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Thursday, May 22, 2014

If You Were... A Toy

If you were a toy, what kind of toy would you be?
Would you bring love to the world and me?
Would you be new toy or soft and yellow and old,
Dressed in 1920's linen or made of pure gold,
A collector's item priceless and proud,
A toy that would stand out in a crowd?
Or a doll that says, Crikey! when you pull that funny string,
Would you go beep beep or even sing about some ding-a-ling?
Would your nose grow when you pull that thing
A toy to be deserved n' stuff?
Would you be an action figure buff n' tough?
Would you love your maker, counting blessings just for you,
Would you be a toy wishing you could be a shoe,
Ready for the world to have some fun?
Would you be a toy on the run?
Would you have a tail or a double-bun?
Would you have a soul, an intricate clockwork made in Spain?
Would it be digital or would you have a brain?
Would you be a toy with a vision?
A windup toy or boasting Swiss precision?
Would you be a Pixar car in collision?
Would repairing you require an incision
Or would you be replaceable?
Being brittle and all, not ready for the fall?
Would you be cheap or quite the wallet wanker?
Would you be a Hank Tank or a toy boy banker?
Perhaps a boy toy playing in a toy boy band
Or a RealDoll in demand in Oh La La Land,
A naughty toy, somebody's pride and joy?
Would you be shockingly sinful or incredibly coy?
Would you bring luck
Or smile when you think
Or sink like a little blue duck?
Tell me: what kind of toy would you be?

* * *


  1. If I were a toy, I would be a doll
    A plush one who'd be known by all.
    I would be useful, a tool for the law
    But I would be dreaded by every pa and ma
    If I were a toy, a child wouldn't play with me
    I'd be only be played with by attorneys
    They'd ask a child on the stand
    "Point to where the bad man touched you, using your hand."

    1. But you are a toy!
      The government's ploy!
      Or maybe a decoy
      Or a rubber pickle-boy
      A plush one you say?
      Not a pickle-boy today?
      Ah I've seen you before
      Getting stuck between a wall and a door
      Want to know more?
      As the Brits say, "Are you shore?"
      More spelling in store?
      You're also dreaded by me
      When they set you free
      Still, you're a toy that's so much fun
      When you're on the run

  2. Hopefully not the same kind of one as in that Richard Pryor movie.

  3. I could be a rubber duck... but knowing little naughty me I'd probably be a naughty toy ..... what? Don't tell me you is surprised.....

    1. A rubber duck... How did I guess? A naughty duck? That I did know.

    2. Huge thanks for the floodrelief button in your sidebar!

    3. Only about 300,000 euro has been gathered so far, and they say the damage in the country will be close to 200 million euro....

  4. I would be a small child's toy. Soft and cuddly so they would want to take me everywhere. I would want to see the world through their eyes once more. I don't think you can buy those in a store. I'd be made by my mom, or some older person that knew what real toys were for. Fun and imagination. In our days though, children wouldn't want me as everything is digital and moves faster than the eye can see. What a pity.

    1. Hi Melynda. What a beautiful toy you would be. Seeing the world through a kid's eyes... I've been trying so hard not to lose that gift, but I'm afraid my views are poisoned by politics and unhappy grownup stuff. But then I close my eyes and remember...the sounds of youth, the joys I should've held on to. And no computer games in sight....

    2. That's just life my friend. We all do that. I was just watching Lily play with her little penguin. She kissed it and hugged it and sang to it like it was a baby. It was a beautiful thing watching the innocence. No worries when we are old and senile we can go right back to that place and people will be fine with it Until then... We do adult stuff. Come join my challenge. :)

  5. I'll be a toy that is a little coy
    Little girls go for me and not boys
    That'll be nice just to be cuddled
    Have to be fluffy and not muddled
    Around me are always nice people
    To match it I'll have to give my all


    1. A little coy
      Bringing much joy
      As you are cuddled... not by a boy
      Give it your all
      You'll have a ball!

  6. This sounds like an easy question, but the truth is... not so much.

    I think I'd be an Etch A Sketch. I want to be the toy that allows creativity and imagination a place to flourish.

