

    she was drugged by Apple, the unhealthy fruit...haha...sadly that is true..I remember when apples were good for you. I went to see The Martian yesterday so I know what you are talking about as there were a couple of girls sitting in front of me playing with their smart phones. Instead of asking the audience to silence their phones they should say turn off your damn phones. Then they were giggling about their messages "really people" I've been trying to see this movie for 2 weeks paid good money to see it and you are ruining my experience...was I being selfish or were they? I think it comes down to being considerate there is a time and place to use your devices. I guess Regal has enforced the checking of purses as I had to open mine so this kid 16ish could look in my purse and I have to wonder what would he do if someone had a gun in their purse or backpack? Say oh sorry you can't enter...wth...I just don't get it...the kid would probably be too scared to say anything. What do you think Blue? Should Regal be asking a 16 year old to check bags and backpacks????

    I am with you I like to hold a physical book and in depth discussions are the best lets explore our minds and raise our consciousness. It is hard to find someone who wants to explore outside the box. They just want the facts and they don't want to explore new perspectives. We have non-communicators and non-thinkers and a world that has gone a muck..but, what do I know..I am just a dreamer with my head in the clouds that needs a reality check or at least that is what I am told..

    done with rant...thanks for listening...

    1. They were giggling about their messages... That's exactly what I mean. I once saw a hairy pussy (not the pet) going from one smartphone to the next, all in front of me while I was trying to watch a movie. Giggle, giggle. Really, people. Isn't it ironic that smartphones are used by the dumbest of people?

      Kids are cheap. That's why they check your bag. No, I think bag checking should be done by a bouncer kind a guy, not a kid. It's ridiculous. Money, money, money....

      Thanks for this great comment, True.

  16. OMG, I hate it when people putz with their phones in a movie theater. They might as well be shining a flashlight in your face.
    Enjoy your remaining hours of the weekend, Blue.

    1. The weekend was short. Good thing I've got the entire week off :))

  17. I'll just leave this here.

    I think this whole cellphone dependency thing just barely missed our generation, because we both have the latest/greatest new smartphones, but... I don't have a desire to use mine every ten seconds. Neither does my cohort. I mean I browse the web when I want to look something up, or sometimes I'll wonder what's on Facebook, but that's maybe once a day. Our wives, on the other hand, are the above described junkies. My wife probably has a permanent indent on her hand from where the phone sits. However, they have enough common courtesy to not use them while out at dinner, or in a movie theater, or at a funeral, etc.

    1. I sure did barely miss our generation. Wait... which generation are we talking anyway? I couldn't care less about the latest must-have's. The Bollywood Princess feels the same way. She's addicted to her phone but, like you said, there's such a thing as common courtesy. I wonder how today's gadget junkies would define courtesy.

      Thanks for the clip.

  18. Why didn't you kick her seat every time she turned the phone on? Or pass some really stinky gas? That would have got her out of your view pretty quickly!

    Amen to the Me-Me generation. I've caught my kids slipping into it a little and quickly reel them back in. My youngest tried taking her iPad into Kohl's today. "What the hell is this? March it back to the car, PRONTO! You will NOT be one of those morons that has their face in a screen all the time, especially in a store!" I made my oldest get a job so she could learn responsibility. She doesn't need the money, but she sure as hell isn't sitting at home on Facebook all day, either. I'm surprised by the amount of teens that don't have jobs these days. She's one of the first of all her friends to get one, and she's a junior. I remember all my friends couldn't wait to get a job and get out of the house back in the day. I am so glad we didn't have social media back then to turn us into complete dumb asses, the way most kids are today.

    1. Blue, where does Sister Theresa get these ideas of passing the gas as a counter-attack tactics?

      Where does Mariah work? In my country, sadly, we have no jobs for teens because even the worst jobs are taken by adults :( Thumbs up for not letting the kid carry IPad around!

    2. I didn't kick her seat because there were two rows in between. Next time I'll bring an actual flashlight to our movie theater and shiny it right in a phone fetishst's face with a big fat grin on my face. How's that for common courtesy? I applaud the way you raise your kids, Theresa. I had a job when I was 13 (yeah... in the stone age) and it made me so much more aware of the value of money.

      Dezzz! What in the world are you talking about? Are you high on glue again? Even the worst jobs are taken by adults.... Man, that sucks a ton.

    3. Dezzy, Mariah did work in a sandwich shop for 2 months, but their hours were ridiculous (they always sent her home after 2 hours when she was supposed to work 5!) so I had her apply at one of our grocery stores, which I love. They have to maintain good grades to even work there, and then they give out 12 $1000 scholarships to graduating seniors each year. Fingers crossed she gets one next year. Until then, the family gets 10% off groceries, so that's a real bonus. Even better, they let her work her full shift and she loves the job.

      Blue, I had a job at 15. My dad made me come work in his restaurant and didn't give a flip about child labor laws when it came to hours for me. I'd work 30-40 a week and had to go to school full time too. Kids today don't even want to work 10 hours without bitching about how it's so hard and they are so tired. My daughter tried to pull that after her first few weeks on the job and I had to quickly set her in place. If you can't manage 15 hours a week, at best, plus school, how are you going to manage working a full time job then come home and run your house. Better get used to it now, cause it's all downhill from here.

      Oh, and I love your flashlight idea! Gonna have to put a mini one in my purse and shine it at those stupid phone users at the theater next time we go too!

    4. that is great... but you do live in a country where work actually pays of... I'd be sad to put a child to work in my own country because we suffer enough throughout lifetime and they should at least cherish that little free and careless time they have in their childhoods.... But in your country they get paid and can spend the money for fun or something. Kids can only go to orchards to pick fruit over summer here if they want to save money for a summer trip or something, but that is tough physical work.

