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"Though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make him run."
Will you ever reach Bora?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Super Mario Reboot That'll Make You Hoot!

When time's a-flying and you're wondering where those past few years went, you may be secretly wishing for a reboot. Just be careful what you wish for, for sometimes a reboot will make you hoot!


  1. I am a turtle...woop. Really creative stuff, how long did it take you to design it all? Ha, riot kitty saves the day!

    1. Getting all the building blocks designing the backgrounds and characters... I'd say about 30 hours.

    2. 30 hours? Bravo, is all I can say. Well done!

    3. Thank you. I hope you're doing fine. You're very insightful.

  2. Wait, what? There's no way in any hell that a kitty would kill me penguins! They can only be killed by rotten sardines.
    Wait, what party? Is there a party? In Amsterdam? In Rotterdam? In Whichdam?


    1. It's at your place. Don't tell me the one and only Dezz Boss refuses to pick up the bill...

      Hope you're doing fine.

    2. Forget the bill, I will just pay by sleeping with the waiters :) I know, me is slutty... what else is new?

      What did Mongo buy you for the Bday? :)

      And I've absolutely no idea what Gloria Dear is standing on.... I didn't understand half of the graphics LOL... what else is new? :))

    3. OMG I just realised what it is.... you naughty Bluecifur! Hope nobody gets it :)

    4. Mongo? Well, I guess someone needs to wake him up and tell him to buy me something. That cat has been asleep on my couch all day long, I tell you. That is one lazy pet. There's no doubt about it. Plus he outsnores me.

      You got the joke... finally. I should have never underestimated you in the 1 up business and then some, but you need a clue, is all. Haha!!! Somebody has to GET it. Now that's what I call 1 up!

    5. Maybe you're feeding him too much. Fat cats tend to sleep all day...

    6. That includes me. I need to drop at least 15 pounds. Don't know how given the state I'm in but I'll figure something out.

    7. It usually helps if you stop eating bread and pastries and pasta... so all carbohydrates .... and if you don't eat after lets say after 5pm

    8. Dezmond - Forget the bill, I will just pay by sleeping with the waiters! Hahahahaha!

    9. If you don't eat after 5PM???? I knew it... You want to see me wearing skinny jeans. The horror!

      He's dreaming about waiters again, Wendy. It's one of his fantasies. I bet this dream ranks high on his bucket list.

    10. I haven't eaten after 5.30 for a decade now :) I haven't felt NOT hungry for years now LOL Hunger is my best friend....

      Wendy, you did not me was slutty, yes? :)

    11. know instead of NOT :) I'm obviously kinda stupid too.... fat, slutty and stupid :)

    12. Me did not know you were slutty, no, Dezmond. Come on ... of course I did :))

    13. He is not really slutty, Wendy. He's very shy in real life. Don't tell the waiters though.

    14. Why does Wendy think you're a slutmeister, Dezzman?

    15. maybe possibly probably because me is?

  3. Look at that spam! Don't you love that?
    Thanks for including me in the game. At least I don't get killed.

    1. Spam... I hate it when that happens. Of course you don't get killed. You're quite safe on that pet of yours haha

    2. You missed me
      Does your eyes deceive thee?

    3. I guess something was too big
      He must've thought it was a drilling rig

    4. lol I guess so
      Or he has a filter to avoid such a show

    5. I found Pat and yes, I think my mind was trying to block that image from me. Surprised the Cat wasn't the one to win the game. Orlin and Cassie won't be happy with that.

    6. haha I've been found
      The cats are too busy to win like some gullible hound

    7. The image is clear
      A big thing to fear

  4. Blue with his friends
    Just as Pat had done
    A good mix of blend
    And putting Hank as #1


    1. Hi Hank!
      The Poetry Tank
      Not on the road
      Like a toad
      Stopping by
      To say hi
      Number one
      Such fun

