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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Glob, Glob, Swim, Swim

I sometimes feel like that goldfish in a bowl who thinks he knows what's out there. What I'd better do is keep breathing and pray real hard that nobody wants to eat me. 

We use our powers of reasoning to unravel the mysteries of the universe. We wonder, we ponder, we philosophize, but has it ever occurred to you that maybe our mind isn't the right tool for the job? That maybe it's a bit like eating soup with a fork, only we think it's a spoon? Sure, sometimes eating soup with a fork is the best we can do. I know we're only human. I'm not saying we are stupid. I'm not saying that having a PhD or winning a Golden Globe for Best Alien Reboot is meaningless in the infinite blackness of space, especially since it has been discovered that the universe isn't infinite but, in fact, more like — surprise, surprise — a bowl. I need to remember that just because we happen to be this planet's dominant life-form and we have somehow deluded ourselves into thinking that climbing Mount Everest means something (that we 'defeated' it) that doesn't mean we're not the fish in the bowl.

Is there such a thing as a humble fish?

Well, I'm afraid I'm still far from humble. I've got a big mouth against my better judgment, and I like the fact that someone furry just wrote a book about me, even if the plot is far from flattering and my suit is as skinny as Sarah Jessica Parker on a good day — I like it nevertheless. I also think I should at least be eligible for everlasting life on the planet Earth, which I suspect the people from the future will be idly taking for granted like their iPhone 500. Those fuckers. Pardon my Swedish. I fail to soothe myself knowing that, unlike me, the average Elizabethan rarely lived long enough to celebrate his 45th birthday and that I'm not doing too bad.

I just have a long way to go, even if the road is short and narrow, and someone forgot to switch on the lights, maybe on purpose.

And you?

* * *

He thinks he knows what's out there...


  1. lmao no Sex in the City for you?
    Maybe Striking Distance came due?
    At least no diet is needed
    With what was seeded
    Humans think they know it all
    But things change like the bouncing of a ball
    Very true with future fuckers too
    They'll live to be 302
    At least on average I suppose
    That is how it goes
    And if the universe is like a fish bowl
    What is outside of that when you stroll?
    And what's outside of that?
    And that where it's at?
    Good to stroke the ego
    And not stub a toe
    But in the end what does it say?
    Nothing much except we're gone on our merry way
    The cat doesn't come cheap
    As a your momma joke begins to creep

    1. No SITC for me
      In the place to be
      Now, look at you go
      At the blue man show

    2. On the go
      High not low
      No sex in the city for you?
      So Bora or the country at your zoo?

    3. I'd better stick to my couch
      Like an old grouch
      Not a fox
      In a fox

    4. A fox in a fox?
      That will curl WWE's socks
      Cannibalism you condone
      Hold the phone lol

    5. I condone more than I should
      In my neighborhood
      Where humpsters ruin your day
      Especially in May

    6. But spring has sprung
      So they pop a lung
      Humping away
      Night and day

    7. When will they stop
      Or just drop?

    8. Maybe just drop
      Or peppy may flop

    9. Or strike some gold
      Riches untold
      Then get on that boat
      To Bora I'd float

  2. Number 1 times two
    Can it be true?

    Great Post!
    From coast to coast!

    1. As true as gold
      And riches untold
      I just don't know where they are
      Maybe on a star
      Maybe in a jar
      Maybe not so far
      Maybe in the trunk of a car
      Maybe not
      Maybe a star is too hot
      Maybe it's just a joke
      Like a Sex in the City poke
      Or the poke in my car
      Pointing at a star
      Who can tell?
      Now, don't yell

    2. Maybe in a goat
      Or on a boat
      Or down a moat
      Or in a coat
      Beats little old me
      Here at our sea
      But hey aren't here
      Not even near

    3. I hear you, Cat
      On the mat
      In the Hatt
      Or a Catbat
      Or a catfish
      Whichever you wish
      Just don't be the dish
      Near or far
      In a jar

    4. Going to see who can hit number one at each other's blogs the most? Hank might have something to say about it.

    5. I think you're right, Alex. Now even The Cat wants to be number one....

    6. Being the dish
      Wouldn't be a wish
      Could break
      Unless the glass is fake
      Then chewed
      How rude

      Hank may come after all
      At every hall

    7. Hank is the original number one
      I'm just a reboot at the kitty hall
      So what are you, Cat?
      Number one on my mat?

