"Though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make him run."
Blue, resist the urge to use facebook. You can do it. Good luck.
Cats and dogs can be friends. So can cowboys and indians. So can we.
Will you ever reach Bora?

Monday, March 6, 2017

Where Is It?

Have you ever tried to find something and you just couldn't find it? Have you found what you're looking for?

* * *


  1. Least it wasn't the kangaroo who took your shoes again.
    Nice beavers...

  2. A couple of beavers can go a long way. At least dam things up at your bay. The cat will never tell but the truth he shall sell. A chick on a stick sure may prick. Found what I'm looking for? Pffft is that the 1056th door? Not there yet but we won't fret. Mama looks pregnant too. New brother or sister for you? lol

    1. A new kid on the block?
      That would be a shock
      Maybe she's just a tad fat
      Still looks good wearing a hat
      So you still haven't found what you're looking for?
      Sounds like a song at my door
      A couple of beaver can go a long way
      The Cat knows things night and day

    2. Nope, still a looking
      With another job booking
      Makes 7 now
      As the dough still don't wow
      But keeps me hopping
      Until i go flopping

    3. Seven in a row
      At the kitty cat show
      Job bookings not beavers I know
      Say it ain't so.

    4. Yep, 7 on the go
      Sucks when many land on the same day though

    5. Man, that sure sucks
      Making it hard to rake in those bucks. :(

    6. Hard it surely is
      With the bucks biz
      Some barely pay
      Others only pay once a month on the last day

    7. Anyone who says money doesn't make us happy must be rich, and I bet none of them would like to walk a frigging mile in your shoes.

    8. Nope, bet they would not
      As they already have the rich plot
      They say that and I roll my eyes
      As they think they are ever so wise

    9. Wise... my butt
      Till they get stuck in a rut

  3. I love the illustration and the poetic verses! Well done to you.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Thanks. The rhymes were most of them by Pat Hatt AKA The Cat. Don't believe what he writes about me ;)

  4. hehehe I have no idea what I'm looking for..............often times just my car keys & phone.............

    I like the big fat bluefish & the giant catfish!!! Never seen a real live kangaroos!!!

    1. Never seen a real life kangaroo myself. Not that I'd be looking for one.

  5. "And I still haven't found what I'm looking for."
    "Lookin' for love in all the wrong places."
    "I wanna know what love is."


  6. I'm afraid that I spend more time a day than I care to admit looking for things I lost. They are almost always right in front of my face too. Look down Blue. You actually might just be wearing that lost shoe.

    1. Could it be that what we're looking for is staring us right in the face? Or that maybe we're looking for something we don't really need?

  7. I'm still searching for that one special dream
    perhaps, it can be found under golden moonbeams
    maybe, things are never quite what they seem
    Blue, would finding that shoe make your eyes gleams
    would your faith in the journey be redeemed
    in the silence of night would you no longer scream
    would you row, row your boat merrily down stream

    Tell me blue, where is that coveted blue shoe
    there is so much out there just for you ;)

    1. Ps love the artwork and Bora really does exist
      and don't let anyone tell you otherwise
      you just have to believe (in your heart)
      Like the tin man needed a heart
      Like the lion needed courage
      Like the scarecrow needed a brain
      They had it all the time, they just needed someone
      to show them they did...
      With that we're off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz...

    2. Where is it? I still don't know, True Blue. I think a bit more courage wouldn't hurt me... I think.

    3. Ah Blue - it takes courage to be who we are too.. there is a lion inside us screaming to get out. You will know what you were looking for when you realize you had it and let it go...someone once asked me "how do you find love" I replied' "I am not sure, but you will know when you've lost it as your heart will break in two" Life is like that sometimes, listen to that little meow inside. Then again what do I know I am just a dreamer dancing in the clouds. Sigh now I am crying

    4. Ps that something is something inside of you, the missing piece to the puzzle and only you know your true hearts desire. You will know as you will feel it. "Dreaming to your awakening",

    5. So true, True: It takes courage to be who we are. I know you can relate. And, yes, my heart's been broken many times but I've got this thing called super glue to fix the problem. It's a special brand of super glue called A Sense Of Humor. You may have heard about it.

      If only I could see the puzzle.

    6. They say super glue fixes everything, but I have my doubts. You hide in your humor, I hide in dreams and it seems neither of us can find that missing piece. My dear departed grandmother tried to show me in a dream. You see I was in her house and there was a room that had a floor made out of puzzle pieces, and it was a treasure map of some sorts. I can't say what the treasure was as it could be tangible or intangible? Also, her old singer sewing machine was in the room. It is symbolic you know.

      Yes, I do understand...that is who we are too

      Try and visualize the puzzle. Do you see yourself?

