"Though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make him run."
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Cats and dogs can be friends. So can cowboys and indians. So can we.
Will you ever reach Bora?

Monday, November 30, 2015

If I Were... an Adult Blue

I'm afraid I'll never really grow up. I refuse to do so. Oh I can act all adultish and fool everyone, nuns included, but in the end that's what it is: an act. And when I'm on stage talking like an adult, strutting like an adult, even smelling like an adult (yes, I can), I'm just another Clark Kent donning a disguise waiting for the Oscars to start pouring in. The way I see it, my friends, adults have caused more harm on this ball than children will ever be capable of, and we can all take that to the bank. I, for one, won't be assimilated

And that's all I have to say
On this not-so-sunny Monday.



If I were an adult Blue, would Batman be a joke?
Would my dreams go up in smoke yet my ass be rich not broke?
Would I care to build a pirate ship, then take you along for free?
As I say "Well, Scooby Dooweeeeee"?
Would yours be the place to be
Or a cat say, "Whoopty doowee!"
And rhyme about a snip-snip sea?
Would Gary seem hairy not flairy?
Would his talking dog sound um... scary?
Would we even get along
 Like butt cheeks and a dirty thong?

 If I were an adult Blue, would Star Wars be for kids?
Would my bluishness be on the skids
As I talk about takeover bids?
Would I rather ponder politics
And show you my new bag of tricks,
Using words like hence and thus?
Should a ninja just go take a bus?
Would I take a real beer for the shower,
Be lauded, paid heaps by the hour?
Would I be a public defender
Go to Bora and not see its splendor?

If I were an adult Blue,
Would The Order be funny too?
Would a Pickleope seem like a farce?
Would I dream about living on Mars
As I fathom the beauty of magic?
Would this world seem a little less tragic?
Being wise and in sync with the game,
Would I stop believing in shame?
Would I stop believing in you?
Would I laugh at my blue suede shoe?

What say you?

* * *

Don't get assimilated...


  1. Bah to the adult at my sea
    can stick it down where they pee
    Snip snip and whoopdi friggin doo
    Will stay getting a go at my zoo
    Adults who try and be adult are dumb anyway
    9.9/10 anyway at their bay
    can you get a 0.1 adult?
    Maybe that is some kind of cult
    Adults sure stink
    Smoking and always reaching for a drink
    Gambling a lot too
    There at their zoo
    Things only so called adults can do
    And ruin the planet from zoo to zoo
    Never taking any credit for that though
    Nope, the aliens did it by stepping on a toe
    So no adult for me
    I'll fake it to make it if need be

  2. No, not the bus! Not the #@#! bus.
    A real beer in the shower? Why not? I'm sure Brandon and Bryan would say that was cool.
    Being adult doesn't mean everyone knows what they're doing or what is best.

  3. so what you is saying is that you is Michael Jackson... Jackooo! You is alive! Now, sing us a Thriller!

    1. It's close to midnight
      Dazzling Dezzy's lurking in the dark
      Under the moonlight
      You see a penguin it almost stops your heart...

    2. I didn't see you moonwalking.... do it again!

    3. When the moon turns blue, I will.

    4. now sing us a Blue Moon... without the mooning... naturally

    5. Blue moon... you left me standing alone
      When there was no one to bone

      Wait... that's not it. See, what you're making me do!

    6. the force is strong within you, my paduan

  4. Replies
    1. I wouldn't know. I guess that makes me lucky. But I hear ya, Mary.

  5. I hear that adulting is hard but I think worrying about being an adult or too childish are both hard. Stop worrying and live. Of course everybody worries about something but you need to not let worry take over your life. That's just a black hole of negativity right there.

    1. To think is to live. To not think is to exist. Well, that's what someone told me a long time ago. Why do you think they call me Blue :)

  6. Adulthood is overrated. Oh sure, we can choose our own bedtimes and drive, but other than that, it's not for me. I'm okay with myself, remaining a kid forever. Sure, we all get older, but the best of us never grow up. :)

    1. Hey, look what the cat dragged in. I mean, hey, good to see your face again. How is life?

      Yes, adulthood is overrated, alright.

    2. Life is crazy, but good. Just trying to finish out the semester with my GPA intact AND get everything pulled together so I can apply for grad school. I know, yikes, right?

  7. I don't know why anyone wants to be an adult. Growing up is such a ridiculous and realistic thing to do. I love my fantasy microcosm.


  8. Blue - You need to keep your inner child alive or else you'll just fizzle out. You lose your zest for life Our inner child brings vitality into our lives. Our first and best teacher of conscious living is our inner child. I for one like to keep that inner child entertained as that is when the dream world opens and my imagination takes flight.

