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Friday, March 15, 2019

Is it Spring yet?

I know now what it's like to hibernate. Tell me, is spring afoot or do we need to be a bit more patient? Here I am, asleep on my couch dreaming about the birds singing, "Blue, how are you? Wake up, you lazy goo." Goo? That's one bird I'm going to snack on. Goo... And that ain't singing either! (Pardon my grammar, Mr. Silver Fox. Sorry, Janie.)


I don't know what's wrong with me, but I do know I feel empty inside to the point of being one hundred percent unable to do anything creative. No drawings. No jokes. No poems either. My guess is...

I need spring.
I need sunshine.
"Ice-cream?" Yes, please.

A tad of sweltering heat would do just fine, too. "90 degrees?" I don't see why not. And a new car. I definitely need a new car. Another one at least, before it breaks down one last time and I crash into some unsuspecting, innocent tree. Like Rev. Graham Hess's wife in Signs. I've had this piece of junk since 2003, for crying out loud. But here's a belated new year's resolution you didn't see coming: it's going to be "Sayonara, freaking hump-happy neighbors!" by the end of this year.

That's something to look forward to, all right. Yes, sir. Just when I was getting used to the moaning and screaming and groaning, here I am asleep on my coach dreaming about spring and dreaming about selling my house. But I'm going to. You bet I'm going to. Yes, Ma'am. 


Now, all I'll need to do is wake up when the birds start singing, and draw up a plan that actually works. It'll be a beautiful plan. A Blue Guy Plan. I'll probably call it The Great Escape Part 2. I'm sure Steve McQueen won't mind too much.


Do you have any belated new year's resolutions that you're going to attain, no matter what?

* * *

If you've seen this pic before, it's because nothing ever changes. It's a metaphor.


  1. Spring is when I start hibernating not finish it!

    1. That actually makes perfect sense. I'll put hibernating on my official spring 2019 to-do list. Won't be needing an app for that one either.

  2. No, don't crash into a tree.
    Spring is hitting here - seventies this week. Although it could still freeze the next couple weeks.
    Winter is my thing. Too humid where I live to enjoy the summer.

    1. Bad tree. Okay, I won't. How come there isn't an app to get rid of that humidity...

  3. Like the plan, Blue.
    You might say it is, er, a BLUE PRINT . . . lol
    You and me for hibernating, in winter my body drives in first gear only and I am incredibly dozy. Vitamin D of the sun works wonders, but at my age I need extra vitamin D to stave off rickets, vitamin C to stave off scurvy, plus all the rest, but incredibly they agreed to take my blood donation recently. That makes 117 and I told them I shall keep going until 125 and then they will have to give me a transfusion . . . lol

    Sounds like you could do with a dose of iron for ya haemoglobin . . . so be like me and take a multivitamin tablet every day. . . . and then, YAY!!!!

    No don't crash into a tree, or anything.

    At long last it is getting a bit warmer here and that always makes me feel better.

    1. Yes, they'll owe you a gallon or two! A... blue print? Hahaha good one, Eddie! You are, once again, on a roll, and I don't mean a roll of stamps.

      Here's to spring :)

    2. Well, they did call me, "Sir Ed" at school so maybe I should be . . . lol

    3. I should've known! Enjoy your Sunday, Sir Ed.

  4. I saw some bees yesterday and the grass is growing.

  5. I've been hibernating since Jan. 1. I certainly don't have any resolutions or goals that I might attain. I'm much too tired.


    1. Don't tell me you suffer from chronic fatigue, too, Janie.

  6. Its going to be 85 degrees here next week. That's kind of close to 90. I'm looking forward to it. Call in thinning of blood but since we moved here to Phoenix 3 years ago, each year the winters feel colder (and remember I lived in Montana for 8 years when it was normal to be -20 for days on end) but 60 degrees now feels cold. Bring on the warmth and the spring! You guys have had lots of rain though, right? That's hard to try to get ahead of feeling somewhat springy with conditions like that. I didn't make the goals this year like I did last year to accomplish, but do know we want to get out and do more things here than we had done previously and that still is happening.


    1. Kind of close it is... :) Spring is magical, don't you think so, Betty?

      Yes, we had so much rain in our neck of the wood you'd think we'd ordered it on eBay. So depressing, but... spring's a-coming... I hope.

      Good to hear from you!

  7. I am awaiting signs of spring
    so, I can awaken to new life
    my heart once again will sing
    feathered wings, taking flight

    wake up sleeping Bluety
    there is so much for you to see
    open your eyes to opportunity
    sparrows sings in a cherry tree

    I need spring, fresh air to breathe

    I am awaiting signs of spring
    building a nest of new dreams
    twigs and mud, hope now clings
    willows grow down by the stream

    wake up sleeping Bluety
    feel the pulse of your heartbeat
    enjoy moments of spontaneity
    find a love that makes you complete

    I need spring, new songs to sing

    1. Hello True. How are you? Yes, you friend Blue needs to wake up, but it's so hard. I haven't done anything creative in months (you may have noticed). It's like I'm hibernating 24/7 to save my life. I don't know... But I'm guessing a ray of sunshine'll do the trick. Building a nest of dreams... I know what you mean.

  8. I like this time of year when it's not too hot and not too cold, not that we really get cold in Las Vegas. I don't look forward to the summer here though. I could do without the 117 summer temps.

    1. What you need is... Bora Bora. Wait. Don't say no. Just imagine: a paradise, nothing but peace and quiet, no hump-happy neighbors, a beach so beautiful even Elvis himselvis would consider leaving Las Vegas asap, and palm trees whispering, "Mary.... Mary". Sold yet?

  9. Going to sell?
    No more humper hell
    Unless you get more
    Then a humper encore
    But will silence win?
    Maybe you need the sin
    All used to it
    Bah, nah, don't need that umm spit

  10. Living in good old Blighty it’s very difficult to know if spring has arrived or not. Back in February we had glorious sunshine for two weeks - the kind you might witness on a sultry, August afternoon. Today, here at the end of March, we have gusty winds, hail, rain and outbreaks of bipolar all day. The only evidence of spring are the bobbing heads of the yellow daffodils. Was that it or is there more glory to come?

    I’m constantly trying to achieve something, Blue. It’s a curse. The other day I sat and wondered what the point in all my efforts were because they don’t seem to reap any great rewards. But what else ya gonna do?

    So long as I’m a better person than I was yesterday and have moved forward in some spiritual sense and found a sliver more peace somehow, I will take it.

    And there’s always that glimmering hope that is Bora Bora…


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