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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Don't Believe The Power


If I were a politician, I'd be shot in a day or hanged from a tree,
'cause the values I'd preach would stir controversy:
"Strip them of their clothes when they lie to your face,
When they rot at the core, when their vow's a disgrace.
Rob them of their dignity, their so-called 'moral compass,'
And show us who they really are."

If I were a politician, I'd be set on fire and called a flame,
'cause the pain I'd address would unsettle the game.
When honesty is lost, well, then nothing remains —
Except hunger for power, more personal gains.
More late night parties. More hookers and coke.
More 'political intrigue.' (More fire and smoke.)
So rob them of their pride, show their bums to the world.
Let them think, one last time, who's the butt of the joke.

The People? Who cares about the stupid people?
We wheel and deal, we're the church AND the steeple!
We rule the world! We MAKE you small!
Then pretend they're as pretty as Carnegie Hall:
Dignified yet accessible;  spotless and clean;
Acting modest when everyone's staring.
"We're no communists, but we care about sharing!"
"Let's make this country great again!" (and our pockets even greater).
"Anyone who says we're scum is only a hater."

Power corrupts.

* * *

Of course it's a play.


  1. We're all full of shit
    Never taking a hit
    Let the rest do that
    They are where it's at
    So large and in charge
    Put the haters on a barge
    We need a rise in ego
    And some hand out dough
    Then we'll wheel and deal
    Pretend it's not real
    Live in your bliss
    Our ass you kiss
    One that's full of shit
    Oh, did we already mention it?

    1. Whoa you're on a roll
      Doesn't sound like you're just taking a stroll
      Practicing the art of politics, are you?
      Might a well start sniffing a shoe!

    2. Roll through the hay
      That is the way
      A sex scandal or three
      But no one cares with a willy that's free

    3. So it is
      As they're doing the willy biz

  2. I guess the best way to "Make America Great Again" is to lie your ass off several times every single day!

  3. And that's the thing - they all lie. And do stuff and get away with it. After every one steps down, the truth comes out. Some even before they do. (Intern, anyone?)

  4. Look how they spin
    Politician's likely story
    Always offering
    But short on delivery
    They take us for granted
    A wide smile their weapon
    Their cronies get rewarded
    Others conveniently fogotten

    They still survive
    Cronies there to keep them alive


    1. Voters don't matter except when we vote
      That's when they're ready to buy us a mink coat
      Cronies are key and things we don't know
      But nothing's clean in the Political Show

  5. After orange man, I doubt anyone could do anything worse for controversy

  6. So true, Blue. Well done, son.


  7. That graphic has got to be one of my recent favourites!

  8. Well done Blue!!! So well said! Big Hugs!

  9. You'd make a great pollie!! Make them bare their bums :-)

  10. Hello Blue! can we go to Bora Bora yet? I'm sick of politics.

    1. Hello Jules! You're fed up to the back teeth with politics, right? What we need is a Bora drink. Better make that a double.

  11. Power does corrupt. What's that old saying? Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    1. That's the one, MAry. Left, right... it doesn't matter.

  12. I'm sorry, but you'd be a terrible politician Blue - you're not cunning or manipulative enough. And you're far too nice.

    Anyways, how you doing? I've been crazy busy with a hellish 3 weeks :(

    1. The Mayor of Bora Bora... Free drinks for everyone who votes for me. No? Oh. Let me try again: Everyone who votes for me won't end up in the slammer. Yes?

      Anyway... I've been running this fever - no, not a Saturday Night Fever - and I'm so tired of my neverending jet lag (get the joke?) I need another drink. Did you say a hellish 3 weeks?

  13. Hi Blue, tis I True

    I don't believe the power as the powers to be are corrupt. Especially the one that lives in a tower. You created a wonderful piece of political poetry, Blue.

    How are you blue? I am still not doing well :(

    1. You're still not doing too well? Sorry to hear that, True. Blue isn't doing great either. Must be something in the air. Who can we blame? Maybe it comes with our name... I hope not.

  14. After Orange Man I don't think politicians can get any worse than him.

    1. Well, that's what some said about W, too. And the things the Clintons did... dear Lord. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

  15. I'm not big on speaking or writing about politics and politicians. I will say that I am baffled when I hear the arguments both for and against gun control (as an example). How can we ever fix anything or move forward if all minds are shut off to the opinion of the other side. It make me scared to worry about what the world will be like in 20 years.

    1. It's basically a verbal trench war. It'll never end as long as big-time politicians are in it to line their pockets.


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