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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Land, Lay, Land of the Lay... um teeth.... Something to Do with Teeth or Molars

Okay, so here's the lay of the land.... Wait, get your mind out of the gutter. I'm not talking about a good lay or a countryside lay or a happy-hump dirty hump-happy neighbor lay on a sunny day or even an onlay, which for your information is an inlay that restores the occlusal surface of a tooth. Though when I say, "inlay," I AM talking about dentistry, which is what today's lay of the land is all about: teeth and molars ─ they might not be as strong as you think they are. That is the land of the lay, I mean the lay of the land. Are you still following me?

Well, hello, how NICE of you to join us. And when I say, "us," I mean myself and my twenty charming and highly intelligent readers. Anyway, have you ever looked forward to going to the dentist? Have you ever heard that inner-voice of yours whisper in your inner-ear, saying weird stuff? You have? Was it as weird as, say, Psssssst Today is the day, right? Today is when that sweet little drill is going to do some serious damage to your favorite molar, the one way back in your pretty mouth.

Was it, now?

Psssst. Hey. Hey you. Yes, you. This is your inner-voice speaking. Your very personal invisible stalker. Today is the day when you gotta pay a shockingly hefty bill (through the nose, too!) because you bought and ate cheap rye bread with little stones in it. Rye bread... that wonder of wondrous miracles. How to define it? Well, let's call it bread that is made either entirely or partly from rye flour, often with caraway seeds. Or little stones, or so you discovered. Yeah, you.

Your inner-voice. I'm sure you have one, too. If not, count yourself lucky.

So, one fine day not long ago I bought some cheap-a... um very cheap rye bread (I'm on a diet) allegedly with caraway seeds in it, and then I broke one of my frigging molars on a frigging son of a stone. My outer-voice yelped something my inner-voice won't repeat, and guess who ended up yelping a bit more in some posh leather seat with a relentless Nazi spotlight shining brightly on his nose, meanwhile revealing the imminent retreat of the army of hairs that used to be stationed on his big blue scalp? "Wilma!" Never mind the ensuing yabadabadooooooooo-wooo-ooo-ooo-ooouch-ouch-ouch! (drilling drilling)

Fast forward a couple of weeks when all things were good again. My molar had been fully restored. My confidence in both dentists and rye bread successfully rebooted. To celebrate, I opened the fridge, where my eyes feasted upon a pound of cheese that had been laughing at me for weeks on end because it knew I was on a diet. Screw that diet! I'm gonna have me some cheese! Sweet delicious cheese. I grabbed a plate, grabbed some cheese, put it on a slice of rye bread and in the biggest bowl I could find displayed the most beautiful blue grapes you have ever seen. A cup of ginger tea to complete an already picture perfect picture and bon app├ętit! Good for me, I know. And when I heard that second molar break in half, I knew I was in for another round of leather chair meets spotlight meets Doc Needle and Drill. Whyyyy?

Because I'm stupid, is why. Anyone who says college-educated folks are smart needs to be sent to me and my two broken molars. I could tell you the same thing happened a third time, which it did, but I won't tell you. I'm not that stupid.

Other than that, it's all good. I'm slimline like both my wallet and a 1991 T-1000 (down 31 pounds, to be exact), 100% non-molar-breaking-rye-bread-munching, and the sun is shining. What more could a hungry blue guy ask for? Isn't being over the top rolling down hill nice? (smile)

* * *

Do terminators need to go to the dentist? Do they like the word nice?


  1. First they mess with your mouth, then you have to pay through your nose? Wow. Your poor, beleaguered face!

  2. At least you're filthy rich enough to buy yourself a whole pound of cheese..... and did you just say you eat it with grapes..... ewwwwww.... how posh and ewwww again.
    Never found a rock in my rye bread.... either your baker hates you or you live in Bedrock. I did once find a pig's tooth in my stew.... did I mention I haven't eaten a stew in about twenty years or more...