  5. lmao, damn, I won't be able to whora
    At the sands of bora
    With that on my umm wick
    Cock blocker some slick
    The zebra may be too though
    But at least that isn't killer on the go
    Can't even kill the ball and chain if I recall
    Always jumped over them at my hall
    That mean I'm immortal down there?
    There can be only one at every lair?
    Damn, that mean it get chopped off
    If a highlander reject begins to scoff
    Good thing I got the cat
    He'll protect me from such scat
    Jax is having a bad hair day
    She won't like that at her bay
    Needs tons of shampoo
    Plus she's swimming in fish doo doo
    Riot kitty saved the day
    Can't go wrong with that at any bay
    Hank is still number 1
    He won't be outdone
    Not even as a block
    The beer guys will just mock
    Although he seems to be staring at it
    Hmmm probably thinks it's some freaky shit
    Poor Gloria getting teased
    She doesn't look pleased
    The ninja wannabe and his pet
    May eat the redneck and poop her out as an egg, safe bet?
    I'll just be happy with my immortal umm piece
    Unless someone gets a star and goes all shiny making my immortality cease

    1. No whora
      On Bora?
      Maybe it's better that way
      Or I wouldn't come and play
      Not today
      Cock blockers doing a good job
      No more afraid that someone might rob
      Your stuff and um spit
      But it's still a hit
      Immortal you are
      Now, where's my brand new car?
      Highlander you say at your bay?
      Number one can stay
      The cat can scare the sequels away
      Jax has more hair than you
      Hey, did you notice my blue suede shoe?
      Lot's of doo doo
      But no voodoo
      Or Scooby Doo Doo
      Hank's number one again
      As he crushes his competition today
      Bryan is staring, you right
      Hope it won't last all night :p
      But, hey, it's an impressive view
      He might think it's brand new too
      What's that thing Gloria is standing on, Cat?
      Did she even know about that?
      Jules says something about nuts and more
      What did the Blue Guy have in store...
      Will she even notice, you think?
      Gloria's gonna kick my berries and drink
      The Ninja looks pretty cool
      Sitting like that and still no fool
      He saw you staring so he said, 'What?' (did you see)
      Now, don't go talking about um 'stars' in the place to be.

    2. Lmao!! Cat, it's too funny that the fish poop is the first thing I thought of. Hahahha

    3. haha got the naughty joke now
      Gloria is balancing well somehow
      Must be the nuts of a giant
      Who is rather defiant
      Giant nuts across the land
      Could please as he takes a umm stand

      Yeah, Bryan's staring may get creepy
      Jax may get whiny and weepy
      Where's your new car?
      Behind mine at the bar
      And yep, i did notice the shoe
      One brown, one blue
      Highlander 2 can be flushed down the loo
      I can handle 3 and 4 at my zoo
      Gloria may not get the umm wick
      That one sure isn't blocked some slick lol

    4. um, that is some gadget you are wearing Pat..I say run run run
      as that thing will chomp, chomp, chomp...on a zebra thong...

    5. hahaha knew the fish poop would come due
      So easy to guess for you

      haha it doesn't have the versatility to turn
      So I won't get the chomping burn

    6. There you go at your show
      You got the joke... the first in a row
      That giant must be big
      Gloria ain't standing on no little fig
      A creepy stare
      At all that hair
      And flair
      And so-what-I-don't-care
      You're a braver guy than me
      In the place to be
      Now, as for my car
      It isn't one in a jar
      Or is it small
      At your hall
      The car I mean
      At your scene
      Mind that stare, Bryan... hello!
      Someone's enjoying the show
      Said he likes being a raccoon
      Better than being a Looney Toon
      On the moon
      With a baboon in June
      Jax doesn't like her hair
      I think it's all there
      The cutest squid I ever saw
      The best I could draw
      Highlander.... 4?
      So there were more?
      Say it ain't so
      At your show
      Good thing she won't get your joke
      As a wick wants to poke
      I just thought it made sense too
      Jules saying that line about kicking nutty goo

    7. So maybe I should be a squid, so I can be the cutest around!!! :) can I still wear skinny jeans??

    8. Sure you can. That's a great image a squid wearing four pairs of skinny jeans... Now you're telling me!

    9. Jax as a squid
      She'd flip her lid
      No shampoo in the sea
      And swim in her own poop with glee
      Maybe not glee
      But fun to see

      Caught on indeed
      So much too look at at your feed
      And my chomper just got my attention
      Putting my wick in detention haha
      Don't care at all
      Let em stare at my hall
      I've had worse
      And more perverse lol
      Yep, there was a four
      They took a tv show and movie collaboration tour
      Car in a jar
      that I can do at my sand bar
      Maybe even put it in the litterbox
      That giant must have giant socks
      He'd have to put it on a door
      So no Jack will come and explore
      Spilling the beans
      On youtube screens

