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Sunday, October 17, 2021



Four score and seven years ago 
this young lady broke my heart 
for all the right reasons. 

She saw. 
She left. 

But I was as gullible as a leaf in a greenhouse. 
The world was my oyster — I just didn't know it yet, 
a Monday-morning quarterback 
with a lot on his mind, 
just too little in it. 

I didn't talk — I told. 
I didn't tread a delicate line — I stomped.
Of course I did,
a twenty-something fool who thought
he knew it all.
And when that day came knocking on my doorstep, 
I just bolted away like Forrest, never to return. 
I went where no Blue guy had ever gone before, 
went to college, 
found a job, 
even got married in the process. 

But I could run all I wanted, 
dodge a tackle,
ice the kicker, 
dodge some more
and move the goal posts too. 
The truth of the matter was 
I'd been sidelined. 

Who would've thought 
that this young lady, now a beautiful woman,
would be the one to ease the pain 
30 years down the line
and call it a game? 

* * *


  1. I do hope I am reading this correctly. Hooray for the easing of pain. And for beautiful women.

  2. So not sidelined at all but put to rest like a fine wine for a special occasion.

  3. I think this sounds good for you, Blue? I hope it does with someone to help ease the pain and spend life together!


  4. A new person in your life? That is wonderful. Have a great week, Blue.

    1. Left me when I was 20. Said hi when I was 51. Miracles do happen. Pinch me.

  5. Leaving us on tenterhooks again Blue

  6. How wonderful! You never know what treasures await us down the track.

  7. Are you two official?
    We have a saying that the biggest loves die young, but your obviously hasn't! Does she find you more hot now or when you were twenty?

    1. She's relieved I don't resemble a bowling ball like some of our peers. Does that count as hot? I'm old, Dezzzmeister. How did that happen?

    2. Well, shit happens and getting old must be the shittiest of them all. If it comforts you, maybe you will become a silver fox daddy with years? Ladies do love silver foxes indeed. And you have always been a sweettalker smoothwalker so that works for you as well, bet they fall like flies.
      Shall I start planning what you will wear on your next wedding?
      Oh sing me a happy song on your ramanastrum and I shall join you on my balalaika.

    3. Dear Lord, Dezzzzzmeister. I can always count on you to make me piss my pants. Do you do requests? What else do you do?

    4. You peepee in your undies when you're excited? Did not know you're into water sports... will have to find you plastic suit for the wedding!
      Oh, sing me a wild song on your sithar and I shall join you on my mandolin!

    5. #We continued to talk, and before you knew it
      We were at my house and it was time to do it
      As soon as I finished, I lost my poise
      Ran outside and told all my boys
      I said "Listen up fellas, come over here, bust it"
      They said "Did you get it?" I said "Yeah," they said "How was it?"
      The poontang was dope and you know that I rocked her
      But three days later, go see the doctor#

    6. Bet the doctor was not thrilled with what he saw! But I would still like to be a fly on his wall.
      Oh, blow me a lewd tune on your trumpet and I shall join you on my little flute....

  8. You never who will cross your path again. I always say, never burn a bridge. I'm happy for you, Blue! You deserve to be happy. :)

    1. So kind of you to say that, Jax. Though I'm still a darker shade of blue, her return does make me smile more than I'm supposed to, being me. Hope you're doing fine.


  9. Awe, that's lovely, Blue ♥ I hope you find all the happiness you deserve with your newfound (or should I say oldfound?) love.

    1. So kind of you to say that, Theresa. I'm not sure we should use old and love in the same sentence, though :))

  10. That's so wonderful that you've both been given a second chance. A million congrats to you!

  11. Whaaaat?? Aww I'm so happy that you're smiling again, Blue!! Cheering you on from Houston for your new found sunshine!! :)

    1. Yes, what were the odds, right? Houston, we don't have a problem.

  12. Replies
    1. Thanks, Mary. Can you believe it's almost 2022? I remember thinking as a kid, "What will the future be like?" Well,...

  13. That's so cool that you've reunited with someone from your past. I wish you all the best!

  14. Right person at the wrong time back then. Now it's the right person at the right time. You just had to wait ever so long

    1. It was the most unexpected thing ever. Thanks for stopping by.


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