    1. I remember those! Excellent choice. So, you spent a lot of time etching sketches?

  7. I read this post earlier...
    Decided to think about this....hmmmmm...
    Now....I am back
    I would be a hand crocheted stuffed toy...made with love♥️
    The softest of softest soft stuffings...{did I mention soft?}
    Cuddled...told secrets to...dragged around...slept with....cried to....awesome!
    From me to you...
    That is what kind of "toy" I would like to be...
    Enjoy your day...what time is it there?...wherever you are!...
    Linda :o)

    1. Yes, you're back all right and looking great in the process! Hi Linda, Mistress of all things g
      Green. Yes, you sure mentioned soft, quite softly but I heard you. You know I always do at my shoe. Hand crocheted.... I like that. Like a blue teddy bear, right? I swam across the Atlantic and now it's 16:37 in my neck of the woods. Oh how I want to be told secrets to.... But all I hear is, "Get up! This is the IRS!" Yeah, just another nightmare...

      My day has been great so far. Thank you for asking.

  8. I would be a tubby tummy teddy bear. They are the most cuddly teddy bears around and they don't make them anymore.

    In response to ur comment on my blog--

    Ex-girlfriend or ex-wife????

    U know to have a "strong" woman is not a bad thing actually it is a good thing because if u have a strong women in ur life the everyday life things get taken care of and u can concentrate on just having fun cuddly time when y'all are together. But I see more and more men whom want whiny weak women. That's is why I am attracted to "strong" men and men with self-confidence cuz I don't have time for no jealous raging male. Trust big factor to me.

    How's the car today? Any news on what's wrong. How long did it take u to walk 10 miles? Had I lived in the same city I would have come and gotten u and taken u wherever u needed to go and also gotten the car taken car towed or whatnot so u would have had access to it ASAP.

    I'm sure u need some new blue suede shoes after walking 10 miles. I hope u had walking shoes on and not dress shoes that day. Blah--

    1. Ah a teddy bear. It makes perfect sense to Mr. Presley, your former neighbor. And mine in spirit. That would be my ex-girlfriend now friend. Oh it took a couple of hours. I don't mind a walk, really. There's a soldier in me. I do need new blue suede shoes. Dress shoes....

    2. See u take the same attitude I do. Instead of looking at the bad side u looked at the good side. A good walk. If I ever get lost which rarely happens, as long as the gas tank is full doesn't bother me.

      Yikes--dress shoes. I bet u needed to soak ur tootsies.

      Yes. He was a teddy bear. No--

      I like "teddy bear" type men. The ones that just gather u up in their arms and squeeze and hold u tight. Envelope u as I like to say it. They envelope ur very being body and soul.

      I am known for my teddy bears. If I don't have a teddy bear with me usually it's head is sticking out of my bag then they are like "Where is the teddy bear?" I usually have to dig it out and say see I told u this bear goes everywhere with me. Sits on my desk during daytime. In my bag the rest of them time but always with me. The coworkers made a mistake and gave one away one time to a child. Blah--they gave the wrong one away by mistake. Mine have been with me a long time. We have others that we give away to calm children. I suppose it was meant to be. It was such a cute one too. I sew buttons on them and if they are a girl bear they wear a pearl necklace and if they are a boy bear they have a black bowtie and one of them wears a black eye patch. Argh matie!!! He's my pirate one. I scratched my eye a few years ago and had to wear an eye patch so afterwards I was like "What am I gonna do with this eye patch?" And then it "dawned" on me put it on ur boy bear.

      I am sewing ProfessorAlex some ties and bowties. They are so ADORABLE on him. He really is starting to look like a Professor. He is gaining weight--I am going to have to stop letting him eat so much human food. I tried to give him loads of food, love and kindness. He is started to get FLUFFY and I need him to keep a healthy weight.

      Is the car working now?

    3. It's quite unnatural for a blue grumpster like me to look at the good side of things, but I don't mind a good walk, so…

      Given your definition of teddy bear type men, I can't say I like teddy bear type women. But I do like them to be strong and independent. Above all, I like them to be feminine.