    10. You know about her lid, now do you Cat?
      I bet that squid would choke you on your mat
      Do cats swim at your place?
      Do squids wear skinny jeans and lace?
      Your chomper was in plain view
      Kinda distracting at my shoe
      But then you saw the light
      That wasn't right
      It wasn't light but long and tall
      Would be noisy if it were to fall
      At my hall
      Who would they call
      No, not Girlbusters 1
      Can't be fun
      To check out HER bun
      You see, another girly reboot
      Like the She-Hulk making me hoot
      You've had worse at your hall?
      Don't care at all?
      No, keep that litter where it is now
      I'd rather eat a cow
      No, not that way (damn, Cat!)
      Lots of hidden secrets on your mat
      Haha just kidding
      But be careful with that wick
      Or those girls might start their bidding
      Wickbusters part 1 starring The Cat
      So happy on his mat

    11. haha wickbusters you say
      Hmmm that game I could play
      Be fun for a while
      Until 911 I need to dial
      Ugg to that bun
      My wick would be busted with no fun
      Just hearing her voice
      I would have no choice
      Shrivel up and fade away
      Not even the chomper could win the day
      The cat doesn't mind water too
      Can swim away at our zoo
      Cassie hates it though
      She's prissy you know
      A skinny jean wearing squid
      Would surely flip a naturist lid

    12. Until 911 you need to dial
      When you get carried away (get it?) in style
      That bun may be the last one in sight
      What to do in the middle of a Bora night?
      I swear I wanted to buy a suit today
      And once again they were too skinny at my bay
      Like chop sticks skinny
      Unlike my cousin Vinny
      Oh wait... it was The Super
      The ultimate party pooper
      But if I were a blue squid
      Or maybe a blue kid
      They would look all right
      Hey, you don't like her voice at night?
      I wonder why
      Would she make you cry?

    13. She's make me run far far away
      Wishing for my cousin vinny to come and slay
      Or for her to just Die Hard
      Out in the middle of the yard
      Carried away
      Nice one at your bay

    14. Well, maybe a drink would help
      Making her yelp

    15. Have to be passed out
      Like a dead trout

  6. I knew Dez was Bowser all along, it all makes sense

  7. Wow, that must have taken forever to do. Awesome job on it. I'll take crushing people as a block. Hopefully someone washes the goop of off the bottom though.

    1. Forever seems like an accurate description of when it felt like, yeah.... They must have a crush on you or do you have a crush on them? :)

  8. Happy birthday grumpy!
    Happy birthday to you!
    I said all again because you dont answer!!
    This week i will make you something with bluberries!!
    Please dont be angry:))😭😭😭

    1. Sorry about that. I must have been working or snoring on my couch. How could I be angry. Take a good look at that picture and listen to what Jules says... and don't be angry haha

  9. Hey Mr. Blue Dude,

    I seem to be trapped in a party game
    No shame
    No blame
    I'd do the same
    I like the fame
    My rhyming's lame
    Thanks for having me in your post
    You are the host
    With the most
    I propose a toast
    To a good-natured roast
    Thanking you
    This be true

    1. So you're a rapper too
      As you spin your rhymes for Grumpy Blue
      Here's to you, Gary
      Never hairy always flairy
      Never scary
      That would be you
      The name is Blue

  10. You made my day, Blue!! I love this and I printed it out for all to see that I am in fact in a video game!!!! Bora whora outfit had me Cracking up!!! Next time can you give me a thick Lucious hair do that saves the day?? Hehe :)

    1. I promise. I was struggling with your hair, really. I guess I'm not good at hair styling under water.

  11. I know You are teasing me! Good one Grumpy! Sigh! What dress I had in this?
    Please red in your old post when I said you happy birthday FIRST!!
    There I explain all Blue!

    1. Gloria, Blue does like to tease but, he does love us all...

    2. Teasing you? How? What did I do? You're wearing Super Mario's raccoon outfit. Yes, you said it first just like I said it first :)

  12. Good Morning Blue, I sent you a Happy Birthday
    message last night. I guess your mail must have
    taken flight.

    This was absolutely 100% creative and fun, what
    now I am a crushing block?
    now, that is what I call a party game...hahaha
    "Blogger Party"' and all the crew was really do amazing are
    one of a kind "Blue" that is so very true..