    I mean we all have to be adults at times but, there is a time for play as well..and if you want the inner child to reside inside, you must nurture it. The adult will always be protective when needed in our lives.

    To be an entertainer is a makes work feel more like play.

    Adults don't know can be so much smarter as they see things in a different light. Heck, I believe in dreams and fairy tales..I cannot tell you how many times people have told me to grow them I say nay..I prefer my little world of magic.

    Who will save the planet for future generations not some of these so called adults. Blue don't get me going...or I'll get all blue myself...

    You know once you grow up - you can no longer you forget the way...

    so let's keep our wings and soar Blue...

    1. Well, hello!
      Look at you go
      At the Blue guy show!

      My inner child will never die on me as long as I'm alive. You know me. I'm Blue Pan. Where are the Hat Har Pirates? I am an entertainer when I teach, unless I'm a darker shade of Blue.

      Keep flying, True Blue.

  9. I don't feel like adulting either at the moment. Mars could be good. Do you think they have Mars Bars on Mars? Chocolate...........Mmmmmmmmmmm

    1. Of course they have Mars Bars on Mars. Bottoms up! Oh wait... you mean Mars BARS.... Well, I'm sure they have those too. ;)

    2. Do they have Galaxy bars in the galaxy and Milky bars in the milky way?
      I want to fly to Never Never Land . . . and meet Mrs Darling . . . lol

    3. hahaha I hope so. One can never have enough chocolate especially when NOT adulting!!!!

    4. Amen and let's get down to business.... Where's that chocolate you two keep talking about?

  10. To think the majority of us looked forward to being an adult, to get our driver's license at 16, vote at 18, drink at 21. And now we are stuck in adulthood. oh well.


    1. Drink at... 21? Let's say I was a precocious kid... And now we're stuck in adulthood? No way. That's only when I'm wearing my special disguise during the daytime (a suit). I'm a bit like Clark Kent that way.

      How are you today, Betty?

  11. I will forever have the Toys R Us theme song running through my head. "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us Kid"... My body may be getting old and broken, buy I will always be a kid at heart.

    1. Blue, did this 15 year old looking lass just say her body is getting old and broken???

    2. haha - now that song is in my head and a good theme song it is...

    3. Hello friends!

      Theresa, if your body is broken, you've been doing a good job fooling the masses, me included. Stop singing that song....

      Dezz, she did. She sure did.

      Don't sing it! I need a diversion...
      Well, it's the one for the money,
      Two for the show...

      Phew... just in time.

    4. It's getting there. You should hear my knees. "Creeeek, Creeeek" every time I bend them. Ugh!

    5. "Creeeek, Creeeek" Dezz I thought that was you.

    6. only when the basketball team comes-a-visiting my chambers.....

  12. I wonder if adulthood is a bad habit we get into, like nose-picking,

    1. Who says nose-picking is a bad habit? We need to talk.

  13. I don't really know about being an adult. Is that kinda like being a mother or a father and paying bills and getting the check when out to dinner?

  14. Being an adult
    Doing adult things
    Some do get results
    But some just blink
    Is it good then
    Trying to look matured
    Perhaps for a time
    Before the cover is ruptured


    1. HANK!
      The one and only.... poetry tank.
      Yes, some just blink.

  15. Mighty fine rhythm and rhyme! And I do believe it's been said: being grown-up's overrated.

    1. Mighty fine
      Let's have some wine!
      Did I mention adulthood is overrated?

  16. May you always look as young as you feel, this joyful holiday season!

    1. Sounds like a plan to me. And may Santa bring me Botox so I'll look the part.

      Just kidding.

      Am I?

  17. Hello Grumpy ! Hoiw are you doing????

    1. Well, look who's here :) Oh I'm exhausted as always. How about you?

    2. I'm shocked Gloria Dear is here, too :) She must've had some rum in her cake today :)

    3. Well, it's good to have her back. Now, about that rum.... Tell me more, Dezzmeister.

    4. the secret is never to put less than a cup of it into any cake... never! Got it?

  18. Therefore you'll always be little boy blue
    Wearing a Blue Suede Shoe, times two.
    And it's a shame we all must grow up
    It's more fun not being an adult, but just a pup.
    This world alas at times corrupts us
    And makes us do things we'd rather not discuss.
    As children war would not exist
    Because such extremes we would resist.
    Our world would be full of magic
    And not a trace of any tragic.
    We'd sing and play and laugh all day
    And never hurt another, come what may.
    We'd love to learn and please and make things
    And get into the kitchen and mix and bake things.
    We'd have a little garden plot
    And grow things in a nice big pot.
    And when we'd get a little bigger
    We'd help a bit more as a digger
    Even Jesus said he'd like to see
    Everyone as children in eternity.