      So you've got a teddy bear thing going there. Well, why not? There's nothing wrong with a cute little teddy bear. When grownups start wearing teddy bear costumes… that's when I get a bit worried. I once saw a documentary about people who could only be affectionate toward other when wearing a furry costume. Not really my kind of thing. I bet Professor Alex looks great wearing his ties and bowties. I should call him my colleague Alex. No, the car's still a total mess. It's gonna cost me too. Sigh. So much for looking at the good side of things, I know…

    4. Well women like to be cuddled and snuggled with not smothered mind u.

      Once upon a time, I went to see a counselor on behalf of friend whom was suicidal. Trying to see what I could do as a friend to help. My bear was sticking out of bag. The counselor said I need to ask u question if u do not mind. I'm like sure. He said do we need to discuss why a grown woman carries a bear. I had to laugh cuz I know it sounds weird. I also have ADD and had started learning to knit. Normally, I can only concentrate on craft projects if they r small. And I was knitting small scares for the bears so I could learn to knit and finish a project.

      No I do not have any other issues with teddy bears. The r just cute. I do not even go overboard with them. I just have a few whom r extremely cute.

      ProfessorAlex is adorable. He looks like an old man already even though he is under two. But he is quite a cutie. Everyone whom meets him loves him. He has an adorable face. And the tie just brings out his cuteness more. Sorry about the car.

    5. If only you would knit a little blue friend for Professor Alex to cuddle with... So the counselor was worried, now was he? What he didn't tell you was he has a shoe fetish... ;)

      The car is fully functioning again. Unlike its owner. I'm dead tired and my eyes are playing tricks on me agaon. Well, my brain is. That's why I'm so quiet. I need to rest. Enjoy the weekend :)

  9. I'd be a board game
    And i'd get such fame
    I'd piss the world off
    Making adults and kiddies scoff
    Because I'd never let them win
    I'd rig it to always do them in
    They played for weeks on end
    I'd drive them right around the bend
    And they could never throw me away
    Because they'd want their pay
    They'd want to win
    Until death does them in
    Then there I would sit
    Fooling the next dimwit

    1. This is great stuff, Pat
      Only the best coming from The Cat
      Piss them off, Mr. Board Game
      Make them feel weak and lame
      As you make them lose
      Like they've got something to choose
      Like a pile of dough or a cruise
      Nothing like a mind bruise
      But what would be the name
      Of such a grand game?

    2. Hmm what's in a name
      Something not tame
      Something to light the flame
      And make such a grand claim
      Who wants to whammy jeopardy with a wheel of fortune on the price is right and become a millionaire
      Too long of a blare?

    3. Just a bit. But add your picture to it and you'll be raking in the dough, yes sir.

  10. I'm not sure. Something unbreakable, certainly, and maybe something a little bit dangerous...

    1. Ah... a bit of danger to spice things up. How foxy of you.

  11. Firstly, I love the cartoon ... especially Dezzy! Sorry, Blue!

    Now, if I was a toy, I think I'd be a little Buzzy Bee Take a look!

    Why? Because they're quirky, terribly charming, they have bright colourful wings that rotate, they make a delightful clicking noise when being pulled along the ground. They're made from good-old-fashioned wood ... as apposed to nasty plastic - quite a novelty these days. Oh, and they wouldn't be made in China ... which would make them/me even more of a novelty.

    And one more thing, I would be the toughest toy in the box and would make you smile. I suspect. No sure about that though ... depends on what sort of day I'd had.

    1. Especially Dezzzz? Sigh. Well, I guess he's the cute one. Nothing I can do about that. That Buzzy Bee looks very buzzzzing. I bet you'd be the cutest Buzzy Bee Down Under, saying bzzzzzzzzcrikey! No? Naughty Dezzy would say, "So you like wood? So do I!" but I'm a gentleman so all I've got to say is... wood is great. I mean that in a non-Dezzy way, of course. Tough wood. Made Down Under. ;)

      Did I make you smile?

    2. does kiwi grow on wood?

    3. Blue - No. You and Dezzy are 'both' naughty. And yes, you made me smile.

      Dezzy - Yes, kiwi does grow on wood.

      Mad, the pair of you.

    4. No wonder kiwi is so hairy if it grows on wood.....

    5. I rest my wood. I mean.. case. See what he's doing to me, Wendy. It's some kind if naughty telepathy.

    6. and I just gave you the 100th comment.... You may set your wood on fire now....