    Happy Birthday to you!

    I saw the creepy spammer stuff..ugh..who
    would do that on your birthday..shame on

    1. haha - and look at the racoons...I should have know something was up when I saw one in that tree glaring at me...

    2. You've got a crushing personality. Thanks, True, and did you notice my blue suede shoe. The Cat still has the other one. I wouldn't be surprised if he hid it someone in his litter box. I got rid of the spammer. Knocked his brain out with a hammer. Why didn't you crush him?

      Yeah, something seems to be up, alright. I just don't think Gloria and Jules noticed. There are plenty of hints though. Jules says something about nuts too...

    3. I should have crushed him with my super sparkly power...haha...I did notice your blue suede shoe..the cat still has the other one hidden..darn that cat...haha..raccoons can be tricky..something seems to be

      Again Happy are a beautiful shade of blue may all your dreams come make a wish on one of those super power stars.

      You are amazing...and don't forget to collect all those golden coins and don't forget about the hidden treasure spots...

    4. Ha you noticed my blue suede shoe.... Yeah something seems to be up. Ask the Cat. He knows all about it too.

      Oh I was terrible at playing this game, Truedessa. My kid brother played it all the time and I'd just watch him defeat one boss and then another one and another one. I didn't have his patience though I did like the tune and what the game looked like. Its creators were genuines, really.

      If only I could collect some of those coins for real...

    5. Hey Blue,

      I had to come back for another look, this is absolutely brilliant, so many hidden friends in view and as always deeply layered. I found a clue in here for me..I was never good at video games so I am sorry to say I am not much of a gamer. I do agree the creators were geniuses.

      Again Happy Birthday! A toast from coast to coast just for you Blue!

    6. What... another look?
      I thought one look was all it took in your nook

      Thanks for caring about my drawings, True. There's often a hidden layer somewhere. I guess I can't help myself.

      Bottoms up!

    7. It usually takes just one look
      As I take in the view at my nook
      but, of course I had to come back
      as I saw a pattern at my shack..,

    8. Nothing ever escapes Truedessa. I think you were the only one who really understood the rocket I drew a long time ago...

    9. Ah, I remember that super have an amazing favorite is the one you drew putting me in that hammock of dreams...I am sure some things escape me as I zone out a

    10. We'll revisit that hammock of dreams... I'm sure of it.

  13. COOL! I see so many familiar faces up there. I've never been in a game before. This made my day!

    Happy birthday to you!!!

  14. Full disclosure: I've been a Mario nut my whole life, and Tanooki Mario (raccoon suit) is my absolute favorite Mario superpower. How did you know?

    This post just confirmed what I've always known: we'd both look badass as raccoons.

    I'm not sure what I love more: Pat's chain chomp chastity belt®, Lauren's pointy shell hat, or Adam the dry bones actually having sharp teeth.

    Happy Birthday, Blue Mario. May you celebrate it with many magic mushrooms and may your princess not be in another castle.

    1. I felt it. Or a little bird told me. You two look great.

      Thanks, fellas :)

  15. I appear to be a key chain with the head of a dinosaur. The dinosaur wants to bite someone, or maybe he's looking for me and can't find me because he's not smart enough to look behind himself. Anyway, thanks for noticin' me. That's a very cool creation.


    1. Thank you, Janie. How could I not notice you? I mean, really.

  16. This was really cute and very imaginative, plus I'm sure took lots of time to put it all together! Happy birthday!


    1. Well, what do you know... Betty's come to watch the show.

      Thank you very much. Yes, it took about 30 hours.

  17. Wow! What a way to end a 50-mile, 4,000-feet elevation climb on a hot, sweaty day! (Happy birthday, by the way! I celebrated for you by finishing that ride!!!)

    Took me a whil to find me. All I have this week is my little phone, and it took some work! One of the most awesome blog posts I've ever seen!

    1. A little phone to play hide and seek.... I guess you were a gem that needed to be found in this reboot. It suddenly occurs to me I should've used your black and white profile pic where you're holding a camera...

      Did you say a 50-mile 4,000 feet elevation climb?

  18. Hi Blue!
    Happy birthday to you...
    Happy birthday to you....
    Happy birthday dear Blue....
    Happy birthday to you....