    1. Filthy, yes. Filthy rich... no doubt by comparision. Filthy cheese... yes, please. Filthy grapes.... yum! Posh and yum, just like Bora on a sunny day, which is every day of the week. A pig's tooth in your stew... I want to say yum because I'm hungry but I'll curb the urge and stick to a modest ewww. No stew in 20 years on account of the tooth or stew being as posh as my rye stones with blue grapes.

      Hello Dezzzmeister.

  3. Who knew that rye bread had tooth breaking stones in it. I'd find a different bakery for my bread. Blue, so sorry you had to go through that. Not fun for your mouth or your wallet.

    1. It happens... three times haha! Oh well, lesson learned or I will get myself institutionalized.

  4. I'm one of the few who've never even had a cavity, so no fear of the dentist. Wish I could say that about other doctors.

    1. Whoa! Not a single one? Are you a terminator, Bijoux? I won't tell anyone.

  5. Did you have to get crowns? Those suckers cost a fortune!

    1. No crown money so I went for an improvised reconstruction. Three times. It looks good. Hope it'll stay that way for some time to come.

  6. Sigh. I am battling dental woes of my own. I have toothace. In two teeth. Two (not precisely cheap) visits to the dentist she can find nothing which causes the pain. So we are assuming that MS is messing with my mind again. So unfair attacking an unarmed victim. Nearly a month later both teeth still ache. Mostly.
    I hope your teeth stay whole and that your bank balance recovers.

    1. MS... Sign. I don't know what to say. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


    2. How much does it hurt on a scale from 1 to 10?

    3. Sometimes a three, often an eight or nine. MS pain is a cow, but a cow I have learned to live with. Toothache is a new manifestation though. Please forgive my whinges and whines.

    4. I know everything there is to know about whinges and whines. An eight or nine.... That's just terrible. I can't imagine how that affects your life.

  7. I don't want to be the kind of person who tells other people what to do, but I suggest, merely suggest, that perhaps you should or could consider giving up rye bread. It's a little thought that passed through my little brain so I'm passing it on to you. Congratulations on your weight loss. I lost four pounds last spring and kept it off all summer even though it was so hot that I barely moved.


    1. I know, Janie, but the thing is this rye stone um bread of mine is the reason I've been able to lose 31 pounds. It's the only brand I like, so what I've been doing these past couple of days is mind my chewing a bit more. Bit... get it? Of course you get it because you are a word wizard.

      I remember losing the first couple of pounds and thought I needed to get my eyes checked.

      Thanks, Janie :)

    2. Why is the rocky bread the reason you've lost 31 pounds? I want to lose 31 pounds. I hope it's not because your teeth hurt so much that you can't eat.

    3. Hi Janie. I guess it's because the rocky bread together with the fiber in grapes I eat every single day - well, twice a day - keeps me from wanting to eat anything else. I'm just not hungry anymore. Meaning I don't feel the need to grab me some chocolate or anything unhealthy like chips and pizza and what-not. I don't crave soda anymore either or desserts. I don't know. Somehow it just works for me. I eat two slices of rye bread in the early morning, I have a bowl filled to the brim with the bluest or blackest grapes I can find, and I pour myself a huge mug of ginger tea. It does the trick for me. I'm not hungry until, what, 2 or 3 in the afternoon, when I'll have a second helping, the same recipe, and in the evening I don't eat too much either, especially after 8, and that's about it. Luckily, it doesn't feel like I'm on a diet.

      P.S. Every time I want to leave a comment at your place, for some reason I just can't. I'll go and try again.

