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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Halloween 2019


  1. He certainly has scarier looking henchmen. Does he have his own Harley Quinn?

  2. Just stay safe this Halloween, Blue; however you do (or don't) dress up. Lots of crazies out there (in addition to lots of jokers out there too)


    1. This guy is too old to dress up. I may consider dressing down, though. :) Yes, there are a lot of jokers everywhere.

  3. I don't think I would like a treat OR a trick from that gentleman.
    Stay safe and have fun.

    1. But but.... don't you think his color is kinda sexy? No? Well, I guess you've got great taste in men. You stay safe too.

  4. I think those henchmen may have a bit of an overbite lol

    1. LOL with a capitalL. These blue pumpkins are our latest plague, I'll tell you. They're everywhere.

  5. I don't dress up anymore for Halloween and we haven't had a trick or treater at our place in years so whatever candy I get, I get for us lol Those blue pumpkins are cute in a completely menacing way.

    1. So you told me. Yes, don't you just want to get yourself one of those blue pumpkins?

  6. Would that be a Ted Baker suit the Joker is wearing?

    haha - I just had to Blue...

    Did you go see the movie? I think you did, did it get a yay or nay by the Blue Grumpster.

    I have to say you drew him exceptionally well...Harley will go mad for him...haha

    1. Yes, I reckon that is a Ted Baker suit. You're so funny, True. Didn't see that one coming. Yes, I saw the movie a couple of weeks ago. It got a yay except for that final speech...
      Thank you, True. That means a lot coming from you. Tok me quite a while to get that fella right.

    2. PS - It's nice to see you being creative again. I've missed you!

      Trick or Treat Blue

    3. I took a while, I know. Good to hear from you again, True.

    4. Happy Saturday Blue, here is a song just for you!

    5. The Steve Miller Band... The Joker
      Beats losing a game of poker!
      Or getting offended by a smoker!

  7. Are you sure you have no Transylvanian roots?
    Scary fella. I will be on my guard. Thanks for the warning . . . lol

    1. Pretty sure, but you never know! Let's see... I've got wings (check!), big teeth (check!)... and I'm thirsty.... What does that mean, I wonder. Could it be, Eddie?

      Yes, that's one scary fella, all right. Better not open that door of yours unless you can trick him.

    2. The countdown to Halloween's begun.
      Blue is a vampire just for fun.
      He says he wants trick or treat us
      When really he just wants to eat us.
      Or at least to taste our blood
      One bite from him would cause a flood
      Out from our throats life blood doth pour
      As he licks his lips and wants some more.
      Just look at all those evil teeth
      And hypnotic eyes to cause us grief.
      "I'm gonna put you in a trance
      And bite you whilst we have a dance."
      He cackles and taunts and says,"My treat!
      I've tricked you, lie before my feet!"
      I'm fed up with just being blue
      I'll turn bright red when I drink you!"
      "You'll never ever get away
      Unless I'm exposed to light of day,
      Or even if you get a stake
      And piece my heart after daybreak.
      I may be a bright professor boffin,
      But I'm safe within my darkened coffin."


      Hi Blue

    3. My main man Eddie's on a roll
      Careful when you're taking a stroll
      You don't want to bump into this freak
      Purple suit, kinda sleek
      Get that stake ready when you go
      Or nab that Batcar if you're feelin' kinda slow
      Run him down, drive that stake up his um...butt
      That's sure to get him stuck in a rut lol!

      Hello Eddie!

    4. LOL . . . Hi Blue, or is it red? lol

  8. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right...

    Have you seen the new Joker film? I hear it’s quite dark. I’m looking forward to it.

    Beautifully artistic and poignant, Blue.

    1. I saw it a couple of weeks ago. Loved it except for the final speech. Why do so many movies require a speech anyway?

      Beautifully artistic and poignant... See, you know how to make my day.

      You are the best, Jules.

  9. Well, now I'm going to go off and have some blue nightmares. That wasn't very nice! Can't you show us some pleasant blue creatures like blue jays or Dory the fish??

    1. Hello, Jax! I'll show you some pleasant blue creatures of death um I mean pleasant blue creatures come November :)

      Is this what you had in mind: CLICK!

    2. Perfect! We'll take one big fat bluefish! I hope he found his shoe...

    3. I hate to disappoint you but he didn't. :)

  10. LOVE it:)
    YOU have a great week.

  11. Happy Halloween Blue - hope y'all have a spooooky one!

  12. I hate Joker and the movies about him and everything he represents and inspires in society :( The glorification of psychos and villainry!

    1. It's just a comic. It doesn't inspire people with half a brain. Otherwise Game of Thrones or any other TV show would make us want to kill off half the planet. What's up Dezz?

  13. I love that his "minions" have one shoe. Nice touch!

    You're really good at drawing these, Blue. I can barely edit my photos :)


  14. His minions are priceless! Do they have a favorite Halloween song?

    1. I'll ask them when they come knocking on my door. My guess would be they love "Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones.

  15. Looks like I'm right on time at this party :)

  16. I would rather be blue
    Thinking of you .....

  17. Have a wonderful Halloween.

    All the best Jan

    1. THank you, Jan! Have fun, too!
      And when you run into this guy,
      better beat him with a blue suede shoe.

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