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Thursday, December 24, 2015

If You Were... a Christmas Gift

If you were a Christmas gift, 
Would you be a blessing?
Would you be for real
Or would you keep us guessing?
Would you be a twinkling star inside a candy bar —
The perfect bling? (No old cigar,
No wine or blended whiskey from the South)
Would you be so fine I'd shut my pretty mouth?
Would you heal my flaws like loving gold too much,
Like eating way too much until I need a crutch?
Could you restore my innocence so I can be my child —
Of treason unaware, of money unbeguiled? 
A fleeting whiff of purity 
Enhancing my security? 

Look: Christmas fools aplenty trying to buy that perfect you
Fighting as they pave their way toward a shiny shoe
I'm told that if we try real hard, whispering heaven's name
The gift of love will come to us if no one knows the game
Would that gift be you? 
Would you be a compliment? 
An ornament? A view? 
Tell me, who are you?

* * *

Merry Christmas everybody!


  1. I'd pop on out
    And give a shout
    Watch as a heart attack came due
    Hmm would that be true?
    A Pat in the box
    I'd wear socks
    Or maybe use the cat
    How about that?
    Love in a box?
    That would be no socks
    Curl some toes
    And take away woes
    Much a gift can be
    They say the best are free
    But they can bite me
    I'll take a money spree

    Merry Christmas to your pad.
    Hope riches are had.

    1. A Pat in a box
      Not a fox
      Wearing socks?
      Yikes! My toes are curled, alright
      Hope they won't stay that way tonight
      They can bite me too
      At my X-mas shoe

    2. Toes curled away
      Not a fun day?
      geez hopefully they don't get stuck
      Make walking rather suck

    3. They didn't get stuck
      Guess I wasn't shit outta luck
      How was X-mas at your spot
      Cold or hot?

    4. Luke warm I suppose
      Caught a stupid cold as germs took a pose

    5. That sucks a ton
      As the germs won

  2. Can I be the Ghost of Christmas Past and haunt the in-laws who used to make my holidays a living hell?

    On a happier note, have a Merry Blue Christmas!

    1. Ah... the in-laws. I hope your holidays have changed for the better, Bijoux. You have a Merry Blue Christmas too. And I'll raise you... a Scooby Doo ;)

  3. I'd be a little box tucked under the Christmas tree
    Not too fancy in the decorations
    But when opened would be
    a sight to see

    Merry Christmas!


  4. Just thought I'd swing by and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas from Down Under!

    Take care and I'll see you next year :)

    1. I love it when you swing by. As if you didn't know.

      Yes, I'll see you next year!

  5. Ah the innocence of youth. The very best gift of all. :)

    Merry Christmas to you!

    1. It is, isn't it? The best gift. Have fun today, Rosey :) Merry X-mas.

  6. Merry Christmas to the Balls family, Mongo included!
    I've no idea... I'd like to be a housewarming present :) or a wise book or a check paid for some humanitarian cause.

    1. I guess that would count me out, being a lost cause and all (smile). Thanks, Dezz.

    2. Did you teach Mongo to meow Christmas carols? Such a bliss for neighbours' ears it could be :)

    3. He shows off his skills every single night.

    4. orchestrated with your snores, I presume :)

    5. My snores? What snores? I don't snore. I just love my couch. Yes, that's it. I love my couch.

    6. Your couch? I could swear I have photographic evidence of Mongo claiming otherwise!

  7. Replies
    1. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me :p

  8. Merry Christmas from the foothills of the Smokies!

  9. I'd bring you good health like a brilliant star
    All wrapped up in a Christmas jar
    Long limbs and sleek muscles, you win every race
    Never a moment to do about face
    Slumber deep and dream all through the night
    Morning comes and the world is right
    Good health follows where ever you roam
    True love remains like the words of a poem

    1. Good health I could use
      Would be the first thing I'd choose
      Even if it came in a jar
      Or in a bottle in some bar
      Sleek muscles would be grand
      Could I choose a special brand?

      Thanks for the lovely poem.

