"Not reading a newspaper and you are uninformed. Reading a newspaper and you are misinformed."
"Though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make him run."
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Monday, December 28, 2020

If You Were... a Reporter

If you were a reporter, what kind of reporter would you be? 
Would the words you choose be just and free? 
Would your heart be guided by a chronic lack of trust
Would you be a newshawk on a scumhunt? 
Would you be blunt, 
affiliated with the truth, 
and only secondarily with a brand, a side, a team? 
Would you be resolved to swim upstream? 

Or would you be a mouthpiece giving people what they need
and mention parenthetically (or, better yet, remove), 
like some cog in a machine,
the FDA did NOT approve that Pfizer Inc. vaccine? [1,2
Would you demean all those who disagree,
calling names to discredit non-believers — 
uncritical, not lenient? 
Would you point that finger feeling right, 
dubbing them Deceivers just because. 
Just because it's more convenient? 

Would you praise a rabbit hole and never care to look? 
Would acceptance be your goal? 
Silenced is good 
Never shout 
Would you dig and dig until the truth comes pouring out?
Would you write a post about being human
Would you scan that script, 
Collective Truman
Frame and blame, 
frame and blame, Mommy, 
loyal to the Ministry of Truth, 
compliant with the notion that all must think alike 
like a proper commie? 
Truth is pain 
Logic is fear 
Fear breeds compliance.

* * *


  1. I'd definitely get a bullet in my head like you in the picture. Our government would kill me within a month as I'd be their nastiest nightmare. Our government actually controls all the media, they even bought almost all of the cable TV systems so that they can block all independent channels even there, and all the papers are theirs too, you wouldn't believe it. Western Europe and USA allow for out tyrant to rule because he sold our country to them to save his ugly ass. Thanks to him we are the most depressed nation in the world. It's all gloom and doom here.

    1. I know, Dezzy. What can I say except that I'm guessing most people prefer the blue pill, which in this case I wouldn't recommend. As for today's fun world, when I ask someone where the 6-feet rule comes from, they don't even know, nor that the study the WHO used to impose this rule on us specifically warns readers that the required safe distance is actually 24 feet. It also teaches us by inference that facemasks can only stop spit, nothing else, because a virus is too tiny to let itself be stopped by a frigging piece of cloth (!) cheaply made on developing countries' factory floors. 'Daddy Government would never hurt us... If you don't listen to the WHO, you're automatically a conspiracy theorist (frigging Pavlov in full effect right there)...' Keep taking that blue pill or read a history book, dammit. Governments have always lied. Or do they only lie in OTHER countries? Wait, they only lie in movies... Yes, that's it. That MUST be it. Let's ignore the fact that the experts governments don't silence have a financial interest in promoting those vaccines.

      Anyway, hang in there, Dezzzmeister. You stay safe now, and I don't mean from the killer virus that they put on List A alongside ebola to be allowed to fasttrack a profitable vaccine.

    2. Yes, a profitable vaccine which appears, highly conveniently, just when Biden stole the elections. How positively miraculous.
      Wishing you a Happy New Year, Blue, with lots of health for us sick bastards and lots of sex... I was gonna say at least with Pornhub if you don't find a lover, but they ruined Pornhub as well now... bastards, they are, bastards....

    3. An analysis that makes sense except... what happened to you favorite website? They broke it? How's that?

    4. They went from 8 million videos to below 2 million LOL, erased everything that isn't there from the owners of the videos themselves. How did you miss that? It was bigger news than corona LOL One of my favourite videos in which a friend comes to give a helping hand (and something else) to a friend whose hands are in a cast LOL got erased too.... the tragedy....

    5. I missed it because I had corona. Wait, maybe I missed it because I was asleep. I don't know, really. But we're still in one piece (knock on wood... what wood?). I guess that counts for something.

    6. P.S. Check this video:

    7. I thought you don't have a Facebook, missy :)

    8. I don't. A friend sent it to me.

  2. I'd be shot or taken to some concentration camp within a short period of time. I'd be that relentless reporter who wanted the truth to come out. They are far and few between these days though I do know of one investigative reporter who won some prestigious awards who is now of all things a pastor. His reporting I would trust.


    1. I hear you, betty. Don't let the majority opinion change your ways. Keep reading multiple sources that are not sponsored by media outlets that have an interest in parroting the WHO's words. Follow the money.

      Hang in there.


  3. I hope that I would fight for the truth. Even knowing that it may not be published (or at least not published unaltered) and that it may not be believed.
    Yes I am an idealist. And naive.

    1. Naive is... doing what you're told by people you don't even know.
      Naive is... trusting people who don't know you exist.
      Naive is... using google to factcheck.
      Naive is... not knowing who own google, facebook, twitter, youtube and the media.
      Naive is... not knowing who are the WHO.
      Naive is... sitting on a chair, hoping for the best.
      Naive is... doing what everybody else is doing.
      Naive is... taking my word for it.

      Don't believe the hype.


  4. most open to attention
    an occupational hazard
    invokes immediate reaction
    of authorities without regard

    info disbursement is guarded
    curtailed in many instances
    those who persist and forwarded
    are subject to surveillance

    safety no assurance
    often at the frontlines
    targeted at random
    in body bags upon return

    a reporter's lot
    is a thankless job


    1. Unless that reporter wants a job and will agree with whatever Big Boss Man or Big Boss Woman deems to be the truth and what the people need.

      Happy new year, Hank!

  5. "Fear [that isn't accepted and dealt with, certainly) breeds compliance."

    1. Happy new year! May there be less fear and less compliance.

  6. Fun fact about me, I studied journalism in college and interned for a now defunct newspaper and worked for a news station for two years before getting out. It ended the day my right and integrity to tell the truth in news was denied. I went into law instead. :)

    1. Happy new year! You're the first one to make me laugh out loud in 2021.


  7. If I was a reporter I think I would do stories on everyday people because everyone has a story and they should be told. There's already enough bad news, and celebrity news. I like hearing stories about everyday people because you never really know what someone has been through in their life or what they've seen.

    Happy New year.

  8. I love your picture Blue!
    "Fear" is big money! Fear keeps you in line!
    Freedom, truth and love! That's what I like!
    Happy New Year Blue!!! May it be an amazing 2021!

  9. I'd never get hired as a reporter because I'd want to report the truth, not sensationalism.

  10. I'm with Yvonne. I should have gone into law. I wonder it if would have made a difference???

    I got out for the same reason. I was told by an editor: "You're not paid to think. You're paid to write/photograph what we tell you to." Two weeks' notice was easy. Never looked back. (They did ask me to reconsider after they cooled off, but I told them it would undoubtedly happen again because we'd always be beating heads about the same things, over and over and over.)

    1. "You're not paid to think. You're paid to write/photograph what we tell you to." Exactly. All you need to do is follow the money.

      Happy New Year


  11. I’ve thought about what kind of reporter I’d be and came to the decision that I probably wouldn’t be able to cope with being one. Can I just go to Bora Bora instead?


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