  8. Glad you have had your molar tooth fixed
    although your good/bad news today was mixed.
    It really sucks that your ivory bust
    causing you grief and see dentist, a must.
    I have had recent dental trouble myself
    Two problems crept up with considerable stealth.
    One day I was aware with abundant gravity
    That two wisdom teeth suddenly had a cavity,
    For out from two teeth came enormous fillings
    Which caused me to wonder of future high billings.
    I went to the dentist who examined and prodded
    Remarking one could be saved, not the other, he nodded.
    I said last time I endured a wisdom extraction
    I was referrred to hospital as cause of action.
    My wisdom tooth roots were truly giagantic
    So I received sedation while they pulled it out frantic.
    It was the night of the Ali/Foreman fight
    And when I awoke I was a terrible sight
    I felt that each boxer had punched and floored me
    'Cause my jaw was puffed out by many a degree.
    When I told the dentist of this historical news
    He scratched his chin as his thought process brewed.
    "I'm going to refer you to a hospital, local,
    To have it extracted - best option and focal
    It will not cost you a single penny
    So I've saved you some money, unlike many.
    On other tooth you need a multi root filling
    and a crown to cover it, if you are willing.
    So this I have done, though I'm awaiting the crown
    and I'll have it fitted when it all settles down
    So now I have lost one of my wisdom dentals
    I'm not quite as wise, but lighter, which is incidental.


    Always great fun to fly in, Blue. . . :)

    1. Here comes Eddie, the poetry wizard
      Fast he is too like a Fast Eddie blizzard
      Ivory that's burst sure is a drag
      No need to show it off or, you know, brag
      Your dental trouble sounds like ouch and then some too
      But you'd prefer to pat a Scooby Doo
      Two wisdom teeth, you say... two, not one?
      One could be saved, still no one's having fun
      I bet that hospital trip down memory lane
      Sent your wallet down the drain
      Sedation's essential in my blue guy spot
      Whether teeth are good or ready to rot
      "Give me one more, just in case.
      If that doesn't work you might wanna use some mace"
      Just trying to help in the place to be
      That was quite a fight you had at your sea
      A puffed out jaw sounds like a hell on earth
      Like a guy trying to give birth lol (ouch!)
      When people say, "It won't cost you a bit,"
      Experience kinda tells me they're full of um it.
      There's a reason they call it a crown
      They're trying to be funny like a dentist clown
      It's so expensive, you might want to wear one as a hat
      The kind kings wear, thin or fat.
      Thanks for making me laugh and for taking the time
      To spin another exquisite rhyme
      That would make the Cat feel like a kitten
      And the Wednesday galls say they're smitten lol!

  9. lol

    No that old extraction was also free
    on the NHS which meant there was no fee.
    The latest extraction was just as he said
    No cost at all as they emptied my head . . lol
    The crown will be pricey but not too excessive
    But I might look like Jaws, which is not too impressive.
    You know the chap fighting James Bond,
    with the metal teeth and hair which is blonde.

    It's alway nice exercising your chuckle muscle
    (can't think of a word to rhyme which is a hustle . . . lol)

    1. . . . and seeing the Wednesday girls tomorrow . . . lol.
      but the one in the afternoon may not open the door this time . . . lol

    2. Eddie, the King of Rhymes
      No tree's too tall, whichever one he climbs:
      "I'm on top of the world, check me out right now!"
      Eddie comes a-knocking, and all the ladies bow
      Jaws, you say... well, I sure hope not
      "Fancy a bite? I might bite... a lot" lol!

    3. I think you might have a good laugh at an earlier post of mine.


    4. This was a great exchange Eddie and Blue!

    5. Eddie knows how to make a blue guy laugh, all right.

    6. Hi KK
      Glad you liked the fun
      Trying my darnest to get Blue to change his colour and make him into a Chamelea . . . . haha

  10. Replies
    1. Well, that would be you, of course. Why would you even ask me that? It's a fact!

  11. Ouch! Hope you have recovered from said dental work!!!

    So far my teeth have been good..........hoping they stay that way for while yet!!!!

    1. My wallet's on the mend. Intensive care and what not... Take good care of those teeth of yours.

  12. See, trying to be healthy is bad for you.

    1. Why didn't I listen to you, Lynda? Why????? (echo echo)

  13. Congrats on the 31 pounds down! That's an achievement, even if it did come at a cost to your pearly whites!


    1. Hahaha! You're so right. Why am I laughing, you wonder. Well, check out my perly whites! Half fake, half real. Terminators, eat your heart out.