    8. A number one
      That goes on a ton
      No copy and paste
      In post haste

    9. No copy and paste...
      Just typing with haste...

    10. Typing away
      Before night comes day
      I'll nod and agree
      In your shoe did you pee?

    11. I might have... once upon a time
      It made me rhyme

    12. Did snow white help
      Or give a bippity boppity yelp

    13. Snow White I'd help (wink wink)
      Much more than you think :D

  3. Sometimes it's easy to think that we are all fish in someone else's fish bowl and our fate is not our own.

    1. Ain't that the truth, Mary. Keep swimming, though.

  4. I've actually no idea what the post is about, Randy Mandy Sir Blue... but I'm here to feed the blue fish and clean up his poo poo from the bowl.
    PS I actually did use to eat soup with a fork.... because I hated the watery part and loved the noodles :)

    1. You, a linguist and professional translator, have no idea what this deep post is about? I'm shocked and about to break down. I do hope the noodles were tasty for I sure as heck hate them :p

    2. I suspect Dezzy is being trixie.

    3. The thought had crossed my mind, Wendy.

    4. Me a linguist... pftttt..... I've no idea about languages... not that me is not good with the tongue :) I do love being a suspect, may proceed with the case, attorney Wendy

    5. The tongue... I should've know. Wendy, we the jury find suspect Dezzy guilty as charged.

    6. Way toooo much information, Dezmond. Dear god! :))

    7. I thought I was supposed to say everything before the honoured court! What kind of judicial system is this? I demand a new trial and new jury!

    8. how can it be when me is above the law?

  5. Little fishy in a bowl
    Round and round you swim and roll
    By the time it takes to do a lap
    You forgot the views and all that crap
    Your memory span is just a second
    So when you get round it's new you reckoned
    So it looks all new to you
    Not like to Eddie or Mr Blue.
    It might well be the whole universe
    you swim round and traverse.
    But your cousins Homo Sapiens
    Think they know all but it depends
    On the size of their human brain
    and knowledge they think they can attain.
    We can just fathom our Universe is expanding
    And that does not take much understanding
    But the closed universe is a wonder
    And makes us think and sweat and ponder
    Perhaps it is really a large balloon
    And someone is blowing it hard like a loon
    And that is why the Galaxes are receding
    Each getting more space from others needing
    I wonder if it will ever stop
    Or maybe the balloon will one day pop
    Then there would be a BIG BANG
    But that's a theory that's gone and dang.
    Just like the theory of Steady State
    That's now regarded as not first rate

    I think we are rather like the fish
    We'll never know no matter hard we wish.


    1. Eddie... what can I say? You're a poet and you know it AND yu show it. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and to write such a wonderful comment. "Then there would be a BIG BANG" hahaha I hear you. You know I do. Well, how could I not? Your bang was so loud I think even my deaf neighbors heard you.

    2. You are most welcome, Mr Blue
      I always like your posts to view
      They always seem to stretch my mind
      So thanks for that, you are most kind.
      I think we one day might understand
      But not right here on Earthly land
      We only use brain power five percent
      So we can't fathom every event.
      But when we use our full capacity
      We will know all with huge audacity
      But I doubt if we can ever do it here
      So we might as well just enjoy a beer
      and swim through life like that fish.
      We are trapped in this dimension
      and when we leave we might see the full intention.


    3. Well, 100% might not even do the trick
      It's a bit like trying to operate with a stick
      Never say never though we won't get to see it
      The solution to the riddle that's about to give me a fit
      Haha I'm just kidding but curious I am
      Much more than the cat or the lamb
      We're trapped hoping there is a reason
      If there isn't, I'd call that treason ;)

      Have a great Sunday, Eddie!

    4. Boy, that Eddie can really poetize.

    5. HI Blue....
      That's our Eddie!
      Hope you are well....
      Your comments at mine are swell...
      Are we all going to hell?
      Do tell me...tell...

      That's all I got! Hahaha!
      Have a great week....
      Linda :o)

    6. I wonder how Eddie feels about your poetic talents, Linda. Especially the final two lines haha. Oh I hope not...

    7. I forgot to mention your book....or...Pat's book....about you...Blue!
      I checked it out....
      You are more handsome here at your show...
      You are a real celebrity!

    8. More handsome... Why, thank you, Linda. I would certainly hope so. Your friend Blue isn't that lanky (or stupid).

  6. Can it be said then
    Personal realization
    To clear a conscience?


  7. We're just two lost souls living in a fish bowl..


    Search beyond the lasers of light...there is beauty beyond our grasp...everlasting life on this planet would require finding the fountain of youth and if this planet keeps spiraling out of control would you want to stay here forever? One day this planet will burn it's self out and everyone will become cosmic dust.

