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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Seize the Day or Cease the Day?

Oh there was a time when special days were actually special with a capital S. No, I don't mean Halloween or Christmas Day or Valentine's Day. I'm talking about those more recent 'World Something Days', such as the World Cancer Day on February 4 — days on which we dwell on the seriousness of a problem or anything worthy of special global attention. But...

... now it seems there are days for frigging everything. There's a World Toilet Day (November 19) — I kid you not. There's a World Cleanup Day (September 15) — yes, sir, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if there's even a World LOST Blue Shoe Day. Inflation is the word that springs to mind, so now I wonder if you feel the same way.

I have a very simple question for you. Which of the following World Something Days would you blowtorch to kingdom come (pick one) and which one do you reckon is of great importance?

Here are the nominees...

World Alzheimer's Day (September 21) 
World Baking Day (May 17) 
World Ballet Day (October 2) 
World Bee Day (May 20) 
World Bipolar Day (March 30) 
World Book Day (April 23) 
World Cancer Day (February 4)
World Cat Day (August 8)
World Cleanup Day (September 15) 
World Communications Day (May 13) 
World Daughter's Day (October 11) 
World Disco Soup Day (April 28) 
World Emoji Day (July 17) 
World Environment Day (June 5) 
World Food Day (October 16) 
World Guitar Day (September 29) 
World Health Day (April 7) 
World Hearing Day (March 3) 
World Heart Day (September 29) 
World Kidney Day (March 14)
World Millennial Day (April 1)
World Oceans Day (June 8) 
World Orangutan Day (August 19) 
World Rabies Day (September 28) 
World Ranger Day (July 31)
World Rat Day (April 4)
World Read Aloud Day (February 1) 
World School Milk Day (September 26) 
World Sleep Day (March 15) 
World Star Wars Day (May 4) 
World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10) 
World Teachers Day (October 5) 
World Tennis Day (March 5) 
World Toilet Day (November 19) 
World Tourism Day (September 27)
World Translator Day (September 30)
World Water Day (March 22) 
World Vegan Day (November 1) 
World Whisky Day (May 18)

Well? Is there a day you'd flush down the toilet in a heartbeat? Which day makes perfect sense to you? World Cancer Day makes perfect sense to me. World Disco Soup Day not so much.

* * *


  1. World Heart Day - Makes perfect sense to me, Blue
    World Water Day - Makes perfect sense too, as without water Blue
    there would be no me or you

    1. World Cancer Day - again makes perfect sense. I didn't realize there were so many "World Days" Blue.

    2. There's a Dragon Day but sadly it's not world-wide. It should be galaxy-wide, right Truedessa?

    3. Yes, True, and a little bird told me there are many more where these came from. Some make perfect sense in my book (hardcover, of course), others not so much. And that's an understatement.

      World Dragon Day... I like the sound of that. Galaxy Dragon Day... Bring it on!

  2. And do you mean yesterday was World Guitar Day and I missed it? Well, not really, as I practice every day anyway...

    1. Say it ain't so! Say it isn't so. I don't care how you say it. Just say you didn't miss it.


  3. World Suicide Prevention Day means a great deal to me. As do many of the others. Cancer, Alzeheimers, Bipolar, Book, Water...
    I could certainly survive very happily without World Emojii Day.
    And would like to see a World Kindness Day.

    1. I hear you. World Emojii Day needs to be flushed down my Flushmaster 2000. ASAP!

  4. What's a disco soup and do I even want to ask?
    I did celebrate World's Cat Day recently with a very poignant post at Facebook, I must admit. World's translator day is soon too, but I forgot when exactly. I usually hug myself on that day....

    1. A disco soup sounds pretty nasty. I'm sure it involves a dark room of some kind. A poignant post and you never showed it to your blue cat-loving friend? World Translator Day was last Saturday. When is World Dezmeister Day?