  14. Damn, you got drilled and filled
    And not even thrilled
    Got it times three?
    A hooker would have been cheaper for thee
    If that is your thing
    Can we laugh with you at our wing?
    Blah, to the dentist in every way
    And the bills you have to pay
    Sure can suck away the dough
    While you rinse and spit times three at their show
    Isn't repeating that same thing what they call umm a fool?
    Maybe you should find a new food over which to drool lol

    1. A fool I may be, just maybe
      In the frigging place to be
      Three time's a charm, Scooby Dooweee!
      Drilled, filled and not thrilled
      I would prefer to get chilled
      Then get warmed up by Sandra Bullock, not Sly
      Now, you go and ask me why haha!

    2. lol Kate Beckinsale for the win
      A fine drilled and filled sin

    3. Beckinsale I don't mind
      Such a pretty lady is hard to find
      But those teeth kind a suck
      Vampire style, so good luck :p

    4. Suck they do
      With so many sequels too
      And now the series is going to TV
      Without the sucking she
      Bah, total crap
      Hollywood needs to wake up from their nap

    5. Maybe no one should watch that stuff
      And say enough is enough

  15. I truly, truly commiserate with your tooth grief. Perhaps you saw the word "teeth" in my last post because all that you do with the teeth when you're young, really comes back to bite you when you age. Regrets galore. Why didn't I pay attention to Weston Price?

    We should have teeth like dogs. I watch the one year-old puppy crack frozen bones with her gleaming brilliant fangs. Amazing.

    So tell me about this rye diet. Is rye the ingredient that you need? Could you substitute rye whiskey for the bread. It's softer and won't crack your teeth. Rye whiskey was popular wth the drinking crowd when I was young. OK so it was in the early 50's and everyone drank. Remember all those old Bette Davis movies.

    I love rye bread and cheese too. BUT.... I really have sympathy for teeth, esp. those grinding molars.

    1. Yes, I saw the word teeth. In fact, I've been seeing the beep! word everywhere lately. I wonder why... How about teeth like sharks? You break a tooth and a new one replaces it, just like that.

      I'm not sure if rye is the ingredient that I need. I was just experimenting with my diet and this combination (rye bread with cheese, a bowl of black grapes, and a huge mug of ginger or licorice tea) does the trick for me. I've totally given up on eating bread on a daily basis, no more candy either, no more Greek yogurt, no more eating late at night.... the works. Wouldn't mind the whiskey, though...

      Cherish those grinding molars.

    2. Seriously, Blue Man, I think you're on to something....some good truth. One size does not necessarily fit all, especWially in what nutrients the body needs. Well, yes, kind of generally but then we have all these little nitty-gritty niches and you most likely found yours. I understand because I kinda found mine too, by trial and error.
      When the dog knocked me for a loop and cracked my hand and the
      T-word started crumbling, I knew I was missing a nutrient for the bones and "that word." That's why I started juicing again. Mine is too far gone....I just need a band-aide but for you, my friend, there's time to be patient. I know you look handsomely swell. ( A complimentary word from the 50's.)
      I want to be a shark. " When that shark bites, with it's T ....something, something .....pearly white. I forgot the words.

    3. It puts a smile on my face to hear you call me friend. Christopher Reeve used to say, "Swell" a lot: CLICK!

    4. SWELL....I want to pin down Bijoux and find out what she eats.

    5. Be careful... She might bite, having perfect teeth and all.

  16. I enjoyed reading. Sorry for your troubles. I think most of us hate a dentist visit! I do!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Hello, Andrew! Thanks for stopping by again. Beware of tiny stones in your food!

  17. Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice...well A fool can't be fooled again.
    Fool me three times? Come on Blue! Ahahaa
    Shame on Rye bread. Which I loved until reading this.
    Is it weird I love going to the dentist? Not hygienist. The actual teeth drilling, needle poking dentist. I'm obsessed with teeth to the point I chose to get a tooth pulled that could have gotten fixed. Yeah...

    1. I know. But three is a charm, right? Haha!

      But... did you say you love going to Doc Drill? How in the world did that happen? Wait, could it be that subconsciously I craved another visit to my dentist, so I bit on two more tiny stones just for the fun of it? See, now I'm slightly worried. You're obsessed with teeth... I don't believe I've ever heard another person utter those very words before. Um... Really?

