"Though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make him run."
Blue, resist the urge to use facebook. You can do it. Good luck.
Cats and dogs can be friends. So can cowboys and indians. So can we.
Will you ever reach Bora?

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Who We Are (Supposed to Be)

By Truedessa and Blue 

Blue and Truedessa — who are we in this earthly show?
Do you wonder what is out there beyond passing clouds?
Is there an oasis with blue skies, a place for dreamers to go, 
A refuge for wandering souls to stay as long as time allows?

Ah time's a crooked thing, Miss Blue — don't trust it for a second,
As days rush by (You think they're minutes!) ever since life first beckoned.
And what a life it is, this earthly show, filled with stars, and us,
Hired by the day to play some part, wondering what it is we do
Or who we are supposed to be. 
We dream, we discuss, we count the clouds until our count is lost,
We feel small and yet so big; our voice is clear, our eyes don't lie,
And still we sense we do not see, and at what cost?
A refuge would be quite the treat. 
If souls exist, I'm sure you'll find your seat.

Do you believe beyond the sky river awaits a golden castle, 
Where knights and their ladies dance to a minstrel's song 
Waltzing in blades of grass, no longer fighting earthly battles? 
Would we behold a place of true heart, a place for us to belong? 

Believe I don't. My show is here, and it's enough. 
No sequels for this movie buff, 
This actor, this dreamer of dreams and more, 
This earthly knight when eyes are shut, 
This dancer among dancers galore, 
This believer in the here and now, 
This earthly show, this Time To Bow 
And Take It All In: a dream that might come true. 
Who are we supposed to be? 
Don't say our show was called The Unremarkable Two.

* * *

"Who are we... I don't knoooooooooooooooooooow!" (sing along!)


  1. That was a great pairing of words!
    Believe it, Blue. Truedessa does. She believes in castles and knights...and dragons!

    1. Dragons (I get it) I do believe in!

    2. Alex knows everything there is to know about dragons.

    3. Well, I'm a knight. A blue knight but still a knight. No? You should see my blue horse.

    4. A knight in blue armor, a blue horse shall I go for a ride;)

      Hope you are well Blue..a toast to life!

  2. Very nice collaboration! Loved the illustration, too.

    And am I really only the second commenter?

    1. By the way, why oh why does spell-checker always underline the word "commenter?" (It usually suggests "commentator" as a replacement. The words are not interchangeable!)

    2. Yes, you were number 2. (no, not that number 2 lol) I had just posted it. I have absolutely no idea why spell-checker does that. I know you hate it when words are not interchangeable :)

    3. Thank you Silver Fox, Blue did a wonderful job with the illustration.

    4. Plus the words are NOT interchangeable. As an ex-linguist I couldn't agree more. Still I love saying, "Say it ain't so!" That's the rebel in me.

      As for the illusration, True inspired me. I'm not sure readers get the line "this earthly show, filled with stars, and us." I don't mean the stars in the sky, but movie stars, the famous people on this planet and their show, and then there's us with our own show.

    5. The actor helps create the illusion of a dream, but I tend to think of stars in the sky, don't ask me why!

  3. A blue pair
    Pairing as one at your lair
    What to believe, what to not?
    Could be more, could be a plot
    Just have to live and enjoy
    Even with the 9-5 ploy
    And then when you go kerplunk
    Let's hope no nasty dragon shares your bunk

    1. Let's hope indeed
      Did you say "blue pair" at your feed?
      9-5 sounds like a bore
      (Not a boar or a toad on the floor)
      I'd rather snore
      A bit more
      At the blue guy shore
      Nasty dragons, you say?
      Don't you send them my way.

    2. A bore and more
      Makes one snore
      Curl up on the floor
      Nope, germs galore

    3. Germs they can keep
      Send them to a germ-happy creep

    4. Send them on a plane or in a school
      Maybe a hospital to be a germ fool

    5. My neighbor's mailbox will do fine
      As they open a germy bottle of wine

  4. That was a nice poem. I like how you both are in there. That cartoon at the bottom though, you look quite shocked. lol

  5. LOVED the juxtaposition of your thoughts with Truedessa's lyricism. I am a fence sitter here. Most of me thinks this life is enough. But a part of me yearns for dragons...