    Last night I was getting in my car and the sky was dark and velvet and stars danced ...I gazed heavenward and the big dipper was there larger than I ever remember seeing it..and I thought I am thirsty and would like a sip from the cup..and you know what Blue...just as I was thinking that a shooting star flew right through that cup...I was absolutely speechless and I thought yes, I believe...
    so we are one...

    one fish
    two fish
    red fish
    blue fish....

    and my heart makes a wish upon a shooting star...

    care to share a bottle of dreaming wine...

    1. ps. Blue, keep looking for that blue suede shoe it may be elusive like that blue rose but, we need to keep searching...

      now, about that blue fish in the window...he needs to swim outside that aquarium there is a whole sea to discover..

      it's about perception Blue...

    2. We're just two lost souls
      Swimming in a fish bowl,
      Year after year,
      Running over the same old ground.
      What have we found?
      The same old fears
      Wish you were here.

      Pink Floyd - Gotta love the music ...

      Ok, I'll leave you in peace my mind wanders...

    3. Look at you go at the blue man show! I like your spirit, True Blue. You know I do. Science is trying to find the fountain of youth, and one day they'll find it too. But then what? Click HERE if you want to learn a thing or two about this quest, and HERE if you are really interested in a new perspective on aging.

      Let your mind wander.

    4. I'll keeping looking for that blue suede shoe
      I think you get the meaning of my search, True Blue :)

    5. Hi Blue,

      I read about how science is trying to find the fountain of youth but, I don't want to become an artificial species. No Thanks! Then one day generations from now, they will search for their genesis in a garden of Eden that may or may not still be there.

      Yes, I understand the meaning of your search as I am always searching for more answers in my quest. Perhaps, we should join forces in our journey.

      If, I give you your blue suede shoe would you be true...

      as you can see my mind is still is just the way I am...

    6. Ps - I read the article - Go Think, very interesting but, you still have the unknown factor at play the unexpected events that might shorten the life span. So, the trick is to keep our cells young. Fasting, I already do as it is good for the whole body...ok now you have me thinking even more.

    7. Thinking what I'm all for, True.

  8. My word you write well, Blue. I particularly liked, 'sometimes eating soup with a fork is the best we can do.' I agree wholeheartedly.

    A few years ago, the city council of Monza, Italy, barred pet owners from keeping goldfish in curved bowls... saying that it is cruel to keep a fish in a bowl with curved sides because, gazing out, the fish would have a distorted view of reality. But how do we know we have the true, undistorted picture of reality? Hmmm ....

    1. Thank you, Wendy. So kind of you to say that. We have, in fact, a distorted picture of reality (I just tried to read a layman's version of Einstein's theory of time and space), but I'm afraid I'm not smart enough to understand it.

    2. OMG I've never thought of the poor fishies seeing distorted reality if their bowl ain't round! Poor creatures! Must be psychedelic

    3. I was gon' say that.... but I left you the honour....

  9. The universe is finite? That's news to me.
    Not only are we using a fork, but there is no spoon.
    I'm in a fishbowl for all the world to see, trying to comprehend it all. I never will. Most of it goes on my list of things I'm going to ask God when I get to Heaven.

    1. Finite in the sense that it has the shape of a sphere. Click here for the theory behind it and here for a visialisation. Man, there are so many things we just don't understand. I won't even give it a try.

  10. I was going to say One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish but I see I'm late

    1. Late? You? NEVER!

      It's a fact. A Neko Random fact.

    2. Blue, what does NEKO mean? I've always meant to ask, but Adam never responds to comments :)

    3. Ah The Dazzzling Dezzzy required my intel. Well, here it comes, dear sir: CLICK!

    4. Oh wait, you wanted to know what the word neko means... Well, as far as I know it's a computer language, but Adam may have had something else in mind.

    5. but what does it mean in computing?

    6. Your Honour, I'm not answering that question in the court!

  11. I've got nothing. My head is swimming right now due to either food poisoning or stomach bug.

    1. Who do we sue? Get well soon... and sue whoever did that to you.

  12. What if there's Nothing Out There......... absolutely nothing, just one vast in Planet of the Apes (love those apes) and we're
    all held captive slaves by fear. Fear is the greatest weapon of all. No need for
    fences or fancy walls as we swim round and round in our tank while the marionette
    master jerks our strings. WHAT IF.....oh, I guess I said that.

    1. If there's nothing out there, I couldn't care less, Manzanita. If you are referring to space (and time), well, I know I will never find out. As for there being a Bora (i.e. the heaven that the bluefish is talking about because his Momma told him about it and there's this book that mentions it), I'm afraid I'm skeptical, to put it mildly. I think we are so preoccupied with making babies and, as a result, believing that there must be a Father looking after all of us, that we refuse to consider the possibility that there's nothing, absolutely nothing. The problem is that we have a hard time even imagining what 'nothing' really means. But I don't want to cramp anybody's style or poison their hopes and dreams. It just baffles me that so many people claim they know (not think but know) there's a heaven. Nobody knows, though I hope they're right.