  10. Merry Christmas Blue. All the best for the New Year.

  11. The same old me
    Lurking in the dark
    Wishing you the moment I see
    Merry Christmas and best of luck


    1. Lurking in the dark
      No dog did bark
      You must be good
      Like a Poetry Tank should
      How was X-mas for you
      At your shoe
      Did you celebrate?
      Did it get late?

  12. Well for starters you couldn’t buy me from the store,
    Cos I’m a little bit quirky and then something more.
    I don’t cost a lot, like the monetary kind
    You have to deserve me and and be of like mind.
    I’d be wrapped rather classy and unlike the rest
    And getting inside me would be quite a test,
    Cos I’m wrapped up quite tight and sealed at the seams,
    and can only be opened by people of means.
    But once you’re inside, your face I’ll alight
    With smiles and laughter and childlike delight.
    I won’t disappoint or grow tired and old
    And I will never make you feel worthless or cold.
    I’d be the present and also the future;
    The kind that no matter what, I would suit ya.
    I’d want to make you feel like life was worth living
    As I’d be the gift that just kept on giving.

    1. Is it hot in here or is it you? Did I mention you're the best? Thanks for the poem. It's fantastic.

  13. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  14. If I was your Christmas gift
    I'd wave a magic wand
    To extend my fellowship
    From way across the pond.

    I'd fix matters relating
    To those health restricting issues
    And chase away all sickness
    No more blueness and no more tissues.

    I'd raise my glass to toast you
    And wish you the very best
    From your mate in England
    The old chap . . full of zest . . . lol

    Hope you had a great Christmas, Blue
    And your lovely wife too . . .

    1. Thanks, Eddie! Where can I order you lol? I've got truckloads of health issues haha! Yes, I had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you did too.

  15. Darling, I WAS a Christmas gift. Born on the 23rd of December and got to go home Christmas morning. I even got sent home in a little Santa hat :)

    1. my late dad was also born on that day, sister Theresa.

    2. And what a X-mas gift you must have been In a little Santa hat too... That's a great story.

    3. Mama wasn't too pleased with the hat. I don't know why. I thought I looked adorable in it!

      That's cool, Dezzy! I believe all the superstars are born on that day ;)

    4. I'm not a superstar, Blue, thank you very much, I'm a megastar :PP

    5. Good one. Now go eat your shorts.

  16. Hit submit too soon. Meant to wish you a Very Merry Christmas, Blue!

    1. she had a horrid headache, that is what she sadly had :(

    2. tis not totally unlikely :)

    3. No, dahlink, you did not give me a headache! However, today is the first day in 10 days that I am finally feeling like myself again. Just a tiny cough still lingers. Jason only had it for about 4 days. Lucky bastard!

    4. Good to hear you're feeling better again

    5. my theory is that she got headache to avoid painting Allison's room :)

    6. I bet you three stuffed animals that your theory sucks big time.

  17. I'd probably be that gift people would take back the day after Christmas!

  18. Hey Blue!

    Super humble apologies for my incredibly late arrival to your blog. Yes, gone two in the morning of December 29 and I drop in. Okay, not literally drop in! :)

    I am a Christmas gift
    That gives you a lift
    If you get my drift
    We shall let compassion exist
    Such a gift we share
    Because we care.

    I hope you
    Are having a good holiday
    That's all I need to say.

    Gary, Penny's human.

    1. A lift? Well, the Lord knows I could use a... um.... lift. What, you're NOT talking about an elevator?

      X-mas was good, Gary. Thanks.

  19. I don't know what kind of Christmas gift I'd be! Hopefully something shiny!

  20. I'd love to be a stuffed animal, bringing happiness to a child :) I wish I had the skills to write that into a quick poem lol

  21. Christmas fools indeed. I encountered more than my fair share of those this holiday season

    1. Riddle me this: how come none of them would ever call themselves fools?

  22. What a perfect sentiment, Blue. It made me stop and think, what kind of Christmas gift would I be? Oh no, I'd probably end up in the returns pile:)

  23. I'd like to be a Deer :) I'm tired of this sedentary work.


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