    1. Little Blue Boy looking like a man
      Wearing a blue suede shoe... Yes, he can
      Growing up makes me sad
      Those grownup games makes me bad
      Corrupting the brain and what not
      Let's put a lid on the whole lot
      Children learn those tricks from their folks
      War seems like less fun than jokes
      Magic there is if you're not blind
      When you're head's not stuck in your behind
      Let's sing and play and laugh all day
      How's that for a plan, Eddie, do say
      Let's teach those kids that life should be fun
      Baking things like a giant bun
      A garden plot, hey, wouldn't that be great
      Beats things like greed and hate
      Mr. J. knew what he was talking about
      That's as true as a rainbow trout!

    2. Great . . . . .agreed, and couldn't have put it better myself . . . :)

    3. Yes, you could! But only you...
      And I'll raise you a Scooby Doo!

  19. I recently heard the term 'adulting' used for the first time. I feel as though I've been adulting way too long......

  20. Being an adult is way over rated. I never grew up and I aim to keep it that way.

    1. Blue, did you see that over at her place she had to write a post about some cruise... I've no idea what cruise she is talking about... but she just had to do it.... brag brag braggy brag....

    2. Of course I did. Aren't you jealous? How come we weren't invited?

    3. Jealous of what? I've no idea what cruise we should be jealous about? How can you be invited to a cruise you've never heard about... unless you mean Tom Cruise... not that he would be a Cruise you'd like to be invited on.... not that I would personally refuse....

    4. The cruise was to the South Pacific Islands, boys. They included Noumea, Vila, Mystery Island and Mare. It was sheer bliss. I can tell you more if you'd like...
      Oh and I did invite you both. The invitations must've been lost in the mail. I thought you didn't want to go.

  21. Love the child in you...keep it there and you will be young at heart ~

    My first to read your rhyming poem, kudos to you !!!

    Wishing you a good week, smiles ~

    1. Blue, did Grace just say she never read your rhymes before? What the what? What scandal is this? What shock? I can't believe it.

    2. I'm positively flabbergasted! I truly am! How could she have not heard of the Blue Bard?

    3. PS IF I WERE A BIRD is my personal favourite, I even shared it at my Facebook back in the days... truly touched me!

    4. Mine, too. It's the serious one. I remember writing it.

    5. Who We Are - my favorite of yours but, I might be a bit biased...heehee..

      Who We Are -

      Two Blue Souls lost living on a spinning blue globe
      dancing to the synchronized flashing lights of a strobe
      singing together, two beats, two drums, two hearts
      harmony a unique art, resonating in two parts.
      come let us share a cup, drink from the vine of life
      the sweet taste intoxicating we float free from strife
      forgetting earthly woes, let us slip into a dreamscape
      wandering in a field of wildflowers, let us escape
      under a golden moon, our inner child does soar
      seeking hidden treasures on a far away shore
      close your eyes, can you imagine that
      let us feel the moment, no need to chat

    6. Well, look at you go at the blue guy show!
      Blue souls is who we are
      Shiny like a twinkling star!

      Oh True, sometimes I wish I could escape this planet, if only for a day...

    7. Hi Blue,

      I do understand as I sometimes wish the same thing, if only for a day...

      Blue souls is who we are
      shiny like a twinkling star
      lighting the way traveling far
      storing wishes in a mason jar

  22. I say me should have been in this poem! ;)

  23. In my family, growing up was know as, "committed to adultry." My how times and terms change.

    By the way, you haven't seen me much because my body went wacko. The doctor put me on 50,000 units of vitamin D (I take it twice a week for 12 weeks). I already feel better. Maybe I'll travel to more blogs and get back to adulting.

    Be well sweet prince of starkness! XOXO

    1. so Lady Dixie D is taking vitamin D... how very predictable :) Blue, on the other hand, should be taking extreme dozes of vitamin C... I've read an article about a man whose father has sarcosis from age 33 and is now 81, due to living on low carb diet and taking extreme quantities of vitamin C (nitrate ascorbic) following Linus Pauling's advices

    2. I hear you, Dezz. Oh my- did you call me a Lady? How charming!

    3. 50,000 units of vitamin D... That rings a bell, and it's loud too. My Bollywood Princess got the same prescription, what, less than a year ago. Good to hear you're feeling better now for I did miss your bubbly presence, Dixie Dear. I'm sure Dezzmeister feels the exact same way though he's probably too preoccupied with calling you a lady to even realize this shocking fact.

      Dezz, did I call Dixie 'Dixie Dear'?

    4. You're too good to me :) love you, Blue Dumpling!

  24. I love the graphic and it is so true.
    You're the neatest blue kid I know:)


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