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Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Predator (2018): That Desperate Tone-deaf Sequel Wannabe

This movie is so bad I don't even know where to start. So let's start by stating what's actually good about this Predator by Committee. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

You see, there's only so much anyone who knows the original is willing to ignore for the sake of not being called a crybaby fanboy whose mama just burned his favorite Predator action figure. Hard as I tried, though, I could not ignore the discord between what was shown on the big screen and the movie score that was trying its darnest to impress me and suck me into the mediocre action. I inadvertently laughed out loud — "HAHAHA! This movie sucks!" — (twice!) when the all too familiar bombastic main score started but, instead of a team of impressive over the top muscle men lead by Schwarzenegger, out of the chopper steps this skinny guy minus charisma who was trying so hard to look badass (by not blinking) while clearly knowing he was not. I like to think he heard me laugh. "HAHAHA!" It was like being forced to listen to the suspenseful Jaws tune while looking at an itsy bitsy gold fish fresh out of kindergarten. It just doesn't impress. Or convince.

Mild spoilers ahead.

And when one of the main characters said, "You're one beautiful motherf@cker," I knew I was in a world of hurt. Damn you, movie. Damn you, committee. And damn you, director Shane Black. You should've known better. Not only do I hate you for ruining one of the most iconic lines in movie history for the sake of sounding smart ("Hey, let's take Arnold's line and have this scientist say beautiful instead of ugly!" "Whoa! That's so, so... smart! This movie is so going to be a hit!"). Not only do I hate you for shoehorning in this reference when no one in the movie audience is ever going to agree that the predator is beautiful. It's damn ugly. ("That's the joke, man. Are you stupid?") But I also hate you for not even caring about the rhythm of the now forever butchered line: "You're one beautiful motherf@cker..." Shane Black, are you tone-deaf? Can't you tell there's one syllable too many? Talk about shoehorning something in! ("Yeah, well, the opposite of ugly is beautiful.") I don't give a rat's ass. There's one syllable too many. How hard can it be to at least get the rhythm right so that the new line sounds as powerful or the original one? How about, "You're ONE YUMMY motherf@cker!"? Well? (Yes, guys can be yummy, too!)

And boy, was that female scientist butch! She (Olivia Munn) was trying so hard not to come across as a weak woman that I wanted to slap her in the face and say, "Say that line again. I dare you. Say that line AGAIN!" You're one beautiful motherf@cker... Give me a break. Plus she was a scientist who somehow knew how to use a machinegun. Just because. This wasn't Aliens' Ellen Ripley, who was taught how to use military weapons. No, sir. This wasn't Terminator's Sarah Conner, who was taught how to use military weapons. No, ma'am. This was The Last Jedi's Rey "The Chosen" Nobody, who was not taught how to use weapons; she just miraculously knew how to use them, and expertly, too. She was that good and that impressive and... that butch. Yes, we're talking the new action woman otherwise known as Marie "Frigging'" Sue. Let me ask you a question: why do tough women in movies always try so hard to sound like men? Watch this movie if that's your thing. (And all the SJWs in the house go, "Boooo!") Oh shut your trap.

Now, to add insult to injury, the entire movie is as tone-deaf as Ruin Johnsonless on steroids. What do I mean by that? Well, somehow this R-rated movie centers on a kid as if we were watching a Steven Spielberg flick and all the kids in the audience are supposed to identify with the youngling. Except that R-rated means there are no younglings to be seen, so what is your game plan, movie? And somehow this movie about a kid (and, okay, I admit, his father) shows us decapitations, faces being smashed in beyond recognition, dismemberments, people getting shot and bodies exploding. Of course, some of these killings are instantly cushioned by a joke that doesn't work. What's wrong with Hollywood these days? Weren't the ill-timed jokes in The Last Jedi painful enough? Is this a new trend?

Speaking of jokes that fall flat, there's a pussy joke in this umpteenth installment. Yes, there is. Don't be shocked. After all, this IS an R-rated movie. So there's a pussy joke, but strangely enough, the male soldiers in this movie are instantly reprimanded by the strong female scientist who knows how to expertly use a machinegun. Yes, they are. Pussy jokes are not funny, and pussy-licking (pardon my Swedish but I'm quoting the scientist) won't be tolerated. Did I mention that the joke wasn't funny to begin with? Well, if pussy jokes aren't funny (especially in kid-centered movies), why include one to begin with? I can think of two reasons: (1) the scientist's reprimanding her male companions serves as a way to spread the SJW meta-message to all you sick men out there who think that pussy jokes are funny that tough women are not amused by pussy jokes and will smash your face in or sue you; (2) to shoehorn in another callback to the original movie, which included a very successful pussy joke (and don't make me say this twice, because there's bound to be an echo).

Speaking of echoes, this movie is a desperate attempt to capture the magic of the first Predator. It just doesn't know how. It also doesn't know that it really shouldn't. As said, the score doesn't match the characters, but at least they tried. Storywise The Predator is a strange jumble of been-there-done-that storylines, and at some point I wondered if the writers and director believed their own story. I don't think they did. Which is why jokes are used as a cheap distraction device to make us laugh whenever the word alien is dropped. I mean, no one believes in aliens, right, we get that, so the only way to make us viewers buy into the whole this-thing-really-is-an-alien scenario is through distracting jokes rather than solid storytelling that focusses on its subject and suspends all disbelief in the process. I guess that's hard work requiring an app that hasn't been invented yet, so insert another joke, will you? And so they did. Oh how I missed 1987. When I was served another plate of soldier hiding in bushes looking through binoculars and, yes, there are captives, I heard my inner-voice whisper, Oh no. Check please.