    What is Eddie doing? Hahaha!
    Thanks for including me...hope you have a great birthday....
    Any prezzies from Dezzie?

    Linda ♥️

    1. Hi Linda! What a beautiful song you're singing there!

      Eddie can't wait for there to be snow again. He seems to be sliding down the hill. He's one happy gamer! Dezzie's got his fair share of prezzies and cake, I assure you haha!


    2. Sliding down towards me!!!! YIKES!!

    3. Run, Linda, run! Use your magic powers!

    4. Hey Linda, Well, Blue did not give you an "I protest at being chased bubble!", did he? . . . lol

    5. Guess what I did, Linda? I gave you a line. It suddenly occurred to me I'd rendered you speechless haha but that was because you were the first one I had drawn (that's right) and I was struggling with the hair and then I forgot to add the bubble you sure were entitled to with Eddie sliding down that hill and all. So now it's there: your very own Yikes!

      Thanks for reminding me Eddie. I also fixed Rosey's line. She had no bubble either. Just a rough version of her line.

    6. I never thought she would protest that much . . .sob sob . . . . rofl

    7. It's depressing. I haven't slept for days.

  19. All hail King of the Koopas!!!
    But I do not want Bowser to defeat Mario today because.....
    drum roll please....
    Happy Birthday
    Blue Mario!!!

    Blue Mario, since today is your birthday I will gift you with reversing my spell over the Mushroom Kingdom so that you can rescue Princess Peach and your subjects can celebrate.... on your birthay.

    ... but tomorrow I'm sending my Koopalings to recapture the Mushroom Kingdom. Then it is game on.

    Enjoy your day, Blue.

    1. Blue, this truly is a Mario masterpiece. I love the subject matter!! I keep going back and looking at the graphic to discover more.

      Every week you make great graphics with all this semi-hidden meaning or parody that in some way compliments your post.

      I understand if do not want to answer this question but: what do you teach? Is it English? I am so curious because you clearly have an aptitude for communication.

    2. Your comments are gems, did you know that? (Oh you know that ;))

      Drumroll...... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAUREN! You didn't think I'd forget, now did you?

      You and Truedessa seem to always notice the hidden layers in my posts. I like that. Yes, I teach English language acquisition. How did you guess? I'm what they call a sociolinguist turned university teacher. But I guess what I really wanted was to be able to understand computers the way you do, but I lacked the specific brain capacity needed. I'm creative in different ways though. I hope.

      So here's to you. Many happy returns, Lauren. Bottoms up! May you succeed in all your endeavors.

    3. Happy B-day, Lauren, I tried to bring some strippers for the party but couldn't find them, so Blue will have to do :)

    4. Aw, thanks Dezzy! Blue will do... but only if he wears the raccoon ears.

      Blue, when I was writing that comment it just came to me that you must teach English..... and I was pretty certain I was correct when it came to me.

      ... You know what my awesome birthday gift was this year?!?!?!!!! The school I was an adjunct for has made me a full-time Professor of Game Design because of all my education and experience!!! It literally just happened out of the "Blue" last week! .... so we are even more like twins because we are both professors... ha, ha...

      Due to the "public" nature of my new position as head of Game Design, I have made a few changes at my blog. I don't think they are noticeable, but this job is going to keep me busy, so my blogging time is slowing down... I want to get my next post up soon but I am also tasked with wrapping up a lot of work before I officially start full-time in July.

      I wonder how you do it. How do you teach full-time at the college level and still have time to blog?

    5. That is FANTASTIC new, Lauren. Congratulations and then some! Bottoms up! Fireworks and all! The works! The whole shebang! Yes, I noticed a few changes and it makes perfect sense to me.

      I blog only once a week, Lauren, so it's doable. Usually on Sundays.

      You will do just fine. Strike that. You will do great! Out of the blue huh... haha

    6. congrats on the new gig, Lauren! Dezzy's a professor too. although not any more :)

    7. Once a professor... always a professor.

    8. especially if you're a nutty one! I still do hear PROFESSA, PROFESSA! being thrown at me in the street... turning all the heads in my direction. I do love how my ex students like to pronounce it the British way :)

    9. Professor Dezz... Well, it's got a ring to it. How come you're not an online pay per lesson professor? There's a Chinese market waiting for you to delve into, Dezzmeister.