    1. I hear ya. Nothing wrong with dragons, Elephant's Child. Dreaming is what makes us human.

    2. Dragons are magical, of course you would yearn for magic in life.

    3. On a frigging daily basis, too!

    4. We need a magic potion
      That will stir our emotions

    5. Let's find the shoe
      and us too

  6. An interesting piece that I enjoyed reading. We should live for today, but tomorrow can be promising if you are enjoying life. And yesterday can play on your mind, to find love 'in kind'.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Hello, Andrew. Thanks for the love and the kind words. Yes, we'd better suck the marrow out of life but without choking on the bone. Now, who said that?

  7. Hi Blue,

    Thanks for wanting to write with me! Life is about enjoying pieces of the sun and slices of the moon, but we must always believe in the passion of our hearts. It's the beat that keeps us going in the earthly show as you and I know.

    You are a wonderful shade of blue and I am lucky to share in your extraordinary hue.

    I just love the artwork! Look I'm flying to a magical tune ;)

    Come by for a visit ;)

  8. I enjoyed this so much. I especially love Truedessa's knights and castles and the artwork as well!

    1. I love her knights and castles and dragons, too. It's about time she showed them to me, preferably on Bora Bora.

      Say something, True.

    2. Why do the Moody Blues come to mind?

      Nights in white satin,
      Never reaching the end,
      Letters I've written,
      Never meaning to send.

      Beauty I'd always missed
      With these eyes before,
      Just what the truth is
      I can't say anymore.

    3. "Well, it's hard to figure out
      What she's all about,
      But she's a woman, through and through
      She's a complicated lady
      So color my baby a moody blue..."

      (sing along!)

    4. Oh, Moody blue
      Tell me am I gettin' through
      I keep hangin' on
      Try to learn the song
      But I never do
      Oh, Moody blue,
      Tell me who I'm talkin' to
      You're like the night and day
      And it's hard to say
      Which one is you.

    5. (still singing)

      It's not easy being Blue
      It's not easy that much is True
      revealing small pieces, clues
      finding my way to you...

      ok..not sure where that came from...

    6. Look at you go
      At the blue guy show.

    7. Let's go to Bora
      where dreams unfold
      where a new story will be told
      I'll show you castles and knights
      we'll sing under moonlight
      we'll dance under sunlight
      you can show me your sword
      on a distant shore our spirits restored

      There I said something
      Shall I continue?

    8. Look at you go
      At the Blye Guy Show

  9. I really enjoyed reading this poem. It resonated with me in ways I can't explain. :)

    1. Maybe you can explain it by means of.... a poem!

  10. Loved your poem, Blue and Truedessa. That was absolutely wonderful. For those of us that are dreamers of dreams, the imagery was beautiful.

    1. Don't you just love dreamers? What's the use of facts? I need to pay my bills... that's a fact. There are more where that one came from. Facts are overrated in my book. Just a tad, you know.

  11. Singing along to your song :) Hope you're both doing well

    1. I'm doing OK. Thanks for asking. How's Dallas these days?

  12. I really enjoyed this! Great poem you two and I love the cartoon at the end!!

    1. Thank you. I'm sure your artwork would look 10 times more beautiful.


  13. This was a beautiful compilation!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Believe it or not, I was thinking about you the other day: I should visit Elsie. And there you are. What are the odds? :)

  14. Is there an oasis with blue skies,
    a place for dreamers to go,
    A refuge for wandering souls
    to stay as long as time allows?