    2. Blue Man
      I read your comment over and over and we may be in the same boat without oars. I've had a few more years to ponder this (quite a few) but a greater number of years just lead me to more confusion. Growing up I lived in a small town with a small library (no internet back then) and I became friends with the wise and well-read old librarian who guided me through my dilemma as I read every book on religion and philosophy in the library. My peers were all out partying as I should have been in place of being home reading. My reading took me far outside of the white building with the steeple, far outside of this planet, across space into other constellations and beyond and beyond that until my mind could reach no more. Then I would return to reality and sit with my family in the white building and I noticed that most people were there and obeying laws out of fear. I knew I was a "good person" without the pomp and the fear but if I chose the opposite, I would never be good enough because that is perfection. Who the hell can ever be perfect?
      Conclusion: I agree it would be nice if "they" are right.

    3. Dear Manzanita,

      I read your comment over and over and I can just see you there reading your way into outer space, wondering what's hiding beyond the first start on the left. I once built this rocket (click!) to take me where no man has ever gone before - blue, green or white - but it's too slow and I'm running out of time. Is it wrong to love life so much you're not willing to let go? I guess that's the only fear I obey, if you catch my drift.

      On a brighter note:

      Hey, it's Friday...
      Such a fun day!

      I'm so tired I just need a day off to recharge my batteries.

    4. Get energizer at your sea
      Then you'll keep going and going with glee

    5. A bit of magic would help too
      Much more than Scooby Doo
      Or a blue suede shoe
      Or a fox
      In a box
      Or a goat
      On a boat

  13. I have a strange feeling that aliens will blow up this planet for an intergalatic freeway...just saying. We are none the wiser-better that way

  14. I'll be 40 next year. HOLY CRAP! And I feel like I'm just getting started. Always have been a late bloomer. :D

  15. Oh, Bluefin, Bluefin, all you need is a good finger job. Wait! I'll explain.

    I once owned a few goldfish. I'd paint my fingernails with orange nail polish. The little fish come to the top of the water and let me pet them. Then one day a friend of mine was observing and told me,

    "Dixie, that fish is not letting you pet him. I think he's humping your nail!"

    Oh JOY! I returned to the store for more fish; picked up extra polish, and I've been a fisherman's wife ever since then. Do I get extra points for being clueless?

  16. I think it's great that you have your own book! I bought it:)

    1. How about that... Sandra bought Pat's book about me.

  17. Having someone write a book about you is a HUGE thing, even it is a cat. Lol and I happen to like slim fit suits on men. They're flattering!

    1. I know you like slim fit clothes.... even on men. Flattering? Flattering?? Ha! Yes, the Cat did a good job making fun of me.

  18. Oh wow!!! I didn't know you've had a book written about you!! And with a Kangaroo to boot!!! that's pretty exciting!!!!

    BTW you need a fork to eat noodle soup!!!

    That said, my brain feels like a little like a fish bowl of noodle soup right now & I'm not sure poking it with a fork is a good idea LOL

  19. Well, it's not every day that someone writes a book about you, that's for sure. And see, I didn't even know about that book, Blue. So, it's true, you learn something new everyday! Which makes this day extra special and extra blue - just like YOU! And as they say on Fantasy Island "Smiles, everyone, smiles!"

    1. Didn't The Cat bombard you with previews? No? Well, that's downright disappointing. It's hard to smile when you're blue but I will give it a try. One moment, please.....

      It worked! Look: :)

  20. Are you wondering about your place in the inky blackness of the universe? Maybe scale it back and you'll feel less like a fish in a bowl and more like a fish in the vastness of the ocean. You may not have an impact on the Pacific Ocean from your position in the Atlantic, but you can still work on bettering the coral life system in your own little rip tide. If you expect to have dominion over the world, if you think people are simply attempting to understand the mysteries of the universe through pondering and philosophizing rather than hypothesizing, then testing, then subjecting findings to peer review, of course you're going to be eating soup with chopsticks. Some people are content with not knowing all the answers and just having an idea of our place in the morass.

    1. You're the smartest greenfish in my bowl; that much I do know. Yeah yeah... that's a compliment. Now go change your shorts. Anyway, I see your point and appreciate the insights. Some people, however, are not content because they are compulsively curious. No, not me.

