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Thursday, July 5, 2018

That Mongoose Reboot


Why do I repeat myself in my follies and mistakes?
Why don't I take advantage of a lucky break?
How come I'm blind and ignorant most of the time?
Why don't I age like premium wine?
Oft the door to more's ajar.
Yet all I do is smile
Like a mongoose pondering food,
For I don't recognize what's right in front of me.
It's a sad, sad truth
That I may never see.

* * *


  1. You're a creature of habit I guess.
    Or you really like mongoose food.

    1. I really like mongoose food :) Good one, Alex.

  2. Maybe you need to toss the mon in the sea
    Then just a goose for thee
    What's good for the goose is good for the gander
    I hope that isn't dander
    Or just be geese
    Stick it to the moose err umm meese

    1. Sounds like a plan
      You're the man
      Um Cat
      How about that?

    2. Where's the fur?
      Need dough to purr

    3. Does it hurt?
      Does the beating cause blood to spurt?

    4. Not as much as that medical bill
      Making it hard to chill
      Going down hill
      Such a thrill
      Requires skill
      And my name ain't Will
      Just so you know
      At the kitty cat show

  3. I believe that mongooses/mongeese eat snakes. I won't be eying of their food with any relish.
    I too am a creature of habit. Many of them less than stellar.

    1. I'm pretty sure this one is a vegetarian mongoose. I mean, look at those eyes. No?

    2. That makes it all right then. And yes, I probably AM eyeing off his/her food. A please pardon my dyslexic fingers/woeful spelling in my first comment.

    3. Dyslexic is my middle name, luckily only spellingwise. I don't trust people who spell perfectly, except for the Silver Fox and Janie. There, I said it.

    4. You trust the Fox?
      Watch out, he May rade you're comic boox

  4. I actually own a stuffed mongoose, fighting a stuffed cobra. It's kinda cool, actually.

  5. Are you grinning and mongoosing it again?

  6. Speaking of a 'goose', did you hear who is playing Goose's son in the Top Gun reboot? The most idiotic casting ever... not that I've ever watched Top Gun... but still.... I wanted Glenn Powell not that idiot that was chosen.

  7. That mongoose is adorable, so don't be too hard on yourself ;)

  8. Mistakes we repeat until some day we don't
    there will come a time when you just simply won't :)

  9. Oh Blue,

    That is a question many of us ask, including myself. A mongoose is an impulsive animal guided by a wild inner instinct. Perhaps, that is why mistakes are remade. On the plus side they are charismatic...yup...charismatic and rebellious. hmm...something to ponder...

    You can't see what is right in front of you
    and you may never see? hmm...oft times we can't see in front of us, because we have to take a step back to get a clearer picture of what it is we want...

    I don't know...I am just a dreamer with her head in a cloud and well my vision sometimes can be a bit clouded..

    That is one cute mongoose..and look at the time of the favorite time...

    hugs blue....

    ps check your mail...

    1. I've got hundreds and thousands and millions of emails in my mailbox. I don't want to check my email.... I want to live and breathe and.... OK I will :)

    2. Hi Blue

      Don’t worry about it ok, live and breathe and enjoy your life..

      Wishing you only great days!

    3. Thank you, True. I sleep more than a mongoose, that's for sure.

  10. That little mongoose is so cute Blue!!! Creature of habit? No problem, just do a little dance every so often :)

  11. But mongooses are so adorable. And they get rid of nasty cobras. So be happy to be like a mongoose. :)


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