    10. Ha. ha! Very cool that we all have taught.

      Professor Dezz... what did you teach?

      I can't believe you see students on the street sometimes. It would be interesting to bump into my students outside the classroom. As of now it has never happened... and maybe that is best... I don't want to be a professor all the time...

    11. Online teaching ain't for Dezzy, Blue, 'cause Dezzy ain't got no webcamera... if he had all kinds of naughty movies might end up circulating around the net......

      Lauren, can't you guess.... I mean by my Shakespearean English and flawless sentences? :) /I'mbeingironicnaturally/

    12. Ha, ha... well I was going to guess that you taught some sort of Hollywood Etiquette...

      You know the stuff: dress code, proper doorman etiquette, air-kisses and the inevitable speech prepping, "I'd like to thank the academy"....

      You would be called Professor Hollywood!

    13. Professor Hollywood... King of the penguins.

    14. Or Professor Dezzywood... now how naughty is that, Blue, on our scale of naughtiness?

  20. This is brilliant, Blue! What fun to try and figure out everything. OMG laughing at Pat's accoutrement! I think he might be prepared for just about anything!
    I hope you're not blue on your birthday... but here are some tuneful blues I send as a little blue gift. xo

    1. Nothing is going to stop me now
      With that I can wow

    2. Hi, Suza. Did you know I just added you to our little game? And don't get to close to The Cat. Nothing is going to stop him... Just saying.

    3. Nothing can stop the chomper
      Not even a fun umm romper?

    4. I see me!! Yippee! Aw, that's so sweet of you, Blue. I've never been part of a game before. Yippee! I will try and stay away from Pat, but there is something disturbingly appealing about his attire...

    5. lmao disturbingly appealing you say
      Hmmm been called worse at my bay lol

    6. Cat, Suza says yipee too at her shoe
      Now, whatcha gonna do
      And who you gonna call
      Spring, summer and fall
      She calls your attire appealing
      Lots of women sharing that feeling
      Maybe we need to post another game
      Different and yet the same :p
      Only you can get away with such a thing
      A wick(ed) ding-a-ling!

    7. lmao I guess it just goes to show
      You let it all hang low
      And away they will come
      And then some

  21. Thank you for including me in this masterpiece, Blue - and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Did I miss the party? I suspect I did, damn it. Tis a long way from Down Under and Off to The Side. And anyway, I bet Dezzy ate all the cake. But perhaps there's some cheese left? You know how much I looooove cheese....

    Cheers, Blue ox

    1. Look who's here! Why, thank you, Wendy. How could I not include you?

  22. Hey . . . this is awesome, that board game you drew
    It is so complex and it just grew and grew.
    I am honoured to be featured in that gown
    And you've made me regal and I have a crown
    And look at that lady who is down hill racing
    It looks to me that you've got me her chasing. . . . . . lol
    I bet if you'd given a bubble she'd use a word she likes
    It might be, "Eddie what yer doin'? . or just plain "Yikes!"
    I like the way our personalities you've captured
    Just to read makes us all feel rather enraptured.

    Happy birthday to you blue
    many, many more may you have too . . . :)

    1. Thanks for reminding me! She was entitled to her own bubble. Well, she's got one now, and boy what is she saying? Yikes! It must be her favorite word. I know it isn't Blue haha

      Thanks, Eddie. You're the king.

    2. lol . . . I think we are her favourite guys? . . . Aren't we Hazel eyes?

    3. Maybe in our dreams, Eddie... Let's take a nap.

    4. lol
      Seriously Blue.
      This is a masterpiece and I salute you dear friend for the hard work you must have put into this ~ and thanks for including King Eddie . . . lol

    5. Thanks, Eddie. It took me about thirty hours to get it right. King Eddie rules.

  23. Happy birthday BLUE !!!!

    This made me laugh so hard ~ Thanks for the hard work on the graphics and captions ~

    1. I almost - almost - forgot to include you, but you're in there now...somewhere. You just gotta take a good look.


    2. Thanks BLUE for being sweet, smiles ~

    You are one clever lad!!! Thanks for including me :-) :-) :-)
    Hope you've had a smashing day with lots of cake n good stuff!!!!!