    7. A wonderful tradition... I knew I could discount... I mean COUNT on you to do the honors once again. I need a lighter....

  12. Oh my, you and Dezzy look positively CUTE together as star studded ducks!

    Me? I'd be a soft and fluffy teddy bear, the kind every loves to hold close. I'd probably have an ear missing too.

    1. But Dezzy looks cuter.... I know. Wendy just told me. So here are your ducks, Lynda. Let's call it my private little project... So, tell me about yours.

      Nice try, huh? Well, I think you'd make a great soft n' fluffy teddy bear. So now I'm wondering... how come I didn't have a soft n' fluffy teddy bear when I was Baby Blue?

    2. but why are we on a 50% discount?

    3. oh, it's true... they should just donate us to some poor people for free.....

    4. Not just any poor people. They will need to deserve us and be pretty and not smell.

    5. and in my case they can share me with others too.... I'm slutty like that.... even as a toy....

    6. Don't worry, I didn't have a soft n' fluffy teddy bear when I was young either. I had a soft, not so fluffy elephant. With a missing ear.

  13. Wow, what a fun, well written blog. I think I'd be a doll house. A handmade, intricate one. Don't ask me why:)

    1. Another compliment from Sandra... Life is good. Ah... a doll house. Why?

  14. I'd be a very soft and cuddly stuffed animal. A collie. Yes. Definitely a collie. Which university? I mean, where do you work? I forgot to ask you before.


    1. You'd be soft, cuddly and.... stuffed? I see. ;) A collie. Janie, the soft n' cuddly (n' stuffed) collie. That's got a ring to it. Where can I buy you? Where do I work.... Well, I've already told you. Remember that documentary?

    2. No, I don't remember. You can buy me on a street corner at about midnight.

  15. I'm thinking a Slinky... a Slinky... a Razz-a-mah-taz-a-mah-toy...

    only it would be a broken slinky... just go all over the place and be greatly unpredictable...


    1. Excellent choice, Shoes. Red Shoes The Slinky. Broken? I'd fix you. ;)

  16. Ooh, I love toys. I want to be a Transformer. But not the boy kind. I just want to be able to change from toy to toy on a whim. One day a doll, the next a marker. Whatever brings joy. However, I don't want to be an adult toy. No, no I don't want to be a naughty toy.

    1. Did you say a marker? Well, why not. If it brings joy to kids (big and small) I'm all for it. Would you be very expensive? I mean... a transformer... They tend to be kind of expensive. "Mom, can I get a Theresa Mahoney Transformer?" "No, she's too expensive...." No? Good.

      What do you mean you don't want to be a naughty toy? Everyone likes naughty toys. There's a market!

    2. No, I am a cheap date kind of girl, so I can imagine that I wouldn't cost much as a toy either. My husband laughs because I would prefer a coke and pretzel from the local gas station for dinner over a fancy fine dining meal.

      My toy would transform into whatever the kid wanted each day. One day a marker, the next day a doll, maybe a truck the next day.

      Sure, the naughty toys are fun to play with, but who the hell wants to be used as one? yuck lol.

    3. Point taken. A coke and pretzel from the local gas station... Who would want that, right?

  17. I'd be a small sharp toy that when stepped upon by parents would cause damage not only to the parents foot, but to the child's ears as well. LEGO's eat your heart out!

    1. Let's talk about it... A sharp toy that would hurt parents? I see. Well, what would you be called? LEGO.... I remember those days.

    2. I would be expensive also. That way I hurt their pocket book also!
      Sorry, I just feel evil today.

    3. Feeling less evil today? Don't ever say sorry to a blue guy who thinks of you as a toy.

  18. If I were a toy I'd be Heidi Klum's vibrator.

    1. Now, why doesn't that surprise me, Steve? Heidi Klum eh?

    2. Hahaha Steve I agree with Blue on this one ur answer does not surprise me. However, I would have thought it would have been Jessica Biel's vibrator.