    2. I'll just leave Tolstoy's thoughts about finding meaning in a meaningless world right here:

  21. The good thing about being a goldfish in a fish bowl is that you have the memory of said fish, so by the time you go around once you've already forgotten you've done it. Each journey is a new one! What will happen this time around? Who the fuck knows? (We're fluent in Swedish)

    1. Incredibly fluent. That's why you're my favorite team. ;)

  22. A book about you? I'm buying it.

    1. Well, they say it's about me. I don't see any resemblance.

  23. Hey Blue,

    Your post went swimmingly
    Through your bowl I see
    A book about YOU
    A book about BLUE
    A book from Pat in the Hatt
    Wow and how about that
    Well done
    And then some
    Time to move
    Time to groove
    See you soon
    For another humanity tune.

    Gary, Gary, flairy but never scary....

  24. Many of the comments are as amusing as the post...
    Oh and by the way, this planet's dominant life-form is not actually us. Insects out number us by a gazillion million.

    Sorry for the slow reply. I've just come back from a wonderful wonderful cruise!!!

    1. OMG Blue, this Lynda lass is bragging all around the net she's back from a cruise.. you reckon she will make us check out 500 photos from it? :))

    2. Thanks for the correction, Lynda. But... a cruise? Did you just rub that in? :)

      She might, Dezzmeister.

    3. She also likes to brag about her husband... who is like this handsome jamesbondy doctor hunk... over at Facebook, which you are spared from since you don't do Facebook :)

    4. A handsome jamesbondy doctor hunk... Is that a fact?

    5. drinks smoothies not martinies....

    6. do you drink them in your suits?

    7. No, when I'm enjoying the bubbles of my imaginary jacuzzi.

    8. laughing so hard, I have tears. And yes, my adorable, delightful, cute and wonderful husband drinks smoothies AND martinis.

    9. Oh... and yes, I did rub it in just a little about going on a cruise...

      did I mention how awesome the cruise was?

    10. Blue, what cruise is she rambling about? I haven't heard of any cruise, did you?

    11. Cruise? What cruise are you talking about, Dezzmeister von Dezzy Land? The Love Boat? Sing along:

      Love, exciting and new
      Come Aboard. We're expecting you.
      And Love, life's sweetest reward.
      Let it flow, it floats back to you!

      Love Boat soon will be making another run
      The Love Boat promises something for everyone
      Set a course for adventure,
      Your mind on a new romance.


      Hi Lynda.

    12. I do love to rock a boat.. or two.. or three.... make it a spree

    13. You know the cruise... the one with a big ship and the south pacific islands, and yummy cocktails and way too much food and... and... and...

      Hi Blue

    14. Oh! Yummy cocktails too? I should've guessed!

      Hi Lynda

  25. So you're a star in Pat's book,
    What's next, a Blue film?
    I'm too afraid to look.
    Demand a big, blue dressing room,
    And only fly Jet Blue,
    When vacationing at the Blue Lagoon.
    Stars may fulfill all of their wishes,
    Whether they're big Cookie Monsters,
    Or compact Bluefishes.

    Congrats to Blue and Pat!


    1. Jet Blue... How about Cat Air? Haha I wish. And as for that Blue film, I'd be be afraid to watch too.

  26. You're getting deep on us! I think the one thing we can get right in life is the realization that we know absolutely nothing!

    1. That's so true. Depressing (or liberating), but true.

  27. OMG, Boppity Blue! That just made my day. That should make your year, my friend.

    1. I reckon, nay hope, you're unfamiliar with the plot?

  28. Okay you are definitely right - my mind is NOT the right tool for the job. But what is? I need to stop thinking and just keeping swimming, right? Or is that the wrong movie...

    1. I think nothing is, Rooth. Good to here from you again. How's Dallas these days?

  29. Oh, our brain is definitely not always the right tool for the job. Sometimes we have to set aside all of that logic and rationality. Our hearts, our intuitions, are just as useful to us, especially when we're trying to comprehend things that are beyond mortal comprehension. Brains are great, don't get me wrong, but they can only take us so far in our understanding of the universe and our place within it.

    1. Amen! Now, let's talk about something a bit more um... palpable. Those cookies you once told me about...

    2. Oh yes. Those cookies are quite delicious. But at the moment, I'm looking to unload a TON of leftover birthday cake. Interested?

    3. Always. Why do you think I'm not on a diet?

  30. I really like those beaver things(?) out front.

    1. You like beavers? Well, me might have something in common afterall! ;)

  31. OMG. Our blogs were alike.....spooky.
    Off topic, sort of, would you please shoot me an email at
    Thanks, Blue.


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