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Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Silence of the Sheep

'Dr. Lecter, why are the sheep so quiet? How do you explain the remarkable silence they produce?' 
'Sheep are like people, Clarice. They are proud and stupid. They stop bleating when the fox is right.' 

Vaccine passports are no longer a crazy man's idea.
No longer a conspiracist's delusion.
The government wants to own your body.
Redefine the truth
and fight.

* * *


  1. The attempt of implementing the passports will mobilise more courageous sheep..... It will spark some Awakening.
    Passport Tactics used to undermine conspiracy thinking.

  2. And even after Biden and Fauci swore vaccines would not be mandated...

  3. People keep saying that they are going to stand up and there is going to be push back and we see bits and pieces of it but the majority are just going along as sheep to the slaughter. I was just telling my husband that this morning. Our country, I fear, is pretty much gone from the country we thought we used to have. We did the talk about being against the "vaccine" but did we do anything further? (We meaning my husband and me). Did we participate in any protests? No. We just did the talk but not the walk and then I caved and got it to keep my job. We need courageous people willing to take a stand at all cost and then we need to support them in their efforts and join them. I think the majority are cowards and won't step up to the plate. I have shown my "vaccine" card to my employer as a condition to keep employed but that is all I will show it to. If I need it to participate in anything like entertainment, not happening, and so on. Stock piling food just in case......

    Be well Blue and be courageous!!


    1. "If I need it to participate in anything like entertainment, not happening"... That's what I call keeping your back straight, betty. I can feel your pain. The fact that you still read my posts tells me all I need to know. You hang in there. You recognize oppression when it's staring you right in the face.


    1. Tyranny, all right. Yet so many of us still keep their head buried in the sand pretending this is a democracy and the government is acting in our best interest.

  5. Replies
    1. You, too, Mary. Remember the days when the world was a better place?

  6. Funny how pro choicers support this shit even though they always claim it is their body not yours to control.


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