  18. Goodness gracious Mr. Blue, no more rye bread for you! I'm so sorry for all your dental woes, but I am so glad to hear about your weight loss. That's fantastic. Keep up the good work!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Elsie! Don't I feel like the clown that went to the dentist... three times! But at least I'm slimline again, so I must've been doing something right, too.

      Hope you're doing fine.


    2. I'm hanging in there, Blue. Been busy working on streamlining the new blog, working on a new book (we'll see how long this one takes since the last one took what? Three years?) and still dealing with stupid migraines, but hey, it could be worse, right?

      Are you feeling better?


    3. Not feeling much better (always tired) but at least my molars are no longer broken in half. Three years... Did it take that long? Well, you never gave up and that's all that matters, my friend. Perseverance :)

  19. Blagh, I absolutely hate the dentist and the drill sound gives me nightmares. Here's to hoping there are no more dental issues this year. And great job on the weight loss! That's awesome to hear and you've done it before the holidays, which is the right time to do it

    1. Bottoms up! May there be no more broken teeth, molars or bank accounts!

      Good to hear from you again, Rooth.

  20. Hi Blue,

    I have to say going to the dentist does not sound like a fun day. Look at you getting all lean and terminator mean ;)

    Land of lay, So why does this song come to mind?

    1. Lay Lady Lay... Who would've thought that someone as young as you would know that old song :) Thanks, True. Excellent song. Yes, I'm the leanest terminator the world has ever seen.

    2. Smiling, of course , I do love music. I always have a tune in my head. Maybe, you should have had a few shots of whiskey and rye before the dental work to ease the pain.

    3. A few shots would've helped
      Instead, I just yelped

  21. OMG, as if one trip to the dentist wasn't enough. We'll have a brief moment of silence for you.

    1. That's so funny. Thanks for the silence, Sandra. I had a brief moment of silence for my back account...

  22. Two molars on rye bread??? That is crazy! I hope everything is good now!
    31 pounds! I am so proud of you Blue!!!
    You asked about the "leggings" on my blog. I had deleted them, before you got there, sorry!
    Have a great week!

    1. Three molars. How stupid is that, right? Well, at least I lost 31 pounds... What a price to pay lol

      Almost weekend... Can't wait.

  23. I followed you every step of the way, Blue because I still have my wisdom teeth.

    My dentist is a psychopathic bitch. No prisoners. I go there to gain strength of character and leave with a beautiful, white grimace.

    Diets are bad for you, see? And you are far from stupid - you’re the smartest, coolest person in the blogosphere. End of. Chew on that. Carefully…;)

    1. I'll chew on that... but carefully. A psychopathic bitch... Is that a fact? Well, just so you know, I happen to be intimately familiar (what) with a lean, mean terminator machine that could teach that drill-loving non-lady the nitty gritty of how to treat my dear friend Jules -- or else. My dentist is a cute 5-foot bubbly lady who knows exactly how to handle the blue guy. "Hey, look, a bird!" "Where?" That's when she gives me a shot, and I never saw it coming. She can't believe the same thing happened to me three times. Quite a charm eh?

  24. I had no idea rye bread was so dangerous. I'll have to stay away from it. I don't want to experience any molar mishaps like yours! Hope things improve in the dental department.

    1. I had no idea either. (Notice that past simple I'm using...) Don't trust innocent-looking rye bread, Sherry.

  25. hi Blue !!
    I hate dentists !!!
    how are you doing ?

    1. Hello, Gloria Dear. How is life? I'm doing pretty okay. A bit tired 24 hours a day but I'm not doing too bad. I love my dentist. I just don't love het needles and drills lol

    2. I hate especially the needles !
      You eraser me from your blog list ?? :( :(

    3. I thought you didn't like your blue friend anymore. But... you're back, so you're name is on the list again. Now, tell me, how is life these days? And how come you don't like needles? I love needles... from a distance.