    3. No, that would be me. Wait. Strike that. I was only kidding. Jessica... Biel.... well,.....

  19. Brilliant! I'd be one that came with some kind of warning label, for sure.

    1. Tell me more. I need to know so much more.....

  20. Oops scarves not scares.

    I agree totally woman should be feminine. U can be strong and dependent but very much a woman. Someone told me today I looked like a sweet pink cupcake. I took that as a complement. I loved it. I usually smell like a cupcake and vanilla.

    1. I knew you meant scarves. What I didn't know was you smell like a cupcake and vanilla.

    2. And coffee too. Imagine that I smell like a coffeeshop and bakery. One night, I had to stop by 24 hour neighborhood pharmacy. When I walked in and went to pick up rx cashier was "inhaling" me. She said I smelled heavenly. Hahaha---

      So when I wear my pink apron, I look and smell like a pink cupcake.

      Sorry, that ur eyes r nothing u. Happy that ur car is fixed. Rest rest rest.

      My knitting abilities have not gotten past scarves but will knit blue scarf in honor of u. Blur is my fav color.

    3. Hey! A blue scarf! That would be great. A darker shade of blue or the exact same color? Didn't you say, "Of course I smell heavenly."? No? You're so modest. :)

    4. Then I will knit it. A darker blue too. I prefer a darker blue. My car is blue. My linens are blue. Blue and purple. I love those colors. I wear mostly black but add a touch of color in the accessory which usually is a felt flower or scarf. Blue, red, purple and pink are my favorite colors.

      No. I don't assume I smell good. I mean we can't smell ourselves. No??? I make preparations to smell good. Shower and u know--

      But how do we really smell. My fav perfume Cashmere Mist. Took me a long time to find that one. I don't like to overpower. I want people to get closer just a slight whiff that draws them in closer. Most overdo it nowadays with all the cologne and perfume. I got so nauseated one night by one women's perfume at Coffeeshop I had to go home. They thought I was joking when I said I need to go and I need to go now. I was turning "green". I needed fresh air. I told my coworkers I'm not joking it has made me instantly ill. And I left. I don't normally leave them like that but that night I was overcome with sickness.

      My best friend, Micky, knitted me the most wonderful scarf. She said if you don't want it send it back. It took me so long to knit. I lie to u not that scarf was over 6 feet long. I had to wrap it around me 6 to 7 times. She's very tall what can I say. It was her first scarf. I thought she might have thought I was a giraffe or something. I laid on the floor laughing. It was so precious. She is my crafty friend. I love u Micky if u read this--u know I love that scarf.

      Yes yes yes. I am sniffable. And sniffable in a pleasant way too. As to saying "Of course, I smell heavenly." I rather shy when it comes to compliments. It's embarrassing. So I usually just smile and say thank you. Because one should have good manners all the time. No???

    5. And I love silver and gray. Maybe why I am drawn to Schnauzers so much. Their color and they look like older men. I am drawn to older men.

      Sometimes, ProfessorAlex and I look like we belong together. They say u start to resemble one another after awhile. Couples even start to resemble one another. Maybe we grown into each other. No????

    6. Cashmere Mist.... I don't think I know it. I do know that I'm always amused by 16-year-old boys overdoing it. "Smell me... I'm a man now!" That kinda thing.

      A six foot scarf? Well, you know what they say... when it comes to scarfs, size sure matters ;) Hey, her very first scarf and that long too. Miss Stormy Giraffe.... I don't know... It sounds a bit off...

      I'm afraid I'm not known for my good manners... I guess I'm a tad too forthright in a blue way... Yes.

  21. Come to think think of it it really never crossed my mind - if i am a toy what would i be?

    Well i have been trying for an hour now but i really can't think of anything. Then i realized i' m not really a toy person even when i was a kid.
    I'm not interested in dolls or stuff toys or anything fancy to play. My idea of playing is being outdoor, climbing trees, playing hide and seek or swimming in the river that includes wild diving. Somethinng like that.

    If ever some play mates invited me to play house or play cooking i would volunteer to fetch the water or something like that. Now i am wondering was i really a girl? Ha ha
    And on the days that i can't do outdoor play like when its raining i will just get those display balls with water inside. I can spend hours just staring at them, shake them from time to time and watched the stuff afloat imagining them moving in slow motion. I don't know but it sort of giving me some calmness and peace.
    If not, i'd rather read a book rather than play with fancy toys.

