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Will you ever reach Bora?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Captain Harrrrr and the Pirates

* * *


  1. Not sure why this popped back up, but I'm getting to the point of being okay with having been rendered as a one-eyed seahorse as long as it means...what's wrong with my fish-chest? Oh god, do I have fictional character cancer?!? Do my cartoon avatars have fictional cancer!?!

  2. When I hit rock bottom in November or December I think it was, I destroyed everything believing I would probably never be able to read normally again. I published this one again because it was one of my favorites and I still had it somewhere on my hard disk. So... there you are again. No cancer.

  3. Rock Bottom... we do visit those places from time to time... no?

    What a crew this is!!


    1. We sure do, Captain Red Shoe(s). Stay away from that um... rocky bottom, you hear?


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