    4. Im ok but my mom is sick, really difficult Im really worry.
      Of course I love always my blue friend and you know where I live :) :) hugs!

    5. I'm so sorry to hear that, Glo
      ria Dear.

  26. So sorry for your dental troubles, Blue. Rye Bread must be killing you (:P), but keep rocking on the weight loss front!

    1. I wish I could say, 'It happens,' but when three times is a charm, I think I'm in trouble one way or another haha

      Thanks for stopping by again.


  27. I used to love Rye Bread. You have ruined this for me, or saved me from a future of pain (undecided as yet, which one I'm siding on). :) Sorry you went through it three times. Blue grapes you say? I haven't seen any, but yum.

    1. Blue grapes are delicious: CLICK!

      I might be biased calling them blue. Well, they sure as heck aren't black. :)

    2. There are the best. Because... they are blue :D

      Hi Rosey

  28. Diets are no good Couz... do you need more proof? Now you need new teeth. It's always one thing or the other. PS. My diet is going ok. :D

  29. I am careful now with my food as I got some expensive dental work to maintain, ha~ Can't afford to chew on some tough meat anymore; and also have to be careful with much sugar ~ Take care Blue ~

    1. You know I can relate :)

      Hope you're doing fine.


  30. I'd gladly go through child birth a thousand times before I had to sit in that dental chair...let alone 3 times! Hopefully you won't have any more problems and throw away that bread! Good job on the diet by the way.

    1. A thousand times... Same here. No more stones in my bread, though. It must have been a bad batch. :) No, I'm sure of it!

  31. I always think it's such a shame if you're a dentist ... no-one likes to see you!!!

    Well done on the weight loss.

    All the best Jan

    1. Lowcarb Blue is the name! The thing is... my dentist is such a likable woman that I would almost break my teeth on purpose. :D

      Have a great weekend!

  32. Hey, awesome to hear about the weight loss! Well, unless that's just how much your shattered molar weighs. I'm not much for bread, but I once fought a plate of clam pasta that won (the clams decided to not all be deshelled).

    1. That IS how much my shattered molars weigh! There's no way I can ever fool a Beer Boy! Bottoms up! No, not those bottoms, dammit...

      And what happened to your pearly whites?

  33. Ouch!!! Yikes! Hope you are all better now.

  34. Congrats on the weight loss, Blue. Thirty-one pounds is seriously awesome. I know you look great!
    Hope those teeth are snapping strong;)

    1. Thanks, Sandra! My new pearly whites haven't let me down just yet. Knock on wood!

  35. Frickin' rye bread is out to get you! I would rather be anally probed by Edward Scissorhands than go to the dentist. I once had a cavity and the dentist jammed his tool in there right into the nerve. Of course, that made me jump back (natural reaction, yes?) He then started screaming at me that if I ever did that again he would slice my face right off. I've had a serious distrust of dentists ever since.

    Congrats on the weight loss!

    1. Getting anally probed by Edward Scissorhands is quite an image but still a better deal than what happened to you. Did you sue his ass? That sumbitch should've had his own face sliced off. What a thing to said to a patient, dear Lord. How long ago are we talking?

    2. We're talking about 13 years ago or so and I've dreaded having to go to the dentist since. I am meticulous when it comes to oral care because of it and always get surprised hygienists who say "there is no buildup on your teeth whatsoever!" Well, yeah, because I'm terrified of getting a cavity and having my face sliced off. We clean those babies real good lol

    3. No buildup whatsoever... That's quite an achievement, all right. Did you kick him in the nuts? Just wondering...

  36. Yikes. I feel your pain here. Who would've thought that you'd have trouble with rye bread??? OR cheese and bread??? However, I applaud your ability to stick to a diet and lose 30+ pounds. I'm horrible about diets. I love both cheese and bread...

    1. I was wondering where you were. That's code for I missed you, but don't tell anybody. They might get jealous :D Can't trust that rye bread. It sneaks up on you when you least expect it. I have reached that stage when I'm no longer on a diet - it's just the way I eat these days. What's funny is that I'm not as hungry as I was half a year ago, which makes no sense because I eat one third of what I used to eat.