    1. How could I not include the fastest player? I had an great day, thanks.

  25. It truly speaks to your character that you gave all of us a present on your birthday. Happy Birthday Blue. This is truly a masterpiece. As a child weened on Mario, this rocks so hard and I love that I'm included in it. You hit and collected all the nostalgia coins on this one, you magnificent artist you. I really am tickled to be included in this epic. Great job. I hope you have a great b-day.

    1. Thank you, Pickleope. Your comment means a lot to me. Of course you're included.

  26. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLUE! Or Happy Blueday?!

    I can't express how much I love this! Mario was The Game back in the day! I still play every now and again, but my kids suck and prefer the graphics of Mario Kart over the more traditional game, so it's not often. Only in a video game can I have perfect hair and a gorgeous dress, but on some slutty scale of my own, I'm kinda digging Pat's attire lol.

    1. You like it... That's good to hear. So that would be a non-FB thumbs up? Putting you in that dress was a no-brainer. It was either you or Dezz. Well.... Pat's got a special thing going on there, alright. Your typical look-but-don't-touch outfit or something might bite you. (I wonder which thing is more scary hahaha)

    2. me in a dress??? Maybe me in a sack, since it is easier to put a walrus in a sack than in a dress

    3. You're not a walrus. You're Dezzy the dazzzling Dezzmeister. Aren't you paying any attention?

    4. Dezzy is dazzling, but not sparkling ;) Dazzling is MUCH better!

    5. I'm positively prismatic... go google it :)

    6. No need to. I know exactly what you have in mind.

    7. A special thing
      Hmm I'll take it at my wing

    8. Doesn't surprise me one bit
      You'd be a hit
      At your wing
      Would it make you sing
      Or just meow
      Like... now?

    9. Depends on where I get to use the special thing
      On whether or not I'd sing lol

  27. happy birthday young man! hope Angie is pampering you to bits. it's great to see you like this :) i don't know how long you'd spent on it but it's all worth the time and energy.
    i've just come back to the sandpit after a break in malaysia. so all's been slow.

    1. Young man? How about that.... It's been a while since anyone called me a young man haha. Thanks. I take it you like your raccoon outfit. You are a-flying alright.

      Back to the sandpit...

    2. Plus you are the star in that scene. No one could crush you :) Game on.

  28. Our birthdays are super close together (Happy Belated!). :) This post is funny! I love Mario. And smelling the roses is good for you. ;D :)

    1. Thank you, Rosey. How close? Now I'm curious. :)

  29. Excellent ;) And how did I get the key?

    1. Just look at that picture where you're pointing your machine gun at Boss Dezzy. There's a big key. Do you see it? :)

    2. I've always fancied some other kinds of guns would be pointed stiffly at me.... not the machine ones.....

    3. Stiffly... I get it. I mean... you get it.

    4. How come? I need to explain to you how to come? I thought you knew that :)

  30. Aw! I make an adorable raccoon-type critter! And I'm totally going to punch those finals in the face! Dancing all the way! :)

    1. PS: A very HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to you, my friend!

    2. Dancing ALL the way. That's the spirit!


  31. Wow...this is very impressive! That must have taken you ages!
    Happy, happy birthday, Randy! Hope it was a good one!

    1. and it also takes ages to scroll down the post thanks to his gigantic drawing :)

    2. There you are. You have been missed. Hey, you remember my name! Yes, it was a good one, Betsy. But the real question is... where are you in our game? Well?

    3. Yes, Blue, please put our lovely Lady Betsy in the game with all 15 cats and a large black rabbit . . . . lol

    4. I noticed her there
      By the giant umm pecker at your lair

    5. 15 cats? Game over!
      One Cat's enough in Canadian Dover
      Not Dover? Well, excuse me!

      the place...
      to be

      Canadian peckerwood?
      Or redneck peckerwood?
      Or just wood
      In your neighborhood?

    6. What's all this about Canada? lol...
      Yes, I see me with my coffee cup...missed that the first time!
      And no, I don't have to have my cats included...they don't define me...and neither does the rabbit. haha....
      And is Pat called Gloria a giant pecker? :)

    7. Well, just have a look at Pat's outfit..... Dear Lord! A giant pecker??? Wait, I missed that the first time. No, he was talking about something else... Funny you didn't notice.... It's something visual.... and big..... very big..... Something to do with what Jules says to Gloria.