  5. There just has to be a world toilet day

  6. There are several on the list which I'd choose to get rid of and several which should be concentrated on. I don't even know what World Disco Soup Day is, and I'm not going to waste the time necessary to Google it.

    1. You're a wise man. Who needs a World Disco Soup Day...

    2. Okay, I gave in and looked it up and it actually has a very commendable goal as well as an incredibly STUPID (and misleading) name!

    3. See now I have to look it up, too. It's hard work that World Disco Soup Day.

  7. Are we celebrating toilets or bringing awareness to them?

  8. Well we all have to use the loo
    Can't stop #1 and #2
    But World School milk day can take a hike
    World Star wars day can go ride a bike
    And the many many more that you did and didn't mention
    They can all go to Mars and serve out detention

    1. Well said, Cat
      No Milk Day on your mat?
      How can this be
      At your kitty cat sea?
      SJW Day is still missing
      But soon Lando and that bot'll be kissing
      Star Wars is no more
      Except at the SJW shore
      That can do a #1 and #2
      Or sniff a blue suede shoe.

    2. Blah to dairy
      Give it to the tooth fairy
      Or tooth man
      Can't say fairy or may piss off Peter Pan

    3. And SJWs will call you a pig
      You may have to use a twig
      Dairy is not your thing
      Joy it won't um bring?

    4. Unless one gets joy from doing #1 out their bum
      Nope, holds no joy, chum lol
      And then the SJWs will be just as bad
      But oh no, their name calling is fine and oh so glad

    5. #1 out of your bum...
      I'd rather sit on a drum
      Or spend the night in a slum
      SJWs will like it, though,
      Cause they're morons at their show

  9. My first choice was World disco soup day, but you had already named that one in your ending paragraph so I'll switch it up and say I would definitely flush World emoji day down the toilet, but I could not do without World Guacamole and Chips Day.

    What? What do you mean that's not a choice? How can there be a World toilet day but no Guac and chips day? That's it, I'm taking my toys and going home...that place of safety and refuge where I know there's guac in the fridge and chips in the pantry!

    1. And you know we all respect your choice (because you're not a fan of World Toilet Day and World Disco Soup Day).

  10. Is World Rabies Day a day on which we all hope to get rabies? I'm all for World Sleep Day. That could be every day for me. World Emoji Day seems quite annoying. I don't understand people who buy stuffed poop emojis. Is that a gift for some child to cuddle?


    1. What's wrong with stuffed poop emojis? I send them to some of my colleagues at least once a week.

  11. The only World whatever Day I pay any attention to is World Rat Day on April 4th. All the other world whatever days can seize the toilet.

  12. I can't believe there is so many! This is crazy!
    I would flush World Emoji Day down the toilet! And, support the more meaningful ones like cancer, alzeheimers, bipolar and the environment.

  13. I like when awareness is brought to something important but when I pull up to Noodles and Company and see that it's Noodles Month, I can safely say, "I don't care." Not even a little.


  14. Goodness me that's a lot isn't it!
    I would ditch World Disco Soup Day (April 28).
    My number one has to be World Alzheimer's Day (September 21).

    Have a happy October

    All the best Jan

    1. Hello, Jan! Good to hear from you again. How about a World Low Carb Day? Now you're talking, Blue! World Alzheimer's Day (September 21) is important, all right. I couldn't agree more.

      Happy October!

  15. How did I not know about World Disco Soup day!? What even is disco soup!? I don't know, but I reckon it's of great importance.
    I'd blowtorch World Read aloud Day to kingdom come. Because everybody just needs to STFU.

    1. You didn't know because Disco and Soup don't mix. You can mix disco. You can mix soup. But you don't mix soup and disco. That's why. Am I right?

      I should sue you for making me laugh so hard I fell off my chair, but I won't.

  16. I didn't know half of these existed! World cat day must stay!! Not so sure about world emoji day....

  17. Such stupidity on making damn near everything a day anymore. Though, I could get behind World Sleep Day.


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