    Was i strange?

    1. No, you weren't strange. Only unique, is all. And I'd say it's very healthy to not want to be anybody's toy;)

  22. Oh I'd be shockingly sinful and deceptively coy,
    A friend to the girl and a mystery to boy,
    I'd be tough, indestructible, yes throw me around
    I'm used to the fickleness down on the ground.
    And if you were sad, I'd dance on your floor
    Until your dark heart was no longer sore
    Or if you were lost in the quiet instead,
    Beside you I'd lay on your sorrowful bed.
    For I am the toy that silently sings
    And waits for the master to pull on her strings
    To skip to the tune that you wish to play
    That's why I'm here, to brighten your day.
    For I am the hidden and painted dancer,
    That helps you to figure out your own answer,
    Give me a yank, I'm a marionette,
    A toy by the name of sweet Juliette.

    1. Art. That's what this is. I can read it again and again and again.. and love it even more. I like your rhythm, I love your style, I like your choice of words so worth my while. Yes, we should start a band and rake in the dough. You would be such a beautiful marionette, Jules. Priceless and indestructible. I imagine if I were a marionette and I met you, something would grow. My nose, of course. Hey, I'm a gentleman! Check out my wood if you don't believe me! (My nose, of course.....)

      See, being a marionette can be so confusing... ;)

      P.S. Az has been awfully quiet these past few weeks.

    2. I love it when you big me up like that Blue :) Makes me feel dead spesh and lovely. You're not toying with me are you?

      Az came to my last post and I see her on twitter and insta and facebook. She seems busy and happy and I must check in - I hope it's cos she is having a bloody great time :)

      By the way, you don't need FB. This page is BIGGER than FB. If everybody on here made friends you could, in fact, be the maker of the new social network. Make a cake and think on that x

    3. And you're entitled to love it, Jules. Of course I'm not toying with you. I only toy with people I don't like.

      The two of you are still on Blogger Light, are you.... Well, no one is perfect except he two of you, of course. (Say it: of course.)

      See, now I'm wondering... A cake... How does one make a cake....?

  23. I would be something noisy and creepy like an emo Furby. lol

    1. Just the way we like it. You would be a hit too.

  24. I'd be a Toy Story toy, so I could run around and do what I wanted after the kids went to sleep. :)

    1. After the kids went to sleep... I'd say that's smart thinking.

  25. I'd be a toy piano, because I really like making music.

    1. I know you do. I've already checked out a couple of your videos/recordings. You are very talented, Sherry. But I bet you knew that already. Thanks for stopping by.

  26. I don't know on this one, Blue. I thought maybe a Teddy Ruxpin, because when I was a kid that was the ultimate status symbol of robotic, toy-related awesomeness. I never had one. Such a bummer. But in thinking things over, I really don't think I'd be one of those toys with all the bells and whistles. I'm a pretty simple person, I like to keep things as simple as possible. (Though some people might not believe it).

    So, honestly, I think I would be a teddy bear. Something warm and cuddly, something that makes kids feel safe. And just for the heck of it, I'll go a head and be a soft, plush Care Bear toy. You know, a shout out to my childhood, because I DID have one of those. Heck, I still have it in a box in my basement. Along with my Cabbage Patch doll, and my Wild Puffalump. Oh yes. I am one of the 80's/90's crossover kids. Pure, unadulterated, I-still-remember-having-to-call-my-mom-collect-when-I-got-stuck-somewhere-and-didn't-have-any-change-for-the-payphone awesomeness. :)

    1. The ultimate status symbol of robotic, toy-related awesomeness... Well, who wouldn't want to be that? I remember what it's like not to have the toy the other kids had because my Mom was poor. Oh wel, it happens, right? Keeping this simple is the only way, especially in politics, not to mention the law. Quite a few bloggers would like to be a teddy bear. I guess that means something.

      Well, you'd ooze with I-still-remember-having-to-call-my-mom-collect-when-I-got-stuck-somewhere-and-didn't-have-any-change-for-the-payphone awesomeness. That much I do know.

  27. I'd be a Barbie doll. She gets to wear cool clothes and be anything she wants to be, from a mom to a CEO to President of the U.S. Whatever's in a girl's imagination!