So there's nothing good about this sequel? Surely everything is bigger and better than in the 1987 John McTiernan-directed original? Bigger, yes. Better... not even after a bottle of Temptress Single Malt. But, granted, there are a lot of big things in this movie. The first big thing that springs to mind is the very, very big predator that is supposed to scare the heck out of us, but, like the bigger terminator in Terminator 4, the bigger dino in Jurassic World and the bigger shark in The Meg, just doesn't. But bigger is better, so the committee decided to showcase a very, very big predator with a mouth so big it puts Mick Jagger to shame. It's unintentonally laughable. Google a still and you'll know what I mean. (Or scroll down.) "Jeez, you got a big mouth. Jeez, you got a big mouth." "Why did you say that twice?" I said, "I didn't." And speaking of porn, this movie has a lot in common with that particular movie industry: zero buildup, boom, boom, here is the predator for your viewing pleasure in harsh daylight. Scared yet?

No, not really. The only thing that scares me is that I promised a handful of people I would go and see this movie with them.

P.S. This is a movie where the predator and its spacedogs go to the same barbershop. (Penny for your thought.)


Bigger is better.


  1. I'm really not a big movie lover … so I will be giving this a miss.

    Have to say, I can remember watching the original Predator film with one of our sons... quite a few years ago now.
    The years pass by so quickly.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

    1. Give this a miss, Jan, unless you have a sense of humor. :)

  2. Don't you love it when people just know how to use automatic weapons?
    JoBlo gave this a really good rating. It certainly wasn't enough to prompt me to go see it, but your assessment confirms I will just stay at home.

    1. Alex, this movie made me want to use Old Painless.

  3. Sigh. Like Jan I am not a movie goer, and how I hate sequels which trade (badly) on the success/class/cleverness of the original. Without having ANY of that class and cleverness.

  4. I saw a poster-stand thing at the theater the other day. I didn't know one was out until then.

    1. Adam was not informed??? How can this be in the place to be?

  5. Wow, look at you go
    Sure made it eat crow
    Gotta love when they can pick up a gun, use it, have perfect aim, and never run out of ammo
    Oh, and make the bigger, more beautiful alien go blammo
    They've been trying for decades to make a good one
    2 was the only one I'd ever give another run
    Predators was as meh as could be
    Tried that butchy voice in it and cringed at my sea
    Those alien vs predator things were soooooooo bad
    The second vs needs to be burnt and never again shown at any pad
    I guess 10 years down the road they'll try some more
    Unless the SJWs go in groves so they can get an encore

    1. Go I did lol
      No need for a lid haha
      As did you
      At the blue guy shoe
      This movie sucks a ton
      Nothing's won
      SJW crap was necessary too
      She was a better shot than Scooby Doo
      Could that be true
      Using mighty strong language like Uncle Sam
      No boom boom thank you ma'am
      We'd better believe it at our mat
      She makes predators eat a hat
      Meh times twenty
      Predators aplenty
      Not scary, not one bit
      When directors are full of shit
      Um... spit?

    2. They play the game
      Turning things lame
      Can't just do it because the story works
      Nope, have to cater and get the perks
      All will go see
      Oh wait, it's as shitty as can be

    3. Greed and stupidity is not a good mix
      Goes for the majority of flicks
      Terminator 6 will be a SJW mess too
      I'd rather watch some Scooby Doo
      The original show
      Come raon or snow

  6. I've never even seen the original all the way through (only partly, on TV), so I'll be happy to avoid this one.

    There are a lot of memes I might put on my blog's sidebar if so many of them didn't include misspellings!

    1. The infamous Miss Pellings! I know her al too well.

  7. I've seen the Predator movies, all of them. I was looking forward to this one and will still watch it but if I'm being honest I found the original one and the second one to be corny as hell anyway. So even if this isn't great it will be in line as corny and over the top ridiculous just like the others.

    1. I love your honesty! If you love slapstick, you will love this one! There's a lot of love (and shouting) in this comment... :)

  8. I will be passing on this one! Thank you Blue!!

  9. Ugh, how utterly disappointing

    1. Yes, it is. Does it come as a surprise? No, it doesn't.

  10. Hi Blue,

    I am not a big fan of the Predator movies. I guess I just never got it? The creature is disturbing for me.

    So tell me Blue...
    How are you?

  11. Blue is doing absolutely nothing? Retired at your sea?
    Lets grab those drinks, I've waited a long time...

    1. Good for you enjoying a day of rest? You always did work too hard.

      Be well my precious friend!

    2. So many deadlines to meet, so little time. Plus I'm always slowed down by my friend sarcoidosis. But... I'm still alive. (Knock on wood!)

      Thanks, True. How are you?

  12. Hey Blue,
    Can I safely assume you didn't care for this movie? Ha. Doesn't sound like my cup of tea either.
    Except for bad movies, I trust all is well.

    1. Ha! No, it's one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Only 88 million down the drain...

  13. Did Olivia Munn moon anyone in it? She's a feminist who likes to take off her clothes... go figure... they call it empowerment these silly days.... Why does not Chris Evans empower us with his nekkid self?

    1. The answer to question 1: no, that might have saved the movie for me. The answer to question 2: because you'd faint. Can't have none of that happening to the Dezzz.


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