    If only there is such an opening!
    It will offer up lots of signings
    And it'll push it open
    Not by trying to reason
    But making it known early mornings


  15. The dream is our escape from the current show. To believe in the magic gives us hope to endure. Peace is exit stage left and lights out. Fin.
    What a duo - A truly beautiful union. :)

  16. That was fun and definitely a first. I've seen people co-write a blogpost, but a poem blogpost? Truly epic. Now we just need a bit of music from a third conspirator to complete the scene, eh? ;)

    1. Hi Crystal. This was avtually our 3rd time, believe it or not :)

  17. I'm sorry but your jester costume trumps all.

  18. Beautifully written collaboration. Hope we see more from the two of you together soon!

    1. Well, how come we never write a poem together? It could be one about cookibg. No joke. I want to write a poem with all of my blogger buddies. What say you?

    2. Probably because I am not a writer or a poet ;) I'm afraid my half would look like it came from the bottom of the rejected pile of a Bevis & Butthead script.

    3. Don't sell yourself short, Theresa :)

  19. Blue and Truedessa, sitting in a tree
    Writing poems together, tee-hee-hee
    First comes True with her troubadour's song
    Then comes Blue, he hits the Major Bows gong

    1. Then comes Belva, well, you know it is true
      Then comes The Cat or is it Scooby Dooby Doo?

    2. The cat is fourth place?
      Bah, you can have it while Bora Bora I embrace

    3. Hahaha! You've got Bora in your pocket?
      Won't be needing a rocket?
      Wow! The Cat is number one...
      Such fun!
      Now, where's that shoe?

    4. Have to wait til the 16th is at hand
      For the shoe to appear in your land

    5. Is it Friday the 13th yet? Or did you say 16th?

    6. haha 14th now
      Switched the meow

  20. Oh, so THAT'S what Truedessa looks like. I always thought she'd be taller. Or maybe that's the effect that flying has on those of us down on the ground.

    I believe in dragons, but they don't believe in me. Told the last one I met I was going to slay him, and he laughed in my face until I ran home sobbing.

    I mean, he was right, but he didn't have to rub my face in it...

    1. That was one cruel dragon. Did he sound like James Bond? Because that would explain it.

      Truedessa is normal-sized. I'm a giant, so when you see the two of us in a picture, she looks like Tinkerbell.

      Well, this has been very educational... I need a drink.

    2. No, he sounded like Fran Drescher. Laughed like her, too. Talk about adding insult to injury.

      Maybe I need to enlist the help of a giant. Do you ever get tired of people asking you "how's the weather up there?", thinking that's clever and original?

    3. Your timing is impeccable. Just lost someone yesterday. No dress rehearsal is right.

    4. Fran Drescher... that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. Used to have the hots for her, you know. But she kept laughing at my size (being a giant and all) so it was a bit of a downer. As for the little people trying to be funny, let's just say that those dino droppings are kid's play...

      @Riot Kitty - Say it ain't so.

  21. Trudessa is fun, I've seen her visit at Pat's
    It's nice to see her here, and also at the cat's.

    A most excellent collaboration!

    1. Yes, she is fun and creative. She is also my friend and partner in crime.

      Have a great weekend, Rosey :)

    2. YW Trudessa. :)

      You have a good weekend too, Blue. :)

  22. Once upon a time my cousin told me I'm nothing but a dreamer. Which has inspired me to pursue them.
    This poem hits the feels a bit.
    Also, love the ginger flying in space! Haha.

    1. I chose to be surrounded by people who are dreamers. It separates them from plants and robots alike.

  23. What a delight to follow Pat's link over and read this post! True and Blue playing with words and debating profound questions. I don't have the answers, but I think about the meaning of it all and what may or may not come after death. I'll take libraries in the hereafter, thank you! As for dragons, Smaug is a favorite for his wily intelligence; but then GOTs' Dragon has to be the fiercest I've ever seen. Dragons would keep things interesting in eternity!

    1. Forgot to say I loved Blue's illustration!

    2. Smaug.... would that be the Hobbit dragon that never stops talking? O dear.... I prefer that Scottish 007 dragon myself. Oh wait... I love the one in How to Tame a Dragon This one: CLICK! Kind of reminds me of my fat cat Mongo.

  24. How fun! I found your blog though Pat's and I am glad I did. :) Great post!


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