    1. I was waiting for someone to want to be a Barbie doll. And here you are. I bet you'd look great too. Thanks for stopping by.

  28. I love dogs and love to have a dog toy!

  29. I don't know what I'd be. The only thing that matters is that I have Kung Fu grip. And possibly a jet pack.

    1. Hi fellas. Kung Fu grip is the key to toyful success. We all know that. And a jet pack? But didn't I give you two a Boss Jet a couple of years ago? Ah... it's not the same. I see. :)

  30. Hey Blue
    What do you do
    You ask what toy
    A toy for a boy
    A boy toy
    Wishing you joy
    For a down under doll
    That takes its toll
    You pull on the string
    Have a fling
    Listen to the mikey
    As it squeals *CRIKEY!*

    1. Gary... and I don't mean Gary, Indiana... Is that mikey squealing crikey again? Must be a mikey from somewhere down under. A boy toy is not a toy boy except when you mix them up. Wishing you joy too, it's true. Down under... whatcha gonna do?

    2. Indiana wants me, but I can't go back there
      So, instead I stare
      At my mikey
      That says "gidday" not "crikey!"
      I want a Slinky
      Do something kinky
      Down under
      You hear the thunder

    3. There's nothing like staring and your mikey
      When it says "gidday" not "crikey"
      That would make me start staring too
      Wondering if perhaps I was a shoe
      Or a blogger plane pilot crashed in poo
      Saying boo hoo hoo
      But then I'd wake up with the thunder
      And check if everything's just fine down under

  31. Wow. What an interesting poem. If I were a toy, I would love to be a palymobil. They are loved and cherished by older children looking to use their imaginations. Most of them are usually part of a major set or community like the princess for girls or the city set for boys.

    1. Playmobil... I remember those days. At the time (um... the mid-seventies) I didn't know any girls who liked playmobil. You are number one.

  32. Computer/email problems today.

    Understand completely.

    Blah this comment has a mind of it's own.

    ProfessorAlex sends u big sloppy kiss.

    1. A mind of its own... Must be a very smart comment....

  33. I woke angry this morning Blue. And I feel myself getting angier as each moment passes. I have a very incompetent supervisor. And I am down to literally hours with someone who can train me her job. And it is not something u can learn on ur own. U have to be trained properly. And time was wasted when I could have been trained because of her inability to manage. The supervisor does not even know the job. How can this be? And I have found things out that one should have been on top of. And this makes me so angry cuz my hands r tied. I have to deal with ignorance and it affects me. I am not a happy camper this morning. I am not happy at all. I do not like stupid.

    1. Incompetent bosses.... I could tell you some stories.... I'm allergic to incompetent bosses, supervisors and anyone who thinks they know how I should do my job. I'm sorry to hear you're upset.

  34. I love the picture! So cute, you two.

    Well, you kinda have me pictured as to what toy I'd be - a turtle!

    I'd like to be a toy that is loved so much it gets worn down by the child who plays with me.

    While it's tempting to say I'd be a naughty toy, if I take that thought a bit further, I realize that ain't such a great toy to be. Narly!

    1. Unless you like to go where no one has gone before... Nope, you can count me out too, Miss Cuddly Turtle.

  35. Well, I have cried all day at work today, Blue. And I have been unable to stop literailly. Have been unable to stop crying. And I am not a weak woman. Not at all. I woke up with a bad omen this morning. And came in with a good attitude. But--it's been hell today. Pure hell.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that. That's when I know I'd like to be in charge and fire anyone who's pretending to be working and anyone who doesn't know how to do a good job.

  36. Alone on a shelf I do sit,
    A picture book filled with weird ****.
    Inside faces stare
    Giving Alice nightmares
    At such nonsense and cynical wit.

    Such as it is. Thank you for an exceedingly clever, ponder-inducing, and fun post.

    1. In my lair it's okay to say weird shit ;) A picture book... Now, why don't I look surprised? Excellent choice. Thanks for the complement.

  37. If I were a toy I'd be...


    A stick? I don't know. :(

    1. Damian... did you say "a stick"? How wonderfully sarcastic.

  38. Replies
    1. And a beautiful one too! Thanks for stopping by! I know... I'm a bit late.


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