    7. Yes, I see myself. It isn't a pretty picture...

    8. Then change the lens, it's about perspective, perhaps you need a new angle.

      much love Mr Blue

  8. I can usually see it in my brain where a certain object is that I may be looking for. 9/10 times it is there when I go searching for it. Recently I was trying to find the papers for one of the cars we had bought relative to the warranty. I could not see the paperwork in my head so to speak. Couldn't even remember it being in the house we were living in at the time. Resigned to thinking I had to call the dealership, I decided to look in the glove compartment of the vehicle and sure enough the paperwork was there. And then both hubby and me remembered the dealership said to keep the paperwork there in the glove compartment in case we needed it. I keep my keys and card case with license and debit card in one central location so that I never have to search around. Its better that way :)


    1. In one central location... That makes perfect sense to me. So there's nothing out there you're still looking for, betty? I'm afraid I see things in my brain too only to discover they are 90% imaginary...

  9. I'm pretty good at finding things that are lost. At least my things. I have a certain place to put things and that way I know where to look.

    1. So there's nothing out there you're still looking for, Mary?

  10. Haha! I LOVE it!

    Blue, you've cheered me up. Love my roses. Hilarious. You're the best.

    Find what I'm looking for? How can I when it keeps getting moved? Or hidden. Or maybe what I'm looking for only exists in a book starting 'Once Upon A Time'

    I can't find myself let alone that which will complete me. As lost as Alice and as mad as the hatter.

    However, I think beavers in a Bora Bora disco would be a good start. :)

    1. That which will complete you... Seems to me you get this little post of mine. Any idea what that something lioks like, Jules?

    2. I don't know if it looks like anything, Blue. I think it just slots into your soul and you know.

  11. I can't find my dignity. I think I lost it about 5 years ago when the two of us started our blog. Has anybody seen it?

    1. Good one. Maybe I should send you a better mirror. It's been hiding in your reflection.

  12. Gosh . . . what a lot of work you did on that . . . so funny. . . love the story line and the illustrations . . . :)

    I am constantly losing many things
    And can't remember and no bell rings
    as to where I've put 'em, I cannot say
    It happens to me 'most every day.
    Once I thought I'd lost my wallet
    and thought some kindly folk had 'stole it'
    I'd put it somewhere as I was blogging
    whilst on my laptop which I was hogging.
    I finished and shouted' "Where's my money?
    Have you seen my wallet, honey?"
    I searched the house from high to low
    as my heart pounded and fear did grow.
    It had inside my debit plus credit cards
    ~ all things financial I could not discard,
    as well as my money and driver's licence
    which I have almost lost twice since.
    I rushed into my car and drove around
    To places where I hoped it was found
    There was not a shed of elation
    At our local petrol station
    It was not handed in anywhere
    I'd hoped for an honest guy with a care.
    So glumly I returned to my home
    And looked again as I did roam
    Then I shouted, "Eurieka there it is!"
    And quickly to my wife did whiz.
    I said, "I found it on the window sill,
    You drew the curtains and nearly made me ill.
    It was completely out of my view
    But now I've found it I don't feel blue . . . lol

    Cheers Blue ~ hope you are well . . :)

    1. Thanks, Eddie, for yet another master piece! Good thing that wallet didn't make you lose your mind. So how in the world did it end up on that window sill?

    2. lol . . . and thanks. I had put it absent mindedly on the widow sill and forgot about it and then my darlung wife drew the curtains . . . so funny after the panic . .

    3. Well, my ex-girlfriend once accused me of kidnapping her cat. She couldn't find the fluffy animal so naturally suspected I was the culprit. So when she phoned me and ccused me of catnapping, I said, "Go upstairs and check the drapes." Our drapes were a bit on the long side so when she opened them, she didn't notice her cat napping on the floor on top of the drapes. How's that for a funny story involving dr... I mean curtains?

    4. lol . . . . I suspect if they could talk drapes/curtains would have many tales to tell . . .

    5. I suspect that that's as true as the gold I don't have, Eddie haha!

  13. The red dress and shoes are really spiffy on Jules.
    It's really a tough ole life to be chased by beavers and lose a blue shoe. Listen to Mama.
    I was wondering if Conservatives ever write blogs.
    My computer has been on the "fritz" for a couple of days but I found a new
    computer guru. I'm happy.
    Mr. Blue..... I hope you are also happy and feeling well.

    1. I try to be happy, Belva. No use crying when there's another day ahead. Conservatives write blogs, I'm sure of that. Good to hear there are still some computer gurus left to help my friend out. I hope you're feeling well.

  14. I recently lost the title for my car! Had to pay $25 and request a replacement. :(

    1. Oh darnit! Say it ain't so, Mr. Silver Fox... :( And it's gonna take ages or just a week?

    2. They said it would take 7-10 days.

    3. And what if it turns out to take them 11 days? Will you get a brand new car? Probably not.

  15. Well now, that's a mighty deep question. I think I'm looking for something, but I'm not sure what it is. So if I don't know what it is, maybe I won't even know when I've found it. (Maybe I should refer to Billy Joel's, River of Dreams.)

    1. Good to hear from you again, Sherry. Yes, it's a metaphorical shoe this time. We usually don't know what it is we're really looking for.

  16. Found it!!!!!!!!!

    darn... I lost it again.

  17. Isn't that just the worst and then isn't it usually in the fridge? No? Maybe just me?

    1. Well, if you're taking this story literally, I'd say yes, and much more often then I'd want it to be. :)


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