"Though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make him run."
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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Now What?

I'm sad and down
Politicians make me feel like a clown
Misunderstood by all
Trying to make me fall
Then saying they didn't try
Of course, they wouldn't lie
If it wasn't for the dough, I'd be out

So out

I'm too angry to even shout.

* * *


  1. What has happened now?
    Best way to shut down politicians is not to have a TV like moi!

    1. we boo and hiss and spit on them!

    2. is you fine? You don't sound well this week, Blue

    3. Not too fine. Been asleep sll weekend.

    4. sending you positive energy, Randy Mandy

    5. Thanks, Dezy. I need a couple of days to get back on my feet, is all.

  2. I'm guessing this is in reference to Trump's latest crazy idea? Or someone else's?

  3. Yep, I felt/feel the same way. I wrote about it too on Monday, though I was much more verbose and you packed the exact same sentiment into a single stanza.

  4. Gussing games. You can't be talking about Trump because he isnt a
    polititian. Perhaps bosses where you teach and that is where you'd be "out" of
    work if you didn't need the dough (money?) OR you are a bread maker and someone is preventing you from getting the ingredients for the bread dough? I know just what that feels like..... the dough, I mean. I've been trying to bake the perfect loaf for over a year now. Always flops. But I did put some tiles in my oven and that helped. Can't afford a new oven.
    Maybe YOU need new tiles. Well will feel better tomorrow.

    1. It feels a bit better, but not a lot. What does make me feel better is your taking the time to read my posts and your wonderful comments. Too bad I need that dough - not doe haha - but the kinda dough to buy the perfect loaf.

  5. Hi Blue....
    I am guessing "politics" at work....
    Someone acting like a jerk?
    Just give them a Beyoncé bum twerk...
    That oughta make you feel a wee bit more perk...
    Hope you figure everything out...
    Linda :o)

    1. You're a good guesser, Linda. Let's have a drink. I know I could use one.

    2. Ok...better invite Dezz....

    3. I don't do booze, Linda, but I never refuse a nice cup of tea or some blueberry juice :)

  6. Don't let them get you down
    Turn into a smile from a frown
    Look around you at the world to see
    There is still lots of beauty


    1. I'll try, Betty. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

  7. Are idiots in the office after you?
    Can't you flush them down the loo?
    Are those internet tough guys out and about?
    They can go swim with a trout
    Or is it the red haired buffoon?
    He is stupider than a sidekick in a cartoon
    Or just the general nuts
    Who want all to kiss their butts

    1. All I need right now is a break
      And maybe a big McShake
      Maybe not: click!
      They might make me sick
      Though not as sick as kissing butts
      Might prefer a few cuts
      Money I mean
      At my scene
      But now it time to relax a bit
      As they are full of it

    2. A few cuts of dough
      Works for any show

  8. Politicians can be a real pain! I just read your mental note about staying off of Facebook. How's that going? I don't think I could do that!

  9. When someone says "I'm voting for Trump" it's like saying they believe a big melting pot of... xenophobia.

  10. I know how you feel. Politicians have their own agenda, (one in particular) and it has nothing to do with us. Madness springs to mind.

    I'm rather glad I'm living in New Zealand at the moment. Enough said ...

    1. Every time I try to say, 'politicians'... I need to throw up. These people make me sake. Not all of them. Just the ones I know.

  11. Everyone seems to have their own agenda lately. I've been feeling down this month as well. I have a f*ck it attitude all around. I am usually in the holiday spirit, but now I'm just going through the motions waiting for it all to be over. You, my friend, are not alone.

    1. A f*ck it attitude... I know what that's like. I even need to remind myself that it's almost X-mas. Thank you, Theresa.

    2. at least you people have families, surround yourself with their love and cosy up in your festive homes while you can. Not everybody has that fortune!

    3. So true, Dezzy. That's one way to put things into perspective. It's dealing with all the other asshats that sure puts one in a crummy mood lately.

    4. Amen. Now tell us about those ads, Dezz. You were scared, you said. What's going on?

  12. Politicians have to look out for
    They're competing with the contractor
    They are both at heaven's door
    The line isn't moving they surmised
    A mistake they suddenly got wise
    Meant for hell's door they realized


  13. Dear Blue,

    Politics in the workplace
    if their ideas you don't embrace
    they will try to make you fall
    don't let them rattle those blue balls ;)
    it's X-Mas time..

    Try and cheer up Blue
    inhale, exhale

    1. He is not good in cheering himself up, Truedessa, we must cheer him up, now tell us a joke :)

    2. I am not very good at jokes
      I will leave that for other folks
      but, I can offer you a bit of hope
      in a world of chaos trying to cope
      Capt'n Grumpy Goo and his crew
      went sailing on a sea of blue
      looking for that sunken treasure
      in another land they found pleasure
      discovering mutiny, fighting evil
      distant land in an upheaval
      out in the distance hung a star
      lighting the way near and far
      a crystal shining in the sky
      I saw an opening, a giant eye
      portal of love from the other side
      with the ebb & flow riding the tide
      carrying heavy hearts we do weep
      cast our worries into the deep
      just for today let us smile
      for it will carry us miles...

      To Blue from True
      sending love to you!!!
      Now, where did you hide that rum...haha

    3. Thanks, True. That means a lot to me. A portal of love... Is that so at the True Blue show? :))

  14. Sorry you're feeling so down. Smile and turn that frown upside down.

  15. Hmm, yes, politics do have the knack of making one feel helpless and quite hopeless...

    1. Especially the ones you know personally.

  16. dough can do a lot of things, buy fast cars and diamond rings
    but it can't straighten out a lie, why do we just let those fly?

  17. I've just got up with weary head,
    I really should have stayed in bed,
    everything just makes me sad,
    or stressed and even slightly mad.
    But then I saw your words on here,
    Ah, a blue compassionate ear,
    who gets the darkest shades of all,
    and bangs his head against the wall,
    just like those of kindred ilk,
    so sick of taking soured milk,
    the daily grind, the constant slog,
    Thank god we have a place to blog.

  18. Politics and politicians and make even the calmest of people angry and/or sad. I hope the moment has passed and you're feeling better. If not, take a deep breath and remind yourself just how smart and talented your are - remember your chose not to be one of them. :)

    1. How could I ever forget.... Thanks, Elsie.

  19. Yeah we have our own issues here in Jamaica. I have found our Prime Minister's behavior this year particularly disappointing. Sorry for the bad vibes from the politicians Blue.

  20. I'm writing an educational statement today... Totally in need of help, but of course I'll be done by the time you see it. Pulling my hair out at all the hoops it takes to get back into higher ed. Soon. :) Oh, hello to you too. :)

    1. All done. Now just waiting for the call to say, 'You're in, you're hired!' Or at least the one that says, 'Come on in for an interview.' ;) Merry Christmas, Blue.

  21. Too angry to shout is not good... nor healthy. I won't offer any platitudes, but I will listen and give you a big hug! (((())))


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