  37. There was a young fella called Blue
    Who one day found it hard to chew
    He busted his tooth
    And said, "Blimey, strewth
    My molar's no longer brand new!"

    He bit hard on some nasty rye bread
    And felt the tooth break in his head
    He swore a large oath
    To the stone in the loaf
    And was so mad his blue turned to red.

    He either had a very strong bite
    Or his tooth was very feeble and light
    To break it like that
    And make him say, "Drat!"
    Just somehow to him felt not right.

    To the dentist he went in dispair
    And asked him his tooth to repair
    He said, "T'will be expensive,
    Work on tooth will be extensive
    To warn you will only be fair.

    So next time you look for a snack
    Choose something so your teeth will not crack
    Something like cheese
    That your taste buds will please
    And you bank balance will not attack . . . lol

    Where are you, Blue
    Hope you are ok . . . :)
    btw am I one of the 20? . . lol

    1. Here comes Eddie, yes, he's doing it again
      Rhyming as fast as 8, 9, 10 men
      Talking about them molars, they're all brand new
      I'd better be careful when I start to um... chew
      I swore, all right, and then some too!
      Unrepeatable words and each of them true
      Red-faced and all
      I was ready for the fall
      And the dentist call:
      "Yoohoo, Mister Blue!
      I'm rrrrrready for you!"
      Oh dear
      Such fear
      No cheer
      Where's my beer?
      So in I went, sweat dripping down my spine
      Won't tell you what happened or I'd have to whine
      Now Blue's okay (but knock on some wood)
      Never know what might happen in the blue guy neighborhood (ouch!)

    2. LOL . . . I trust I find you in the Pink of health . . . . lol

    3. Something happened today
      Which made my nerves not ok
      I bit on some toast
      expecting pleasure, the most
      Then a corner of 'tooth broke away.

      I bit on it very hard
      and jumped from my seat by a yard.
      It was the tooth to be crowned
      and now it was downed
      and my jaw was terribly jarred.

      I'd just had the roots nicely filled
      after they had been carefully drilled.
      Now I will say
      Take it away!!
      Extract it and I don't want it billed.

      . . . lol

      From one toothless guy to another . . . lol

    4. Dear Lord, say it ain't true!
      Did the same thing happen to Eddie Blue?

    5. Yes . . . what a nuisance isn't it? I don't know what the next generation are going to do if they live to 120 as they forecast. Maybe have tooth implants . . . lol

    6. They'll have a chew app that does the work for them.

  38. Hey Blue,

    Ah the pitfalls of rye bread
    Plays on your head
    Can get to your teeth
    And gives you grief
    Maybe have rye minus the bread
    Much better instead
    Wishing you well
    I'm sure you can tell.

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary.....

    1. Gary, never scary, always flairy!
      How are you, kind sir?
      Rye minus the bread
      Beats chewing on lead
      Or led (feeling 'light' in my head)
      Wishing you well, too
      And I'll raise you a Scooby Doo!

  39. You've convinced me to stay away from rye bread. >_<

  40. Hello you! I had come back for you!
    Do you know that the dentist has confirmed my wisdom teeth will not appear in this lifetime? It's not that I'm not wise, but apparently, my mouth lacks the space for them teeth. And, I still have my two front, baby teeth.
    How are you, otherwise?

    1. It won't? Not even if you say, "Trick or tooth"? I know you're wise and I'll tell you something else. I've missed hearing your voice since like forever. You're such a good writer. Azra is also back in the game, so do come back. What... two front baby teeth? How can that be???

      I'm doing OK healthwise, lost a whole lot, but I've got so much much work on my plate these days I'm starting to gag a bit, if you know what I mean. Did you say baby teeth?

    2. Yessss. Baby teeth, the bottom front. My 72-yr-old dad has 6 of them! We're special like that. Aww, thanks, Blue. I feel like my voice is getting muffled by too much of work these days. I think you know exactly what I mean. And, always nice to know that you're well healthwise. Are you on Ig? I get to see Azra and Jules there :)


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