    8. lmao Betsy must be on low coffee at her sea
      Or got bad eyes sight in old age so she can't see
      That is a giant pecker
      Could fit in a double decker

    9. In a double decker haha so true
      But that's alright, Betsy, it wasn't just you

  32. Quite a labor-intensive post. And a Happy Belated Birthday; I haven't been online for a few days!

    1. `Thanks :) Yes, it sure was. It's something I do only once a year.

  33. Hey Blue Dude
    Dang, I'm late for the party again. Only a few crumbs of chips left in the dip bowl and all the dishes are washed and put away. Even the cake dish is washed and back in the cupboard with maybe just a few cake crumbs left on the floor from Hank's eagerness to get the first piece. Thanking the lovely bollywood princess for the cake of the arts. It's hard to believe a whole year has passed since I planted your flower.

    I've set a new record for myself in the longest time to read a post. FAN - tastic and chuckles galore. That image of Pat is still coming back to bite him. Everyone is so happy and flying through the air ....with a dare or falling from a stair. Speaking of fans I once saw "live" Sally Rand do her fan dance. Who says stripping can't be a work of art? She worked two huge, very huge, fans and did not allow a glimpse or a peep of the body that flirted with the fluttering feathers on the fan. No peeps until the very end..
    A delightful party.... the best. Oh, we, the old broads, are dancing to "Satin Doll."

    1. The dishes are washed and put away? WHO DID THAT? Was is that cat? No, the party is still very much in progress, Manzanita. Time doesn't fly in Blue Mario's world, you know. Only the people in the game do.

      A year has passed. Let's reboot it. I bet our plant looks great. Hello plant!

      The longest time to read a post. Now, don't make me blush...

      Sally Rand... Is that a fact? Well, you will never hear me say stripping can't be an art, as long as whoever is stripping is not wearing Pat's outfit. I mean, look at him! And he's proud of it too. Go figure....

      Satin Doll... And having a ball! You rock.

    2. The dishes are washed and put away? WHO DID THAT? Was is that cat? No, the party is still very much in progress, Manzanita. Time doesn't fly in Blue Mario's world, you know. Only the people in the game do.

      A year has passed. Let's reboot it. I bet our plant looks great. Hello plant!

      The longest time to read a post. Now, don't make me blush...

      Sally Rand... Is that a fact? Well, you will never hear me say stripping can't be an art, as long as whoever is stripping is not wearing Pat's outfit. I mean, look at him! And he's proud of it too. Go figure....

      Satin Doll... And having a ball! You rock.

    3. Proud as can be
      Here at my stripping sea

    4. In the place to be
      Scooby Dooweeee

  34. HA! I love it! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it. Ok then, let this party begin! Second wind. I'm a fast little mushroom head so watch your nuts.

    Happy Birthday, Blue. You really are a fabulously, talented being. X

    1. FINALLY! I've been waiting for days! (Wiping the sweat off my forehead...) Okay, let the party begin! Music, maestro!

      Speaking of nuts... you did notice what you were standing on... right?

  35. That is awesome! I saw the little ball. Very subtle!

  36. That is fanTASTic! Does it come in X-Box?

  37. Aw, Blue... happy belated birthday! (I've been a bit under the weather, but some better today.)
    This BlueMario is outrageously funny! Look at Pat's abs... whoa! Turtles, raccoons, princesses... oh my.

    I love my pink polka dot bow and red coral necklace!!! Battle of the bloggers, eh? You covered it all, icluding getting Dezzy to tip the waiters!! He's such a cutesy slutz. Ten to one, he speaks their language. I don't think you missed anyone!! The moral of the story - we're all in this deep doo together. I'll be back. I have this sudden urge to question Pat about that... um... weapon he's wielding. He is wielding, right??

    1. You're ill too? Same here at my shoe. We need some M&Ms, is what we need. Yeah, don't you look great? Hey, you get the moral of the story! And as for Pat's weapon... take a good look for there's an even bigger one. It's so big it's barely noticeable. It's somewhere in the third picture... Do you see it? Did you see it the first time? Well?

  38. Oh my gosh...I'd been in hibernation and came out to this. You're awesome, Blue.
    And I'm hawt as a flying turtle...

    1. You sure are... not to mention eloquently concise.

  39. Happy belated Birthday Blue. I am so sorry I have been that busy at work.


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