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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know I've been a bad boy not listening to the government, the media or my mother. I know I tend to overreact when I suspect something fishy is going on. 

I get agitated when governments publish letters on their official websites mentioning the presence of experimental nano-robots in this wonderful vaccine everyone is craving so much  official letters people have never even read, letters people don't even want to read, letters people deny exist because it's too much to take in. Daddy would NEVER hurt me.

Santa, I know I haven't been a good sheep. I need to be punished. But before you do, could you please make this world a better place? And when I say better, I don't mean better as defined by two-faced world-dominating billionaires who find it amusing that, at the press of a button, the little people will start fighting among themselves oblivious to that fact that they've got the power — billionaires who find it inspiring that they can make this world a better place lining their pockets, quenching their power hunger and indulging themselves in a game of chess.

Please prevent our loved ones from one day saying, "Wir haben es nicht gewußt."[1]

Thank you Santa. 


* * *


  1. We did not know? Or we chose not to know.

  2. What? They officially admitted that there are brain controlling nano/robots in the vaccine? Well, that confirms everything media wrote about it before. You reckon those are tracking nanos or deadly nanos or mind-control nanos?

    1. I do not know. Send me an email and I'll show you where to look.

  3. You know liberal media isn't touching that one. They don't want people to know.
    Really hope you have a good Christmas, Blue!

    1. I know, Alex.

      Have a great Christmas, too, Alex. Thanks for always stopping by.

  4. Well, according to Dr. Fauci Santa got the vaccine. So apparently Santa is a good listener and believing in the science and listening to the government. Not sure Santa has a mother.......

    I had to look up the phrase. The truth is out there, plain and simple. People have to look for it and then wake up to it.


    1. What annoys me more than anything else is people calling us idiots because we don't believe the media/politicians. Pre-covid you'd ask a person if they can be trusted and I bet they'd've said no way. So what's different today?

      Anyway, 5 medical doctors have told me not to touch that stuff because it's experimental to say the least. Nano technology...

      Merry Christmas betty.

  5. We provide an opportunity
    With demands for the elusive vaccines
    Control over human decency
    Through the billionaires' whims

    Human dignity is set aside
    We are done for that easily
    If taken for a ride
    How they manipulate for money

    Please Santa do something
    We are not here as their plaything!


  6. Someone to stop this planet - I need to get off.

  7. Dear Santa,

    Please bring Blue something special, he has always been kind to me.

    Merry Christmas Blue!

  8. Lots of people know lots of things but for some reason believe they are immune (funny word choice?) to the consequences. I'm talking about more than the pandemic/vaccines, but we can toss those in too, since that conversation is important. I hope you had a peaceful holiday that you enjoyed!

    1. Well, all I know is that I'm not immune. I know so because I know what covid feels like. That's coming from someone with serious underlying health problems pertaining to a blue set of lungs as you may remember. Yes, that conversation is important. If you ask me, any conversation is important. It's the only way to find common ground. We now live in an era where the name of the game is divide and conquer, and only too few among us wonder why.

      I had a very peaceful holiday. Thank you for asking, Rosey. I hope yours was great, too.


  9. Hey there my friend... long time no see... Good to see you are still around... I will have to do some reading and catch up...

    Merry Christmas...


    1. I MUST be dreaming. Captain Red Shoes is back in town! So good to hear from you.


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