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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

If You Were... a Color


If you were a color, what color would you be? 
Would you want to be Bora Blue like me 
Or Shocking Pink like Teddy's best friend, 
That big hunk o' love Woman in Red godsend? 
Someone once told me she loved red and yellow, 
Which came as a bit of a surprise when she said hello: 
Passion combined with cowardice and deceit 
Is like mixing victory and defeat —
Does that sound like someone you'd want to meet? 
Maybe Malachite is more your thing 
Or Rosewood, green-gray Xanadu
(Beats that weird-ass color Caput Mortuum
A posh name for the color of poo.)

So tell me, let me know:
What color would you be
At your Bora show?


  1. Black, like the darkest night.
    Not really a dark person at all. I just like that color. Almost every t-shirt I own is black. Must be the metalhead in me.

  2. Burgundy....the color of a fine wine.

  3. I like Bijoux's answer. For my color, I would go with blue. It was my mom's favorite color and she looked good wearing it.


    1. That's a good reason for wanting to be the color blue.

  4. I have a fondness for many colours but would prefer to be invisible.
    One of my favourite jokes is What is red and invisible?
    And the answer is bloody nothing.
    Mind you, if I have to opt for being seen, green or blue or the colour which combines the two...

  5. I think my color would be something dark. I wear black most of the time. Hubby tells me I'm in a dark mood most days. I've been told I have a dark sense of humor. My thoughts are often dark...I mean even my blog is called dark Thoughts. lol I think I would be a deep dark black onyx.

    1. A deep dark black onyx... Why doesn't that surprise me?

  6. I would be canary yellow... A bright, cheerful color, that's annoying enough to be left alone after a while.. lol! I'm willing to bet that our favorite rhyming cat picks your fancy color of poo. That cat is obsessed with poop!

    1. I'd call that Jax Yellow! That cat loves poo so much I'll bet he knows at keast 100 synonyms.

    2. Aw I love that! Jax Yellow... we will have to head back to the Crayola factory ASAP and create it. :)

  7. Alex chose the one that appeals to me, but only if there was a white to balance it.

  8. What color would I me? I'd be indigo - 1/4 purple and 3/4 blue. I'd be mysterious, serious, elegant with a tint of appealing. The color of intuition and perception opening my 3rd eye. I'd be able to see beyond the normal senses. I'd feel you when you were blue. I'd be creative and floating in the clouds at times trying to find my higher self...and sometimes I'd be bluer than blue. I would want to be in harmony with the universe and be accepted by others. I am always the friend and never the leading lady. Call me dramatic, I am an emotional creature.

    1. Hi True, we all need you to be dramatic. That's the way we blue spirits operate. There's no other way. Thank you for always leading me an ear. I'm the darkest shade of blue I've ever been

    2. Hi Blue - Then color us a shade of dramatic blue. You are most welcome and you know where I am. Always...(hugs)

      PS - I saw your first reply ;) Maybe, some day I will be the leading lady of my own life story....

  9. Well as pink is my favourite colour … that's what I will choose, but a pale pink, or rosy pink :)

    All the best Jan

    1. Nor a shocking pink either!

      Hello, Jan.
      Good to hear from you again.

  10. Red. Sophisticated, sexy, confident and passionate. But then there are days when I think I would want to be cotton-candy pink. Girly, flirty, playful, innocent. And then there are my orange days. Bright, positive, cheery. -Oh you didn't really think I would pick just one color now did you? :)

    1. I wouldn't dare think you'd pick just one color. Cotton-candy pink... I like the sound of that. Did you say orange days?

  11. If I were a color, what would I be?
    That's easy my favorite is Purple you see!
    I'd also be Red & Yellow & Green
    & Magenta & Pink & Blue like a dream
    It seems I can no longer pick just the one
    Because rainbows are magic & shine in the sun.
    If I were a color, what would I be?
    One that's calm & fun & happy to see.
    That fly's in the night on an ocean breeze
    To Bora Bora I'd paddle a canoe
    And kick back on the beach & drink beers with Blue!

  12. Red. But not fire-engine red. That screams too loud. I'd be ruby red. Sophisticated and passionate.

    1. Sophisticated and passionate. That's you, all right.
      Hello Sherry. How are you today?

  13. Hi Blue,

    Tell me, tell me, tell me true
    on this winter day, how are you?

    1. A D-minus at my bay
      Can't say
      I'm feeling great today
      When you're stuck in a rut
      All you need is a haircut
      Maybe a Ted Baker suit
      And a matching blue boot
      See.. things are starting to look up!

  14. Red and Yellow? Isn't that McDonalds?

    I love Red. Because I'm a fire sign see. I like anything that looks like fire. But I also like Green...the colour of Bora's Mountains.


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