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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

If You Were... an Animal

If you were an animal,

what kind of animal would you be?

Would you be a lion, wild and free?
Would you be a sitting duck, 
shit outa luck,
or would you be a snake,
rattling on and on,
venomous, not to be trusted
till the break of, well, you know how that story goes.

If you were four-legged, would your feet be cloven?
Would you walk on two?
Would you suck me dry when all seems fine -- well, would you?
Would you produce slime?
Would you eat a mime?
Would you sting me in the back,
Pretending that you care?
Would you stare and never blink,
unfeeling, unloving --
Would you stink?

Would you be a shark
devouring the weak?
Would you have big teeth?
Would you boast a beak?
Would your glare be super dark?
Would your bite be like a jab
poisoning my body?
Would you be a Chinese bat?
Would your be that crab,
eating me away until I'm gone?
Would you be a rat?

Or would you be a loyal sheep
bleating like a moron:
sophisticated when asleep --
admiring a creep,
believing wolves that look like granny,
trusting the uncanny,
all the while believing pigs
wear shoes and drink?
Can you even think?
Do you love this farm?
Does your flesh feel warm?

If you were an animal,
would you be a beast?
Not an ant, at least?
Or would you be somebody's favorite pet, properly domesticated,
trained like a common dog?
Could I be right?
Would you lick my feet
in the middle of the night?
Would you be the elephant in the room?
A chicken?
A flee?
Tell me, what animal would you be?



  1. Man is an animal
    So remain as one
    Don't change overall
    Stick with the fun!


  2. I would be a roaring lion eating hyenas. King of the jungle and all that :)


    1. Roar away
      Night and day.
      Don't let the bed bugs bite.

  3. Whats this IF I was an animal. Some days I am certainly venomous with sharp teeth/claws and talons. I would love to be able to breath fire as well.
    And, when and if it suits me, some days I am also a purring pussy cat.

    1. Oh I'll take your word for it! Good to hear from you.

  4. Dragons are cool but often evil. I guess I would be between the lion and the lamb. My Lord could be both, which means so can I.
    Nice to see a poem, Blue!

  5. I would be a Hawk soaring the sky
    with new perspective and a keen eye
    with wide wings away I would fly
    To bora bora in dreams I’d try

    Ps I see what you did here ;)

    Peace and light

    Ask me tomorrow maybe I’d be a blue butterfly

  6. I'd probably be that fat walrus Wally that sinks ships around the waters of Europe. Or a nice little lazy raccoon. And I'd have a raccoon Instagram account for sure.


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