"Not reading a newspaper and you are uninformed. Reading a newspaper and you are misinformed."
"Though we cannot make our sun stand still, yet we will make him run."
Will you ever reach Bora?

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It suddenly occurred to me that this blog is, in fact, ... a reboot (yikes!), and much was lost in the process (oh darn, Blue, you dipstick!)...

A Bit of Pain on Mother's Day
Age Matters in Matter of Love (Yes, It Does)
A Great Day or so They Say (=Dear Rosey)
All Things Flat 
All Time High
And It Was a Good Day After All
And Poof... She's Gone
And This Is Why the World Will Never Ever Change
Another Fella's Ode to Spring
Aptly Named
Are Collectors Nuts?
A Super Mario Reboot That'll Make You Hoot!
A Thousand Tiny Cuts
Attack of the Hole-y Jeans!
Aware (with Truedessa)
A Word from our Sponsor

Back to Square One with a Vengeance (about Farts and Other Sounds)
Being Ill Is a Pill — Let's Hope Independence Day Is Not
Better Keep It Short (Rant Continued) (=Help! I'm Not on Facebook… Shoot Me Part 2)
Beware Frankenblue!
Beware that Blue Cock!
Beware the Blue Pumpkin!
Beware the Blue Venom!
Blogger Board Archive
Blue Tea Phones Home

Captain Harrrrr and the Pirates
Christmas Politics
Copycat My Cut
Copycatting True Blue
Couch Jockeys Beware
Craziness Incarnate

Dear All (a Christmas Call)
Dear Mr. Wilder
Dear Santa . . .
Don't Look the Other Way
Don't You Dare Prequel (Read: Vandalize) Willy Wonka, Dammit!
Dumbed Down to Their Heart's Content


Feeling a Bit Emotional

Game on! No iPads Allowed in the Cloud . . .
Gender-switch Reboots Don't Work (And Then You Had Leprosy and a Spotted Something)
Girlbusters: The Review I Didn't Expect to Write
Give Me Some Credit
Glob, Glob, Swim, Swim
Guess that Quote and Win a Boat Part 1
Guess that Quote and Win a Boat Part 2
Guess that Quote and Win a Boat Part 3
Guess that Quote and Win a Boat Part 4

Halloween 2017
Halloween 2019
Halloween 19
Halloween Countdown 2015
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone (May It Not Be Blue)
"Hello... Weener!" (We Interrupt this Program...) 2014
Hello, Weener! 2016
Help! I'm Not on Facebook… Shoot Me
Here Is a Solution That Is Really Green: Stop Making So Many Babies
I Guess
I'll be back . . . Or So They Say
I Mean Business... Mongo Couldn't Care Less
I Must Be Really Selfish
Incomplete Transcription of Lecture One: Hypocrisy and the Human Selfie Stick
It's Gonna Be a Long and Lonely Summer... without You (Sing along!)
It's Oh So Quiet
It's Got Groove, It's Got Meaning
It Wasn't Me — It Was Ted!

Keep Dreaming When The Force Awakens
Kitty Claws

Last Christmas... George Michael R.I.P.
Sexual Healing
Sleeping with Other People
Slightly Out of Touch with Now-Now
Slim Pickens
Smile when Chronic Fatigue Does to You and Your Loved Ones What It Does to You and Your Loved Ones Again and Again
Snowed Under
So Long, Carrie Fisher
So Long, Mr. Wilder... You Cute, Available, Old-fashioned Guy Who Liked Horse Riding
Stan Lee Is Gone and It Matters
Stardate 11012015
"Star Wars 9: The Final Blow" (Blue's Definitive Synopsis that Disney Didn't Like So Much)
Star Wars: The Fall of Skywalker (Good Space Sex but No Spoilers)
Stay With Me, Christmas Tree, All Is Calm, All Is We . . .
Super Feminine Rip-offs

Take My Advice when the End Is Near
Taking the Bitter with the Sweet
Terminated: Forever (spoilers)
Thanks for Giving Me So Much
The Only Way is
The Only Way Is Up!
The Predator (2018): That Desperate Tone-deaf Sequel Wannabe
The Purpose of Knowing
The Puzzle of Repetitive Behavior
There's a Traitor Among us
The Root of the Reboot
The Secret of My Success... as a Blue Husband
The What?
The Word Game Show You Know
The World Is Oz 
The Ultimate Need
To All the People We Grow Old With
Today Is the Day: We're in the Future!
Top-down Stupidity
Touched by Kindness


Vacation Mutation

We Rise, We Fall
What's in a Name?
What Knight in Sexy Armor?
When a Bride Comes Knocking On My Door
When Are We Leaving?
When Collectors Belong in a Museum and Nothing Is Yours
When Competence Bites the Dust
When Enough Is Enough, Mr. Pigfest
When Instant Gratification Is NOT On the Menu
When Mr. Big Mouth Can't Get a Word Out Edgeways
When Rogue One Comes Crawling Back to You
When the Demon Stares You in the Face
When the Judge Nodded
When the Ooh's and Aah's Are No More
When the PC Brigade Picks Your Wardrobe
When the Weakest Link Is NOT You...
When Thinking about Energy Tires You Out
When Time is Not on Your Side
Where Is It?
Who Is Kathy?
Who We Are (with Truedessa)
Who We Are (Supposed to Be) (with Truedessa)
Who We Are Too (with Truedessa)


  1. Just a handful of letters that need filled in. Leaving them blank is not a win. Time for more writing so no reboot for you. Now I'm off to visit Pat at his zoo.


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