      What happened to dad's restaurant?

  19. Any restaurant you go to, you will see a large percent of people, all ages, on their devices instead of looking/talking to one another. Not too awful long ago, I saw what I assumed was a dad and a son eating out. Dad was on his device before, during and after dinner. The kid, about 8yrs old (same age as my son) didn't say a word the whole meal, he just fidgeted, put his head down on the table, and generally looked very bored. An 8yr old not saying a word during a meal! I can't even imagine it. I wanted to pinch dad. Not nice of me, I know...but if it would have rattled his brain enough to shift it to what's important...

    I do see texting in the movies sometimes too. That one doesn't bother me so much, but I have seen where the ushers are quick to come over and tell offenders to put the phone away.

    1. Such a great role model....Poor kid.

      You are very tolerant, Rosey. :)

  20. It is so very sad, isn't it? George Orwell's 1984 gets closer and closer to real life with each passing decade. *glancing at the Kinnect wondering if Big Brother is watching*

    1. So true. I know that book by heart and the signs are there, alright.

  21. The me's have it and there doesn't seem to be any changing it.

  22. I recently had to do a rhetorical analysis on "The Speech the Graduates Didn't Hear," by Jacob Neusner. I think you would kind of love his essay. I know I did.

    1. I just read it. I love it: 'For four years we created an altogether forgiving world, in which whatever slight effort you gave was all that was demanded. When you did not keep appointments, we made new ones. When your work came in beyond the deadline, we pretended not to care. Worse still, when you were boring, we acted as if you were saying something important. When you were garrulous and talked to hear yourself talk we listened as if it mattered. When you tossed on our desks writing upon which you had not labored, we read it and even responded, as though you earned a response.'


    2. YES!!! I was hoping you would like it.

    3. It's great. Full stop.

      Learn from it, princes and princesses.

  23. No review on the film? Can't have been that good!!

    I think I'll make a scene next time I'm at the cinema & someone keeps using their phone during the've paid to watch it so bloody watch it!!!!!

    I'm guilty of being joined at the hip to my phone - I do love the ability to look up anything at all on the internet any time I please! Especially mid conversation, when someone cant remember the name of place etc of something............or if you need to prove fact from fiction!!!!

    1. I didn't like the movie. Except for Mia Wasikowska. She was stunning.

      Next time bring an actual flashight to the cinema and shine that friggin' thing right in their face. How that for common courtesy? A light for a light....

      Oh I love that ability too, but I'm not like those people who come to your birthday party, then spend the entire evening talking to someone about how great this party is that they're not really attending. Do you know what I mean?

    2. LOL if I came to your party Blue rest assured you would know I was there & enjoying it!!! (not face first in my phone interacting with the rest of the universe on social media!)

      Yes a torch is a great idea. Maybe I could pretend I was an usher & escort them out of the theatre!!!!!

    3. Yes, escort them out! Bottom's up. AlleyCat! Let's party. So what if it's Wednesday? It's a special day. A very special day indeed.

  24. It's a generation of Instant Gratification, Blue. The worst - bad enough to justify something as ludicrous as a zombie apocalypse. Because that's what the gadgets do - walking entitled brat-ish zombies everywhere.

    1. Instant Gratifcation. You can say that again. Princes and princesses. But who is to blame? Grown-ups, that's who. 'Role models'.

  25. It's the selfie phenomenon. You can thank technology.

  26. Hi Blue...
    Totally agree with you...
    My "kids" {who are grown-ups} are totally from that generation...but are not allowed to look at their devices while we are having dinner together, or a family get together...they know better!! hahaha!
    What worries me tho' my wee granddaughter Vivian...she already knows how to work my Ipad!!! and she is only 3!!
    Oh can't stop technology...for better or worse,eh??
    Have a great day...
    Love when you visit my lowly blog♥️
    Linda :o)

    1. They know better! As expected :)) No, you can't stop technology but we can teach our kids some common courtesy? No?

      Your blog is not lowly, but you knew that already :)

      Cheers, Linda!

  27. Oh I HATE that so much. “Hey, girlie, you’re at the cinema! Look! See that big screen in front of you? That’s what you came to look at so PUT YOUR BLOODY PHONE DOWN!”
    I’m shocked that your students can’t get through a paragraph. Holy crap. It is very scary and I see so many people the same; immersed in their phones and missing what’s going on around them. A few weeks back, I was in London and I sat in a bar looking out at the people as they walked past- 99% of them (whilst walking) were looking at/listening to their phones. I couldn’t believe it. Why weren’t they looking around at the sights or the beautiful architecture? I get that these devices are part and parcel of modern life and technology and I have lots of Apple stuff myself but the attachment that many people have to their online world is really terribly frightening.

    1. You have lots of Apple stuff, I have heap loads of banana stuff, but the point is... we know when to use our equipment. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist.) It's true, Jules, there are plenty of zombies walking out there. They would only be interested in the neighborhood if I were to send them a photograph of it. Would they LIKE it?

  28. Take a look at this, Blue

    1. I love it, Jules.

      'The time you don't have to tell hundreds of what you've just done
      Because you want to share this moment with just this one'

  29. Oh, did you ever hit sneeze with this excellent post! I volunteer teach 9- and 10-year-olds once a week, and I'm often so amazed(disgusted) by their lack of attention span. Or how they try to hide what they're doing on their phones when they are supposed to be listening. Or when it's time for mom and/or dad to pick them up, and the adults have their heads buried in their devices, and there is no conversation at all. Aargh!!!

    1. Sneeze... I wonder how auto correct picked that up? It was supposed to say "a nerve"!

    2. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate typing on my phone?!? :)

    3. They're all 'connected'.... Sure they are. Here's a video Jules sent me that sums up the problem:



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