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Thursday, November 29, 2018

If You Were... a Poem

by Blue and Truedessa

If you were a poem, what kind of poem would you be?
Would you be a secret poem eyes will never read,
Your writer too ashamed to set your spirit free
Cause love's a crooked thing, indeed?
Oh say it isn't so, dear True   you would not stop for death,
Eternal lines that linger on beyond your breath.
You would be akin to everlasting wines,
Not a fleeting moment for amorous birds of prey;
But a single-minded work of joy for all the world to see,
And for you to fade away... oh never!
So, tell me, what kind of poem would you be?

If I were a poem, what kind of poem would I be?
I'd be an epic poem discovering the beauty of me
poetry from the heart, my writer would hear
Love's a Crooked Thing, indeed,
stealing your heart, leaving you alone to bleed
So, tell me, what kind of poem would you be?
Would you be a Shakespearean Sonnet
composing words, the way you wanted
interlocking quatrains in the rhymes of life
would the couplet at the end bring delight
shall I compare thee to a summer day
would love finally find its way
Perhaps, an Ode To The Book
would readers understand the hook
words of passion others may miss
in a realm of wild imaginings.
So, tell me, what kind of poem would you be?

If I were a poem, I'd whisper colored air and find my way to you,
determined to extinguish all things blue.
If you're the dreamy type, I'd ring forever true,
more so than a sonnet or an elegy.
You'd read my words (ignite the fire that will set you free!)
and off you'd go on purple sounds toward a common sky.
Just fly.
If I were a poem, oh how I'd fill your heart with splendor,
tangible for those who dream of you, who dream of being you,
as you blaze across the firmament and coin new constellations:
Words can do so much.
They'd trigger journeys to the end of space and time,
A golden ribbon of lace with patterns so refined;
they'd make mere mortals choke as you climb, climb, climb 
words that fuel your heart, creating True reality.

So tell me...
what kind of poem would you be?

* * *

As you climb, climb, climb


  1. Now that is exactly how I picture Truedessa - soaring into the Heavens. What a great integration of magic you two. Beautifully well done!

  2. Look at you go
    There with the flow
    Two for one
    A double one run?
    Sure magic in words
    Soaring up with the birds
    A poem you be
    Letting all fly free

    1. Two for one
      Twice the fun
      Beats sitting on a gun
      Or being a bun
      Yep, look at us go
      At the blue guy show
      When you gotta go
      You gotta go
      Who said that?
      Do you know?

    2. All have said that
      Kinda went flat
      Times two
      Or three too

    3. No dino dropping reboot, though
      At their reboot show

  3. Greetings Blue. A well-written poetic piece that I enjoyed reading, well done. I'd definitely be a sonnet, as I like the form and structure. It would have to express my loves, faith, suffering with bipolar, and Mother Nature. Blessings. Love love, Andrew.

    1. Hi Andrew. Good to hear from you again. Thank you for taking the time to read our poem. I appreciate it.

      Do you have a favorite sonnet?

  4. I enjoyed the writings of you and Truedessa. Very nicely done! I would be a haiku. Short but not necessarily always sweet.


    1. Hello betty! What do you mean, 'not necessarily always sweet'? A little bird told me you are always sweet. I may be misinformed. :)

    2. A haiku with a lot to say in few words - you'd be wonderful

  5. It's a pretty sure bet I'd be a lonnnnng poem. A very, very, long poem. A touch of humor, a touch of romanticism, and a touch of... who knows what else?

    Loved the rhyming of "sonnet" and "wanted."

    1. Would you be as long as Byron's Don Juan? If so, that would be fun. And now I'm thinking... if you were a superhero, who would you be?

    2. Ha - I guess Silver you'd be an epic poem a never ending poem perhaps...

    3. Hopefully one people would read all the way through.

      If I were a superhero? You mean, I'm not? I coulda sworn...

  6. That was really nicely done. I think I would be a poem that made little sense.

  7. poem



    this is called a WTF haiku

    1. Plus it gets to the point, unlike many a poem out there.

  8. I enjoyed reading your joint poem.
    Have a great weekend and a Happy December.

    All the best Jan

    1. Some would argue the writing of this poem was the result of a joint. But is wasn't. :)

      Thanks, Jan

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The arms of Romanticism... I love the sound of that. Teach me how to remember my dreams.

    2. Sorry, I didn't mean to carry on.

      Thanks Blue for cheering me up!

    3. Carry on till the end of time
      As you climb, climb, climb

  10. Probably something epic and romantic at the same time, hopefully optimistic but haunting. But knowing my luck, I'd be some shitty children's verse scratched on some picnic table and on its bottom side too so that nobody really ever discovers it until it rots into soil and a new tree grows from it....

  11. If I were a poem I'd need to be sung
    With a heart full of soul and power from the lungs.
    My poetry voice would come musically
    In song--that's what my poem would be.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  12. Bravo! Well done you two! Really enjoyed this! Big Hugs!

  13. This was wondrous. I love when you two make poetry together.

  14. I would be haiku.
    Short, simple, and to the point.
    Without any rhyme.

  15. Romantic and sizzling with passion. Love the collaboration between the two of you. You are lucky to be muses to each other's writing, a rare connection in the blogging world. Love, love this post!!!!

  16. There was a girl from Nantucket...

    Your thoughts and words are pure poetry. I cannot compete.

    1. Who kept all her cash in a bucket...

      You're selling yourself short, Lynda :)

  17. I'm taking up the challenge of visiting 10 new people today. So worthwhile. Loved this poem. Hmm. Not sure what poem I would be. An Edgar Allan Poe poem?

    1. Hello Denise. You know Alex, Pat and Lynda.... Well, any friend of theirs is a friend of mine. Thank you for stopping by. An Edgar Allan Poe poem... Grrrrreat choice, great choice.

  18. Truedessa and True Blue, you make beautiful poetry together. I loved every line of this. It soars.

  19. Replies
    1. How we did it I don't know
      But we did it at the blue guy show!

  20. Such marvelous words I've read above;
    The collaboration of True and Blue I love!
    If I were a poem, I think I'd be
    A Christmas hymn, charitable and frosty.
    So great to hear from you again, Blue!
    Visiting here is something I must more often do!

    1. Your words are too kind
      From one to another mind
      A Christmas hymn would be grand
      Always pretty, never bland
      So great to hear from you, too
      Now all I need is my blue suede shoe :)

  21. Well done! You're a poet and I didn't even know it!;) Sorry, I had to! -I'm Haiku, few words, makes no sense at times, profound. Though, I can also be a sonnet. Pain, angst, love, romance, tragedy,difficult… you get the picture :)

    1. Ah you'd be a Haiku, too! Profound and enlightening.

      Yes, I get the picture. What do you mean, "difficult"? :D

  22. True and Blue
    How be you
    Yep, I'm late
    If you note the date
    However, I rate
    Your poetic skate
    Gliding free
    With your poetry.

    I wish I could do pawetry

    Thanks for your kind note
    I embrace the words you wrote.

    Gary, Gary, nary contrary...

    1. No need to thank me, Gary. I still can't believe she isn't here anymore. :(


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