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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Stan Lee Is Gone, and It Matters

I don't listen to people who say, "Oh but he was already 95." Eighty, ninety, ninety-five... So what? He is gone. Stan Lee is gone, and it matters.

Larry King: One thing you'd change about the world?

Stan Lee: What would I change? I'd make people not hate each other ─ because of their religion, because of their nationality, because of any stupid reason. If we could abolish hatred, we'd live on this gorgeous planet. There's a character I wrote called the Silver Surfer, and I always had him making those kind of remarks, philosophical things about . . . He was from another world, and said, "Why don't we realize we're on a planet that gives us everything: food, beautiful weather, sun, everything. Why don't we enjoy it? Why do we spend time fighting and hating each other?"

Because we're stupid.

You'll be forever missed, dear sir.

* * *