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Cats and dogs can be friends. So can cowboys and indians. So can we.
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Saturday, June 3, 2017

If You Were... a Wish


If you were a wish, would you wish for a patch
Just to patch up those holes in your jeans?
Would you wish for all reboots to be given the boot...
Wouldn't that be, you know, such a hoot? 
If you were a wish, would you wipe out contempt? 
Would you be all desire, no action? 
Would you spark off a riot, an uproar for free? 
Hey, what kind of a wish would you be?
Oh if wishes were horses, all beggars would ride. 
Come, the wishing gate opens today! 
Into nothing it opens? No Bora, no beach?
As the blind wish to show me the way. 
If a prayer's a wish, does that make you a prayer? 
Do I pray for a warmhearted God? 
"Please be there," I would say, my foot triggering a snare.
Would that wish be misheard by ole Zod
If you were a wish, would your wish be a spell?
Would your wish include neighbors and hell
iPhones and Facebook and friends oh so dear?
I would make Roger Moore reappear.

* * *

You will be missed.

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  1. ah, to be a patch on somebody's jeans... why is Tom Hiddleston suddenly haunting my naughty mind? Yes, I'd most definitely be a very naughty wish, probably the naughties of them all... and I'd come in sets of three... for free...

    1. For free. Did you hear that, Mr. Hiddleston? Well, may your dream (or his?) come true, Dezzzmeister.

  2. An outstanding actor he was. Happy new month!

    1. It came as such a shock.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. If I were a wish, I would make Donald Trump disappear. He's a pain in the rear.


  4. My wish is mundane,
    Just an end to the pain.
    (Mine and the world's).

  5. If i were a wish
    I'd skip the fish
    I'd just pile up the dough
    And away I'd go
    Plus fix the body crap
    But as for the map?
    Can you really change much?
    Humans are dumb overall and such
    Will always find a way
    For might to make right any day
    Maybe wish them all fixed
    Then eventually that will be nixed

    1. Skipping the fish
      But putting the wish into swish?
      Body crap you can do without
      As those bills make you shout

  6. My wife loved dear Roger, she thought he was quaint
    And she is in heaven and he's now a Saint.
    I expect when they sing his last funeral hymn
    She'll stand by St Peter and make a beeline for him. . . . lol
    When he walks head held high through those Pearly Gates
    She'll flutter her eyelids as she her fingernails paints.

    As for me if I could have one little wish
    I'd become 30 and be strong and a dish.
    I'd have stamina and a whole heap of puff
    I'd do all things I did and not have enough
    and have to sit down so I can recover
    T'would be great not to do this, so great to discover. . . . lol

    And I would of course knock some sense into Trump about pulling out of the Paris Agreement. I really cannot understand how he can say Global Warming is not real.

    1. Look at you go
      Rhyming at the Blue guy show
      Your wife was wonderful, I just know.
      A beeline... well, I see
      In the place to be
      Thirty would be my pick, too,
      I wouldn't even need my blue suede shoe
      What... Trump is not an expert after all?
      I need to sit down at my hall.

      Thanks for stopping by, Eddie, an for putting a smile on my face.

  7. What a lovely tribute.

    I second Janie;)

    YOU, have a great weekend.

  8. I didn't realize Roger Moore was so "old." Sadly I'm of that generation (not 80 years old) but late baby boomer where we are going to be losing a lot of the performers, actors, etc., that were part of our lives growing up, into early adulthood etc.

    If I were a wish, I would wish we could just all get along.


  9. I'd wish I was more wishes

    1. But wishes that would come true, I hope.

  10. If I were a wish I'd wish Heaven was true so that we could all be there with Roger and Blue! (Well not right this minute for you Blue, I'm not wishing it immediately!)

    1. Not immediately? Why not? Think about it, Alicia. I've heard people say this before and I've always wondered... Why would anyone want to stay here? Surely earth cannot compete with eternal bliss? So how come most of us would still say, "But not yet"? :)

    2. I only say not immediately because I don't know if you are ready. I didn't want it to sound like "I wish Blue were dead!"

      And I'm not ready for you to be gone either, I just found your blog for heaven's sake. There aren't many out there that entertain and make me think...let alone those that make me want to rhyme!

    3. Ha ha ha I know that. I just loved the ambiguity of that line :) Rhyme along, Alicia!

  11. Replies
    1. It's a sobering thought that even James Bond himself had no choice but to bite the dust.

  12. If I were a wish, what would I wish?
    it might be nice to be the first star
    granting wishes to others near and far

    imagine all the dreams that could come true
    if only you truly believed in your heart...

    I'll leave you with a song

    1. I love that song, True. The first star granting wishes to others... I like the sound of that.

  13. If I were a wish, I'd probably wish to not wish for anything stupid, which I'm likely to do. Or is it even possible to wish for that? Would that just break the wish system and throw it into chaos?

    See, I told you I was a stupid wisher.

    1. Yes, you told me, but of course I'm not listening :)

  14. Aw, great shot of Roger with Peter Sellers. I'd never seen that before. In fact, I didn't even know they knew one another. That they did is interesting in light of the fact that Roger oh-so-briefly played Inspector Clouseau at the end of Curse of the Pink Panther!

    1. Well, there you go: new knowledge gained, and free of charge, too! :)

  15. If I were a wish, I'd probably wish to be set free.
    Just like Robin Williams did as Genie.

  16. I'd not seen that photo before ... he will be missed, he did a lot of charity work too.

    All the best Jan

    1. Yes, he was a kind person who did lots of charity work. I thought he would outlive the Queen of England.

  17. If I were a wish, I'd wish for infinite wishes
    To save all the fishes (& inhabitants of the seas)
    And people, & animals & flowers & trees
    From horrible disease; and malaise & ease
    the hearts of those in need of wishes, & love & freedom.

    1. See, that's why I like you, AlleyCat.

  18. This is one of my favourites :)

  19. If I were a wish, I would want to cheer everyone up!

  20. That's a fun picture. They are both missed. My favorite movie of Seller's is "Being There." Interesting movies lack that over-powering back-ground music, but commands attention by the squeak of a shoe or the tick of a clock. One funny scene was when Shirley Maclaine visited his room and in his reference to the TV, he said, "I like to watch."
    The foibles and power of the press goes on today

    1. Yes, they are missed, all right. I swear I thought Moore was going to outlive the British Queen. Oh don't you just get depressed from all the explosions in trailers and that over-powering music each and every action movie? Here's a list:

      The Mummy (2017): crap.
      Pirates (2017): crap.
      Alien (2017): crap.
      Baywatch (2017): crap.
      The Wall: crap.
      The Circle: crap.

      It seems this year the list of crappy movies is endless. Pardon my Swedish.

  21. If I were a wish... Oh look! Chocolate. ;) (For you. The virtual kind that won't blow your diet. I'll take the cheese.)

    1. Ah you remember my diet. I can barely remember the taste of chocolate...

  22. Oh Oh, I'm with Crystal. I'd wish for lots and lots of dark chocolate that doesn't have any bad stuff in it and doesn't make me gain weight but tastes heavenly.

    1. I'm with Crystal, too. And with you. And with anyone why can turn chocolate into something that's tasty and doesn't ruin my health and diet.

      Hello, Lynda!

  23. Beautiful tribute Blue. I love what you wrote!

  24. If were a wish I’d be a mischievous spirit,
    Wake you up with a snap and dare you to live it,
    To dance and sing each day and each hour,
    The moment of now being filled with such power,
    And love and joy and beaches galore,
    Whatever you want and then so much more!


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